137 Home Tips That Everybody Should Know !!!

137 Home Tips That Everybody Should Know

1. Putting a little bit of camphor on the silver ornaments can prevent the silver ornaments from darkening

2. If there is an ant carcass in the house and there is a little dust in it, there will be no ant trouble.

3. Mix four tablespoons of Salt in a glass of water and spray it on the four sides of the room.

4. If a rubber band surrounds the flower at the top end of the Kamakshi Amman lamp, do not fall.

5. When you wash your clothes with oil stains or grease, a few drops of washing off the nail polish will cause blemishes.

6. Eversilver utensils wipe well once a week when the glow fades. You can see them shining like silver vessels.

7. Vegetable salad is a must-have for lunch in the summer. Avoid fried foods with too much oil.

8. If your plastic bucket is hollow, flip it over and burn the toothpaste into the old toothbrush fire—a loophole.

9. One of the “shoe” seldom used is to put a gummy orb on each “shoe” so that insects do not get in the way.

10. When the shampoo comes off, the plastic covers will empty, and the clothes will smell as they soak in the clothes.

11. Do not cover the pressure cooker when not in use.

12. For those who do not have a bridge, it is necessary to prevent idle flour and dough flour from being fermented by placing the mixture in a plastic can or bucket.

13. Those who do not have a refrigerator in the house put a damp cloth over the vegetables and cover. There will be no delay.

14. Sprinkle the camphor powder to avoid staining the products.

15. When placing silverware in the bureau, it is better to put camphor.

16. After cooking, remove the stench in the dishwasher with a little glue on the bottles and then apply the cleaning powder as usual.

17. If the ginger is placed in a pitcher of water around the drip, stay fresh for ten days.

18. Dry lemons and oranges in the wardrobe are not accessible to insects.

19. Get a nose powder in the store and dissolve it in water and sprinkle it on top of the ant mite. The ants disappear magically.

20. When giving children a vegetable soup, the children will like it if the bread crumbs (cashews) are fried in bread and sprinkled on top of the soup.

21. Soak the silver utensils or silver jewelry in the fermented milk (Moril) for half an hour and then brush.

22. After washing with white washbasins, bathrooms, tiles, and lintel cleaning powder, the glow may increase if the drip is diluted with blue water.

23. When a Home Furnishings Look Out At Home When Homes Make Homes Smoke does not spread.

24. Sprinkling salt with butter will make it worse.

25. Flies flock anywhere during the sunny season. When washing the house, add a little salt in the water and then rinse off.

26. Put vegetables and fruits in a little vinegar with cold water for a few minutes, and the germs will die.

27. To alleviate the stench of the knife as it chops garlic and onion, apply a little salt on the blade and rinse with cold water.

28. The dish should first be washed with cold water to avoid sticking to the bottom of the milk bottle.

29. Put a bunch of fenugreek seeds in a bowl of wheat, and there will be no insects.

30. Take a little bit of bleaching powder in the toilet and bathroom before leaving for the night and leave it intact. There will be no cockroach infestation.

31. Mix a little butter in the chopped onion and brush for a long time.

32. If you put coconut hair in water or apply a little salt on your hair, it will be wrong.

33. If the jewelry is hammered into the punch, it will be fresh.

34. The use of dark green and sapphire curtains for the windows of the house does not heat the heat.

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35. If fuel is to be consumed while cooking, cover the dish with anything other than spinach.

36. To keep the mosaic floor dirty and shiny, wipe the sponge with a little soapy powder and baking soda in warm water, then clean again with good water.

37. To clean the dishwasher in the kitchen, rub it with old newspapers to keep the dirt clean.

38. Heat the knife and cut the bread as you thought it would.

39. If the fishbowl is in the pan, brush the jar with lentils and lentils.

40. Once the lemon has dried, put it in boiling water for five minutes and then squeeze the juice.

41. Boil legumes in rainwater and boil them in a pan. The taste will also increase.

42. The wooden lining should be used to stir pickles.

43. Cleaning the jars of yogurt and buttermilk will dry the sun, leaving the pot in the pot.

44. Wash the flask with vinegar in bottle.

45. For the curry to be unharmed, it will not hurt if an aluminum vessel is covered over it.

46. ​​If you buy a small onion and keep it dry in the sun, it will not germinate for a month.

