3 Reasons to Study Fashion as Your Major

There are many types of majors available to freshmen these days. And new ones pop up almost every year. And people come up with all sorts of reasons to pursue different careers. Some are fond of the field itself. Some are in it for the money. And for some, it’s a family business thing. It’s interesting to note that even across vastly different majors, the motivation behind picking them is largely the same.

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So what about majors related to fashion? Are they the exception? Most certainly not. And although students that decided to study fashion are certainly unique in terms of their interests and personalities, few of them stand out in terms of what got them to want to pursue their particular major. So what are the most common reasons that get people to pursue a fashion major? Let’s take a look at the biggest three.


Few think of the fashion business as something immensely profitable. It’s usually more about external flair than the behind-the-scenes gains. But for those who do deep research into this subject – the reality is clear. Although the fashion business may not be the most profitable thing in the world, those who know what they are doing can easily make more than enough to have a lifestyle of their choosing.

All it takes is a bit of luck, some talent, and a huge amount of hard work. This probably won’t work for those who are still on the fence about whether or not to pick a fashion-related major. However, if you are ready to give it your absolute best without any sort of hesitation – the profits you will bring home might become one of the major reasons to pick this field of study.


While few think of money, virtually everyone thinks of the flair of it all. Fashion is an extremely creative field. And that attracts its own sort of audience. Students that want to express themselves pick all sorts of majors in search of a proper outlet for their creativity. They are studying movie making, music, writing, journalism, design, and a thousand other similarly expressive specializations.

Fashion falls perfectly in line with all of those. It does require its own approach. But for those who love doing it and want to be able to leave a literal visible imprint on the people around them – the fashion major becomes the perfect choice. While profits will play a part in their career, such people are not as interested in it as they are in the craft itself. It’s a matter of passion for them. And they will do anything to pursue it no matter what.

But even for those that really do have an affinity for fashion, it may seem at times like too much to handle. When assignments stack up and the stress is overwhelming you can’t help but think you’ve made the wrong decision. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and relax. All you need is some time to recharge. Search for a ‘do my essay’ service online and outsource some of your work to them. This will help you alleviate the pressure somewhat and hopefully give you enough time to get back to your feet.


Finally, it is important to mention that fashion-related majors are a pretty rare thing indeed. A very sizable chunk of the industry personnel has very little formal education. At least at the time they decide to get into it. Usually, they get into the fashion industry by accident and accumulate the required skills and experience as they go. This is a perfectly valid approach but it is definitely not the only one.

An alternative is to dedicate your career-building ambitions to the fashion industry from the get-go. And while it won’t guarantee you success it will definitely give you the edge over your peers. An applicant with a related major is always welcome and you can be sure no major will just toss your application aside. You will at least get a chance to prove yourself at an interview.


Studying fashion is not for everyone. If you think that it’s easier than most majors out there – think again. It requires the same amount of effort and dedication as any other major out there. And you better have a good reason if you decide to pursue it. Because if you’ve picked it randomly – it will not only not do you any good. It will make you waste plenty of time studying a subject you will not be able to make any use of.

We would recommend you do your research before picking your major. It’s not a light decision to take. And it doesn’t apply only to fashion-related majors either. College can be pretty expensive. Tuition fees rack up very quickly. Double-check that this is really what you want to be doing in the future. Because the amount of time and effort you will need to invest in it is tremendous. And you want to see the results of it instead of discarding your diploma right after graduation.

Fashion Advice. 5 Accessories You Should Take to College

In the world of fashion, accessories are items used to contribute, in a second manner, to an individual’s outfit. Accessories come in handy in helping college students improve their normal looks or create a signature look.

As a student balancing many academic and life demands, such as finding a great and reliable coursework writing service provider at a go, it can sometimes get hectic to create a complete look that boosts confidence at the last minute. So, having some fashion accessories on standby that match perfectly with one’s wardrobe is an ideal way to start the day.

Fashion Advice. 5 Accessories You Should Take to College 1

5 Accessories You Should Take to College

Purses and Wallets

Purses are a fun way one can use to add a pop of color or character to their closet. Even though simple in design, a wallet can make a student’s life easy and more organized. 

Some students tend to overlook simple everyday accessories like wallets. However, these accessories accomplish more than merely carrying money. An ideal wallet for students should be reliable and include all the necessary compartments for storing credit cards, cash, and identity documents. 

If you want to add a boost of confidence to your look, find a purse whose color matches your personality well. You can also search for a purse that matches your outfit and leave a positive impression. Also, as a student, think about the practicality of your purse. The best ones are highly durable to accommodate your everyday needs. 


