Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS!

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 1

Finding the right and best hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair can be a little bit tricky, especially if you don’t know where to search. Also, if you don’t what kind of hair dryer is the best for you. You may think that a regular hairdryer is an excellent choice for you regardless of the features. Well, we hate to say it, but not all dryers are the same. Some have decent quality others don’t. There are some that are for specific hair types. So, what really is for you?

Good thing that you have come across our article. Because we are going to discuss some tips on how to get the right hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair. So if you are still searching for your ideal product, don’t worry anymore. Because we have listed some of the best hair dryers that we could find that suit your specific need. Scroll down and check out what we have got!

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 2HOT TOOLS
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 3
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Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 4DevaCurl
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 3
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Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 6TREZORO
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 7
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Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 8KIPOZI
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 7
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Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 10Drybar
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 7
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Why hair dryers are essential to you?

We have been greatly blessed with amazing technological feats which make our lives so conveniently easy. Among the products that have been affected by technological advancement is the hair grooming device notably the hair dryers. Nowadays, people with long hair needed a quick solution to have their dry faster than relying on air dry.

More importantly, the hairdryer allows you to pre mould the hair for styling. Because is more than just a simple matter when it comes to maintenance and styling.

Using hair dryers might be the best tool you will have when styling. Also, keep in mind that there are actually levels of heat that should be matched to you depending on the condition and the texture of the hair. High heat is for thick and coarse hair type while low heat setting is suitable for thin and fragile hair.

Also, air-drying your hair is not only a slow process of letting your hair dry, but it also poses harm to your hair which causes bacteria to build up in the scalp because of the excessive moisture. And that’s where the hairdryer comes into play. Although you should be very careful about how you use this because too much heat can be harmful to your hair.

In addition, there are many kinds of hair dryers because of the recent development in hair and the technology of hair grooming tools. We are going to tackle some of these various kinds as well as the buying tips and the product reviews, so you will fully get accustomed to the importance of using a hairdryer especially for blowouts on natural hair.

Benefits of using a hairdryer

You will be surprised by how good it is to have a hairdryer. Sometimes it’s the extreme weather such as dust and icy winds that makes you want to turn into hair dry. Because they can become your worst enemy. This is just among the many reasons why hair dryers may be suitable for you. On that note, we have listed some of the benefits of having a hairdryer.

Hairdryers are the base of grooming

Even grooming professionals duly admit that treating the hair with the use of heat always makes the process easy. The fact that the device is so compact and light, allowing you to maneuver and hover in any direction just to make sure the hair is dry. It’s another way to remove any frizzy hair.

Not only that, it can greatly cut down your grooming time especially when you are in a hurry. Using a hairdryer will only take just a few minutes of your time while air drying will take you several minutes to an hour depending on how thick and long your hair is.

Hairdryers are very handy

Hairdryers are very handy (both literally and figuratively). Because of their sheer lightweight, you can bring them along whenever you go. Also, it’s an excellent tool because it’s convenient for styling especially if you travel a lot. Hairdryers with heat adjustments allow you to take control of the heat production. This means that you can easily adjust the temperature according to the hair type you have.

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This will also be your emergency tool when your hair gets frizzy and dull. That said, it’s amazing how beneficial it is to have a hairdryer because it can save you from emergency hair repair damage and also quickens the process of drying time.

It lightens the hair

Hairdryers are designed not only to quicken the process of drying your hair but also they are designed to keep your hair smooth and light. With the heat settings that can be adjusted, a blow of heat will do the trick to transform your hair into something beautiful. Also, if you have thick and curly hair, this will be your perfect companion in your everyday hair problems. Because using this after-shower will make your hair straight much better. It will be easier for you to style your hair afterward.

Hairdryers are a must-have hair grooming tool especially if your hair type is complex and needs regular maintenance. That said, owning one of these will make sure that your hair will retain its pristine condition.

A hairdryer is totally a money saver

If you can style yourself and able to maintain your hair, you won’t be needing a hairdresser from time because you have a hairdryer that is suited to style your hair even if it’s by yourself. Because going to the salon just to fix some minor repairs is costly on your part, not to mention the gas of your car going to the salon.

