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Without a doubt the most important thing to have in the hair stylist repertoire is the portable hair dryer. However, you don’t need a professional to find the benefits of having a battery powered hair dryer. Don’t think for a second it’s as clean cut as just buying a basic gun that blows hot air. There are several different types of hair dryers, and if you don’t get the right one for you might have a plethora of problems down the line. Instead of steamrolling right into the world of cordless hair dryers we’re going to go over these different types of hair dryers. Followed by this will be the best brands to keep an eye out for, then a top 10 list of the best hair blowers. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a ensuring you get what you need out of your purchase with an in depth buying guide. Regardless of your level of experience in cosmetology, you’ll come out the end of this guide with knowledge and confidence that’ll you’ll be buying a hair dryer that will give you not only the biggest bang for your buck, but also luscious natural looking hair. fastest drying hair dryer 2019
Who invented hair dryer ' Blow dryers were created in the late nineteenth century. The main, stationary, model was made by Alexander F. Godefroy in his salon in France. The handheld, family unit hair dryer initially showed up in 1920. Blow dryers are utilized in magnificence salons by proficient beauticians and in the family by buyers.'

Different Types of Hair Dryers

Hair blowers are roughly organized in five groups. For those people who are going to use a blower every day they might want something with all the bells and whistles. Others find that they can put off some of the extra features and rather go for a portable hair dryer. Knowing what type of hair dryers are out there will help you narrow down your selection to a manageable amount.

By far the most common type of hair dryer out there and the highest selling. Where they lack some of extra features of other types of hair dryers, they are considerably less expensive. These type of blow dryers typically have a two heat settings and two speed sections. Often cord length isn’t as long as the professional types, but manageable as long as you aren’t doing any gymnastics in the bathroom. The industry standard now is having ionic and ceramic technology. The ionic feature charges the particles negatively to cut back on frizziness, while the ceramic technology allows for the heating to zap the root of the hair first and work its way out. This allows for an altogether more even heating, which helps cut back on unnecessary heat damage

Professional type hair blowers are typically what you find in higher end salons around the world. These hair dryers contain all the features of consumer styled blowers – such as ionic and ceramic technology – and much more. For instance professional blowers have many more choices of heat and speed setting. This extra customizability allows for it to be used in many different approaches. In addition, there is often a cool shot button located on the handle. This allows for hair styles to be better set in place. Depending on the brand, there is additional concentrator nozzles that often come complimentary.
Finally, professional hair blowers are made with some of the most powerful motors and highest quality materials. While they are by far the most expensive types of hair dryers, they will in the end last you the longest without any trouble.

The travel hair blower isn’t a traditional type like either consumer or professional. Often many consumer or professional hair dryers can be travel types as well. Coming with the ability to negatively charge ions and give an equal drying, travel types stand out with the ability to be easily portable compared to other hair dryers. Ideal for those that are often on the move, these machines are notable for having foldable handles. Often these handles fold into the machine either with a little bit of applied pressure or a twist. In addition, but the cord is either wrappable around a mechanism or retractable into the machine itself.

For the most part cordless hair dryers Or potable hair dryer don’t exist, at least on a mass scale. The issue is that the amount of energy a wireless hair dryer outputs massively drains most portable energy sources. Most electronic devices that rely on portable power such as propane, butane, alkaline, or lithium batteries are usually under the 100 watt range. Most hair dryers on the market range anywhere from 1200 to 2000 watts in terms of power – this is often considered the threshold for the amount of power to get the engine running to put out the required amount of heat.
            That being said, there are a few more adventurous companies out there that have attempted to do the impossible – and make a cordless blow dryer. As energy collection and efficiency becomes better, we will no doubt see more of these types of hair dryers.

Overlaps heavily with the travel type of hair blowers, along with either the professional and consumer styled machines. These type of blowers are pretty simple: While almost all hair dryers require a cord, not all of them have the proper way to put them away. Either forcing consumer to awkwardly wrap the cord around the handle or use a small wrap around mechanism, these hair blowers have little on the portability of the retractable cord blowers. With a simple click of a button on the handle you can suck up the cord into the handle. When needed, simple hold down the button and pull for the desired length.