Sunglasses are a staple for the majority of college students. Spring has come. The sun is shining, and beach weather is around the corner. Sunglasses not only look good but are a great way to shield students’ eyes from the ultraviolet sun rays.

Why not hit two birds with one stone and safeguard your eyes while looking stylish? Neutral-colored sunglasses can be worn with several outfits.

When choosing sunglasses, students should not only concentrate on the outer beauty but also on the sturdiness of the glasses. Here are a few tips on choosing the right sunglasses for you. 

Finding the best sunglasses for your face shape

Heart-shaped faces. Such faces comprise a broad forehead and cheekbones, and narrow chins. Students with such faces should choose cat-eye and round sunglasses.

Oblong faces. These faces are long and have narrow chins and cheeks. They work best with oversized or wrap-style sunglasses.

Oval faces. They have a balanced forehead, balanced cheekbones, and jaws. Students with oval faces can opt for any shape of sunglasses. 


Most students love how watches complement their outfits, making them look and feel chic and elegant. During college, one may find themselves with limited time to accomplish various obligations. This is why it’s important to plan for every activity to avoid compromising on other aspects of life.

A learner who plans needs a reliable watch, which can help remind them of what to do next. Watches have different prices and are available in several kinds, from simple, complex, and stylish to the most expensive ones.



Nearly all students enjoy wearing simple and exquisite jewelry, which they can use to bring vibrancy and color to their outfits. When crafting your own, think about implementing different pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces, and jeweled belts.

Knee-high Socks

Students tend to wear knee-high socks for several school sports events, such as football, baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer. But can you style knee-high socks for everyday looks?

Opt for a casual look in gray knee-high socks and a camouflage jacket. A mini skirt is the ideal pairing. Add in knee-high socks instead of tights. If you are having a day out in the city, keep your outfit neutral and wear a bright purse. Long jackets and knee-high socks are the best combinations for the colder months of the year.

Final Thoughts

Despite the busy college schedule, every student can easily look fashionable if they give it some effort. To look stylish, one can use accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry, knee-high socks, watches, and purses.

Feel free to try out different combinations to see what works best for you. Finding your style is a process; we hope our article helped you find an outfit you’ll both feel comfortable and look good in

4 Fashion Trend Predictions for 2023

Clothes are not mere vanity but a necessity that protects your body from harsh environmental elements. But, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to wear fashionable outfits too because they create an impression on other people. For someone you’ve just met for the first time, what you choose to wear reveals so much about your personality before you even get to know each other. That’s why paying attention to your outfit of the day is so important because it helps express who you are. 

woman in gray jacket with silver earrings

More importantly, if you feel comfortable in your clothes, you inevitably feel good and boost your self-esteem. To stay privy to current trends, you don’t have to be a full-fledged fashionista. Whether you’re a no-nonsense CEO, stay-at-home mom, or college student, you must wear clothes daily. You can easily pretend that the world is your runway and walk with confidence by incorporating these 4 fashion predictions for 2023 into your wardrobe. 

Imbibe a Positive Attitude

Fashion is highly inclusive because everyone uses clothes, from professionals to students. If you’re a busy senior high student working towards college, order admission essay documents to help ease your burdens and do a little retail therapy that incorporates the latest fashion forecasts in your wardrobe. Think of this as an investment allowing you to return to school in style. 

One of 2023’s strong themes is positivity, with strong leanings towards hope. This is reflected in garments through the following: 

  • Youthful vibe through optimistic bright colors and bold prints to represent a promising future
  • Use of disproportionate dyeing techniques that draw the eyes
  • Utilization of contrasting threats in the hemline to optimize and rebuild
  • Rise of slogans on outfits to reflect the identity of the wearer
  • Recycling of fabrics to promote renewable materials

Live With the Ideals of Reciprocity

The global pandemic has left its mark on all industries, with fashion not being an exception. Thus, this mark reflects the upcoming materials, colors, and patterns. One of the leading themes is reciprocity, which centers on balance between people and their surroundings. Nature and individuals are deemed to help each other recover, with sustainability as a strong driving force in soon-to-be-released collections. 

Think of tube tops, dresses, and pant sets that showcase the beauty of what you see in the environment. It’s akin to having an incredible tropical getaway right smack in your very own closet. Hence, you can expect the following details: 

  • A synergy of vibrant colors, metallics, and neons and neutral hues from nature
  • Utilitarian fashion is the top priority, like removable hoods
  • Romantic floral prints epitomize a connection with nature

Seek Refuge for Comfort

Since the pandemic was traumatic and hugely impacted everyone’s mental health, refuge is a central fashion theme. Seeking security that promotes peace and calm will remain popular this coming year, with clothes reflecting the same vibe. As such, you can expect upcoming trends to return to what’s raw and real with ensembles that seek inspiration from nature. 

