Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You!

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 1

If you are looking for the best wall mounted hair dryers for bathrooms, we have something that you will surely love. Often you will see these from hotel washrooms, dressing rooms, hospitals, and other establishments. These dryers are very convenient because of their multi-purpose role. Although the price may not be worth it, if you really are on a search, then we have something for you!

The main reason why this is great for establishments because it’s convenient and suitable for commercial use. However, you can also put these in your apartment or your house. That said, we have carefully listed some of the wall-mounted hair dryers for bathrooms just to make sure you can save time searching for this.

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 2Oster Professional
Wall-mounted dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 3
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Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 4Andis 30975
Wall-mounted dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 3
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Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 6Sunbeam
Wall-mounted dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 3
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Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 8Conair
Wall-mounted dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 9
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What is a wall mounted hair dryer?

As the name suggests, this type of hair dryers are for commercial purposes and they usually mounted on a wall for convenience. You will probably come across these particularly in cruise ships, hotels, tourism establishments, hospitals, and other establishments.

They are ideal on these places because it’s specifically designed for commercial use. Although, you can also use this for household use. Generally, they are lightweight, compact, and easy to use, thereby ideal for local establishments.

Benefits of having the best wall mounted hair dryers for bathrooms

You might say that this type of hair dryer doesn’t have a beneficial gain on your end. Actually, there is. Though this may be not the perfect solution if you want a hairdryer, in terms of functionality, this will work in most situations. That said, there are also numerous benefits that this hairdryer can have. And some of them are:

It’s wall mounted

Among the benefits is because it’s wall mounted and it has proper storage, so you don’t have to store this in a special place because it already has a designated area which is attached to the wall. Also, this is excellent because you don’t have any issues with misplacing them, it also prevents theft, and it’s kept from the children’s reach.

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Light and easy to handle

It’s so compact and lightweight to the point that whenever you are using these, your shoulders won’t experience any strain or pressure. Most of these only weigh 1 pound more or less. The handle is very convenient because of the built-in nonslip. This will make sure that the hair dryer will not slip while you are gripping it with a wet hand. In addition, it’s a distortion-free and air-drying experience.


If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider this kind of hairdryer. This may be inexpensive but it will surely work out your hair issues. Sometimes having a fancy dryer is not useful when you can just invest in this especially if you are after the regular hair issues. Also, most of this unit is less expensive than regular dryers.

Some of the prices range from about $25 to $70. With this price, it seems decent enough to have one of these.

Offers an alternative solution

If ever your primary hair dryer gets broken, you can just use your wall-mounted hair dryers for temporary use. You don’t have to worry about buying a new one for the moment because you already have a spare one wherein you can use it immediately if something happens to your hair dryer.

It offers an excellent power saving option

Did you know that most wall-mounted hair dryers for bathrooms consume less electricity than regular hairdryers? Consuming around 1400 to 1600 while regular hair dryers and the fancy ones consume a wattage of 1875 and more. So, if you are among the people who are wary of their electricity bills, then you using this type of hair dryer might be the solution for you.

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You!

Oster Professional Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 10

Our best pick is the Oster Professional Wall Mounted Hair Dryer. The classic-looking hair dryer is often seen in any commercial establishments. This product has more to offer than its classic design.

The fact that it features great technology that is comparable with modern hair dryers. Offering versatility, flexibility, and advanced drying technology. Oster product is great for both commercial and personal use.

This includes tourmaline technology, which is capable of making your heart feels good and look good. Tourmaline is greatly beneficial to hair which quickly smoothen and seals the cuticles of the hair. This allows your hair to become smooth and silky. The motor is powered by 1200 to 1500 watts.

The dryer has great airflow and it’s relatively faster than any other wall-mounted blow dryers. In addition, this unit includes screws and mounting brackets for better attachment on the wall.

All in all, it has a nice and ergonomic design. It has two power settings. The coiled cord gives you more flexibility when drying your hair. Aside from that, it automatically shuts off for safety measures which is another plus for this. Above all, the tourmaline technology in this product is superb.

  • Tourmaline technology
  • 2 Speed/Heat Settings
  • Classic appeal
  • Very handy
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  • None so far

Andis 30975 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 11

Our second-best pick is the Andis 30975 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer. This offers powerful performance that can easily manage your hair pretty well. Besides that, this is very efficient when it comes to consuming energy.