That said, it’s cost-effective to have your own hairdryer. That’s why people are know how to style and properly maintain their hair buys hair dryers for a quick fix. But if it needs major repair, then you should probably go to your hairdresser to address the problem. Because sometimes it’s much better to style your hair all by yourself.

Your hair will look stunning

Aside from letting your hair dry quickly and effectively, blow-drying is also meant to make your hair beautiful. This will allow your hair to become radiant and smooth. There are some hair dryers that can improve vitamins and tourmaline-infused heating features. Also, there is some anti-static technology that prevents any frizz and flyaways. That’s why using this will make your hair shine and feels silky.

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS!

HOT TOOLS Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 12

Our number spot goes to HOT TOOLS hairdryer. Probably this is what we really love among the rest (sorry for being biased). For us, this is the best hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair.

Because it’s affordable yet it offers premium performance just to make sure your hair looks dazzling and natural even for a complex hair type. We know that you want to achieve the best results for your hair and we know that this will be the perfect tool for you.

This device has charcoal-infused bristles which make you revitalize your hair. The heat distribution in this is even and it’s very effective for quick drying of hair without causing any harm on the hair. Besides that, HOT TOOLS has 2-speed settings and 3 heat levels for a more versatile style.

All in all, if you are aiming for the best hair dryer, then you better try this incredible product. After all, you don’t need an expensive hair styling tool for your ultimate hair care routine, what you need is a decent quality that functions almost excellently and can work your hair almost perfectly.

  • 24k gold styling
  • Charcoal-Infused
  • Bristles Provides versatility in styling
  • Ergonomic design
  • None so far


DevaCurl Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 13

If you are looking for a specific hair dryer that is intended for curly and thick hair, then we have an answer for you. We bring you this DevaCurl hairdryer. This is among the best diffuser on the market right now and even professional stylists will surely agree with this statement.

It may not be as powerful as it seems but, you can safely but that this will do most of the job and tackle most of the hair problems you are dealing with right now.

Like most modern hair dryers, this features ionic technology. It prevents frizzy hair, flyaways, and boosts volume. Perfect for curly hairs who want to have more bounce and shape. Powered by 1600w with an AC motor function. This hair tool has 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings.

DevaCurl hairdryer is very innovative when it comes to design and added features. Not only because it has ionic technology but also its delivers a powerful 360-degree airflow that is meant for curls. Also, this can really speed up the drying process even for thicker and complex hair types.

All in all, if you are after for diffuser, then we strongly recommend this brilliant hairdryer. This works like magic wherein the curly hairs can transform into dazzling and beautifully defined hair. What’s more fascinating is this is ree of SLES/SLS sulfates, silicones, and even parabens.

  • Designed for naturally curly hair
  • Excellent diffuser
  • Prevents any frizzy and static hair
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  • None so far

TREZORO Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair

Master the art of hairstyling or just dabble it with premium quality hair products and hair care treatment. But don’t forget to invest in a hairdryer of a decent quality. Because the quality of your hairdryer will reflect the outcome of your hair.

That’s why we introduce to you the TREZORO hairdryer. This is used by professional stylists but you can also use this for more control with your hairstyle and even treatment.

This hair dryer has great power because it has a built-in advanced ion generator. This means it can greatly reduce frizzy hair and those flyaways can be fixed at no time, restoring also the hair’s smoothness and softness. Because of the ceramic tourmaline technology that’s also present in this hairdryer.

Powered by 2200w dc motor. With this motor, it’s so powerful enough to provide strong airflow which means the drying process is hastened much more. The adjustable settings have 3 heat levels and 2 speeds allowing more control for your style. This is also integrated with two concentrator nozzles. That’s why it’s perfect for any type of hair type.

All in all, if you want to bring a salon to your home, then better invest in a good hairdryer first just like this one. Because someone needs to start with decent equipment just to match up the experience of going to a salon. Plus, you can never go wrong with this product because it has incredible features enough to style your hair without limitation.

  • Built-in ion generator
  • Powerful airflow
  • 3 heat settings and 2-speed level
  • None so far

KIPOZI Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 14

A decent quality hair dryer will save you much time and also will retain your hair’s health. That’s why you should be careful when choosing the best hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair.