Best Brands for Hair Dryers

Like any market for consumer goods, there are a few companies that stand out far above the rest. Some of these brands specialize specifically in beauty products, where others have their fingers in a little bit of everything. Regardless, you can be sure that whatever hair dryer you get from one of these Five outstanding brands, you’ll be getting a quality machine.

Dyson Hair dryer Well Know Best selling Hair Dryer. only the Dyson supersonic hair dryer comes with – so you can adjust quickly and easily. Dyson smoothing nozzle dries hair gently using smooth, wide air, allowing you to dry and style at the same time. Dyson styling concentrator

Originally a European based company, BaBylissPRO is now a subsidiary of Conair. Sold in over 60 countries around the world, BaBylissPRO often tops the charts in highest quality cosmetic machines on the market today. For 55 years they have been refining their technique to create amazing products.. Creating the first curling iron in 1961, and then perfecting the technology in 2013 with the curl secret, BaBylissPRO is a revolutionizer in the hair industry. So popular are they over in France, that over 80% of people who own a hair blower own a BaBylissPRO there.

A relatively small and new company on the hairstyling scene that shouldn’t be overlooked. With over fifty years of combined experience, the staff at 6th Sense Styling Technology has focused on creating unique hair dryers of exceptional caliber. Seeing beauty as an extension of art, 6th Sense Styling Technology see their tools as brushes to paint wondrous works of arts on people’s hair.

This Italian based company likes to pride themselves on adhering to set of values. This adherence allows them to follow of path of producing quality products. Focusing specifically on working professionals, the Parlux company boasts that their goods are the most sought after within working environments. Offering a wide range of potential tools, they have used this considerable experience to make great hair dryers.

This New Jersey based company was originally founded in 1959. Since then they have created a consistent revenue stream in the billions. Starting from humble beginnings, the Conair corporations has expanded to ten subsidiaries ranging from cosmetics to small appliances. Conair themselves owns other hair styling corporations, such as BabylissPRO. However, they also own their own line of consumer hair blowers that prove that quality does not need to be sacrificed on the altar of affordability.

Top 6 portable and Cordless Hair Dryer 2019


Dyson supersonic hair dryer Best Corded hair Dryer

Hair dryers have been one of the necessary accessories that help you during your busy days by aiding in drying your hair. Gradually they transformed into styling products used to set hair in desired styles. Over the years, they have further evolved with enhanced and improved modification for both safety concern and to get better results. A wireless hair dryer is the best example of this scenario.

best hair dryer dyson

Typically, the hair dryers used for styling are powered with AC electricity while carrying them for using when outdoors was not a possibility. However, the best cordless hair dryer today use supersonic waves rather than hot or cold air for ultra-fast dry hair. This portable hair dryer is easy to use and is equipped with intelligent heat control that makes certain to have you protected from the damages caused by extreme heat.

This Dyson Cordless Hair Dryer is known to make your hair smooth by 75% while enhancing the natural sheen by up to 132%. The portable hair dryer is best used to decrease frizz and flyaways which is one of the hair issues that hinder styling it. The Dyson Cordless Hair Dryer decreases frizz by 61%. The quiet hair dryer is designed to accommodate a powerful, high-speed digital motor without a brush. This enables faster drying when compared to other typical hair dryers.

The intelligent heat control exhibited by this cordless hair dryer increases the shine of your hair by making it lustrous with this regulated heat control. Thus, making this portable hair dryer a unique must-have commodity. Apart from functioning as a quiet hair dryer, it regularly gauges the temperature if the air approximately 40 times once every second and therefore maintaining the temperature that is necessary to increase the shine of your hair.

You can decrease the time you normally take to dry your hair with a greater margin by using this cordless hair dryer. This feature comes particularly handy during emergencies or last-minute touch-ups to increase the silkiness and the luster of your hair. Dyson’s cordless blow dryer is used for both straightening and curling your hair as you please. As a reliable and best cordless hair straightener, it evenly distributes the flow of air that helps in reducing the frizz whilst making it straight or curly as per your desire.

The high-velocity airflow facilitated by the motor of this best cordless hair straightener helps in setting your hair as per your choosing where you just need to comb your hair straight while blowing on it for straight hair or curl it using the curlers after rolling your hair and running the supersonic cordless hair dryer over it.

