The ultimate hair guides for types of permanent hair extensions

The ultimate hair guides for types of permanent hair extensions 1

Whether you want to add length or volume to your hair or you want to make a change in your looks, we always want to flaunt naturally great-looking hair. There’s no such thing as closing our eyes in the evening and having smooth, flowing hair the next morning. So, the best solution for this is to undergo different types of permanent hair extensions.

In this blog post, we will unravel the different types of hair extensions and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We also have here a glimpse of the estimated amount of having permanent hair extensions. Moreover, we will also give you some of the important things to consider before getting hair extensions

Getting to Know What Hair Extensions Are

types of permanent hair extensions

Hair extensions, or also known as hair integrations, generally aim to incorporate length or volume to an individual’s natural hair. The material is made out of natural or synthetic hair strands. Hair extensions with natural strands are the best quality yet the most expensive one. 

The natural hair strands usually run in just one direction. Moreover, this hair extension material provides a more natural look because of the preservation of the natural hair’s cuticle. On the other hand, synthetic hair is way down cheaper. 

Synthetic hair extension is quite good for those who aim for a temporary modification of their hairstyle. But, heat styling is not advisable for this hair extension material. Aside from that, it easily gets tangled. 

Why do you need to go for hair extensions?

Hair extension is actually a great and satisfying way to express yourself. Here are the reasons why most people are gearing towards having hair extensions. 

  • Incorporate additional length to the natural hair especially for those who do not have a good hair growth
  • To achieve a new look or attain the desired haircut
  • Provide more bounce to the strands of natural hair
  • Give vibrant colors to the hair without the use of chemical hair colorant

Different Categories of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions basically have three categories based on their usage, method of application, and materials. Yet, the permanency of the hair extensions is due to their usage. So, from here, there are two categories of hair extensions – temporary and permanent. 

*Temporary Hair Extensions

Well, from the word itself, you will easily define that this category of hair extension is the one that can be removed at the end of the day. Since they are easily attached and removed, this hair extension once became popular. No skills are needed to install the temporary hair extensions. Moreover, if you are on a budget and don’t have some extras to pay for the salon service, this hair extension is a good choice. 

But, one major disadvantage of using the temporary hair extensions is hair breakages. This is primarily due to the frequent removal and reinstallation of the hair extensions. Hair breakages normally happen if the quality of the hair extensions being used are of low quality. 

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Permanent Hair Extensions

This category of hair extension has the objective of staying in your hair for a longer time period. Ideally, this is the hair extension that is perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle and have no time to fix their hair. For a period of 4 to 8 weeks, this hair extension generally stays in the hair. 

However, the time in which this category of hair extension lasts on the hair may vary depending on some factors. It should highly depend on the individual, the type and quality of hair extensions, and the way they are taken care of. Normally, this is applied by a professional hairstylist in the salon. 

Various Types of Permanent Hair Extensions 

Generally, there are four major types of permanent hair extensions. So, if you want to put an end to short hair and welcome that long sleek hair into your life then, better to choose which of these types of permanent hair extensions fit your style. 

1-Keratin Hair Extension

Basically, the keratin hair extension is one of the types of permanent hair extensions that has a u-tip. Keratin bonds lined up with silicones are the major contents of this type of hair extension. Usually, silicones are the ones responsible for attaching to the natural strands of the hair. The application starts by placing the natural hair in the middle of the u-tip. Eventually, the next thing to do is sealing the hair into the keratin bond. 

Moreover, this type of permanent hair extension requires the use of a hot extension device. The heating device works by melting the glue and securing the natural hair. If you are worried about the glue to be used here, well, it is actually a keratin glue. This basically allows you to incorporate various shades to the hair or you may consider matching the color of your hair strands.

  • Gives hair a natural finish which seems that it is an originally natural hair
  • Highly suitable for highlights and lowlights
  • The hair becomes thicker and volumized on a permanent basis
  • Durable hair extension
  • Shelf-life: can last up to 6 months
  • Glue and heat utilization are quite damaging to the hair
  • Reusing of the hair is not allowed
  • Method of installation needs practice
  • Failure of the stylist in performing the process may cause damage to the hair
  • Installation is a too long process

2-Micro Link Permanent Hair Extensions 

This one of the types of permanent hair extensions basically uses a link or bead that can be fed within the hair strand. Combine some hair extensions with the natural hair strands by clamping them together. Actually, this method may also take a long time because it works by combining through strand by strand step. 

One amazing advantage of using this permanent hair extension is the smooth flow and movement of the hair. With this micro link hair extension, you can greatly achieve hair fluidity. Even you will not be able to define that you are wearing a hair extension. 

Moreover, for those who are fond of applying highlights, this is a great method of hair extension application. In case you want to make it last on your hair for too long, don’t forget to take care of this hair extension using the procedure for its regular maintenance. Visit your hairstylist every 6 to 8 weeks. The process of installation will let you wait for a minimum of 3 hours.

  • The hair extensions are reusable
  • Installation process requires no heat or adhesive
  • The hair appears more natural
  • Shelf-life: has the ability to last for more than 6 months
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  • The post application tends to be uncomfortable
  • Standard time of application is about 8 hours which seems to be a too long process
  • The beads can be noticeable especially for those with thin hair

3-Tape-in Hair Extensions

The tape-in extensions are other types of permanent hair extensions in which they are attached to 4-cm small tapes. These tapes will eventually be installed between the natural hair strands. Through the use of specialized polyurethane tape, this hair extension can then be installed. The application process may generally take only about an hour making this hair extension the most popular type. 