The priority now for clothing is looking fabulous without sacrificing personal comfort. No one should have to suffer for the sake of looking pretty in garments because everyone has been through so much in the past year. There are strong leanings towards comfort and functionality. Check out the popular details you may find in boutiques this upcoming season: 

  • Outfits that mimic protective cocoons, offering soft and padded materials like warm knits and quilts
  • Use of combined materials like natural animal skin or synthetic variants
  • Clothing will exude a warm, comfortable vibe that feels cozy
4 Fashion Trend Predictions for 2023 2

Exude Harmony and Balance

Since the world now focuses on post-pandemic healing, even fashion will focus on harmony. This core concept relates to being attuned to oneself, and maintaining balance with the environment will help radiate peace. 

You can look forward to seeing themes and tones like white and dark, which symbolize the balance of yin and yang or light and shadow. Outfits this 2023 are slate to carry the following details: 

  • Use of mixed materials like synthetic fabrics with soft garments 
  • Color-blocking will make a comeback 
  • Emphasis on the balance and proportion of cut fabrics and embellishments

Final Thoughts 

Every person will have to wear clothes, and that’s a fact. And each new year, new fashion trends arise. Staying updated with the latest is a testament to keeping in sync with others. And it feels great to know that you’re in tune.

Remember, your sense of style or the way your dress is vital as it creates your unique identity and speaks a lot about your personality. Thus, you might as well pick clothes that tell a good story and make an incredible and vibrant impression. 

Top Tips from Fashion School Students to Look Awesome

Great tips from fashion school students to ensure that you look fantastic and well-groomed throughout your academic life despite financial constraints that may limit the way you dress.

One of the things that might come to your mind when you think of joining college or any other high learning institution is trend and fashion. Undoubtedly, everyone wishes to look awesome and stylish while in school. However, limited funds make it difficult for students to achieve their dreams. As the cost of pursuing education keeps increasing, most students are finding it challenging to maintain their campus expenses. As a result, they must have more than two part-time jobs to sustain their college life.

stylish college students posing together

Apparently, the chances are high that life was better in high school, where students were not burdened with paying their student loans and rent. During that time, an individual could have easily shopped for accessories and new clothes frequently. While in college, students learn essential life lessons their parents probably could not have taught them. One of the most important lessons students get to learn is about their finances since students begin knowing how to spend their finances wisely and the things that should be prioritized. Although an individual might want to save, college life is usually costly, and an individual might find it challenging to save.

If you are in a position, you could enroll in a finance class, where you will learn different tips on spending your finances wisely. The chances are also high that by the end of the course, you will be able to differentiate between needs and wants. Suppose you have difficulty taking a different course because you always spend too much time calculating your GPA points manually.

In that case, you could make your academic life less difficult by using the college GPA calculator. That way, you will have sufficient time to take a finance course, where you will learn the need to spend your money on necessities even when you desire luxuries. One of the most challenging things for fashion school students is having a wardrobe that matches their budget. The good thing is that you can look good as a student without spending so much. The following are tips that will assist you to look fashionable within a budget and still look amazing.

Enroll in your dream course

It is vital to note that studying for what you desire should be a dream come true. Therefore, securing a degree in fashion design should be the first step toward achieving your goal. Since you are pursuing a degree in fashion, it would be best to ensure your outfit matches your personality.

It is also essential to note that fashion tends to change frequently; hence, sometimes, you might find it challenging to cope with a limited budget. There is always the belief that fashion students should always look and dress their best. Apparently, whether an individual is attending a concert, showing up for a lecture session, attending a show, or simply meeting up with friends and colleagues, they would certainly want to be noticed. As a student, you do not have to spend too much money every season to look good.

Observe your closet

Almost everyone loves shopping for new clothes. Unfortunately, your budget might not always permit it. Before visiting the store, you might consider observing your closet several times. There could be some clothes that you can restyle or add more accessories to make you look different. You might also consider looking at all the possible combinations you could come up with by utilizing the different pieces you already have. Mixing pieces, adding layers, and other accessories could assist you in developing new attractive trends.

