How to Wash Dyed Hair Without Losing Color and Make It Last

How to Wash Dyed Hair Without Losing Color and Make It Last 1

Has your hair been dyed? What routines do you take to let the dye last longer? Basically, there is a big difference in washing natural hair and dyed hair. With this, you need to be familiar with how to wash dyed hair without losing color. 

Here, we will share to you the steps on washing dyed hair while ensuring the lifespan of the dye on your hair. Having the desire for lasting hair dye, then check those important steps below.

Basic steps on how to wash dyed hair without losing color and make it last

Generally, natural hair color does not give many issues. Basically, the normal routine of washing uncolored hair is washing, rinsing, conditioning, then rinsing again, and then finish, you’re ready to go. However, for dyed hair, the washing process needs to be more complex.

Moreover, you have to know the basic and important steps on how to wash dyed hair without losing color. Below are the essential things that you must consider in washing dyed hair.

Wash dyed hair when it is only dirty

After dyeing the hair, if you can resist getting your hair wet, then do it. Not unless it is really the right time to do it. Generally, over washing the dyed hair can result in the colour fade. This is very simple and easy, right?

Moreover, to be able to determine that it’s the right time to cleanse your dyed hair, just look at your scalp. Basically, this time your hair may appear matted and greasy or it can be shiny in a bad way due to increase oil in it.

Actually, after hair coloring, it is advisable to let it dry for 2 days prior to washing it with shampoo especially if your hair is fine. Much better if you can do this for long days especially if your hair is thick. Thicker hair can develop oil accumulation generally around 5 to 10 days.

Basically, during this time period, you are giving the hair dye more time to set deep down the hair follicles. Moreover, you can also try to alternate your hair cleansing with a conditioner for every other day or do the co-washing. 

Primarily, through this way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color, your hair can feel clean without the use of conventional shampoo. Further, if you delay shampooing your dyed hair, the longer the color will stay on it.

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When washing dyed hair, use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner

Initially, once your hair had been dyed you have to shampoo it and condition it. However, you must look for products that are safe for use for dyed hair. 

how to wash dyed hair without losing color shampoo and conditioner

Generally, in the market today, there are a variety of hair cleansers that claim to provide safety on dyed hair. Yet, the best solution to identify what’s applicable is to look at its ingredients and check if it has sulfate.

Choose those product that does not have sulfates

Primarily, sulfates can reduce down the dye from the hair. That’s why it is very important to use a shampoo for dyed hair that is sulfate-free. 

Moreover, sulfate has salt that typically takes away hair moisture. Keep in mind that moisture loss is a factor to make your hair color fade.

Shampoo your dyed hair using the best shampoo

One way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color is to shampoo it with color-protecting shampoo. Generally, a good shampoo product will make the color last longer. Additionally, a good shampoo also helps in maintaining your hair to be healthy even after being dyed.

When shampooing, consider the temperature of the water

How to wash dyed hair without losing color is to wash it using water with a lower temperature. Extremely hot water has the ability to open the hair strand surface. Because of this, the dye molecules will be able to escape thus the dye will leech out of the hair quickly.

Shampoo dyed hair in reduced schedule

This is one of the simplest ways on how to wash dyed hair without losing color – cleansing it at a reduced frequency. Generally, in order to maintain the oils that condition your dyed hair, it is better to shampoo it for only two to three times a week.

Moreover, never shampoo dyed hair daily. Doing this will retain the color longer thus maintaining your dyed hair healthy.

Shampoo dyed hair with color-safe dry shampoo on in-between days

Basically, flipping your hair and spraying it with dry shampoo can help to maintain the fresh-look of your dyed hair. Generally, do this by spraying from the root to soak up the oils. Do this as a part of how to wash dyed hair without losing color.

Prior to coloring your hair, shampoo it using a clarifying shampoo

Basically, clarifying shampoos have a deep cleansing activity to ward off dirt accumulation and hairstyling products. This is primarily due to the high amount of certain substance that it contains.

Moreover, because of this, it can also take off the dye from the hair. That’s why it is better to use it prior to hair coloring as a method on how to wash dyed hair without losing color. Additionally, in case you like to cover grey hair, use a clarifying shampoo in order to remove resins and silicones from hairspray.

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Massage your scalp when shampooing your dyed hair

Another step on how to wash dyed hair without losing color is to massage the scalp when shampooing. Basically, the goal of massaging the scalp through the finger pads is to break down the oils into it. 

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Moreover, because of this process, product accumulation to the hair and scalp can be removed. Be aware that product accumulation is one factor that can cause color fading.

Furthermore, massaging with some shampoo can distribute the stuff around. There is a usual habit of some individuals to use a shampoo that is extremely bubbly. 

However, lots of color-safe shampoos produce lightest to modest lather. Basically, bubbles are one big indicator that shampoo has sulfates which is a non-color safe ingredient.

Rinse after washing, condition after rinsing

Generally, it is a normal presumption by many to rinse and repeat. Actually, this is just a smart marketing strategy by most shampoo companies to buy their products. This marketing quote made people believe to shampoo their hair twice as needed.

