How To Keep Your Hair Protected From Damage Caused By Pollution

Nowadays, taking care of one’s self has gained prominence. Not only the face but your hair also needs adequate nourishment too. However, the impact of changes in external conditions is quite damaging for the hair. 

Our mane is exposed to pollutants, smoke, and dust every minute that we remain outdoors. This not only makes our hair look shabby but the beauty and shine reduce as well. Here are some simple tips you can use to keep your hair protected from damage caused by pollution.

Wavy Hair Care

Wrap your hair

If going out is unavoidable, just pick up a scarf or clothing to keep your hair covered. You could also choose a hat to keep your tresses under control. This method is quite useful, and if your hair is oily, you should think about adopting it. 

You could try a minoxidil spray before leaving home to cut down on the impact the external elements may have. The spray reduces the hair loss you could face due to the dangerous effects of pollution that your hair experiences.

Daily hair washing

Washing your hair daily can remove the dirt and grime settled on it. But if you have to adopt this trick, make sure you are using a mild and sulfate-free shampoo to do so. A hard shampoo may cause even more damage than the pollutants that exist outside. Apply more shampoo in the scalp area and spread conditioner over the tips to give bounce to them.

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Avoid mechanical tools

If you subject your hair to the use of mechanical tools like a hairdryer, straightener, and curler, they become brittle as it is. On top of that, if your hair is subjected to the onslaught of pollutants, you can understand the harm it causes. Your hair is already at risk because of the pollution; the least you can do for them is not to expose them to such tools.

Deep conditioning

Once a week, deep conditioning your hair or visiting the hair spa can be a great help. Deep conditioning of the hair restores the moisture and nourishment your hair lost over the week. On the other hand, regular spa treatments can maintain the lost moisture and scalp oil. 

Use hair serum

After washing your hair every day, you could apply hair serum as a top-up feature. You must apply the serum on wet hair. For medium-length hair, 1-2 drops of serum would be ideal. Rub the serum drop between your palms, and then apply the same on your hair. However, do not overuse the serum as that could give an oily feel to your hair.


Losing the beauty of your mane to the effects of pollution is a common problem these days. But there is no point losing your sleep over it. Adopt these simple techniques to ensure that this damage is reduced to a minimum. Within no time, the beauty of your hair would be back. 

Not only that, they will become stronger and capable of handling all sorts of stress. You can then style them in any form and reveal your beauty through your tresses.

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