Spend your finances on the right resources

There is no doubt that as time goes on, most, if not some, of your fashion accessories will be outdated, and you will be forced to let them go. You will be forced to add more accessories to your collection, and some of them might be costly. As a student, you should be cautious when spending your money. Because of limited finances, you will need to spend your money on purchasing the basic necessities. Instead of going for expensive items, you could settle for custom-made items and modernize your look.

It is vital to note that most students in high learning institutions spend their money on custom writing companies so that they can improve their academic performance. However, such students might lack sufficient resources to purchase a set of new outfits. Since there are limited funds, you should not concentrate so much on purchasing expensive items. Although a new set of designer clothes can transform your look, investing in the right and affordable clothes can make you look amazing.

Be observant during the sale

To save a fortune, you might need to keep a calendar of sales dates. On the same note, you will need to pay attention to the sales seasons since it will assist you in purchasing the items you need while at the same time saving your finances. Although most people do not know this, you can always check the discount section for the products you desire. On the same note, you could consider paying attention to the inexpensive stores collaborating with designers. The chances are high that you could identify some affordable cool items.

Spare time to visit a thrift shop

There is a common misconception that thrift shops are usually meant for broke people. However, the truth is that even wealthy people purchase clothes in those shops. It is vital to note that thrift shops typically consist of treasure boxes that contain a wide range of unexpected and inexpensive gems, which could make a person look so expensive. On the same note, such shops could offer individuals a fashion overhaul without spending so much.

However, it is vital to note that thrift shops are a great place to go shopping for things, such as functional tote bags, scarfs, jewelry, and other fashionable supplements with eclectic fashion and quirky styles. Indeed, most students, especially those in fashion schools, have a wrong perception that they have to spend too much money and resources to look fashionable. As the cost of pursuing education keeps increasing, most students are finding it challenging to maintain their campus expenses. This article has discussed several tips students can use to look fashionable

Helpful Tips to Guide You in Choosing a Mother of the Bride Attire

The bride’s mother holds a solemn role in her daughter’s wedding party. She’s not only a point person for family members and guests but is an anchoring rock throughout the entire marriage ceremony. And for that, she deserves to have stunning attire to slay her looks as the best companion of her daughter. 

woman in red dress kissing on forehead a woman in wedding dress
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However, with all the hours, days and weeks spent browsing wedding gowns for the bride or dresses for bridesmaids, mother of the bride attire is often overlooked. Although she won’t be standing at the altar, she still needs to look and feel her best at such a big and important event. 

Attire etiquettes for the bride’s mother can be slightly confusing at the beginning, but there aren’t any steadfast rules either. If you are looking to decide on attire for the bride’s mother, this article will be of great help.

  1. Leave it to the Bride’s Choice

If you are in a hurry and are going to read only one tip, let this be the one. The best way to choose a wedding day outfit for the bride’s mother is to follow the bride’s choices. Look for her cues about style, choice of colors, formality levels, and so on. After all, she and the groom are the main attractions of the day. Therefore, whether it is a formal black-tie affair or a casual country-style one, look for something that resembles the tone.

  1. Take Color Choices from the Wedding Party

Traditionally, the mother of the bride’s outfit should complement the wedding party’s colors. Although it does not necessarily mean matching, having a relative shade will definitely look better. Therefore, you should wait until the bride and the bridesmaids’ dresses are finalized. Selecting a harmonizing hue will be a fine choice.

However, if the bride declines the idea of uniform bridesmaid outfits and opts for dresses with similar color hues, consider sticking to that shade. For example, if the bridesmaids are suggested to go black, choose something silvery or grayish for the bride’s mother. Or, if they decide to wear something in cobalt blue, navy blue will be a good color for the mother. 

There’s only this one thing that experts suggest avoiding – i.e., wearing the same color as the bride. No doubt, it will look pleasant on the bride’s mother, but only the bride should be the star of the show.

  1. Communicate Your Choice with a Specialty Store

Bridal experts suggest that the search for the best attire for the bride’s mother should be done three months prior to the wedding. It will ensure that there is time for making additions and alterations. Also, it is wise to search for mother of the bride dresses online in a specialty store.

Such a store will likely be a one-stop destination for all options that you’d like to have. It is far better than hunting here and there to find the proper attire. Moreover, these companies offer plenty of varieties categorized according to price, neckline, fabric, dress length, designer, etc.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right dress for the mother of the bride attire is a tough call sometimes. However, when you have plenty of options to choose from, it becomes relatively easy to

Are Hand-Tied or Machine-Weft Hair Extensions Better?

If you want to learn a new trendy extension technique that looks as spectacular as possible and does not harm your health, pay attention to sew in extensions with hand-tied wefts.