Moreover, we have this thinking that the effectiveness of shampoos can be seen generally during the first try. Primarily, it is much better to rinse the dyed hair with water that is not hot after shampooing. Subsequently, move on directly to the conditioner as one of the best ways on how to wash dyed hair without losing color.

Furthermore, in terms of hair conditioning, one way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color is not to condition the hair off the roots. Rather, focus on applying it over the ends of your dyed hair. Basically, this technique will prevent the flattening of the hairline. Additionally, it will also help in preventing over moisturizing of the hairline that typically self-moisturizes. 

Generally, leave the conditioner on your dyed hair for around 2 to 10 minutes. And in case you need additional hydration, leaving it for 20 minutes will greatly do the job. However, if you do it for longer hours, that would already be ineffective. Not unless you are having a special hair treatment that requires staying on hair for longer hours.

When you shampoo, condition your dyed hair immediately

As part of how to wash your dyed hair without losing color is to condition your dyed hair right after you wash it with shampoo. Primarily, conditioner helps your hair become shinier. Moreover, if you have fine hair, start conditioning from the ears down to the tips or ends of your hair.

Condition your dyed hair using the best conditioner

Another important step on how to wash dyed hair without losing color is to skip shampooing and directly condition your hair. Basically, it is better to use a conditioner that is typically intended for dyed hair.

Moreover, try to use a moisturizing conditioner for your dyed hair. Compared to shampoo, it cannot take off more color from your dyed hair. Additionally, you won’t even get the results you want in case you use an ordinary conditioner.

Another important way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color is to use a color-protecting conditioner. Keep in mind that dyed hair and uncolored hair do not have similar chemistry. Moreover, conditioners containing Tahitian monoi and oils from Ojon nuts can protect color fading. This creates barriers as protection on dyed hair. 

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Condition dyed hair with deep-conditioning treatments

Generally, conditioners with deep-conditioning formulas can smoothen the hair and incorporate additional shine to dyed hair. As a way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color and adding extra shine, you should treat it with deep-conditioning formula products.

Better to apply the product over the hair that is damp and then comb it after. When combing, start from the roots into tips. Moreover, leave the treatment over the hair for about 30 minutes on a bunned, wrapped hair. Further, rinsing it will give you softer and shinier hair.

Use Tint Rinse

Actually, dyeing the hair will eventually fade as time goes on. However, it doesn’t mean that you must strictly dye your hair on a regular basis. Basically, this means that the way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color is to look for shortcuts to maintain the hair dye last.

Having this, it is good to use Tint Rinse. Generally, Tint Rinse is a temporary pigment that is used to treat color boosting, toning, and addition of brilliancy. Basically, the application of Tint Rinse on how to wash dyed hair without losing color is to use it after shampooing and right prior conditioning. 

Moreover, Tint Rinse must be massaged onto the hair and leave it there for about a minute. Additionally, with this, the color of the hair will be revived. How to wash dyed hair without losing color through Tint Rinse should be started around 2 to 3 weeks after hair dyeing.

Hair Care to Protect the Color of Dyed Hair

Hair dye is a chemical substance that has the ability to allow the hair to absorb and release moisture at the same time. Basically, this phenomenon loses the color molecules the moment your hair becomes wet. 

Moreover, you need to maintain your hair’s moisture. To do this, check some helpful hair beauty care below. So, aside from the way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color, these beauty regimen may help you in maintaining moisture and hair lust as well. 

Follow a healthy diet to maintain a healthy, great-looking hair

Generally, everything you take will affect the health of your hair. Moreover, nutritious diets offer the energy that drives the growth and lust of the hair. Basically, the iron-rich foods are pretty good for scalp health and strengthening of the hair strands.

Furthermore, this type of food builds keratin making the hair stronger. Additionally, eating this food will also enhance hair texture and stimulate hair growth. With this, it is better to eat lean meat, egg whites, fish, spinach, and low-fat cheese. 

Take supplements

Generally, taking vitamins and food supplements can maintain the health and lust of dyed hair. In fact, vitamin C may maintain the health of the scalp by strengthening the hair follicles. Moreover, biotin, as part of the B vitamins, enhances hair texture. Like its effect on the body, taking vitamins may also keep the hair healthy and strong.

Dye color may affect color loss

Basically, one helpful tip to make the color last aside from the way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color is to choose the right dye. Actually, red dye is more prone to color fading. It is generally because of the molecule size of the red dyes that make it difficult to enter into the hair strand. Due to this, red dye molecules distribute rapidly. 

Final Thoughts

Basically, the way on how to wash dyed hair without losing color will let you go and your hair along the way. However, utilizing a new way of washing the hair with color may take a brand new leap. This applies true if you are not familiar with doing those washing procedures. Generally, at the first try, it may seem hard, yet making it repeatedly may lead to familiarity and perfectness.

What do you think of the process of washing dyed hair we have here? Please share your thoughts with us below!

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