This equipment which is deemed to be the best cordless hair dryer is clubbed with magnetic attachments that aid you to make the adjustments to the hair dryer as per your hair type with ease. The smoothing nozzle enables you to style your hair while drying it at the same time and therefore saves your time. It comes with a styling concentrator that allows you to style your hair one section at a time while not disturbing the others already worked on sections of your hair. This cordless hair dryer at Walmart which is also available online is certainly the safest and best hair dryer for you.

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2 FreeDryer Cordless Hair Dryer

Best Bigger Battery Portable Cordless hair dryer EVER. Here it is, the nearly impossible machine itself! Being one of the few cordless hair dryers out there, this machine holds a special place on this list. With no cord

cordless hair dryer

you need not worry where you use this hair dryer. The tough plastic exterior means it can suffer a bit of manhandling. The nozzle is designed in such a way to maximize air flow. In case of accidental spillage, this machine is also safe in water. Safe to use with both pets and babies, this wireless hair dryer has a running time of fifteen minutes on the warm setting and eight minutes on the hot setting. While it has a short battery life, this can be circumvented by investing into a second battery.

3 VLOXO Cordless DC Hair Dryer

Vloxo Cordless potable DC hair dryerRight from its sleek professional design which makes the product ideal as a mild hairdryer thanks to its cold wind, the new VLOXO Cordless DC Hair Dryer is definitely a magical solution to all your hair problems.

In contrast to the mechanics of a typical hairdryer which involves blowing very hot air to dry air. This hair dryer has the technology to provide cold air hairdryers that moisture the hair and at the same time giving you the desired styling whilst drying your hair.

It is not just compact but easily foldable and the fact that it is cordless frees enough space for easily fitting into your bag. It is great for travelling and you can use it for not just drying your hair but also to dry wet paints or even your nail enamels.

 This portable blow dryer is a versatile cordless hairdryer that serves many purposes. Rather than uncomfortable hot air that damages the hair eventually, the portable hair dryer expels gentle wind which soothes and dries your hair keeping it soft and shiny. As a wireless hair dryer is safe to use as it does not harm the brain, unlike the other typical hairdryers.It is deemed to be the best cordless hair dryer as it is also a quiet hair dryer. It perfects fits as a suitable cordless car dryer accredited to its versatile role where the cold wind quickly dries up all kinds of paints without harming the color or the texture furthering the fact that makes it the best cordless hair dryer. Thus, the cordless blow dryer does not hurt your hair but also does not cause any discoloration when employed to dry paintings. The fact that it is a wireless hair dryer makes it easy to use even in the outdoors for drying the paintings.This cordless blow dryer is ideal for styling the hair and especially where hair straightening is concerned. It works as the best cordless hair straightener that easy to carry and which does not rely on electricity making it ideal for outdoor usage.The new and improved VLOXO portable hairdryer can be carried everywhere and it serves as the best cordless hair straightener when you need to attend a meeting or a party or a date by helping you straighten your hair in the nick of time.

When you are on the lookout for best cordless straighteners to address your styling needs, this versatile yet quiet hair dryer is your best bet. You can buy the cordless hair dryer at Walmart or simply purchase it online. 

Serving multiple purposes and fitting many roles, the cordless car dryer that also makes for one of the best cordless straighteners makes for the best products that you own serving its purpose day to day. When you pick a cordless hair dryer from Walmart or also online, make sure that you give it a rest for at least thirty minutes after use before recharging it for best results and to enhance its longevity

NOTE: This hair dryer no heat only COLD AIR.  


4.Manli Cordless hair dryer

manli Cordless Cool Air Hair Dryer with Folding HandleThe new and improved rechargeable DC operated cordless blow dryer is ideal for use on children. As a cordless cool air hair dryer with folding handle by Manli, it can also be used for drying paintings without causing decoloration of the paint unlike the regular hair dryers. As a portable hair dryer that is battery enabled it is easy to carry and to use outdoors. That also makes it a good cordless car dryer.

