How to Use a Diffuser on Short Curly Hair – Here are 5 Easy Steps

How to Use a Diffuser on Short Curly Hair - Here are 5 Easy Steps 1

Many women with curly hairs are encountering hair issues when it comes to managing it. To add with this is the dilemma of the short length of their hair. The great thing is that those short curls can naturally be beautiful with the use of a diffuser. However, the question is how to use a diffuser on short curly hair? Could it be possible?

As we go along, we will discover the proper way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair. Moreover, we will also have a brief discussion about what a diffuser is. Additionally, some helpful beauty tips in using a diffuser over a short curly hair are also included here. So, if you’re ready to give your short curls a total makeover, check out the steps below.

What is a hair diffuser that you can use on short curly hair?

how to use a diffuser on short curly hair attachment tool

Generally, a diffuser is an attachment to a hair blow-dryer which usually eliminates the hair frizz. Basically, the air-drying of curly hair can lead to frizzy hair. But when you seek the help of a diffuser, you will get beautifully lively hair. 

Technically, hair diffuser gives off the air so that the natural curl pattern of the hair would not be disrupted. Moreover, the proper way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair can also affect the looks of your curls.

Additionally, the hair diffuser comes with two types: the round attachment which is a plastic and custom-made. And the other one is the plastic universal diffuser which generally fits on almost every hairdryer. 

Why do you need to use a diffuser on short curly hair?

Basically, the use of a diffuser on short curly hair is primarily due to susceptibility of this hair type to dryness. Typically, using the tool, air circulates around those curls. As a result of the use of a diffuser on short curly hair is the defined curls with amazing looks.

However, the way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair takes a long time of processing compared to the normal hairdryer. But, when you start using a diffuser on short curly hair, softer and defined curls would be achieved. Moreover, a diffuser typically works on a low heat setting that’s why it reduces frizz. 

Keep in mind that hair frizz is a result of hair contact with extreme heat. Actually, for curly women, a diffuser is a perfect hair partner that prevents hair dryness and frizz. Additionally, a diffuser can make your short curly hair dry quickly with no damage and give extra volume.  

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Furthermore, there is a high probability that curls may flatten once they are subjected to air drying. That’s why using a diffuser on short curly hair is advisable as it results in more lively curls. Generally, the diffuser distributes the airflow from the dryer and spreads it on a wide area.

Ideally, this is really perfect for short curly hair because the air cannot disrupt the wave patterns of the hair. Basically, every woman with natural curls must have this hair tool. Remember that short curly hairs are prone to frizziness so it is better to have this diffuser.  

How to use a diffuser on short curly hair easily?

Basically, curly hair is really hard to manage in order to make it soft and shiny. In addition to that, is the short length that brings the dilemma upon diffusing. Moreover, the reality will give you the assurance that the way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair is not really achievable.

Actually, the way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair is far different from using a diffuser over long straight hair. Yet, you only need to have the right combination of hair products and tools to manage that short curly hair easier. So, rather than face the mirror and spend time strengthening your hair, the best solution is to re-curl it using a good diffuser.

how to use a diffuser on short curly hair tools

Here is a simple step-by-step instruction on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair.

1. Hair hydration

Basically, managing perfect curls is so easy by giving it a good and fresh shower. Simply wash the hair and apply a conditioner. Never ignore this step as it is the most important one. Primarily, a good conditioning product can help to moisturize your short curly hair. Moreover, avoid washing your curly hair with shampoo every day because shampoo products are harsh on this hair type. 

After that, using a comb with a wide-tooth, detangle your conditioned hair in a gentle manner. Basically, this step will help to smoothen the knots without subjecting your delicate curls into breakage. Additionally, combing the short curly hair when they are already dry can make them frizzy and may damage the pattern. 

So, remember to not ever comb out the curls when they started to dry. Furthermore, it is highly recommendable to detangle curly hair while you’re in the shower. 

2. Hair wrapping with soft fabric cloth

Generally, after showering, you need to dry your short curly hair. Pat the hair gently using a soft cloth or cotton fabric. Subsequently, squeeze the excess water out into the hair. Moreover, be gentle in drying the hair to avoid the frizz and making the hair unmanageable. 

Furthermore, do not rub your curls with a towel. That’s why we advise you to use soft cotton fabric or a microfiber type of towel instead. Basically, softer fabric is less abrasive which results in less frizz over the curls. Additionally, there would also be less friction thus causing the curls not to get damaged.

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3. Curls formation

At this moment, in case you still have knots, detangle those knots by running it through your fingers. Remember not to comb the curls in order not to encourage frizz and damage the pattern. Afterwards, you can apply hair products onto your curls for proper hydration.

