3 types of hair we have it usually so what are they ?

what type is your hair ? 3 type of hair we have it usually so what are they ?

what type is your hair? 3 types of hair we have it usually so what are they?


Even though in terms of external beauty, eating healthy foods, you are relying solely on food to protect yourself from external pollution is not beneficial. Also, beauty care is essential.

People usually ask what type my hair and how to find it here the answer below

Three types of hair.

Everyone should know what kind of hair they have.

  1. oily grace hair: Oily gluey hair if the scalp is oily.
  2. Dry hair: Dry hair if the scalp can dry.
  3. Oil and dry hair: If the scalp is only oiled and the hair is dry, it is a combination of the next type of oil and dry hair in dry hair.

Oily glue 


The oil is overpowered by genetics, lack of health, hormonal problems, malnutrition, lack of vitamin B2, lack of fatty acids, lack of riboflavin, and adverse effects of used oil. Hormone-related medications, thyroid, and hypothyroidism may also cause the results of the oil. Some women develop excessive secretion of the androgenic hormone before they reach adulthood, which can cause hair loss to the hair follicle, pimples on the face, the gum on the feet, hands, and hair on the front and mysterious areas.

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For people with this type of hair, there is an excess of sebum from the scalp. Oil is the secretion of excess fat in the body. Fatty acids, along with dead cells, are formed. Increased body strength can cause dandruff, chic hair, and scalp. Pressing the comb on the head will trigger the oil in the scalp and begin to secrete too much fat. Their hair is thin and curly to look at with oil.

Do not use conditioner. Once a week is enough. Do not bathe your head daily. It is better to avoid chemicals. Mix apple cider vinegar with water (1: 4) and soak for 20 minutes.

Similarly, mix the water (1 lemon, 1 cup water) with lemon juice. It contains citric acid, and the oil glue will be gone. Green tea’s tannic acid prevents the secretion of scalp oil if it is cooled by mixing 1 cup of tea with 1 cup of water. Sprinkle the corn dough with a sprinkle of salt and spread the hair all over the hair, and comb the hair for weeks. Then pause for 20 minutes. The presence of protein in the egg’s white nucleus acts as a natural conditioner.

Fatty acids flaxseed, walnuts, fish, carotene-rich curry, golden lettuce, iodine foods such as yogurt, milk, eggs, strawberries. Brown rice, barley, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, peanuts, including calcium sesame, spinach, milk, almonds, silicone. Magnesium-rich foods such as pumpkin seed, spinach, soybeans, sesame, cashews, zinc, mutton, lentils, maize, nuts, and dairy products all help hair grow, slow down, grow fast, and build new cells. These are all-natural glow data for removing oil glue.

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Dry hair

Common Hair Problem
Haircuts are suitable for any hairstyle. Drying of chlorine in excess water, sunlight directly in the hair, directing the hair in high winds and polluted air, chemical treatments such as straitening, perming, bleaching, and alcohol treatment can cause hair loss. Symptoms include hair breakage and cracks in the hair when combing. Also, if you have a hypothyroid problem, the lack of iodine may cause the hair to dry.

Coconut oil in Czech can be beneficial for dry hair. Mandatory heading twice a week is proper.

Coconut oil, coconut oil, coconut oil, nasal oil is applied to the heat evenly, and the hair is smooth. If the egg yolk is applied to the hair, the fatty acids in it will secrete natural oils in the hair. It is good to have many heads. But do not make a tight-fitting hairstyle. Tightening will prevent the natural oils from spreading throughout the hair.

Mix the equal amount of olive oil with the egg yolk and leave the hair for 40 minutes. Aloe can be applied to the hair when rubbed with aloe flesh and coconut oil. Apply sandalwood oil and leave it for 40 minutes—iodine foods such as yogurt, milk, eggs, and strawberries. If you eat calcium sesame seeds, spinach, milk, almonds, omega-3 flaxseeds, walnuts, beans, fish, olive oil, and sprouted crops, this is sure to turn into smooth, shiny hair.

Dry hair and oily scalp


Some people will be able to dry with an oily scalp. This is because the hair is spread and spread throughout the hair. This is called Hyperseborrhea. This is a reduction in the movement between the scallop and the finish. They can also follow the solutions given to dry hair.

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Avoid artificial shampoos. To maintain the hair naturally, take 50g each of Carlisle, Sandalwood, Girchali Tuber, Pongan Nut, and Bundle Nut and add it to your hair with the addition of chickpea. Take this and bathe your head. Adding curry leaves, dill, milk, legumes, eggs, fish, mushrooms, oranges to the diet will help to balance the imbalance between the scallops and the finish.

Maintaining a proper diet and preserving health and natural beauty.

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