The cordless blow dryer which is a DC or Dyson Cordless hair dryer is powered by lithium polymer batteries of 2000mAh capacity. In contrast to the regular AC hair dryers that are harmful to the brain as it causes electromagnetic diffusion. Thus, this is one of the best cordless hair dryers that can be used regularly for hairstyling and for drying paint. In fact, it is optimal for using to dry your toddler’s hair. Apart from being a portable hair dryer, it is also attributed to function as a quiet hair dryer which makes it a perfect commodity as the best cordless hair straightener.The cordless hair dryer is designed in such a way that the handle can be folded to make it a compact and lightweight product for carrying it outdoors. As a portable hair dryer, you can carry it while traveling on vacation or even to your office for freshening up after office hours to style your sweat-dampened hair. Moreover, it is a quiet hair dryer which is convenient to use on children without intimidating them.This kind of wireless hair dryer is optimum for thin or limp hair for adding body and bounce. The cold air not only smoothens the hair by retaining the moisture but also adds volume enabling you to style it as you please. As the best cordless hair dryer, it protects your hair even after repeated usage of the wireless hair dryer which is safe to use every day even on children.

When you are trying to curl your hair, wet your hair and curl it as you please with a curler and then subject it to the cold air blown by the hair dryer. The action cools your hair along with locking the waves for a bouncy effect. You can either by the cordless hair dryer at Walmart or buy it online at the best price.

It is a fact that cold air best set your hair as you desire which makes cold air hair dryers unique products. When you find such products it always has them in store for emergency use and also for use on children. The cordless dryers add shine to your hair apart from enhancing its volume by retaining the moisture. Thus, they are ideal for not only setting your hair into styles that you desire. As a versatile product, you can use it to dry your kids after their bath or after washing their hands to ensure better hygiene. They are ideal for drying paintings due to the cold air produced by the dryers in contrast to the overheating AC dryers.

Battery capacity : LI-ON 7.2V / 2000mAH

Charging time: 3 hours

Working time: 30 minutes

Product Size: 6.48 * 1.26 * 2.58 inches

item weights: only 0.77 lb

NOTE: This hair dryer no heat only COLD AIR.  




5.CHI Handshot cordless hair dryer 

CHI Cordless Handshot Hair DryerHandshot Hair dryers are the new trend with a whole new design and a whole new level of operating it with ease. The latest CHI Handshot cordless hair dryer definitely are a must have. Especially women need it as a reliable hairstyling accessory that comes handy when the need arises. But when you can get your hands on the cordless hair dryer it becomes even more convenient as there one of the best hair straighteners. This one of a kind wireless hair dryer is suitable for everyday use as it is light in weight and styles and softens your hair rather than harming it. This cordless blow dryer is easy to hold and convenient to carry outdoors as it requires less space making it a reliable and portable hair dryer.

You can find the cordless hair dryer at Walmart but picking it online will have its own advantage with fair discounts. This Hand Shot hair dryer or a wireless hair dryer is unique with a handle-free dryer body designed to ideally function as the best cordless hair straightener. It has a ceramic heater that regulates consistent heat to help you in creating sleek and smooth hairstyles with a fuller body giving your hair a naturally bouncy appeal making it one of the best cordless straighteners

The Raid Clean Technology
Blue LED light’s antimicrobial properties offer cleaner air during styling by decreasing bacterial buildup inside the hair dryer.

Ceramic Heater
The ceramic heater maintains consistent heat helping to create smooth sleek styles full of body and bounce.

Top 4 Branded People Choice Corded Hair Dryer in 2018

6th Sense Styling Technology Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

This machine is handcrafted in France specifically for Europe’s finest salons. With legendary quality and unheard of reliability, this professional hair dryer uses a slim 1600 watt motor but is designed in such a way that it’s lower power shouldn’t be much of a problem. When turned on the dual ion generator gives sleek hair, while off increases volume. The cord is a gargantuan ten feet long and contains a built-in circuit breaker. The handle is formed in such a way that this 6th Sense machine can stand upright on most counters. The anti-shock button ensures safety. While the pair of nozzles, heat settings, and speeds make sure you have all the features necessary to have a great hair day every day.


