Do Tape in Extensions Damage Hair – What You Need to Know About It?

Do Tape in Extensions Damage Hair – What You Need to Know About It? 1

Hair extensions come in various types and choosing which one is right for your hair is such a tough job. Yet, in terms of the length of stay in your natural mane, the tape in hair extension is one of the best contenders. However, the very big question that is of great concern here is do tape in extensions damage hair? Well, using this type of hair extension involves some advantages and disadvantages that are really worth noting. Moreover, there are also lots of remarkable stories and unwanted experiences when it comes to using this hair product.

In this blog post, we will discover the real score behind the most anticipated question about the damaging effect of tape-in extensions on natural hair. But, before that, we will discuss some details about tape-in hair extensions that you must know. So, before you opt to visit the salon and go for tape-ins, better to read this first and see if tape in hair extension is the one for you!

Basic Information about Tape In Hair Extensions

Before we dig into exploring do tape in extensions damage hair, let us first have a quick look at what is tape in hair extensions. Basically, hair extensions are divided into two categories – the “temporary hair extensions” and the “permanent hair extensions.

The temporary hair extensions are easily applied and removed. So, without the help of a professional hairstylist, you can already attach this type of hair extension all by yourself. Generally, its life span tends to be quite long due to its occasional usage. Clip-ins extension is the most common example of temporary hair extension.

Permanent hair extensions, on the other hand, are attached to the hair and let stays there for a couple of weeks. Afterward, it is then removed and repositioned by a pro. This hair extension is also known as semi-permanent hair extension. And there are also different types of permanent hair extensions. Although permanent hair extensions lead to a more natural outcome and convenience of use, incorrect application of them results in a higher risk to the tresses. So, do tape in extensions damage hair? Let’s see!

 What are Tape In Hair Extensions?

do tape in extensions damage hair

Tape in hair extensions falls under the category of permanent hair extensions. They are usually available with pre-taped wefts that come in medical-grade adhesive material. The adhesives that are attached here generally have a dimension of one inch wide.

Remy hair, real human hair, and synthetic hair are the common hair strand materials in which tape in extensions are made of. Among these three, the Remy hair seems to give a more natural look and has 100% human hair. Because of that, Remy hair is the best material of choice for tape in permanent hair extensions.

Since Remy Hair has intact hair cuticles that are facing in a similar direction, tangles and knots are reduced. Moreover, this tape-in hair extension is ideal for styling it more freely compared to synthetic hair.

Moreover, the tape in hair extensions have a lightweight feature and highly discreet making them susceptible to all types of hair. And, one of the good advantages of using tape in hair extensions is the speed of application. With just a span of an hour, you can apply this type of hair extension. Although it claims that it has a zero-damage factor, the questions do tape-in extensions damage hair still arises.

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Tape In Hair Extensions – Pros and Cons

Well, because of the plethora of unwanted experiences about the tape-in extensions such as shedding, adhesive issues, or slippage, you might be wondering do tape-in extensions damage hair. Yet, always remember that the aftermath of hair extension is more likely dependent on the hairstylist and your post-care treatment. Before anything else, it is important to have an idea about the pros and cons of having tape in hair extensions.

  • Different hair styles are allowable to make similar with that of the natural hair
  • Coloring the hair extension strands is also possible without bleaching or dyeing it
  • Wefts come in thin layer making it comfortable to wear and highly disguisable
  • A little bit costly
  • Requires daily maintenance
  • Initial adjustments may be uncomfortable when styling and wearing more hair than the normal ones

Do Tape In Extensions Damage Hair Depending on Its Length of Usage

After the installation of the tape in extensions into the natural hair, it could generally last for about 6 to 10 weeks time. Well, this highly depends on how fast your natural mane grows. Returning for the reinstallation of the tape-in hair extensions, a subtle bond remover will be applied by the hairstylist in order to separate it out.

The old adhesive tape within the wefts will then be replaced by new tape before attaching it back into your tresses. Keep in mind that with proper care and use of the tape in hair extensions, you can still reuse it up to three more times. But, do tape in extensions damage hair?