Hand-tied wefts are sewn by hand, while machine-tied ones are made with special equipment.

Read in our article about which type of weft to choose and where you can buy such hair extensions.

Are Hand-Tied or Machine-Weft Hair Extensions Better? 3

What did You need to Know About Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Let’s start with how to work in sew in extensions technique.

  1. At first, the stylist should make a thin and neat braid around the head of his client. This braid should not be too tight, otherwise, you can create excessive tension in the root area. At the same time, the braid should not be too loose.
  2. Then, hand-tied or machine wefts are sewn into this braid.
  3. A client wears beautiful hair extensions until the next reapplication procedure. 
  4. During the reapplication procedure, the hair stylist first removes the weft and then unbraids the hair. Note that hand-tied wefts cannot be cut with scissors, otherwise the hair from this bundle will unravel and shed. As the machine weft, it can be cut because it is one continuous weft of hair that the hair stylist cuts into smaller pieces to customize it for different head shapes before the extension procedure.
  5. Then the process repeats: the stylist makes a new braid and sews hair extensions into it. 

It usually takes at least 3 hours to make this type of extension. 

Let’s consider in more detail all the features and advantages of hand-tied wefts:

  • Safe for health 

This is a hand-made weft, it is thinner and lighter than a machine weft. Thanks to this, it is more comfortable for your customers to wear and they also should not worry that the heavy weight of extensions will cause hair loss.

In addition, while doing such extensions the stylist does not use hot iron: so high temperatures will not damage natural locks.

  • Maximal comfort

Hand-tied wefts are not felt in wearing. 

You can make any hairstyle you wish: a bun, a braid or a ponytail and feel as if you had such hair always!

In addition, you can style your hair with a hairdryer, use curlers and irons and do not worry that they will damage your hair. 

The fact is that in other extension techniques (fusions or tape-ins) bonds and tapes can be damaged by high temperatures. If a keratin bond or glue in the tape is melted, it can negatively affect both the hair and the time of extensions wearing.

  • Natural look

Large bonds, micro rings or tapes can be noticeable. If you want to make your hairstyle look as natural as possible, choose hand-tied wefts. 

The weft is fixed around the head with a thin braid that is invisible under hair. 

  • Time of wearing

If you have previously made extensions with bonds or tapes, you probably know that the length of hair is reduced with every reapplication procedure. Hair extensions are trimmed in the bonds area and then re-applied.

With sew-in extensions, this does not happen: wefts are just unsewn and then sewn again into a new braid. You won’t lose a single centimeter of hair length! This is especially important for customers who want to wear a certain length for a long time. 

Machine Weft Hair Extensions vs Hand-Tied Extensions

Machine wefts have several disadvantages if compared to hand-tied extensions:

  • As a rule, such bundles are heavier. This does not suit many customers, especially those who have naturally thin hair.
  • Machine weft is always larger than a hand-tied one.
  • Hand-tied weft is created by hand, the process takes more time and therefore it costs more. Machine weft is cheaper and this is one of its advantages. 

To buy the best hand-tied wefts, visit the online store of the Canadian brand I Love Slavic Hair.

Here you can buy ready-made hair bundles, as well as make an individual order and get an absolutely unique product, tailored to all your wishes.

Fountain of Youth in a Bottle: Here’s What BeautyStat Reviews Are Saying About the Black-Owned Beauty Brand

Silky. Super-smooth. Amazing. Those are just a few of the descriptions that happy Beautystat reviews use to describe the company’s refreshing, anti-aging Vitamin C product. As a top Black-owned brand, the hydrating serum has garnered 5-star reviews and a serious cult following among Hollywood celebrities and New York influencers.  

black make up palette and brush set

BeautyStat combines a powerhouse of innovative natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology that has earned the company a trusted reputation via blogs, news releases, and social media channels during the past decade. 

Discover what real customers think of BeautyStat and if the hype around the company’s miracle Vitamin C serum is worth it. 

How BeautyStat Got Started 

This Black-owned beauty brand has been making headlines since its debut a decade ago. Ron Robinson, a chemist with decades of experience developing cosmetic products created the Black influencer agency in 2009. By 2019, he grew the company into Beautystat Cosmetics. Today, Beautystat’s TikTok hashtag has gained more than 6.9 million views and demonstrates its lasting popularity as a beauty influencer.

