How to Grow Baby hair online: effective Remedies!

How to Grow Baby hair online: effective Remedies! 1

Being a responsible parent of a newborn baby or toddler is a challenging yet rewarding experience. It is our duty as parents to be with them every step of the way, in good and bad times. Also, we must know whether there is something unusual happening to our babies. Babies and toddlers experience various growth factors. You must be concerned about how to grow baby hair online.

How To Grow Baby Hair Online: Effective Remedies!

While almost all family members love to make fun of the baby’s thin and soft hair, experimenting with different hairstyles, and sometimes making it look funny. Making sure that the hair properly grows is entirely a different topic. The problem nowadays is that parents focus more on feeding their babies and often forget the hair regimen. Little did they know that the hair requires an adequate amount of attention too. Yep, you read that right. It is not only you must not only take care of your hair but also your baby.

Every baby varies. There are those who grow without experiencing any problems, while there are those who encounter growth problems. As parents, we should make sure that our babies are always healthy and growing properly. Monitoring our baby’s hair is one way of making sure that they are on the right track. If you notice that his/her is not growing, it is normal. Also, there are other factors that affect this, like genes. On the other hand, if you look for tips on how to grow baby hair online, you will see that there are several ways. To save you the time, we list down the most effective ways on how to grow baby hair online.

How to Grow Baby Hair Online: Factors that Might Affect Growth of Baby Hair

Before we move on to the list of ways on how to grow baby hair, let us first understand the possible reasons why a baby’s hair is not growing. Remember, this does not always mean that your baby is unhealthy or sick, it might mean that he is delayed or you just need to do something that will boost hair growth.

Some babies are born with thick hair on their scalp, while other remain bald even after a few months. In most cases, babies who appear bald are healthy. However, persistent baldness can also be a sign of serious medical condition. A qualified health care practitioner must be the one checking up your baby if he/she is experiencing persistent baldness.


As mentioned earlier, genetics play a major role when it comes to slow hair growth. For instance, according to Dr. Zukow, babies who are Caucasians are prone to persistent baldness. They still have to wait for up to two years until their hair grows.

*Infant Hair Loss

Aside from genetics, infant hair loss is another factor that contributes to delayed growth of hair among babies. According to studies, most kids have two crops of hair during infancy. In rare cases, the second crop may not arrive until he/she is a toddler.

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*Fungal Infection

A baby’s skin in gentle and sensitive. Hence, they are prone to skin ailments. Fungal infection is common among babies and it may also cause significant hair loss. This is possible not only among babies but also on adults. This fungal infection will give birth to ringworm. This ringworm then will cause to lose too much hair normally at the back of a baby’s head. Apart from that, extreme cases of seborrhea can cause hair loss among toddlers. If you notice that your baby might have this kind of fungal infection, consult your pediatrician and or look for tips on how to grow baby hair online. This if the condition is not that severe.

*Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a type of baldness that is common among babies and toddlers. This skin ailment results to small round patches on the baby’s scalp. In severe cases, it may lead to total baldness. Which is why it is important to always monitor your kid and be alert. Most importantly, educate yourself on signs to look out for.

Kids with alopecia areata may begin showing symptoms in their early yeas and toddlerhood. Alopecia Areate is hard to treat, however, hair normally regrows after a year. Also, there are plenty of homemade remedies to grow your baby hair. You will find more of them later so keep on reading.

*Nutritional Deficiencies

Aside from genetic and other skin conditions, extreme nutritional deficiencies may also result to poor hair growth among babies and toddlers. Lack of iron, zinc, and protein might result to baldness and delayed growth of hair. However, poor hair growth cause by nutritional deficiencies is likely to happen.

Using Baby Care Products

How To Grow Baby Hair Online: Effective Remedies!

It is understandable that parents tend to panic once they notice that their baby is losing too much hair. Most of the time, we think the worse that is going to happen. Since we do not want to worsen the condition, we think of something we can do to improve our baby’s condition.

Parents often resort to using baby products that they think will regrow hair.The problem is that the baby’s skin is not delicate and sensitive. That being said, before using baby products it is better to consult your pediatrician. Aside from that you can also use mild products.

Use natural detergent when washing your baby’s clothes and bed sheets. Since the baby’s clothes are not always, warm water and small amount of soap are sometimes enough.

*When to Consult a Doctor?

Knowing when to consult a doctor is very important. Remember that it is normal for a baby to remain bald within his/her first few months. Just make sure to keep the babies indoor and do not expose them too much from the sun. Exposing their scalp may prevent the growth of hair.

On the off chance the hair of your baby keeps on falling after 6 months, consult your doctor. He/she will check for possible cause of hair loss, like nutrient deficiency, fungus,genetics, and other diseases. Also, when you notice some red patches on your baby’s scalp, it can be a sign of a serious medical condition. But of course this is not always the case, you doctor knows what appropriate action to do.

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On the other hand, if the condition is not that severe, you can try these methods on how to grow baby hair online.