This brand is very quiet in operation. Every professional groomer knows that this brand has more than it can offer. That’s why this is our perfect choice for a wall-mounted dryer.

Besides that, this is powered by 1600 watts. Andis hair dryer offers safety features like built-in lifeline shock protection.

The heat settings are very decent. Comes with 2 are or heat settings and a 3 position switch. Installed with LED light making sure there’s an illumination whenever you needed one.

This unit is painted with classic white for elegant appeal. It’s less expensive than its most counterparts. That said, we highly recommend this because of the mounting plate which secures the wall attachment. It’s energy-efficient. Surprisingly enough, it has a long-lasting motor and offers shock protection.

  • Quiet operation
  • Led night light
  • Sleek style
  • Not durable enough

Sunbeam Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 12

The Sunbeam HD3001 has a classic approach in terms of design. This type of dryers has a feature that is closely similar to a regular hair dryer.

It’s amazing how the settings are adjustable with 2 airspeed and 3 heat settings along with a cold blower shot button. This is quite rare for typical wall-mounted hair dryers. That’s we picked this due to its ideal alternative for regular home air dryers.

This features ionic technology which smoothens the hair and removes any frizzy hair. It’s surprisingly good not to mention its powerful airflow which allows the hair to dry faster.

Powered by dual wattage options which are 1200 watts and 1875 watts. This is able to save up to 35 percent of energy.

You don’t have to worry about the darkroom in the bathroom because of the LED nightlight built-in. You can easily maintain this properly because of the removable lint screen.

All in all, if you are looking for a classic design wall-mounted hair dryers for bathrooms, then this is your choice. Both works with commercial and home use. The maintenance is really easy. Besides that, it operates quietly and features shock protection. For the price, this seems great and very affordable.

  • Include ionic technology
  • Dual wattage
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sometimes the heat is weak

Conair Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers For Bathrooms — 4 Picks For You! 13

Our last but not the least product is the Conair. You will often see this brand among hotels, cruise ships, and hospital locations. Though it’s not fancy-looking, this is very useful and offers a practical solution, for day-to-day hair struggles.

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This is designed to place on the wall for easy storage and keeps the unit securely.

This is easy to install. It has an LED light for a night light. Ideal for any bathroom size. This is also lightweight so you don’t have any problem having this. It functions very smoothly and it’s flexible.

This is powered by 1600 watts. Cleaning this would not be a problem because it’s a removable filter.

Perfect in every hairstyle and ideal for simple hair issues. There’s an auto shut-off function wherein the dryer automatically shuts when placed in the wall-mounted storage. Comes with 2 speed and heat settings. The coil cord is 6 foot

All in all, easy and practical, this is what Conair can offer. The design seems old-fashioned but nonetheless, it functions very well. Apart from that, it has an excellent bright LED light for little illumination in the bathroom. The price is reasonable enough and consumes only 1600W which is relatively low. That’s why we strongly recommend these wall mounted hair dryers for bathrooms.

  • Led Light
  • Auto Shut off
  • 2 Speed and heat settings
  • None so far

Things to consider before buying your wall mounted hair dryers for bathrooms

Before you buy your wall mounted hair dryer, there are some factors that need to be considered. There are tons of wall-mounted hair dryer products out there but only a few have decent qualities.

Of course, you need to look for the best product whether it’s for home use or commercial use. That said, here are some of the main attributes that you need to look at first.

Quiet operation

You should consider a hair dryer that operates silently to avoid any distraction and prevents bothering from guests in hotels, cruise ships, or even at home. Noise-free hair dries provide excellent performance that allows you to dry your hair silently.

Heat and speed settings

Because not all wall mounted dryers are capable of operating with different heat and speed settings, carefully look for products that has adjustable heat and speed settings. This will give you optimal use of dryer with viable options.

Auto Shut off

Among the most important features, you should look at is the auto shut-off. Along with the features above, you need to look for its safety feature. Given the fact that there are some instances where people tend to forget to turn off their dryers.

This can be problematic in the long run and it can pose danger. That’s why it’s important that your product has an auto shut-off feature.

Final Thoughts

Investing in wall-mounted hair dryers for bathrooms can be a bit overwhelming. Because choosing the ideal hair dryer for your business or even just for yourself is not an easy task. That’s why it’s so crucial that you know the factors that must be considered in buying such a product.

Otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong item with faulty features. So, if you are going to invest in some of these, it’s better than you can tell the difference between quality and substandard quality products.

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