How to Keep Hair Nice Overnight – Beauty Hair Guide

How to Keep Hair Nice Overnight – Beauty Hair Guide 1

Whether you have long sleek hair, short cuts, or bouncy curls, we always wanted to have a great hair day the next morning. There’s no way for us to go to the hair stylist or rush to the salon early in the morning as we wake up. So, the best solution for this is to know how to keep hair nice overnight. That way, you can incorporate a natural beautiful looks into the tresses while you style your hair up in an effortless manner.

In this blog post, we will give you different strategies in keeping the hair nice during the whole night. Aside from that, we also have here some basic life hacks that may be very helpful for those with long locks, short cuts, and stubborn curls. Sleeping on a wet hair will not already a problem anymore with the following hair care night regimen we have here. So, check this out and style your hair out successfully and beautifully in the morning!

Tips and Tricks on How to Keep Hair Nice Overnight

During the night, most likely at bedtime, the hair can go into a tragic condition in which it can traverse around million directions. Sometimes, it can even look horrible on a downright position. Or, you may find it like tiny trolls snuck within the bedroom and it created an empire on your pillow. Although the condition is not really dangerous but having it can be a little frustrating which can lead you to a bad hair day.

Good thing, there are some techniques that you can do to prevent it. So, here’s how you can keep your hair nice overnight:

1-Dry the hair before sleeping

Well, if you tend to sleep with wet hair, you’ll definitely catch a bed head. Keep in mind that as you sleep, more and more weights are putting on various areas of the scalp. With that, having wet hair while you sleep will going to dry out in any angles that seem to be funky. Aside from your hair, this can also result into creation of icky stuff within the pillow such as molds and mildew. So, it is very crucial to dry out your hair prior to getting in bed.

2-Sleep with a well-brushed mane

how to keep hair nice overnight

One way on how to keep hair nice overnight is to brush the tresses the night before you sleep. Hair brushing generally supports in detangling the hair. At the same time, it also aids in the distribution of moisture and removing excess products into the scalp. These ways can basically set your hair manageable the next morning.

3-Silk is the key

Silk and satin is so luxurious to the eyes yet using it as bedding and pillowcase generally worth it. This applies true for your natural mane. Keep in mind that other bedding materials may damage the hair because it causes friction to the tresses. But, silk materials tend to be smooth and gentle. Through that, you can keep the hair nice overnight.

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4-Moisturize the tips

One best tips on how to keep hair nice overnight is to moisturize the hair ends. Generally, you would notice that every time you wake up in the morning, the top of the hair is actually normal. And, the one that looks frizzy and dry are the ends of the tresses. So, you need to moisturize the tips before you go to bed.

5-Leave-in products to the rescue

You might not yet realize the benefits of leave-in products but once you use it, you’ll probably see its wonders. Remember that light conditioner that stays for a longer period in your hair overnight will generally tame those untamed locks.

Other Simple Hacks on How to Keep Hair Nice Overnight – For Long and Short Cuts

Well, there are many types of hair that can sabotage the way you look the next morning. And regardless of the type, there will always come a time that you need to find ways on how to keep hair nice overnight. Here are some other simple hacks that are specific for those with long manes and those who have short tresses.

*Simple Hacks for Short Hair

If you cut your hair short, the strands of it tend to be going in any direction. So, with that, here are some of the strategies that you need to consider in order to keep hair nice overnight.


A bandana will generally hold everything in place once you place it in your head. Actually, you may use any type of material of the bandana, yet silk is always preferable. In case the bandana is not strong enough to hold your hair and make it look good, try to wrap a t-shirt, made of cotton, around the bandana. This will generally keep your hair altogether. You can also use Velvet Durags it is like a bandana But is more comfortable and fits perfectly in the head


One way on how to keep hair nice overnight is to have a haircut with layers. This haircut style is really magical in so many ways and is a great preventive measure in having hair getting in all directions.

Generally, layered haircuts seem so natural looking which is too sexy to wear by either male or female. Aside from that, if the haircut is done correctly, the layered hair will fall down naturally in no particular angle. This makes the hair looks beautiful with at least minimal to no maintenance at all.

*Simple Hacks for Long Hair

Long hair seems a little bit harder to tame than the short ones. So, here are some strategies to tame those stubborn tresses when you wake up in the morning.


Who says bobby pins are just for the oldies? Well, if you have long, stubborn hair, make sure you always have bobby pins on-hand. These hair accessories will be your best buddy here to keep hair nice overnight. Use those Bobbies to pin the tresses in small portions over the top of the head.

You may also try to create small ringlets of hair to have extra volume and curl in the next morning. Additionally, this strategy will also reduce the time of self prep in the morning. This can also help you to go beyond washings for longer time period.


Well, this is the easiest trick for long hair on how to keep hair nice overnight. Aside from taking just a second of your time, it also tends to be very effective as well. Simply pull your hair just like creating a bun or you may choose to do a top knot. In case the hair is too long to tuck the tips inside the bun, have an elastic tie to prevent any awkward crease.

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Prevention is the key especially for those with long tresses. Wrap the hair tightly with a t-shirt so that you can highly avoid wild strands from sticking up or poking somewhere.

Best Strategies on Keeping the Hair Nice Overnight – For Coillies or Wavies

Having curls or wavy hair doesn’t mean that you do not need to take care of it. Curls are naturally beautiful and bouncy. So, here’s how to keep hair nice overnight especially for those with curls or some waves.

