7 Short Haircuts For Damaged Hair – Stylish Looks To Try!

short haircuts for damaged hair

Managing damaged hair isn’t an easy task. It’s frizzy, dry, and the style just won’t hold no matter what you do. Using more hairspray and products to compensate will just make matters worse. Instead of being frustrated every single time, you should consider getting short haircuts for damaged hair. Aside from making the length manageable, cutting your hair short will give way for healthier growth.

What causes hair damage?

Hair damage can be due to a wide range of causes. The most common is excessive use of heat during styling or the wrong choice of products. But aside from that, the following are also to blame:

  • You don’t condition properly. It’s very important to condition your hair from roots to tips, not just the roots. Failing to cover the tips will make it prone to breakage and damages.
  • Bleaching too often. Bleaching is a very invasive treatment that will damage your hair. Getting it once shouldn’t cause serious damage, but it’s a different story if you do it yourself. It’s best to let a stylist do it for you.
  • Wrong hair products. There’s no one-product-fits-all when it comes to hair care. You always have to match it with your hair type and scalp condition. This is to ensure that the products are nourishing your hair and not ruining it.
  • Brushing the wrong way. Even the wrong choice of brush and your manner of brushing can damage your hair. You should use a flat paddle brush for detangling and a round brush when blow-drying.
  • Towel drying. Many of us are guilty about wringing and rubbing our hair with a towel after bathing. This habit will tangle your hair and damage its cuticles. Remember, you should only squeeze, not wring your hair.
  • Braids and ponytails. Pulling too tightly when braiding or tying your hair can cause serious damage to your hair and scalp. It will also make your hairline recede if you’re not careful.
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7 Short Haircuts For Damaged Hair

1. Textured bob

short haircuts for damaged hair
Photo Credits – Pop Haircuts

One of the challenges with damaged hair is the rough texture. But with a textured bob, you can easily transform the problem into an asset. This involves cutting the hair above the shoulder or right at its thinnest. When air-dried, the bob haircut will have a nice texture.

For added style, you can sweep the hair volume to the side to give it more character. There’s no need to make a defined part, as this will just accentuate the thinning or damage of your hair.

Also, you should keep this haircut frizz-free by conditioning and using a hydrating serum.

2. Blunt fringe

short haircuts for damaged hair
Photo Credits – Stylecraze

If you want a bolder haircut, you should try the blunt fringe. This includes a bob haircut with lash-grazing bangs. It will give your hair a fuller look, which takes the focus off the damage. Most of all, this haircut is fun to style and quite a great choice for red carpet events!

This haircut also hides large foreheads, which is a big plus for me!

However, this haircut requires a lot of commitment, especially if you haven’t tried blunt bangs before. I suggest talking to your stylist to know if this is a suitable choice based on your face shape.

3. Long layers

short haircuts for damaged hair
Photo Credits – Glamour Magazine

When it comes to short haircuts for damaged hair, long layers are a popular option. This haircut uses long layers to keep an excellent volume on your hair. It’s usually paired with side bangs to continue the volume toward the face.

This haircut can also be textured or styled with waves for a glamorous look. To achieve this look, you need a volumizing powder that will lift your roots. However, since you already have damaged hair, you should always use light and natural products.

4. Shag

short haircuts for damaged hair
Photo Credits Billie Eilish Instagram

For those with fried and damaged hair, a shag haircut might be the best choice. It has a slightly longer profile with transitional cuts to add a bit of texture. This is a good choice if you don’t want to say goodbye to your long hair totally.

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Moreover, the shag haircut is suitable for people with wavy, curly, and even straight hair. A good stylist can make this look soft and feminine for the ladies.

The good thing about shag haircuts is you can play with using different styles. You can make it look tousled, wavy, or simply natural.

5. Messy bun

7 Short Haircuts For Damaged Hair – Stylish Looks To Try! 1
Photo Credits – The Right Hairstyles

One of the easiest ways to mask damaged hair is by making the mess look stylish. Messy buns never grow old for a casual and preppy look. You can make it look stylishly tousled and textured to hide the damages.

For messy buns, you need a substantial length, but not too long. There should be enough volume to tie your hair in a bun without feeling too bulky or heavy.

Aside from that, you should avoid making the bun too tight as this will increase hair fall.

6. Wavy layers

7 Short Haircuts For Damaged Hair – Stylish Looks To Try! 2
Photo Credits – Lovehairstyles

Waves are timeless hairstyles, and it’s also a great way to hide your damaged hair. Get a haircut just before the shoulder, then style it with subtle waves. This will give you a tousled look without being too messy or voluminous.

You can use a curling wand for this hairstyle, but minimize the use of heat as much as possible. Make sure that you use a heat protectant to prevent further damage to your locks.

If you want a more stylish look, you can get your wavy haircut layered to liven up limp strands.

7. Textured pixie

7 Short Haircuts For Damaged Hair – Stylish Looks To Try! 3
Photo Credits – Hair Adviser

Last but not the least, you can opt for a textured pixie. This is the shortest haircut on this but not short of style. This will let you cut off the damaged length without compromising your look.

Pixie cuts are all-time favorites and are a good choice for almost every face shape. You can also play with it by giving it a tousled and textured look.

The best part here is that pixie cuts are easy to dry, style, and manage. You’ll also save a lot of products due to their short length.

Still, this requires commitment since not all of us are willing to chop off long hair. But if you’re brave enough, the risk is worth it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Final words

These short haircuts for damaged hair are just some of the styles you can try. I suggest consulting a stylist to know which style is best for you based on your hair type, color, and extent of the damage. Aside from getting a short haircut, you should also cut back on heat and products to regain the health of your hair.

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