How to Add a Cuban Chain to Your Wardrobe

It’s Saturday night, and you have your best outfit on. You have been wanting to add something to your style to spruce it up a bit for some time now. You have done some research and you have come across the Cuban chain. You think that it’s a pretty awesome chain, and you wonder how you can add it to your wardrobe. What clothes do you wear it with? Do you layer it? These are the questions men are asking when it comes to a Cuban chain.

Although the Cuban chain’s origin is unclear, this chain is thought to really gained popularity starting in Miami in the early 70s. It was featured in music videos by hip hop artists as a symbol of confidence and status. You tend to see it in gold and silver colors worn by men. Although it was mostly known in hip hop culture in the beginning, it has continued to grow as a liked piece for many men with different styles all around the world. And you might be wondering just how you can add a Cuban chain to your wardrobe too.

Wear By Itself

An easy way to wear a cuban chain is to wear it by itself. Some men prefer the more simplistic look with thinner chain links and even a shorter length. If you are looking just to add a little taste to your outfit, wearing a thinner cuban chain with a shorter length is a way to do so. If you are looking to make a statement with your Cuban chain, you can get thicker chains that grab more attention. Some men like to use a thicker cuban chain as the focal point of their outfit. Either way, it’s easy to wear a Cuban chain by itself.

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Wear As a Layered Look

If you aren’t a solo necklace kind of guy, a cuban chain is also easy to layer. Because of its varying thickness and length, it is a very versatile option for your wardrobe. You can layer your cuban chain with a meaningful pendant that shows off who you are. Instead of your Cuban chain being the focal point, it becomes the piece that compliments what you are trying to show off most in your outfit. You can also layer multiple Cuban chains of varying sizes to give a more fuller look. Cuban chains give a lot of freedom of choice when it comes to how to wear a Cuban chain. Not all necklaces can do this, and this is why Cuban chains are a popular choice for men.

Wear With a Bracelet

Whether you decide to go solo or the layered look with your Cuban chain, you can easily add a Cuban bracelet to match. This option gives a more complete look to your outfit, starting from your neck to your wrists. By adding a Cuban bracelet, your look becomes more streamlined. It shows that you are being intentional with your look, instead of just simply putting on a chain. For some men, this is really important, and that is why a Cuban set is an ideal choice for them. For others, the simplistic look of a Cuban chain around the neck is enough to complete their outfit. It’s all about what you need to spruce up your wardrobe and show the world more of who you are.

What Clothing Do I Wear With a Cuban Chain?

When it comes to what kind of clothing you can wear with a Cuban chain, you have a lot of options. You can easily wear a Cuban chain with just about anything. It’s your style, remember? However, many men enjoy wearing a shorter cuban chain with a simple, one color t-shirt. It doesn’t require too much effort, but still offers a clean, stylish look. Another style that is popular is to wear a Cuban chain with is a bomber jacket. You can wear a thicker chain so it doesn’t get hidden under the collar, or you can layer it with thinner Cuban chains. If you are wearing a sweater, a Cuban chain can work with that too. You can try wearing a Cuban chain with a little more length, especially if you are wearing a hooded sweatshirt so it can easily hang over the neckline. The same goes for a turtleneck. If you are wearing a turtleneck, wearing a longer chain helps elongate the torso area instead of having everything around your neck. You can easily layer the Cuban chain with a pendant while wearing a turtleneck or add a pendant to your Cuban chain if you don’t want to layer it.

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<h2>Amplifying Your Style</h2>

Adding a Cuban chain to your wardrobe can amplify your style. You can ease into wearing a chain by just wearing a simple Cuban chain by itself. Or you can make it a statement piece by getting a thicker one. You can also layer your Cuban chain with a pendant or other Cuban chains. Adding a bracelet can help complete your fashionable look altogether. You can easily add a Cuban chain to your t-shirts, jackets, and sweaters. It is up to you how you want to style your Cuban chain to amp up your style.

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