Overview of BeautyStat Reviews

It’s no secret that BeautyStat’s products have caught the attention of millions of skincare enthusiasts, influencers, and celebrities such as Hailey Bieber. With her glowing complexion, it’s not a surprise that Bieber is a fan of BeautyStat’s universal skin formula. She says that the serum revolutionized her skin and remains one of her “holy grail” skincare products. 

Regular BeautyStat reviews aren’t far behind. One 60-year-old reviewer on Ulta’s website rejoiced that Universal C helped reverse years of sun damage. Another found that it changed her skin in a couple of days. 

While some reviewers failed to notice any difference after a couple of days, the majority found that the smooth, creamy, and stable Vitamin C serum had a lightweight feel and helped give even mature skin a fresher, dewier radiance with reduced fine lines after a week or more of use. 

BeautyStat Universal Skin Serum

Formulated from stable Vitamin C, ECGC derived from green tea, Tartaric Acid that helps balance the skin’s pH and unclog pores, and Squalane for ultra-moisture, BeautyStat’s gel-cream serum is packed with 20% potent Vitamin C on the market today. This Vitamin C refiner delivers hydration and tightening properties, and stimulates blood flow to your skin for fast results.

Vitamin C also helps create even skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation and gives an antioxidant boost when worn under sunscreen.

With scientific ingredients, BeautyStat’s refining serum increases collagen production which helps erase wrinkles, decreases large pores, and tightens skin to reduce free radicals for an anti-aging look.

BeautyStat Vitamin C Refiner Serum Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

With its dermatologist-tested ingredients and special gel-cream consistently that blends easily into your skin, these benefits are regularly cited in BeautyStat reviews. 

Clinical trials also revealed that BeautyStat’s products, topped by Universal C Skin Refiner, helped reduce lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet for 94% of subjects. Up to 75% reported firmer skin, while 72% discovered decreased hyperpigmentation. Among tested consumers, a whopping 100% discovered that they had tighter, healthier, more glowing skin with smaller pores, smoother texture, and fewer wrinkles. 

Every-day consumers reported that Universal C Skin Refiner “made my skin tighter”, “improved melasma and wrinkles”, and “made a world of difference”.

Should I Buy BeautyStat’s Vitamin C Refiner? 

According to the cosmetics company’s loyal customer base, BeautyStat’s Universal C Skin Refiner is worth it. Bursting with antioxidant goodness, this hydrating and antiaging serum can give your skin a youthful glow with regular daily use.

Where Can I Buy BeautyStat’s Skin Serum?

If you’re interested in trying this Vitamin C magic for yourself, you can shop this product at BeautyStat’s website or at retailers such as Amazon and Ulta. That isn’t all. BeautyStat has an entire skincare line that includes eye cream to calm puffy eyes and reduce wrinkles, a luxurious face cream, and facial oil that will leave you looking and feeling more luminous than ever.


BeautyStat Cosmetics:

The Derm Review: 


Express Yourself With the Perfect Summer Manicure

There’s no better time to get a mani-pedi than summertime! With your toes and fingernails on full display in sandals and flip-flops, you might be tempted to try out a new color and style every week this summer. So what’s stopping you? 

Manicures and pedicures can be expensive, and nail salons might only have a limited number of solid colors available. You can ask for gems, glitter, or other designs, but there’s no guarantee that your nail salon will be able to create the look you’re going for. If you’re not familiar with nail art, it can be even more difficult to know what to ask for at the nail salon—or to attempt it at home yourself.

Acrylic, gel, and semi cured gel nails can be great alternatives to painting your nails yourself. Why worry about staying inside the lines or being a master artist when you can shape your polish to fit your nail? Fake nails come in hundreds of designs so you can choose a set that fits your personal aesthetic. Whether you prefer a French manicure or tiny watermelons on your nails, there’s bound to be an acrylic or semi cured gel nails set that fits your needs. Semi cured gel nails are especially unique and easy to use at home. They’re made of liquid gel nail polish that molds to fit your fingernail and hardens when exposed to a UV lamp. They usually last for about two weeks, so you can try out plenty of new styles this summer. Need some suggestions for the cutest summer nail colors? Here are just a few designs that you can wear as semi cured gel nails during your trip to the beach or your night out with friends.

  1. Bold Colors
Express Yourself With the Perfect Summer Manicure 4

Summer is the perfect time to try out a bold color like yellow or turquoise blue. Your nails can be an accessory just like your purse, shoes, or earrings, so don’t be afraid to make a statement. If you find yourself gravitating towards your safe colors when you’re at the nail salon—probably muted pinks or reds—why not try out something new? Since semi cured gel nails last for two weeks, you can try out a funky color like this vibrant yellow and easily switch it out if it isn’t to your liking. You’ll be more likely to wear bright colors and floral patterns during the summer anyway, so it will be easy to find outfits that match. 