Different Ways on How to Grow Baby Hair Online

If you start to notice that your baby is showing symptoms of hair loss or he is not growing hair in his first 5 months, you may try to do these ways on how to grow baby hair online. You can easily do it at the comfort of your home. Most importantly, they are safe for your baby since the products you will use are natural.


How To Grow Baby Hair Online: Effective Remedies!

When it comes to treating hair loss, regardless of a person’s age, aloe vera will always be on the list of recommendations. Because of the wonders of aloe vera, it is a popular ingredients among shampoos and other hair care products. What is great about aloe vera is that it is effective and mild. Best of all, they are safe for babies. It is not only beneficial on your hair but also on your skin.

To apply aloe vera on your baby’s scalp, simply scoop the gel out of the aloe vera plant. Small amount will do but if you are planning to use it on your hair and skin, you might want to get a substantial amount. Since you will apply it on your baby, make sure to mix it with a distilled water. Then that is it, you can now use the hair product to improve the hair growth of your baby.

The hair product should look like a thick paste that is clear. Use this while bathing him. Make sure to rinse it well.


Another tip on how to grow baby hair online is by using gelatin. You are probably new with this method, but yes it is proven safe and effective to use on babies.

Gelatin is known as a great source of amino acids for both kids and adults. While adults can easily consume this type of nutrient, babies solely consume milk. As a result, they fail to get these essential amino acids. Amino acids are essential as they promote hair growth. Before bathing your baby, combine 1 teaspoon of gelatin powder and 1 teaspoon of cold water. You may also add honey and apple cider vinegar. Take note that for adults, it is okay to add the ACV. However if you will use it on your baby, it is better to not include it in the mixture as it is too strong.

Before applying shampoo on your baby scalp, massage the mixture on his scalp. Let is stay for a few minutes then continue with his routine.

3. Eating Healthy

If you have a kid and he is showing signs of hair loss, one possible cause is nutrient deficiency. Monitor the food you are kid is eating and make sure they are healthy. For babies, once they start eating semi-solid food, it is necessary to include nutritious foods, such as fruits. Foods that are rich in vitamin D promote hair growth. That being said, you may start introducing foods like pumpkin soup or sweet potato. Keep this kind of a diet for a few weeks and then you will notice a huge improvement.

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4. Coconut Oil

How To Grow Baby Hair Online: Effective Remedies!

You are probably familiar with this item as it has been widely used to treat different kinds of skin and hair ailments. This is also the favorite of a lot of people because it does not only smell nice and yummy, it is also effective in improving hair growth and easing skin problems. Best of all, it is safe to use by both adults and kids.

In case of skin or scalp irritation, one possible cause is dryness. To use coconut oil, you do not need to mix it with other products, just gently apply it on your baby’s scalp and other affected areas. Do this for 1-2 times a week for a month and you will notice a great improvement.

5.Proper grooming

Aside from applying oil and other natural products, proper grooming such as regular combing also play a huge role in promoting hair growth. You might be thinking “my baby does not have a hair, why would I comb him”. Whether he has a hair or not, combing his hair can still improve hair growth.

Combing is like massaging, it improves the blood circulation, thus improving growth of hair. If your kid has a thick and long hair, you might want to cut it off. This will make it look clean and easy to groom. Nevertheless, cutting or trimming your baby or kid’s hair does not necessarily mean that he/she will grow his hair. But still, it will give your kid a clean and fresh look.

6.Use good quality baby shampoo

There are plenty of baby shampoos being sold in the market. As a result, parents get overwhelmed and do not know what to buy. How will you know if the shampoo is safe for your baby? Will it make your baby’s skin healthy? To make sure, choose a baby shampoo that is mild, hypoallergenic, and uses natural ingredients. While these products come in expensive amounts, it is a great investment as it is for the health of your baby. Alway remember, the fewer the chemicals are the better. This is not only applicable to babies but to adults as well.

7. Do not underestimate those curls

How to Grow Baby hair online: effective Remedies! 2

During the baby’s early years, you might see a small curl behind his head. Most of the time, this is overseen by parents because babies are always sleeping and lying on their backs. Once you notice a curl or curls, do not ignore and prevent the curl from shedding eventually. Grab a baby’s comb or use your fingers to detangle the curls. This will allow the hair to grow thicker and quickly where it should grow.


One of the most memorable moment for parents is the first haircut of their child. Usually, the hair from the first cut will be stored in a special storage box. This is before the hair dresser experiment with your child’s hair. Nevertheless, if your child is experiencing hair loss, a haircut even before the best time he is supposed to get one is necessary. A small trim can make a huge difference and may kickstart the growth of hair.

Final Words

While there are plenty of natural remedies to promote hair growth among babies, always remember that a positive environment filled with love is very important for the baby. That being said, make sure to shower your with love while doing these remedies. Also, make sure to consult a doctor if none of these is improving the condition of your child.

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