47. If you keep the lemon fruit in the water for an hour a day, it will not rot and rot for a week.

48. Ginger should be buried in wet sand.

49. Put a banana in water for up to a week.

50. If you leave the trunk and head of the roasted salad, it will not be consumed until the next day.

51. Apply a little sparkle to keep the oil from tarnishing.

52. Sprinkle two drops of candy on top of the burned bulb. The smell is spread throughout the room.

53. When stitching the nylon cloth, the needle does not fall off the needle.

54. Put the toothpaste in the water to make it last. After a while, the rest of the pressure will come.

55. Dissolve salt in cold water and soak the bloody clothes for a while. The stain is gone.

56. If you put a little bit of coconut oil in the mango pickle, it will be a long day without the pests. Don’t get spoiled.

57. White Cloth When washing white clothes, the clothes will be white if you add a little table salt to the water.

58. If you rub tea with a mirror on your face, the dirt will be removed, and the glass will be shiny.

59. Green coriander and curry leaves should not be used. Green foods are more nutritious.

60. Avoid excessive oil frying during non-veg. Not easily digested.

61. We will light candles when the electricity is off. Place the mirror facing the back of the candle to increase the light of the candle. Get twice as much light.

62. Pouring ghee into the jaggery can add flavor and smell.

63. When carrots and beetroot fade, it is difficult to chop. Keep it in the water for a while, until it becomes fresh. It will be easier to cut.

64. Soak dirty clothes in warm water and then rinse with soap and bleach quickly.

65. Sprinkle a little sugar on a can and put biscuits in it. The cookies will last longer.

66. Rice and vegetables can be washed by watering the plants without wasting water.

67. If the chili is going to belong, take off its stem and place it in the fridge around the paper. Long days are evil.

68. Wash the utensils in boiling water of potatoes.

69. Is there too much smoke in the house? If the damp Cloth hangs in the room, the smoke will disappear.

70. The dishwasher is rubbed with salt paper to remove stains in aluminum containers.

71. The kitchen stove can be blended with equal amounts of coconut oil and kerosene to clear the gas stove on the cooking platform.

72. If there is a cockroach infestation in the fridge, storeroom, and bathroom, there will be no cockroach in the case of aspirin tablets.

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73. To avoid the odor of green onions, soak the onion in salted water to prevent odor and odor.

74. If you cut the old newspaper in the same size underneath the pedal, the dirt will be covered with paper.

75. A banana can be brushed with a wet cloth to keep it from getting dark quickly.

76. Do not put apples and carrots in the same compartment in the fridge. A kind of gas emanating from the apple can cause the carrot to squeeze.

77. When the beans and pods like him are boiled, the lemon and tomato juice will be squeezed out a little.

78. Cut the onion in mild boiling water so that the eyes do not burn.

79. If you add too much salt to your diet, keep the potatoes intact. Excess salt in the menu will decrease.

80. After eating, mix with a little vinegar and paraffin oil and wipe off the table. There will be no odor.

81. Mix the mustard oil with a little water and dip it in a soft cloth and wipe the luggage with the varnish.

82. Spraying a little tobacco on the bookshelf to protect old books from pest erosion does not cause pest erosion.

83. Baked potatoes shine brightly if you remove the glass with that skin without wasting it.

84. Rub the oil with a small amount of refined oil on the eggshell to keep the eggs from spoiling for long periods.

85. Washing the fish with a few drops of cooking oil and rubbing it in the palm does not cause the odor in the hands.

86. If there is always an ant problem in the container of sugar, the ant will not be able to put four cloves into the vessel.

87. If children’s socks are loosened, the socks will hold the leg firmly so that the socks are rolled up with a rubber band around the perimeter.

88. After applying a little rubicon on the scent of gum blowers, the smell will be lifted throughout the house.

89. If the abrasive material in the mix is ​​too small, the lid will be covered and grinded well.

90. If the white color telephone dirt climbs, the nail polish remover will shine.

91. If the plastic jug is wasted, you can cut it in half and use it as a trash can or plant.

92. Wipe off the tube when cleaning the gas stove with soapy water. Thus the tube will be working long. Neat and clean.

93. If the paint used on homemade luggage is rubbed on, it will look like a long day. Insects are not corrosive.

94. If you put a chalkboard or charcoal in the toolbox, it will absorb the moist paste and help the tools stay away from stains.