  1. Nude with Glitter
Express Yourself With the Perfect Summer Manicure 5

Everyone feels like dressing up during the summer! If you have a wedding or birthday party to attend, you may be looking for nails that are formal but still have a little bit of personality. These gel nails in the shade “N Dress Up” are a peachy nude color with just a sprinkling of glitter and elegant, crisscrossed silver lines. They’re appropriately subtle with just a bit of summer sparkle.

  1. Tropical Fruits
Express Yourself With the Perfect Summer Manicure 6

This adorable semi cured gel pedicure gives such beachy vibes. If you’re going to a tropical location this summer, decorating your nails with summery fruits like pineapples or watermelons is the perfect way to set the mood. Alternating bold designs with solid colors gives any pedicure or manicure the ideal amount of balance. This set also includes solid yellow, green, white, and yellow gingham nails—all essential summer colors.

  1. Ocean Blue
Express Yourself With the Perfect Summer Manicure 7

If you’re headed to the beach this summer or even if you just love the ocean, a nail set that resembles the ocean or mermaid scales might be exactly what you need. These gorgeous blue nails are any mermaid’s dream come true. They’re patterned with decals that resemble the ocean when the sun hits it just right. 

  1. Marbled Nails
Express Yourself With the Perfect Summer Manicure 8

This marbled manicure set in shades of yellow, orange, and purple is suitable for those nail lovers who want to try out some summer shades but are nervous to completely embrace bold primary colors. Muted secondary colors or colored French tip nails could be a great way to try some bolder shades. If you’re going for a look that’s more sophisticated than spontaneous, this set resembling a sunset or desert could be for you. 

  1. Fun Pastels
Express Yourself With the Perfect Summer Manicure 9

Summer isn’t all about the primary colors. This nail set in shades of pastel green, pink, yellow, and purple with accents of gold is so playful and fun. It’s inspired by a merry-go-round and would be well-suited for any parade, carnival, or summertime fun. The French manicure style of the decals is even more subtle once it’s on your fingertips, making it easy to match.

  1. Summer Sky
Express Yourself With the Perfect Summer Manicure 10

Most people gravitate towards deep purple and blue nails in the wintertime, but this starry design would be a great summer twist on a darker color. The subtle glitter is achieved with a glossy yellow to make it look like stars. This style would be stunning at parties—especially if you have a deep blue or black dress to match.

Kimono vs. Yukata: The Key Differences

Kimonos are exquisite, traditional clothing garments that iconically represent Japanese style and culture. Kimonos are stunning garments that many have admired from civilizations of all kinds for centuries, dating back from the late 700s until now with today’s contemporary, modern take on the long-beloved clothing piece.

Kimonos are even Japan’s national dress. Although yukatas share many similarities with kimonos and are also beautiful Japanese traditional garments many around the globe adore, they also share distinct differences that make them notably different from a kimono. Here, we will explore what both a kimono and a yukata are. We will also discuss the critical differences between the two and why these differences are significant.

group of asian women in kimonos on street

What Is a Kimono?

A kimono refers to a traditional Japanese garment. Typically, it is a long wrap-around dress that reaches down to your heels, has characteristically billowing, long sleeves, a V-neckline, and is unisex. Kimonos conventionally have an obi, a wide sash that secures the wrap-around garment. The obi is a belt intricately tied at the kimono’s waist. The obi can sometimes be 12 feet or longer, another uniquely defining characteristic of kimonos. The material of kimonos is customarily silk, as well. The wrap-around style and fashion of kimonos allow for easy, effortless movement. Since many Japanese cultural activities involve sitting on the floor, this attribute is incredibly beneficial and valuable. They are also particularly ideal for Japan’s climate. Many people will wear a kimono that does not have lining during hot, humid, sticky summer months and then can switch to a kimono with multi-lining for the cooler winter months.

woman holding white and brown hand fan

Generally, people wear different types of kimonos depending on what they are doing and the event or occasion that they are wearing the kimono when they do so, as kimonos come in an assortment of different designs, styles, and patterns. By this, the kimono a person will wear for everyday use is usually more straightforward than the kimono a person will typically wear for more formal situations. Throughout Japanese history, kimonos have also been indicative of several significant aspects of a person, such as a sign of their social status, class, wealth, marital status, gender, individual style, an expression of their identity, and more. For example, a woman not yet married attending a formal event would wear a furisode, a specific type of kimono with long, swinging sleeves. A furisode is made explicitly for single adult women in Japanese culture to wear as it signals their availability for marriage. 

