Here are some tips to make hair grow faster and denser Natural Way Care

Hair plays an essential role in increasing one’s beauty. But such Hair is currently affected by polluted environment, lifestyles, and habits, resulting in hair loss and density. Also, with so many products used to care for Hair in today’s modern age, people have begun to forget the natural way of life. They have started to adopt artificial means and then suffer from various side effects.

Realizing that the natural way is the best, they are currently searching the web for what to do to protect the health of their Hair.

Note: The references below are for women and men. If followed correctly, it can prevent baldness.

Trim the Hair

Trimming the Hair once a month will increase the strength of the Hair. When Hair grows, the ends of the Hair break out, and the health of the Hair is spoiled. It will cause hair growth to begin to decline. So trim your hair once a month.

Oil massage.

One of the best ways to enhance the health and growth of your hair is to massage it with warm oil regularly and soak it in warm water once a week. It will increase the density and growth of the Hair, getting the nutrients needed for the Hair.

Eggs are essential.

The egg white has the effect of repairing the affected hair follicles. Moreover, the Hair will look soft and bright. Therefore, wash your hair with egg whites once a week. This makes the hair grow faster and faster.

Use the comb

When combing the head with the comb, the scalp will increase blood flow. So use a comb for 3-4 times daily. The hair follicles are so refreshing.

Avoid Hair Dryer.

Many people use a hairdryer to dry their Hair after bathing the head. Using this will affect the health of the Hair. If you use it daily, it will soon lead to a bald head. So always naturally dry your hair.

Potato massage.

Protein is essential for Hair. Such a protein is present not only in eggs but also in potatoes. Wash the potato with water and wash your hair once a week. The natural starch in it can significantly aid in the development of Hair.

Aromatic oils.

To increase the density of the Hair, massage the Hair once a week with aromatherapy oils like lavender oil and rosemary oil.

Onion juice.

Boil the onion in boiling water, then wash it with water, or take onion juice and massage it into the hair and soak it in cold water. It will increase hair growth and density.

Beer Wash.

With a tumbler once a month, massage the scalp thoroughly so that the hair follicles become more durable, and the Hair begins to grow thicker.


Vinegar is also a beautiful hair care ingredient. If you mix the vinegar with water, then mix it with the scalp and hair.

Do not conditioner.

Conditioner is suitable for Hair. However, if the conditioner applied to the scalp, it can significantly affect hair growth. So instead of using chemical-based conditioners, use natural conditioners like yogurt.

Do you take a bath every day?.

Some people bathe their heads daily. If you wash your head every day, the natural oils in the heat dissipate, and the Hair loses its appearance. Therefore, bathing your head twice a week is essential to maintaining the health of your hair.

Need protection to finish.

Make sure the sun rays on the Hair are not directly exposed. Otherwise, sunburns attack the Hair follicles and increase hair loss. So when you go out, wear a head hat or go with a dupatta.

Do not comb in wet hair.

When the hair is wet, do not use a comb for the head. Because when the Hair is moist, it weakens. If the comb is used, then the Hair will be rooted. So don’t comb until the Hair is dry.

Do not cover the cotton pillow.

If you use a cotton pillow cover, you will get more Hair. So start using the Silk Pillow Cover.

Avoid stress.

There are currently more people suffering from depression. If there is too much stress, the Hair will start to lose health. So start with exercise and yoga to avoid stress.

Eat properly.

Eat more vegetables and fruits and spread more water Density also increases

Insufficient sleep.

6-7 hours of sleep a day is essential. Otherwise, Hair will lose health. So get enough sleep every day. There is a good improvement in hair health.

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