8 Types of Curling Wands for the Best Hairstyling!

types of curling wands

Curling wands are used to curl long, luxurious hair and they come in a variety of materials. Curling hair is an excellent activity for women to keep their hair look special for events or even when you just feel like it. The right hairstyle can make you feel confident, attractive, and charming. In this guide, we will share the different types of curling wands that are designed to work with all types of hair. 

You will notice that these wands have different features that will make them perfect for your situation.

Types of Curling Wands

Curling wands can shape your hair how you like by providing different styles and textures. There is also an art in picking the right curling wand for your hair type. Wands come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors that can do wonders for your hair. You want the best at every stage of styling and maintaining your style.

Each person has their own unique hair type, and there’s a huge range of options when it comes to curling wands. There’s the traditional plastic wand, as well as glass and metal wands. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks, so you should read up on everything before purchasing. 

When choosing a curling wand, you want to look for one that will create the best-looking waves but at the same time have enough flexibility to make it easier on your hair. There are many different types and designs of curling wand that can be used to give your hair the style it deserves. 

When deciding on a Curling Wand, you want to consider how flexible it is, how strong it is, and how versatile it is. Flexibility means the wand can accommodate your individual hair type and texture. Strength means it can withstand daily use, while more than enough grip means it will never lose form or flexibility even after hours of constant use.

types of curling wands

Automatic Curling Iron

The best automatic curling wand is the one that doesn’t just know what curl you want, but is also programmable so that it knows when to start and stop. That means it can be used with other equipment in your home or professional setting. 

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There are also several features you should look for when buying an automatic curling wand such as its wireless capability and how quiet it can be when running.

To use the Automatic Curling Iron, first you should section your hair into different parts. Choose the kind of curl that you want to achieve and select the correct barrel for it. Wrap your hair around the barrel. Then, when you are ready, turn on the device. Then, the curling will be done for you.

Brush-Attached Curling Iron

With the Brush-Attached Curling Iron, there are bristles attached to the barrel. This kind of curling iron is particularly new to the hairstyling scene. Each barrel that comes with the Brush-Attached Curling Iron will achieve different curls. The bristles help manage your hair when you are using the curling iron.

To use the Brush-Attached Curling Iron, make 1-2-inch sections of your hair. Then, wrap a single section of your hair on the barrel. Choose what kind of barrel you want for the kind of curls that you want as well. Then, the normal time for you to hold the curling iron is around 12 to 15 seconds. The longer you hold the curling iron, the tighter the curls will be.

Bubble Wand

The Bubble Wand is pretty user-friendly but performs like a professional hairstyling tool. You can achieve beach waves and spiral curls with the bubble wand. There are many kinds of bubble wands. For tighter curls, there are shorter bubble wands.

To use the bubble wand, first make small sections of your hair. Choose the kind of bubble wand for the kinds of curls that you want to achieve. Then, wrap a small section of your hair around the bubble wand. You want to hold it there for only 10 seconds. This is because bubble wands have a very high temperature.

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The tip of the curling iron should face down while the cord end should face upwards.

Clipless Wand

This is for people or hairstylists who have much experience in curling hair. Clipless Wands do not have clamps. The clipless wand or the clipless curling iron is known to have a lot of variation. Each barrel size will produce a different kind of curl.

Use your dominant hand when using the clipless wand. I recommend using the heat-resistant glove that comes with your clipless wand to avoid burning yourself. Then, hold the curling iron with the tip facing downward. 

Make one-inch sections of your hair. Then, wrap the section of your hair around the barrel with your free hand. After, you should only hold the clipless wand for only 12 to 15 seconds. Tighter curls require a longer time for your hair to stay on the barrel.

Conical Curling Iron

The conical curling iron is shaped like a cone. There are two kinds of conical curling irons. The first is cone-shaped curling iron where the thicker part of the cone is on the lower end. The second is the reverse cone-shaped curling iron, meanwhile, is the other way around.

You can get soft, wavy curls from both kinds of barrels. You can also achieve tighter curls as well with more time. 

Section of your hair. Choose what kind of curls you want for your hair. Then, wrap the section around the barrel. For large curls, wrap your hair around the larger part of the curling iron. For small curls, wrap your hair around the smallest part of the curling iron. Hold your hair there for around 10 to 15 seconds only unless you want tighter curls.

Cordless Curling Iron

The Cordless Curling Iron is the best for people who need to be on-the-go. Instead of plugging your curling into the wall socket, this runs on batteries. Different barrels achieve different kinds of curls. 

To use the cordless curling iron, it’s like every other curling iron. First make 1-inch sections of your hair. Then, wrap a section of hair around the curling iron. Then, hold the curling iron for only 12 to 15 seconds. As usual, for tighter curls hold it there for a few more seconds. 

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Curling Wand with Clip

The Curling Wand with Clip is the most common kind of curling iron on the market. It’s the most famous because it’s very easy to use but delivers great results. The clip on the curling iron helps keep your hair in place while you’re holding the curling iron. 

To use the curling wand with a clip, make one-inch sections of your hair. Hold the curling iron vertically. Then, place the section of hair on the clamp starting from the ends of your hair. Bring the curling iron towards your face, but make sure that it stays at a distance so that you won’t get too hot. Hold the curling wand for 5 to 15 seconds. Longer time on the curling iron means tighter curls.

Spiral Iron

The Spiral Iron is meant for hair stylists who have experience in using curling irons because these can be too hot for beginners to handle. You can achieve soft, wavy curls. The spiral iron is quite versatile in the types of curls that it can create.

First, make one or two-inch sections of your hair. Then, start from the end of your hair. Place the hair into the clamp. Roll the device towards your face but don’t allow it to get too close to your face because it’s quite hot. Hold the curling iron there for around 8 to 15 seconds. A longer time on the iron means you will get tighter curls. 

types of curling wands

Final Words

There are a variety of curling wands on the market, each designed to serve a specific purpose. Each wand has a specific design element that when combined with a person’s own skill can produce different results. When choosing a curling wand, consider your hand size, as well as whether you prefer to grip the wand. All have their merits but it’s really personal taste which one you like.

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