*Sleep on the best position

how to keep hair nice overnight

Well, if your hair is curly, sleeping directly over the tresses is not actually ideal. The weight of your head will generally put on any stress and pressure directly into the curls leaving it matted-looking and messy. Moreover, sleeping on the back may also lead to frizzy hair and creation of knots once you move the head sideways.

So, the best position for sleeping when you have curly hair is sleeping on the side or on the stomach. In fact, sleeping on the side also entails other health benefits.

*Don’t forget the satin or silk pillowcase

Like the ways on how to keep straight hair nice overnight, satin or silk fabric material is also the best material to sleep on for the coillies. Generally, curly hairs have hair shaft that does not have similar thickness all along the way. With that, the curly hair strands are more susceptible to damage and breakage.

Tossing and turning the head while you sleep can basically put the stress over the hair follicles thus causing breakage. In order to address hair frizz and breakage, you need to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. Cotton pillowcase has the ability to absorb the natural oils of the hair and the scratches against the hair strands.

Meanwhile, pillowcase made out of silk or satin material basically protects the structure of the hair. Additionally, it keeps the head feel cooler while preventing the scalp to develop and get oils. Because of that, the need for washing will be cut back.

*Make a pineapple

Opps! Wait a minute; we’re not talking about the real fruit here. You do not need to make pineapple juice in order to keep hair nice overnight. The pineapple is a method of hair protection in which the curly hair is tied up at the head crown by satin or cotton scrunchie. Take note, it should be scrunchie and not just a hair elastic.

Just gather up the hair over the top of your head and simply tie the scrunchie all around it at once. But, be careful not to pull the pineapple too hard or too tight. You may also consider using this method by adding a silk scarf or bonnet for best result.

*Twist or braid the hair

Twisting or braiding the coillies means securing your curly locks. With that, the hair strands will be less to rub against the other hair follicles or into the beddings. You just need to twist the curls through the bobby pins or small elastics. Moreover, well-secured braids are great way on how to keep curly hair nice overnight as it stabilizes the framework of curls all throughout the night.

*Add in some spritz or two

Generally, leave-in conditioners are really helpful on how to keep hair nice overnight. It works by incorporating keratin to the hair follicle which will eventually make the curls shiny and bouncy. Meanwhile, the spray-on conditioners may also support in making the hair strands strong. It also makes the curly hair softer and easier to style up when you wake up.

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Plop it

Plopping is another method in which you can fall asleep with wet hair and keep your hair nice overnight with lovely curls. As soon as your hair is freshly washed, put on some curl gel, mousse that is alcohol-free or curl-shaping hair product. Using a cotton t-shirt, flip the wet hard forward. Make sure that all of the hair must be on the center of the t-shirt. Fold the flap and secure the arms of the cotton shirt through a knot. This will basically secure your hair overnight and give you beautiful coils the next morning.

Various Ways on How to Keep Wet Hair Nice Overnight

Well, we’ve mentioned above that you should dry your hair before bed time in order to have a nice-looking hair when you wake up. But, what if you are already tired and have no time and energy to dry your wet hair at night? Sleeping with wet hair is not really ideal. Thankfully, there are some helpful steps that you can do to protect the hair overnight from frizz and damage as you sleep with it wet.

Prevent creases and frizz

Sleeping with wet hair is the major factor of having hair in any directions the next morning. So, in order to avoid any frizz to come out, here are some helpful steps to consider:

  1. Try to air dry some of the hair. You may also use Dyson airwrap or Supersonic hair dryer to quickly dry the underside of the hair. Keep in mind that partially dried hair is quite easier for the mane to dry during sleep. Moreover, it also creates a smoother finish.
  2. Put on some amount of leave-in conditioner to protect the hair while you sleep. Even a small amount will do to coat the hair a little bit and avoid hair breakage and frizz. Doing so will basically result in a soft, smooth tresses.
  3. Use a scrunchie and create a bun positioned highly on your head. This way, your sleep will not be distracted and may make you feel free from pain.
  4. Through a microfiber towel, gently wrap the hair. Just make sure that the towel is highly secured. You may use clips, Velcro, or tie to secure it.
  5. You can also wrap the hair with a scarf or bandana made of silk.

Making beach waves or crimps

how to keep hair nice overnight

Although sleeping with wet hair is not really ideal, doing so will also make you style your hair out and prepare yourself for a great hair day in the morning. Here are the things that you can do in order to create a nice wavy hair overnight with those wet hair.

  1. Apply hair products to the hair like cream, detangling spray, leave-in conditioner, or shine serum. Well, you can choose those hair products depending on your choice. Moreover, a beach spray is also a good choice especially if you want to enhance the natural texture of your mane.
  2. Evenly distribute the cream or hair products that you applied by combing your hair. Combing the hair may also help in preventing product buildup. Remember that buildup is a contributing factor to have dull hair in the morning.
  3. Braid the tresses as it is a great way to create some style in your hair during your good night sleep. One loose braid will basically give you beachy waves. Meanwhile, several small braids around the hair, just like that of the cornrows, will result into a crimped hair. And for curls, consider doing one or two French braids that are tight enough. Make sure that the braids start high on the scalp.
  4. Wrap the braids highly on the scalp through loose bun. In case you do not want to set your hair using braids, you can also use foam curlers.

Final Words

Keeping your hair nice overnight gives all of the control into your hands. Regardless of the type of hair you have, improving or adding up some more steps into your night time beauty regimen is actually a surefire. Just small changes with it will generally make a big difference on your hair’s overall appearance. Aside from that, you will absolutely have a great hair day the next morning.

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