Style Tips: Jewelry You Can Wear to Look Classy With Any Attire

When styled with the proper clothing, accessories can help jazz up your entire outfit. You may also have a couple of go-to rings or a necklace that you wear a lot. However, is there any sort of guideline as to what accessories you should pair with which outfits? Although there aren’t official rules, there is the art of styling jewelry. That said, we will share some great recommendations for pairing jewelry with outfits. The following handy jewelry styling tips will help you elevate your overall style and compliment your sense of fashion, personality, and closet.

Style Tips: Jewelry You Can Wear to Look Classy With Any Attire 1

How To Style:


Even though necklaces can transform your outfit from a 6 to a 10, styling them wrong can affect your overall look. When you put on a solid shirt or a plain top, wearing a necklace helps to add definition and elevate the entire look, making it more interesting. However, if your top has bold prints or extra details, avoid wearing a necklace. Furthermore, high neckline tops such as turtlenecks and mock necks can look extra special when paired with layered or statement necklaces. You can style the former with semi-formal work outfits, while the latter is more suitable for night outings. When it comes to a loose or flowy shirt, make sure you pair it with a necklace that has a heavy texture to provide your body with more definition and avoid looking shapeless or tentlike. Chokers and silver or gold chains can look amazing with t-shirts and v-cut tops.


The best thing about rings is that they can be styled with all outfits. We’re all aware of wedding rings, but we’ve never heard of wedding watches, if for instance. If you want to up your ring game, you can follow a few simple rules to take your outfits to the next level. To give your hand and fingers a bit of sparkle, pair your long-sleeve shirt with stylish rings to add more fun to the outfit. Long-sleeve shirts cover your arms completely, so wearing sparkly rings will make your attire a lot more interesting. Nonetheless, if you’re going to wear gloves or long-sleeve shirts with thumb holes, there is no point in wearing rings since your hand is already covered.


While an earring can be the star of the show, sometimes it can be too much when paired unskillfully. If you’re looking for an everyday pair of earrings, studs are the way to go. They fit perfectly with work and daily outfits; however, if you need to draw more attention to your face, you should go with bold earrings, especially if you’re wearing a subtle outfit. They’re great for dates or night outings, especially when you’re dressed up. For an extra special effect, wear earrings that contrast with your hair color so they can pop. Moreover, go with earrings if you’re wearing a high neckline top to bring attention to your face. In most cases, you need to stay away from big earrings if you’re wearing a statement necklace; it is best to choose only one bold piece at a time.

Watches And Bracelets

Bracelets and watches can make your outfit pop and stand out when styled cleverly. Tank tops and short sleeve t-shirts work brilliantly with bracelets. Minimal or layered chains and bangles show off your arm and add color to your entire look. Wear a watch or your preferred bracelet with cuffed shirts for extra pep. However, wearing a bracelet with a long-sleeve shirt is not a good idea unless you’re planning to roll up your sleeves and let your bracelets move around freely.

Layering Techniques

When it comes to layering necklaces, try to experiment with different textures, styles, lengths, and shapes. Different lengths will help draw attention to your face, so try to mix variable colors and shapes for a fun look. As for bracelets and bangles, you can create a party on your arms that will jangle and flash as you move. Furthermore, you can stack, mix, and match rings how you like using all sorts of combinations according to your attire. The same goes for earrings, in case you have several ear piercings. The most important tip is that you should never combine all of these pieces at once. For example, if you’re going to create an arm party with bangles, avoid wearing rings to make your arm accessories pop.

Don’t Follow All Trends

You probably know someone who is addicted to fashion trends. Trends affect what we wear to some degree, which is a good thing. However, it’s never a good idea to follow trends blindly at the expense of your personal taste and style. In the end, you will get lost, especially when you find out how expensive the process is. Instead, find and develop the style that suits you and boosts your self-confidence even if it’s not on-trend. When pairing jewelry with your outfits, always be mindful of what matches or complements your skin tone and overall sense of style. Keep all of these things in mind when using accessories. In addition, don’t overlook showing your personality. You are different and unique so let your personality show through your choice of jewelry and the general way you present yourself.

Focal Jewelry Pieces

For your outfit to look carefully planned, you should stick to a single focal piece. If you mix a lot of eye-catching pieces, your outfit can look flashy and tasteless. Your jewelry can also overwhelm your look rather than complement it. Think about the main types of jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. For each outfit, you can choose one or a maximum of two types of accessories to create a statement piece.

Style Tips: Jewelry You Can Wear to Look Classy With Any Attire 2

Choosing and styling jewelry can complement your appearance and wardrobe. However, the key is to use your jewelry collection without getting bored. There isn’t a rulebook that you have to stick to, but you can follow our top jewelry style tips to help you look your best in fashion. If you have an abundant jewelry collection full of pieces that you love but don’t know how to make the most of, save the listed tips to help you nail your next outfit.

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