Various other essential factors signify other aspects of a kimono and the person wearing it. Specifically, this can include the color, particular motifs or images, the fabric and material it consists of, and the accessories you choose to wear. Accessories include the obi you pick to wear with it, what you put in your hair, and how you do it in the first place, among many others.

What Is a Yukata? 

The term yukata refers to a specific type of kimono. It is a traditional Japanese garment that women often wear only in the summer months. A yukata traditionally has no lining and usually consists of breathable cotton or polyester fabric and material. Many wear it to casual events and occasions and in more casual environments, such as at a summer festival or a nearby bathhouse. Initially, yukatas were a kimono that served as bathrobes intended to be worn by people during the warmer summer months. However, it is very popular with people in Japanese culture today, and you can see many wearing it during the hot summer months as part of their everyday, casual outfits.

man and woman wearing yukata holding wooden paint brushes
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What Are the Key Differences Between Kimonos and Yukatas? 

  • The material that makes up kimonos are often drastically different from that of a yukata. Generally, a kimono is a silk material. In contrast, a yukata is either cotton or polyester fabric, as these kinds of cloth allow more air and are more breathable, making it ideal for summer.
  • In correspondence with the material of a kimono generally being silk rather than polyester or cotton, this also makes kimonos much more formal and typically more expensive than yukatas, as the kimono material is more costly and luxurious for the most part.
  • In line with the different kinds of materials that a kimono has in contrast to that of a yukata, you often see people wearing kimonos during winter and fall. A kimono traditionally consists of thicker and more costly materials, like an outer layer of thick silk, which is ideal for colder weather. On the other hand, you can see people only wearing a yukata usually in the summer months, as the material and fabric of each are specifically to provide more comfort during such times of the year for those wearing the garment.
  • Another significant difference between a kimono and a yukata is that, unlike a kimono, a yukata has no interior lining and often consists of just one piece or layer of fabric sewn. Since the yukata has no interior lining or layering, you can wear it directly on your skin and use an obi to tie it securely. 

Important Things To Consider When Getting Hair Extensions

When getting hair extensions, there are several important things to consider to ensure that you get the best possible results. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind.

Important Things To Consider When Getting Hair Extensions

The Quality of the Hair Extensions

One of the most important things to consider when getting hair extensions is the quality of the hair. It is also important to note that the quality of the hair extensions can vary depending on the supplier.

Make sure to do your research and choose a reputable supplier to ensure you are getting the best quality hair possible. You can get quality hair from different vendors online like Spectrum One as well as in beauty supply stores. There are different types of quality hair available, and it is important to know how to identify them.

The first type of quality hair is virgin hair. This is the highest quality hair available, as it has never been processed or treated in any way. Virgin hair is also the most expensive type of hair, as it is the rarest. The second type of quality hair is Remy hair. This type of hair is also high quality but has been processed to some degree. Remy hair is less expensive than virgin hair but still offers a great look. 

The third type of quality hair is synthetic hair. This type of hair is made from artificial fibers and is the least expensive option. Synthetic hair does not last as long as virgin or Remy hair, but it can still provide a great look. When choosing the quality of the hair extensions, it is important to consider your budget and the look you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a temporary solution, synthetic hair may be the best option. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, virgin or Remy hair may be the best option.

The Cost of the Hair Extensions

When you are looking at getting hair extensions, one of the main things that you are going to want to consider is the cost. Hair extensions can be a great way to add length and volume to your hair, but they can also be quite expensive. There are a few different factors that will affect the cost of extensions, so it is important to be aware of them before you make your final decision.

One of the main factors that will affect the cost of hair extensions is the length of hair that you want. The longer the hair, the more expensive it is going to be. If you only want a small amount of extra length, then you may be able to get away with a less expensive option. However, if you are looking for a significant length, you will likely have to pay more. 

Another factor that will affect the cost of hair extensions is the type of hair that you want. Synthetic hair is usually the cheapest option, but it will not look as natural as real hair. If you want your extensions to look as natural as possible, then you will need to pay more for real hair. Finally, the method of attachment will also affect the cost of hair extensions.

The most common methods are glue-in and clip-in, but there are other options available as well. Glue-in extensions are more expensive than clip-ins, but they will also last longer. If you are looking for a more temporary option, then clip-ins may be the better choice. No matter what your budget is, there is a hair extension option out there for you. Just be sure to do your research and find the best option for you.