8 Homemade Items For prevent heel cracked Or Foot blister Easy To Cure

8 Homemade Items For prevent heel cracked Or Foot blister Easy To Cure

Winter Foot Cracked… Accessible To Cure Using Homemade Items!


Foot cramps usually occur when the skin is dry. Especially when the skin is dehydrated during the ice so that there may be eruptions in the feet.

We do not pay much attention to legs and feet as to the importance of the face and hair. It can cause dry skin, greasy feet, gall bladder, and foot nails.

Cracked heels should be viewed not only as a beauty problem but also as a health problem. Don’t worry too much about this, though. With some items at home, you can quickly cure foot swelling.

coconut oil


If the skin is dry on the legs, apply coconut oil lightly and massage well before putting on the night. This will cause the foot to become soft and not erupt. If the feet are massaged from time to time, there will be no problems like foot rash.

Rice flour

Mix two tablespoons of rice flour with a few drops of honey and apple cider vinegar and serve as a paste. If the paws are too dry, add a spoon of olive or almond oil to this mixture. This will cause the dead cells in your feet to disappear. You can do this twice a week.


In a bowl at night, put salt in warm water and keep the feet in the water for a few minutes. Shampoo can also be used in hot water. Doing so eliminates dirt on the feet and fingertips. Thus making the feet softer.

Lemon juice

Antioxidants in lemons can help with dryness in the feet and make them hydrated. Massage of lemon juice, glycerin, and paneer together on the foot massage will heal the pustules.

Take warm water in a bowl. Add a little bit of stone salt to it. Add ten drops of lemon juice to that water. Also, rub the mixture on your feet (cracked heels) and rinse off the next morning.

Crystal stone

Massage the foot and foot of the pumice stone twice or thrice a month to reduce blood flow and erupt. Wash your feet with warm water after the massage.


Stir together the banana and avocado. Apply this mixture on the pedicure of the feet. Wash your feet with warm water for 20 minutes. You can do this every day until your palpitations have subsided and become soft. Banana is an excellent moisturizer. It softens the foot skin.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly rubbed on the feet before going to sleep can relieve foot problems. When applying moisturizing creams on your feet daily, the moisture of the skin is preserved so that it does not explode.


In a cup of warm water, add 4 tbsp of honey and mix well. Soak your feet for 20 minutes. Then gently scrub the feet. Because honey is a natural antiseptic, cracked heels can slow down.

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