The Most Effective Hair Removal Methods That Will Help You Have Silky And Smooth Skin

No one enjoys the hair removal process, regardless of the method, material, or technique used. Surely, some processes are less painful than the others – some, like shaving, are even totally painless – however, every method comes with its own challenges. With the several options available, you can feel very conflicted when choosing the right method for you and your body. You should always keep in mind that what works for others may not work for you. Our bodies respond to different stimuli, chemicals, and techniques differently. For instance, even if waxing works best for someone else, some parts of your body, especially the most sensitive areas, can react terribly to it. This doesn’t mean that waxing is bad; it simply means that you may need to search for other alternatives, like sugaring. You can even compromise! It is totally up to you to wax some parts of your body and sugar the others if this yields the most satisfying results. This also applies to the level of pain that you experience using each method. 

The Most Effective Hair Removal Methods That Will Help You Have Silky And Smooth Skin 1

Pain is subjective – different people have different pain thresholds. While using an epilator can be a breeze for someone, you can find its mechanism unbearably painful or uncomfortable. You may experience a few red patches here and there, a razor burn, and bloody ankles before you finally find the right hair removal method for your needs (ever heard of trial and error?). However, once you have found it, you’ll hopefully be left with delightful results. Read this article to find out all about the most effective hair removal methods and how to use them to leave your skin silky and smooth. 

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The Most Effective Hair Removal Methods That Will Help You Have Silky And Smooth Skin 2

Sugaring Method

Sugaring is an evergreen hair removal method. It was invented in ancient Egypt, one of Earth’s earliest civilizations. Ancient Egyptians dedicated a rather sizable portion of their time toward contemplating hair removal techniques. This is because they were greatly concerned with cleanliness and hygiene. Even men went to great lengths to get rid of their head and facial hair; they used depilatory creams, bronze razors, pumice stones, and the wealthy even hired in-house barbers for regular clean-shaves. Women, on the other hand, used sugaring, which is a natural hair removal remedy that consists of lemon, sugar, optional honey, and water. Perhaps, some of the most powerful and influential queens and women figures of all time used this hair removal method. 

Sugaring is slowly making its way back into the world of beauty, which is not surprising, considering its safeness, sustainability, and its long-term effects. Sugaring is similar to waxing; it can be applied to any part of your skin. Sugaring instantly removes hair and even decreases hair regrowth over time. Although it can be quite painful, it is one of the gentlest ways (for your skin) to remove body hair. You can either refer to a specialist that offers sugaring hair removal services or learn to do it on your own. Always keep in mind that the longer the hair, the more effective the hair removal process will be. For sugaring, you need to start with hair that’s at least 3 mm long. You should also exfoliate beforehand for the best results. Sugaring regularly (around every 4 to 5 weeks) will leave your skin glowing and in-grown hair-free. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to avoid sun exposure and exercise the day following sugaring. 

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Laser Hair Removal

Many people prefer the laser hair removal method, as the results can last a lifetime. This can be achieved by getting enough sessions or treatments during the right times of your hair growth cycle. Laser hair removal is definitely one of the priciest hair removal techniques;  however, some people find it a small price to pay in exchange for a lifetime of hair-free skin.  Referring to professional laser hair removal services will yield the best results as these specialists can also offer treatment advice.  However,  there are now a variety of home laser removal devices and products available in the market. Using laser technology, the machine or miniature device works on destroying hair roots safely without affecting the surrounding tissue. 

The Most Effective Hair Removal Methods That Will Help You Have Silky And Smooth Skin 3

Epilating Method

It comes as no surprise that epilating is notoriously painful; after all, it works by removing individual hairs from their roots all at once. Though, long-term users say that the more they use it, the less painful the process is. Besides, many believe that the result is satisfactory,  making it worth the temporary periods of pain. Epilators are best described as mechanical tweezers. When used regularly, hairs can grow thinner and fewer, making the process less painful in the long run. It is advised that you don’t use them on sensitive areas of your skin. Some epilators can be used on either wet or dry skin; using a shower-friendly epilator is recommended because epilating under warm water can aid in the loosening up of hair follicles, making the hair removal process easier. It is also suggested that you begin with the least sensitive areas of your skin until you get used to the sensation and always exfoliate before epilating. 

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If you are dry epilating, make sure to use a towel to lift your hair at the root. Your hair should be at least 0.5 mm long so that you can epilate. Since epilating removes hair at the root, unlike shaving or depilatory creams that eradicate hair just beneath the skin’s surface, you can expect the results to last for four weeks. Epilating is also a great alternative for waxing, sugaring, using depilatory creams, and other methods that can get messy all too quickly. 

For centuries, hair removal methods have been a topic of great concern. If you prefer to remove your body hair, you are probably aware of how frustrating the process can be. From the dreadful pain to the mess left behind, hair removal is not something people look forward to. Furthermore, because some hair removal methods can be damaging to the skin if not done correctly, you must research your skin type and learn about the various hair removal methods that will suit you best. Moreover, you can also refer to professional services for the top effective methods that will leave your skin silky and smooth. 

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