Can Gingers Tan: Unraveling the Science Behind Redheads’ Skin

Can Gingers Tan: Unraveling the Science Behind Redheads' Skin 1

The Truth About Sun Protection for Redheads: Dermatologists Speak Up

Redheads, gingers, strawberry blondes—in general, people with fiery locks always seem pretty fascinating. The most common question is probably “Do gingers really tan?” Well, the whole ordeal is much more complex than a simple yes or no, as top dermatologists say.

Understanding the Sensitivity of Redheads Towards the Sun

“The very mutation in the gene that causes red hair also results in lower melanin being produced in the skin,” explained Dr. Elizabeth Berry a dermatologist at Stanford University. Because less melanin is produced, redheads become much more susceptible to sun damage—sunburns, sun spots, and skin cancers.
Such was confirmed in The British Journal of Dermatology, which stated that the percentage of the melanoma risk is as high in redheads: 16% in men and 19% in women compared with only 5.7% in women with brown hair.

Why Proper Sun Protection is Critical

“For redheads, daily sunscreen isn’t merely recommended – it’s an absolute must,” says Dr. Mary Brown of ABC University Hospital. She prescribes using a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen daily, whenever, wherever, even indoors.
Sunscreen apart, Dr. Berry opines, “Seek shade where you can, and wear wide-brimmed hats, UV-protective clothing, and sunglasses to protect your sensitive skins and eyes.”

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Tanning: Hard And Not Recommended

“The low melanin makes it extremely difficult for most redheads to produce a natural tan,” says Dr. Brown. “Their skin oftentimes just becomes pink or red instead of bronzing.”
While some redheads may gradually experience a small tan over years of careful, minimal sun exposure with protection, dermatologists do not recommend this method because skin cancer risks are higher. The American Academy of Dermatology strongly reports that any suntan means skin damage from UV rays is occurring.

A Redhead’s Beauty Glows from the Inside-Out

Instead of seeking out tans, dermatologists encourage redheads to embrace their pale princessness and freckled features.
“A redhead’s pale skin looks flawless when uneven, freckled or not, from proper sun protection,” says Dr. Berry. “Self-acceptance and consistent suncare should be placed well above tanning.”
Sarah ? 28 year old ginger states “I used to be so insecure about my freckles and pale skin. But now I appreciate how fresh and youthful my complexion looks when I protect it. Staying out of intense sun prevents premature aging too.”

Sun-Safe Recommendations from Gingerful ?

Gingerful offers redheads expert recommendations in hair and skin products that have been dermatologically approved. From color-protectant shampoos to gentle mineral sunscreens with dermatologist backing, be sure to check out the picks over at With all these dermatological recommendations for treatment, redheads can never feel ashamed and unashamed of their uniquely pretty appearance. Enjoy it for a lifetime without increasing the risk of skin cancer.