This type of hair extension is actually categorized as the hair fusion method. Usually, the hair extensions have invisible tapes or a see-through type so it is undetectable. Moreover, the hair extension flows as it matches the natural strands of your hair. Removal of this type of permanent hair extension generally requires the use of glue remover or else you will have to damage and remove your own hair.

  • Quick installation process that will only takes about an hour
  • Hair extension is very comfortable and lightweight
  • Shelf-life: may last for around 6 to 8 weeks with proper hair care maintenance
  • The tape may trigger some allergic reactions
  • Not advisable for use of individuals with short hair or oily hair
  • The tape may be seen for those who have thin hair

4-Sew-in Permanent Hair Extensions

Types of permanent hair extensions

Generally, involves wefts of hair that will be cut on your preferred size, this sew-in hair extension is also a common method of permanent hair extensions. The wefts of hair will eventually install into the braided natural hair strands. 

Through the use of braids, your hair will be completely covered. That’s why this permanent hair extension allows the creation of different hairstyles that you want. 

Sew-in permanent hair extensions are also a safe method. There is no heat or adhesives being used during its application process. Aside from that, you can also create cornrows in a less tight style.

  • The safest method among the other types of permanent hair extensions
  • Hard for the extensions to slip-off the natural hair strands
  • Shelf-life: can stay on the hair for up to 3 months time with proper care
  • Will create head tightness as post application result
  • Too tight braids may cause damage to the hair
  • Takes more time of application but it varies on the person doing it

Things to Consider Prior to Having Permanent Hair Extensions

The advantages of the different types of permanent hair extensions are actually enticing. However, before you jump into adding some more strands to your natural’s crowning glory, you must take these things into account.

  • Seek the help of a professional hairstylist in case you opt to undergo hair extensions. 
  • Do not be deceived with the looks of the hair extensions as some of them seem so easy to install, but failed to apply them properly may generally result in hair damage. 
  • As much as possible, make sure that the installed hair extensions are not too tight. Immediately discuss with the hairstylist in case you experience pain or discomfort on your head. 
  • Always choose hair extensions made of premium quality material even if it costs you more. Remember that quality is always better. 
  • Don’t forget to take care of the natural hair. Take note that damaged hair is not able to handle much styling even hair extensions. 
  • Apply oil into your hair on a regular basis and opt for regular treatments. 
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The Cost of Permanent Hair Extensions 

Well, if you want to make your hair look beautiful and make you feel more beautiful, you must take the risk of investing your money into good-quality hair extensions. Like other products, better quality always comes with a decent price. But, definitely, it is all worth it. The good news is, for as low as $20 to as high as $3,000 you can already have a hair extension. 

However, non-permanent hair extensions generally come in the price range of $200 to $500. This is particularly for the process of halos or clip-ins hair extensions. The permanent hair extensions, on the other hand, usually cost you more. You can get this actually for the price starting with $600 to $3000.

Too expensive right? Yet, the cost generally varies based on several factors. These factors include the methods of application, quality of the hair, and the charges provided by the hairstylist. Here is the estimated cost of permanent hair extensions depending on their type. 

Cost of Keratin Hair Extension 

For around $300 to $1000, you will generally have to get a permanent hair extension of this type, with an average of about $550. The hair would also cost you $200. And, this should be fixed by the hairstylist every 3 months. 

Total cost for a year:

  • Hair extension of average quality = $200
  • Hair stylist fee for installation = $550
  • Maintenance cost ($550) x 3.5 months = $1,925
  • ANNUAL COST = $2,675

Cost of Micro Link Permanent Hair Extensions 

Around $200 to $600, the micro link permanent hair extensions have an average cost of $300. Moreover, there will also be an installation fee for the hairstylist that comes at the cost of $400. Also, don’t forget to be ready with the maintenance fee of $150 per session which would run every 6 weeks. 

Total cost for a year:

  • Hair extension of average quality = $300
  • Hair stylist fee for installation = $400
  • Maintenance cost ($150) x 8 months = $1,200
  • ANNUAL COST = $1,900

Cost of Tape-in Hair Extensions

Types of permanent hair extensions

The tape-in hair extensions have a cost ranging from $200 to $400 which has an average price of $300. Add to this the $200 installation fee of the hairstylist. There will be a 4 to 6 weeks schedule for this hair extension for the purpose of adjusting it. And this incurs at $120 per session. 

Total cost for a year:

  • Hair extension of average quality = $300
  • Hair stylist fee for installation = $200
  • Maintenance cost ($120) x 8 months = $960
  • ANNUAL COST = $1,460

Cost of Sew-in Permanent Hair Extensions

Averaging about $300, the sew-in permanent hair extensions have a price range of around $200 to $600. There is a $150 installation fee and the same amount for ongoing maintenance.

Total cost for a year:

  • Hair extension of average quality = $300
  • Hair stylist fee for installation = $150
  • Maintenance cost ($150) x 8 months = $1200
  • ANNUAL COST = $1,650

Final Words

Aiming to have naturally beautiful-looking hair, many women gear towards getting permanent hair extensions. I am glad to know that these hair care treatments have various types depending on your needs and preferences. Generally, the permanent hair extensions stay longer on the mane, making them complement the natural hair strands well. However, this permanent hair care treatment should be done by a professional hairstylist. 

Now, have you decided to add a few lengths and volume to your natural hair strands? Which type of permanent hair extensions do you think would be the best one for you? Please share your thoughts with us! 

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