Generally, tape in hair extensions are safe for use. Yet, applying and using them requires extra caution. Just in case you only opt for a temporary enhancement of hair volume, you may try to look for other hair extension alternatives like the clip-ins. Although tends to be more expensive, clip-ins are known in doing a gentler job in providing the hair volume that you need.

Do Tape In Extensions Damage Hair Based on Its Application and Removal

Since it is a permanent type of hair extension, the installation and removal of the tape-in extension should be performed by a professional. Other than that, it also involves several steps to follow compared to the temporary clip-in type.

Installation of the Tape In Hair Extensions

Once the adhesive backing is removed, there is a thin strip of the hair that penetrates in the midst of the two strips. This means that the hair will be sandwiched in between the hair extensions. Make sure that the natural hair is carefully sectioned because the wefts are only available in an inch wide dimension. This is usually where the professional works come in, most likely in the application of tape in extensions at the back of the head.

do tape in extensions damage hair

The thin adhesive base makes the tape-in extensions feel light and lay flatly within the head. Aside from that, it also blends well with the natural mane. For a more natural look, make sure that the tape in hair extensions are evenly distributed. Check on this in terms of the hair volume, length, and texture.

Moreover, keep in mind that a near to the scalp installation of the tape ins may result in a difficult extension removal. With that, do tape in extensions damage hair? Well, because of the too close proximity of the adhesive to the roots, its removal may likely cause damage. It will also result in more tangled and twisted extensions with the natural hair strands.

Another important thing to remember here is to give some space in between the adhesive of the hair extension and the scalp. Also, don’t forget to prevent installing of tape ins close to the hairline. Not unless you are revealing to the world your personal hair styling secret.

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Additionally, this type of hair extension must be set equally and in a straight manner. Just ensure that it is aligned within the roots. Do not apply it in a diagonal way as it may make you feel uncomfortable. Generally, the extensions will slip out and come out even without the expected shelf life.

Removal of the Tape In Hair Extensions

Upon the removal of the tape in extensions, there is a solute that is primarily used in order to wet the set bonds. With that, the adhesive will tend to meltdown prior to the gentle removal of the extensions from the natural hair. Alcohol sprays or acetones are also being used by some hair stylists. This is for the purpose of diluting the adhesive of the hair extensions. Once it happens, the weft will be allowed to peel off from the sandwiched hair strands.

Few amounts of shampoos are also needed in order to guarantee that there will be no residue left on the hair or scalp. However, this highly depends on the solution that will be used in removing the adhesive.

The Damage of Tape In Extensions to the Hair – What’s the Real Score?

Now, do tape-in extensions damage hair? Actually, it really does. Yet, it does not necessarily mean that it will really be damaging to the hair, but having permanent hair extensions entails too much risk. It is actually obvious that tape in hair extensions can be easily used. But, once the natural hair grows, the adhesives tend to be highly visible.

With that, you really have no choice but to move the hair extensions up. That basically means that you are going to rip off the adhesives from your natural hair. Additionally, you need to replace them in an elevated position. Yet, doing so may generally put pressure and trauma into the hair strands.

Moreover, the primary cause of hair damage that can be experienced from tape-in hair extensions is inappropriate application. Poor maintenance of the hair extensions can also contribute to the extent of damage that tape in hair extensions may provide. Another thing is the use of solution sprays that help in the removal of tape in hair extensions. 

Here are the possible damages that tape in hair extensions may create into the tresses:

  • Hair thinning may progresses into hair loss
  • Weakening of the hair strands that may be susceptible to breakage
  • Dry and frizzy hair

Things to do to reverse the Damaging Effect of Tape In Hair Extensions

Generally, there are actually some reasons why do tape in extensions damage hair. And, each one has a designated solution to take into account in order to reverse the damaging effect of this hair extension.

