Tips for Growing Long Shiny Hair

Thick, long hair—this is the biggest treasure for most women. Hair makes women look gorgeous and confident. Still more, accessorizing your hair makes you look sexy. However, making your hair grow longer isn’t that easy. It takes time and dedication. Lucky, here are tested and tried tips for making your hair grow long and thick. After all, thick is what makes you look wow!

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Frequent Trims

Getting regular trims can help your hair grow long. Small trims are important when it comes to getting rid of split ends.  Remember, split ends can break your hair. Still more, it gives an impression that the hair is growing faster. Still more, break ends make the hair lose its shape, smoothness, as well as volume.  Also, it doesn’t help the hair shine.

Don’t Go Blonde

Don’t bleach your hair. As stylish as blonde hair looks, moving from a darker to a lighter shade could severely damage your hair cuticles. And when that happens, you’re going to have more breakage, as well as, split ends.

Uniform Distribution of Hair Natural Oil

Before going to bed, take a few minutes to brush your hair. Giving it a few strokes can go a long way in improving its health. Start from the scalp and gently move upwards. This will ensure that the scalp oils are evenly distributed. Plus, it’ll keep your hair neat and moisturized.

Think Vitamins

Look for an affordable vitamin supplement. Make sure that’s specifically meant for hair and skin. Those contain essential minerals such as vitamin, C, B, and biotin that promote hair growth

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No Daily Shampoo

Don’t just use any shampoo. Instead, look for a formula that’s labeled “volumizing” and “thickening”. This will allow your hair to hydrate, repair itself, and grow fast.

Hydrate Frequently

Coat your hair strands on a regular basis on a deep conditioner. You can also use a hair mask. Doing it regularly will play a key role when it comes to preventing damage as you detangle the strands. Here, you can use a DIY hair mask. Doing so stimulates blood circulation around the head and encourages the hair to grow stronger.

No Hot Shower

Don’t take bath in hot showers. According to experts, hot water tends to dehydrate the skin. Still more, it can have a bad effect on your hair. That’s why it’s recommended that you consider taking cooler showers. In particular, the temperature should be adjusted downwards when doing hair cleaning. Also, consider giving that scalp of yours some min massages to promote blood circulation.

Brush Wet Hair Carefully

Wet hair is particularly vulnerable to breakage. Exposing your hair to water can stretch the shafts and make them swollen. And this can eventually cause it to break. So, always be sure to brush your hair before shampooing.

Skin Care Is Important

Be mindful of your skin. Don’t assume that because your hair looks shiny, a hair product is working perfectly for you. So, be sure to regularly examine your scalp. What the product is doing to your scalp is exactly what it’s doing to the hair.

If it makes your skin look dry or greasy, then it’ll do the same to your hair. Thus, be sure to invest in a product that’ll treat your hair the way it would moisturize your skin.  

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Use Minoxidil

According to the renowned GP, it’s important to select the right Rogaine for your hair. Choose an FDA-approved product if you need to get your skin growing healthy again. Minoxidil can effectively reduce hair loss as well as promote the healthy growth of your hair.

Stay Away from Excessive Heat Styling

Excessive heat styling can destroy your hair. If you have to use this styling method, consider decreasing the temperature. Hair doesn’t like excessive temperature. It can cut the hair or inhibit its growth. Also, when styling your hair, be sure to utilize a heat protectant.

It’s also important to avoid overlying on your hair. And if you constantly use heat, be sure to reduce the temperature significantly. You’ll also want to consider utilizing a heat repellant in order to protect your hair from breakage.

Stay Away from Trendy Based Cleanses

Don’t be tempted to do those cleanses. Doing a cleanse is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. When you do this, you’re actually depriving your body of important nutrients. After a cleanse, you’re more likely to experience slower hair growth. Plus, you might start having lackluster locks.

Use A Silk Pillow to Sleep

Research shows that most people get better hair in their sleep. So, always be sure to sleep on a pillow. Silk pillowcases, in particular, are more stylish and comfortable.  Compared to other options, silk pillowcases will be much easier on your hair. Plus, they can go a long way in preventing tangles, as well as, breakage. All you need is to shop around for affordable pillows that won’t break your bank.  And once you’ve done that, you can rest assured that you will emerge a winner. Your hair will grow thicker and fuller. And that’s exactly what you’re dying to achieve, right?

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Do You Have Any Underlying Issue?

Could there be an underlying issue? There are many things that can cause slowed hair growth and thinness. Or instance, those born with genetic disorders might have wispy or sparse strands. Hair loss is commonly hereditary. Moreover, health conditions, such as thyroid, anemia, and telogen effluvium (TE) can cause shredding due to the lack of certain hormones. Also, if you have a hair disease, consider consulting your GP. Most hair diseases are treatable. So, don’t allow these conditions to slow down your hair growth. Act today!

 The Bottom-LineThe beauty of a woman starts with the hair. Good hair makes a woman look stunning. It elevates their look. So, if you haven’t thought about investing in your hair, think again. You are missing a lot. Besides accessorizing your hair, invest in the right hair sticks. Also, consider trying the above tips and tricks for making your hair long and think.

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