Top 6 Best Men’s Hair Styles This Year

The new year is the best time of the year to get a new look. For men, not only will this signify a new style, but this is also an excellent way to highlight their facial features. With a hairstyle befitting your look, you can face the coming year with renewed confidence. 

Since there are many hair styles out there, try the best six outlined below: 

1. Crew Cut 

If you want a short, practical, yet stylish haircut, a crew cut never goes out of style. It’s a classic haircut that makes men look sophisticated with minimal fuss. You don’t need to do much to maintain and style it because the haircut alone can look urbane. No more rushing in the morning as crew cuts require little effort. Not only can it make you look sharp, but a crew cut also exudes confidence. 

What’s even better about a crew cut is that it has many variations. For instance, you can go for a taper fade crew cut, which can add a contemporary touch, or you can achieve a less rigid and more relaxed look with a textured crew cut. Moreover, a crew cut is also suitable for men of all ages, especially older men with silver strands. 

To get the crew cut you want, be sure to read a men’s haircut guide so you can adequately communicate what kind of style you want with your barber. 

2. Angular Fringe 

This year, the angular fringe has also become popular, which is different from the typical pompadour or quiff hairstyles. The angular fringe hair style has relatively long hair on top while the sides are short. Its concept may be similar to a pompadour and undercut, but the fringe hangs over the forehead.  

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Moreover, the texture of the angular fringe is unique because there’s an angle on the cut, hence its name. This hairstyle is best for round faces as it can add length. 

3. Pompadour  

Top 6 Best Men's Hair Styles This Year 2

Elvis’ iconic pompadour is a style that never goes out of season. But, nowadays, there are more variations to it aside from the traditional high-volume pompadour. For a more modern twist of a classic, try pairing up your pompadour with an undercut that can be long, short, or disconnected. 

Keep in mind that a pompadour tends to make your face seem round, so this style is more suitable for angular features. 

4. Faux Hawk Styles 

One of the coolest men’s hairstyles out there is the fohawk or faux hawk hair style. It’s modern and stylish, and also allows you to try other hairstyles.  

From the French word ‘faux,’ which means false, a hairstyle that has this prefix means it’s imitating something. In this haircut, the mohawk is being imitated. However, there’s no need to shave your head with a faux hawk. You only need to leave some hair on the sides with a strip of longer hair.  

Instead of shaved hair, you can incorporate an undercut or a fade with a fohawk, allowing you to occasionally style it. For instance, if you’re not feeling your long fohawk or it isn’t acceptable in your workplace, you can comb it to a textured quiff, or have it slick back or fade. 

5. Comb-Over Hairstyle 

Instead of making the comb-over hair style solely for thin-haired or balding men, many hipsters, celebrities, and professionals have transformed it into a popular hairstyle. Today, the comb-over hairstyle is considered modern and cool.  

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To make the comb-over hairstyle suitable for you, choose the best variation according to your hair length and face shape. It’s versatile, making it a good pair for the hard part, undercut, or fade. It also offers flow, movement, and volume when you go for a long hair comb-over. On the other hand, a short hair comb-over makes it an easy style for men on-the-go. 

6. Slick Back Hair 

The slick back is another classy yet popular hair style of the year. Originally, the slick black style looks flat, has low volume, and is medium length in one direction. Compared to before, this style now has variations from the sides with an undercut or a fade.  

What’s important is to have at least two to six inches on top of your hair if you’re cutting your own hair. Then use pomade to slick your hair back. The secret to a good slick is to make your hair damp, but not too much. 


Don’t be afraid to try any of these popular men’s hairstyles this year. If you want to go for the classics, opt for a crew cut or a pompadour. For a more angular shape, an angular fringe can help. If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, pick the faux hawk. Whatever style you choose, be sure to carry it with confidence so you can make the most out of your entire look.

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