For instance, improper application of the tape-in hair extensions may lead to hair breakage. With that, it is highly important to guarantee the health of the hair so that it will hold the adhesive. Moreover, just right after the removal process, don’t forget to check the hair extension for further damage.

In addition, the use of adhesive remover that contains alcohol or acetone may be dangerous to those with skin sensitivities. These kinds of sprays may lead to scalp dryness and irritation. So, it is better to make sure that the scalp has proper hydration and moisture especially after the removal process of the tape-in hair extensions.

Whether the application or removal of the tape-in extensions, both involve a process that is highly difficult to get right. Trying to attach and detach the hair extensions can pull and break the strands of the natural hair. That will eventually lead to serious hair damage.

Wearing the Tape In Hair Extensions

In case you are going to hire the service of a professional hairstylist in the application and removal of the extension, the tape-in type would perfect fit for you. Yet, tape-in extensions do damage hair if you are not getting yourself out of the cycle of growing the hair while finding some damages to it. So, in order to guarantee minimal damage from the use and removal of tape in extensions, seeing a pro skilled in the application and removal of hair extensions is the key.

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Moreover, always keep in mind that tape-in hair extensions should not be applied and reapplied every time you want. Since it is under the permanent type of hair extensions, it is a total time-saver for girls out there. In case the extensions are still in good condition, they may be reused after is removal.

Proper Caring of Tape In Hair Extensions

do tape in extensions damage hair

Aside from the correct application and removal process, proper maintenance of the tape ins is also helpful in preventing or at least lessening its damaging effect. Here are the things that you can do in order to properly handle the tape in extensions with care:

  • Although heating tools for hair are applicable for use over the tape-in hair extensions, it is still advisable to prevent the application of heat close to the bonds. That part of the hair extension has the highest possibility to melt the adhesives.
  • Always keep the roots and the bonds dry most of the time. That means that you should not have to wash the surrounding areas within the extension roots and bonds. Aside from that, also invest in having a quality dry shampoo that you may use during the no-wash days.
  • There are some hair products that may also react with the stickiness of the extension’s adhesive. Examples of those are conditioners and other oil-based items. They may generally interfere with the adhesives when worn over few weeks. Moreover, those kinds of products may allow the extensions to get loosen. So, it is better to wash the tape-ins with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • In order to maintain the intactness of the tape in hair extensions, avoid frictions along the bonds as much as possible.
  • Brush the tape in hair extensions most of the time. Consider using a hairbrush that is designed for brushing hair extensions. That way, you will able to glide smoothly along with the natural locks and extensions without any tugging effect. Moreover, avoid brushing from the extension’s root or bond. Most likely, avoid brushing the hair extensions when it is wet because it is a state in which it is more susceptible to breakage.  

Frequently Asked Questions


The truth is tape in hair extensions will not lead to damaging another area within the scalp. Although tape-in extensions are not suitable for all types of hair, they should not be accountable for the occurrence of bald spots. Traction alopecia is normally due to the long-term pulling of the hair and its breakage because of continual straining at the hair root.


In case you want to add volume to thin hair, tape-in hair extensions are actually the best recommendable option. Basically, just use the single-sided method in the installation process of hair extensions over thin hair.


Usually, the process of installation of tape in hair extensions involves the 48-waiting time prior to washing the hair. This will actually give time for the adhesive of the extensions to adhere to the natural locks. That way, it stays longer into the hair and holds a little tighter. Don’t forget to use a shower cap when you go to the shower on the first two days of application.

Final Thoughts

Well, even to a lesser extent, tape-in extensions do damage hair. However, it is believed that the incorrect application and the poor caring of it are the main reasons why it damages the natural mane. Since it is a type of permanent hair extension, it is always important to ask for the service of a professional hairstylist in the installation and removal of the tape-ins.

Although there are big numbers of horrible experiences in using tape in hair extensions, your proper care and strict compliance in maintaining it will generally outweigh the risks. So, don’t forget to call the pro every time you encountered problems with your locks. That way, you can proudly flaunt your beautiful tresses without revealing your gorgeous secret.

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