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer

Known for having the best hair blowers anywhere, this BaBylissPRO is truly the creme de la creme of the market. The sleekly designed hair dryer contains a heavy duty 2000 watt motor. Despite all of this tremendous power, the machine is lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in just about any hand. Several different speed and heat settings allow for maximum customizability regardless of your hair style. This professional hair blower comes with an 8 foot cord, meaning thatyou don’t have to worry about unnecessary yanking the cord back and forth. Cutting back on frizziness with its ionic technology, this machine also ensure your hair looks smooth and sexy with even heating and no damage mechanics. Being dual wattage compatible, this hair dryer can be used in either Europe or the United States.


Parlux Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer

Coming with the unique K-Lamination engine by Ciaramella, this Parlux hair dryer has an incredibly long lasting life. Using a combination of ionic and ceramic technologies to create luscious locks, this Parlux machine is also notable for being completely constructed from recyclable material. At 2150 watts, this hair blower also has some of the most prodigious strength out on the market today. The 9 foot cord gives you a high freedom of movement, and the built in silencer makes sure you aren’t waking the entire household up just to dry your hair


Conair Infiniti Series Hair Dryer

Conair Pro Styler / Hair Dryer

With ceramic technology to fight against heat damage and frizz, this Infiniti Series by Conair is nothing short of additional features. Uniquely this blower has a retractable cord that easily gets sucked back into the handle when not in use. The high torque DC motor has 1875 of drying power. The ionic technology eliminates static electricity, resulting in more manageable and natural looking hair. There is an additional cool shot button to lock your preferred style in place – which can vary with the three heat and two-speed settings to choose from.


Best hair dryer Accessories

Best hair dryer accessories You should Buy Along With hairdryer.

With a satin nickel finish, the Command bath hair dryer holder makes it easy to keep your hairdryer arranged and accessible without cluttering closet space. On many surfaces, including glass, mirror, tile, fiberglass, wood and painted walls, the hair dryer holder stays.

Often, unknown companies try to grab our attention.

The diffuser of this hairdryer is wide so that the hair can dry faster, without pulling the curls straight.

Position your hair in the diffuser and turn on the hairdryer so that the diffuser starts to vent heat to your hair. Curl it, put it around your threads and press it with your fingers to give it shape. Hold the hairdryer diffuser in position for a few seconds. Move the section of hair you hold as far as possible until it is dry.

While not everyone has the money to buy a hooded hair dryer, it's something designed specifically for salons. 
Lately, many people have begun to buy this luxury for their homes, and he has some advantages for them. 
We recommend the hood dryer for enthusiastic hair love.

Best hair dryer holder
Best hair dryer stand

There you have it! You’re now a little bit more knowledgeable when it comes to the best hair dryers. As you can see, this isn’t a matter of simply a gun that shoots warm air, as getting the wrong hair dryer can result in frustration and hair damage. Dyson Best brand and Recommended .BabylissPRO and Sixth Sense Styling Technology are some of the best brands on the market for getting the right blower in terms of quality. If you are going for something a bit more affordable there is the Conair and Panasonic brands. In the end only one company can boast to have a cordless hair dryer – freedryer company.
            Prepare yourself for wondrous hair that will make you the bon ton of your social group with any of these great hair dryers!

Buying Guide

As you can see, there are several different factors to consider when buying a hair dryer. Everything from prefered style, to hair type, to what you want your hair blower to do needs to be factored in. 
It’s recommended to invest into hair dryers that have ionic technology. As mentioned before, this state of the art technology negatively charges the ions in the machine to cut back on frizziness. For those that would rather with a bit more volume to their hair, we would recommend keeping this feature off for a short period of time while drying. Often with the ionic feature is the ceramic mechanism, this allows for the use of infrared rays to dry off the hair. Cutting to the root of your hair, this means an evenhanded drying experience.
If you are someone who travel a lot, it’s recommended to invest into a blower with retractable cord and foldable handle. This makes sure that you can still use your blower while out of state, but still retain plenty of experience to pack all of the rest of your necessities. From here you have to look at minor things like the length of the cord in question – or even the possibility of going cordless. While it might not be on top of your checklist when buying a new dryer, a short cord can greatly curtail your freedom of movement. 
Finally, for those that use a blow dryer every day, you should definitely go for one of the professional machines. These machines have more power, features, and quality control than consumer level brands. While there is nothing wrong per say with some of the more affordable versions, the professional ones have enough customization to keep you with a new style every other day.

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