Generally, you can use styling lotion, leave-in conditioners, or a mousse. Moreover, these products can help your short curly hair to stay in shape as they dry out naturally. One best way to get the desired curly shape of your hair is to simply twirl it in place using the finger while wet. Basically, this method ensures that the curls will stay in shape and will be well-polished.

Furthermore, there is also this so-called “rake and shake” method. This works by sectioning your curly hair and raking the product of your choice in every section you’ve made. Subsequently, shake using the wrist to form curls once reaching the hair’s ends.

4. Diffuser utilization

Primarily, you must dry your short curls for around 75% prior to diffuser usage. Moreover, it is also recommendable to mist some thermal protectant over the curls prior to the application of heat. Basically, thermal protectants put a barrier around your hair from the heat.

Afterwards, the next thing on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair is to pull up a section of the short hair into the diffuser. Then, turn on the hairdryer on a low temperature. Remember that excessive heat can damage the curls. Additionally, the increase in airflow can make the curly hair frizzy.

How to use a diffuser on short curly hair is to cup it around the curls and push it through the fingers. This way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair can shape the curls naturally. Moreover, you need to dry the hair ends first and move upward going to the roots. Furthermore, move the diffuser going near the scalp.

Additionally, one good way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair is tilting the head on the sideways motion. You can also hold the diffuser until the roots are dry. Circular motions are also a helpful option in drying the hair as a way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair.

5. Stop when almost there

Basically, how to use a diffuser on short curly hair must have to continue until the hair is around 80% dry. Drying it on air until the end will offer a bouncy and hydrated look. Moreover, after styling, better take your hands off it and that is important on the way on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair. 

Furthermore, when your short curls are wet, it looks more impressive. Additionally, a smooth finish of the curls wouldn’t be achieved when hair drying is disturbed. Another thing to consider when it comes to how to use a diffuser on short curly hair is not to touch it frequently because more touches give it a worse look. 

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Beauty tips and helpful recommendations on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair

With the above process, you already know that is possible to a defined curly short hair. By following the proper steps on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair, your goal can be perfectly achieved. However, below are some important tips that could definitely help you in your hair care regimen. Check it out!

how to use a diffuser on short curly hair looks
  1. Prior to the use of a diffuser, apply an anti-frizz serum to your hair. Basically, this would help to reduce hair frizziness.
  2. In applying hair products, remember not to apply too much of it. Generally, those products can get your hair weighed down. Moreover, your desired look couldn’t be achieved.
  3. As much as possible, when you are already in the process of diffusing, do not touch your hair often. Keep in mind not to disrupt the process.
  4. When applying shampoo and conditioner, always use a natural one.
  5. Prioritize to always condition the hair prior to the diffusing process.
  6. Subject your hair on an upside-down position in order to efficiently conduct the diffusion process.
  7. If you can, resist using a blow dryer because the heat coming from it can generally cause hair damage.
  8. Generally, the use of a styling hairspray when you use a diffuser on short curly hair is really ideal to maintain the curls and makes it fabulously looking all throughout the day.

Things to be prevented when using a diffuser on short curly hair

Whatever type of hair you have, the hair is truly our crowning glory. Basically, all girls do love their hair a lot and give too much care over it. Moreover, every girl does not want to damage their hair without knowing it. So, here are some tips on how to prevent the worst situation from happening.

  1. Never ever diffuse a certain section of the hair for too much period of time. As we always say, extreme heat can be a factor for hair damage. Generally, a direct blow dryer is not recommended for short curly hair because it gives excessive heat concentrated on just one area. Actually, this may result in frizz and dryness of the hair. Please do prevent drying a particular section completely.
  2. Basically, do not diffuse for a longer period of time. Always remember not to set the heat on high temperature as high heat is an enemy of curly hair. Moreover, always keep in mind that short curly hair has the ability to dry fast that’s why high heat should be avoided.
  3. Generally, do not diffuse the hair frequently. Similar to the use of a hair straightener, a diffuser can also make your hair damaged. So, do not make diffusing a habit most of the time.         

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Wrapping Up

Short curly hair is really unmanageable. Moreover, many girls are not sure of using a diffuser over their short curls. However, the steps on how to use a diffuser on short curly hair are not that complex. Additionally, all you need is to follow the steps appropriately in order to achieve a more defined curl. 

Furthermore, doing it step-by-step may help you to keep those short curls healthy and shiny. Anyway, don’t waste your time on strengthening your curls if you could make it bouncy in its own little way. With the proper use of a diffuser, a great look of a short curly hair would all be possible. So, let it dry and flaunt those curls all the way. 

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