Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It? Top 5 Things You Should Know

Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It? Top 5 Things You Should Know 1

Can I straighten my hair after I dye it? Most women with wavy or curly hair want to make it look good. Yet a question that most definitely rises in women’s minds is that they should straighten up their hair after dyed. The response is yes. When you are a lady who paints her hair, you can straighten the hair without getting hurt. 

After your hair has been dyed, you can either permanently straighten it or style it with a flat iron only when you are dressed. Both of these methods are safe and will never have a side effect on colored or dyed hair.

Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It?

Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It?

If color-treated hair has not been too damaged during the dyeing process, it can be thermally straightened and curled. Flach irons can get incredibly hot and inflict their harm even though there is no color treatment. Safe temperature changes and sprays and conditioners to avoid flat-iron damage are recommended.


Flat irons on severely damaged hair should never be used. Applying heat to damaged hair will split and decompose the hair.

Hair that is too weakened looks stiff and unlived when wet and brittle and fluffy when dry. Breakage is popular, and hair is difficult to style. The hair may even start feeling different from hair.


Two essential items should be used with a flat iron on dyed hair. When drying the hair, a smoothing, protective styling gel or serum should be used. A thermal protective spray should be used immediately before straightening on dry hair.

Settings for Temperature

Dyed hair can not withstand as much heat as non-dyed hair. For smooth, color-treated hair ironing, low-temperature settings are recommended.


A small section of a flat iron can see how the hair would do in case of doubt. Inspect the hair for injury signs—hair-splitting, singing, or cracking when ironed flat should not be heat-styled.

Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It: The “Before” 

You need to wash your hair before straightened colored hair to get rid of the dust and dirt stuck to your hair. When your hair is dry, spray the same amount of heat shielding on your hair strands. 

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Remember that the spray is intended to protect your hair and not your scalp, so do not make the mistake of using it on your scalp. Ensure that you use the correct amount of smoothing balsam on your hair. This helps to keep your hair smooth and manageable.

Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It: The Straightening Process

Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It

Try to clean your dyed hair before you start straightening it thoroughly. This helps your hair get rid of knots and allows the straightener to glide smoothly in turn. Once your hair is finished, peel or brush, lift a section of your hair with a comb, and gently moving the flat iron. The flat iron movement will start a few inches away from the root of your hair.

Bring the iron down slowly. 

The movement will, however, be dynamic. If your hair is rough, remember to spray the serum on every section before you straighten it. This prevents your hair from fire.

Continue to straighten until the center sections are reached.

Ensure that you have a decent amount of serum spray before flatly ironing your middle hair parts. This stage should not be dismissed, as the hair strands in the middle are usually tender compared to the other pieces.

If your hair doesn’t get the look you’ve long wanted, repeat straightening. Yet avoid overheating the iron, as you won’t need that much heat to straighten semi-ironed hair.

Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It: What You Need

Can I straighten my hair after I dye it? If you don’t want to damage your skin, you should try a couple of things to straighten your dyed hair. It must be a rejuvenator with ceramic tiles. The plates help distribute heat over the flat iron surface and make it easier and quicker to straighten.

So they’re less harmful to your hair, thus preventing frostbite. You can also use a straightener, which is usually mixed with a ceramic plate. Such straighteners work with negative ions that work on our hair to avoid it. So, it looks lighter and silkier.

Despite what it could seem, flat titanium irons aren’t as sweet.

This is true that they are usually heavier. This heats up faster and lasts longer for the final product. No, that’s not what we ‘re looking for.

We ‘re more interested in finding a straightener to keep our color and to avoid damaging our frozen hair. We also need a straightener, which protects the natural keratin secreted by our bodies. That is why the best alternative is ceramic straightener.

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Can I Straighten My Hair After I Dye It: Protectors

can i straighten my hair after i dye it

Can I straighten my hair after I dye it? Yes, as long as you use protectors. The role of heat protectors is to reduce damage to your hair by fire. That is not to say that 100% of the damage is avoided. That would be fantastic, though. It’s a crazy idea to even straighten your colorful or blanched hair without a heat protector. And you don’t want yourself to try it out.