95. Candles are rubbed on the skin underneath the top of the slipper and then worn, so the sandals do not bite.

96. When cleaning cloth bureau, first spread the used mosquito in bureau plates and fold the paper cloth over it for five years.

97. If there are small holes in the nettle, which are used for mosquito bother, the cellotape cut can be pasted.

98. Fermented yogurt or buttermilk grows very well. You can leave the water inside the cup of yoghurt and confuse it.

99. A small size mosquito cloth used for children Can be used as a cover.

100. To remove the stain with a hair-tie on the clothes, remove the stain with a nail polish remover.

101. When the rubber stamp pad, ink is dry, a few drops of blue will look good.

102. Brush the teeth with the inner skin of the pomegranate fruit and make sure the tooth is bright.

103. If you put a little bit of coconut water into the lime bottle, the lime will not dry quickly.

104. Is there any dust and stain on the fan? Dip a cloth into kerosene and wipe off the fan. After a while, wipe off the good Cloth. Paliccenrakivitum.

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105. In half a bucket of water, mixing four tablespoons of vinegar with a jeans can prevent dyeing.

106. Refuse to go for a paintbrush in the new home? Keep a bucket full of water and leave it in the rooms. The bucket is gone.

107. When the nail strikes, the tip of the coconut oil will slip easily into the wall.

108. Kerosene oil can be beaten with lime in the kitchen where oil is adhesive.

109. When coconut oil is applied on sharp knives, its sharpness does not soften.

110. If you do not have time to brew a milk packet and put it in water, you can brew for three hours.

111. You can put a little honey on it to keep the sweet plates from drying up.

112. Have you forgotten to drink milk? Is there a fear that the milk will rot? do not worry. The milk does not get mixed with a pinch of baking soda flour before brewing.

113. Before putting the coffee powder in the fire and leaving the builder’s bottom on the fire, the deconstruction will go down.

114. Keep brush and brush with ghee for as long as possible.

115. Put the tomatoes and lemon juice in salted water as soon as possible.

116. Wheat flour should be bored and mixed with a little table salt.

117. Don’t be afraid of fermenting yogurt. If you put a piece of coconut in it, yogurt will not ferment.

118. If the apple is very sour, combine it with Salt, chilli powder, fenugreek powder and ginger powder. Prepare innovative pickles.

119. To break the coconut properly, soak it in water and then break it.

120. If coriander leaves are thoroughly scrubbed with clean water and kept in an airtight container, it will last for several days.

121. Put a few drops of lemon juice in cold water and put vegetables in it.

122. Put a plastic paper in a container of Salt and pour the Salt over it. The brine remains intact.

123. Should drinking water be a bride? Put a little basil in the water builder.

124. Don’t worry if the rest of the day is saddam. Mix it well in the mix and add two grams of flour, green chilli flakes, Salt, curry leaves, cilantro, a spoonful of yoghurt and water.

125. To keep the sapphire always warm, place it around the silver paper.

126. In the rainy season, sticks in the fire box can be burned if you put four quarts of rice inside the box and put them in a can.

127. Vegetable ponda can be used to combine all the vegetables together, rub the seaweed flour and fry it in oil, just as the potato ponda does. An occasion for the children to eat pods.

128. Sprouted grains and legumes for eight hours in a hot pack with water, cover and open the next day to prepare sprouted cereal. A simple way to grow grains.

129. Wash the wheat well and dry it for four hours.

130. Salt in the cooking? do not worry. Add milk, cream and yogurt to something. Alright.

131. When cutting bananas and bananas, immediately put them in buttermilk. This does not change the color of banana and banana. Does not like stains. The initiation will be off.

132. When washing your clothes, mix a little washing soda with blue dissolved water.

133. Buttermilk, buttermilk and shaking butter and butter are available at the same time.

134. Curry leaves will not be placed around the banana bar with the purchase of coriander leaves.

135. Have you forgotten to soak rice to grind flour into idli? One way is to soak the rice in hot water immediately. Soak in ten minutes.

136. Is your base box wasted by rubbing it on a box of nylon? Heat the appetite and rub it on the green banana leaf. The bottom of the box will be correct.

137. Is coffee and tea stained in ceramic? Cut a large onion and rub it well. The blemishes go away.


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