Heat protectors serve as a protective layer around your hair to keep it hydrated and add a lot of light. And if that’s not enough, they also reduce the damage done by fire. Many of them can also be used as regular protectors against all possible harmful agents with which our hair comes into contact.

Everything you have to do is make sure you pick one appropriate for your style of hair. Don’t just pick the cheapest one or the cheapest one or the first one you see. 

Heat protectors are not the only products you can use to protect your hair against heat. You can also try a gel protector or a serum protectant. You should use these before drying your hair, as opposed to a heat protector, as in if it is already wet, although the heat protectors can be used on dry hair.

Color protectors are specially designed to protect your hair from hot air. If you’re one of these ladies, don’t hesitate to buy one without their hairdryer. It protects your hair from heat and other external agents such as solar radiation. Such types of protectors also help protect against straighteners, not just hair dryers.

How To Keep Your Dyed Hair Healthy

If it’s platinum blonde, brunette, purple, red, or even blue hair, it needs a little more focus if you want your hair to last for long. Nothing’s worse than paying big bucks on your hair salon’s newest trendy color and getting to fade after one week because your locks aren’t taken care of.

1. Wait 72 hours before shampooing after dyeing.

When hair is colored, your cuticle layer is opened, making it easy for hair shaft color. If you wash your hair too soon after your appointment, the cuticle layer may still be open, and then your color will be washed away. 

The cuticle layer closes completely to three days. The more time you wait until your hair is shampooed after you color your hair, the more time the color pigment has to swallow up into the hair cuticle-helping your color last longer between visits to the salon.

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2. Use shampoo and conditioner without sulfate.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a kind of anionic detergent that is used in many personal care products. It is often referred to as sodium Laureth ether sulfate. Its product is used to help spray the shampoos and packing agents. You risk extracting hair from natural oils and humidity using sulfates that can then contribute to the stripping of your beautiful hair (which you have just spent hours and dollars in the hair salon).

Aim to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to preserve your hair color. There are a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner option for everyone!

3. Combine your conditioner to the dye.

When you wear a lighter look like yellow, purple or blue, try brushing your hair and add a touch of your teal. This will tint your hair slightly every time you wash it to keep it fresh until it grows.

4. Switch the water temperature down when you shampoo.

While some feel great with hot showers, it’s not so good for your hair color. When you wash your hair with hot water, the cuticle of your hair is opened, and you can wash out the color while shampooing and conditioning it.

To avoid wasting your entire hair color, try shampooing with warm water, and rinse after conditioning with cold water. Warm water can penetrate and clean the shampoo and conditioner, while cold water can help to seal your conditioner ‘s moisture while preventing the color from declining by scrubbing the cuticle.

5. Wash hair less frequently.

Washing your hair every day is something you want to do if you want to maintain your hair color. You will only wash off the natural oils that moisturize you and keep your hair fresh, but every time you wash your hair, you can also wash away a bit of your makeup. Consider every other day washing your hair or just 2-3 times a week to keep your color protected.

what happens if you straighten wet hair ?

A lot of people use hot tools to curl their tresses but they may not know that it is also possible for them just as well. Straightening the damp strands will cause unnatural-looking kinks in your beautiful mane which can be fixed by using a flat iron or even some hairspray on those stubborn tangles at night time when we don’t want our usual Volume Mousse because its too heavy-duty – unless you have naturally voluminous locks like me!

Straightening wet hair is a technique that many people do when they want their straighteners to give them more control.
Wet vs Dry: The main difference in terms of how your strands will behave once styled, should you choose this route for yourself? Well, it depends on if it’s day or nighttime and what type of weather we are experiencing at the moment too! If there’s any chance at all about rain then why not put away those blow dryers because water severely compromises product efficacy by causing frizziness (among other things). But come back tomorrow – chances are high someone else might need an umbrella as well 😉

Final Words

If your dyed hair is hard to control, your hair may be harmed. The easiest way to keep your color-treated hair healthy is to cut or trim periodically. It doesn’t have to be very short, just enough to keep frayed ends in the distance.

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