There are many hair dryers out there but most of them don’t meet our standard. But the KIPOZI hairdryer is among those products that we surely like and make us include in our product reviews.

KIPOZI has a more adjustable setting which contains 2 speeds and 3 heat settings plus a cool shot button for locking the style. In addition, this features an advanced nano ionic technology. Also, the airflow of this hairdryer is consistent and strong, and it’s ideal for the thick hair type.

Powered by a 1875w motor which is enough to make your hair becomes smooth and silky without any dampness. The cord is 8.2 feet long and the air filter is completely removable, there’s also a safety plug for added precaution. In the package, it includes a concentrator and diffuser.

So, should you buy this? We definitely recommend this especially if you have thick hair. The quality of this hairdryer is really incredible not to mention its overall performance. You can style your hair whatever you want with this hair grooming tool. We know that you deserve a better device for your natural hair and you need to fight off that frizz and flyaways, so consider this among your option.

  • Lightweight Noise noise
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • Features advanced nano ionic technology
  • None so far

Drybar Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 15

Our last pick for our product review is the Drybar hairdryer. We vouch for this because it can perfectly fit in your carry-on without sacrificing a large space.

If you are always on the go and needed to have a blow dryer for emergency purposes, then you should see how this product goes along with you. It’s very portable and it is able to perform well on your hair.

This product is your ultimate travel hairdryer. This delivers a great performance in your hair even for its compact size. Drybar features ionic technology.

This is capable of sealing the hair cuticle and minimize your frizzy hair when in use. Powered by 1200 watt and has adjustable heat settings up to two levels.

In addition, the hairdryer provides balanced heat distribution, so your hair will be dried evenly. Weighs only .36 kg and the handle is collapsible for easy storage. Also includes a logo travel bag.

All in all, even though the size is small, it still functions incredibly. Perfect for travel and if you don’t want the hotel hair dryers. The design is very sleek. In addition, this will surely make your hair turn into its natural look like it’s supposed to be. No more frizzy hair and air drying methods when you can have this. Certainly our among the best hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair.

  • Lightweight Ionic technology
  • Evenly distributes heat
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  • Some reviewer said that it doesn’t have much power

Types of hair dryers

Bonnet Dryers

These bowl-like dryers are applied usually over the head. These types of dryers may come in soft form or hard form. That said, soft form is pliable. You can place and stretch the bonnet dryer over your hair or on your head allowing more control. While the hard form is just in one place and sits on a stand that is positioned on your head while it’s operating.

This is great for hands-off styling, and it’s more suitable for naturally curly hair people. However, they may not be your best choice because the airflow is limited to control and also the direction when styling the hair.

If you want this, make sure you have a space allocated only for this dryer. But if you only have limited space and storage space, this is not recommended for you.

Hair Brush Dryers

As the name suggests, basically this dryer is a combination of multiple tools in one. The air is coming from holes in the middle of the dryer’s bristles. It’s a modified hairbrush and a replacement for a traditional barrel. This type of hair grooming device allows you to style and brush your hair while you are also blow-drying it.

One of the best things about this is that it can save you plenty of time and arm fatigue. It’s also great for thick or curly hair. Although the major downside with this is it doesn’t provide much heat like the normal hairdryer.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers are the most trendy among the types of hair dryers. Because of its amazing features which include negatively charged ions in the dryer. These are strongly preferred because they are capable of blow-drying the uneven texture and also combat frizzy hair.

Ionic hair dryers are mostly coated with special materials for added protection and also to increase their value. Also, these are great because they release less heat compared to other hair dryers that don’t have any ionic technology. The most common material includes is tourmaline. And these work pretty well for personal use and even for professional stylists.

Infrared Hair Dryers

Infrared is also gaining much more popularity same as the Ionic dryers because of their capability and how they perform well. This tool is great because of its even heat distributions. It works by producing long wavelengths of heat, and it passes through the air. Infrared hair dryers are very efficient more particularly in the drying process.

This also often includes components that are typically coated with a material such as a tourmaline or ceramic.

What to look for when buying a hairdryer?

Before owning a hairdryer you should at least know what you are looking for. The fact that the market has many hairdryers to offer and with its tons of products out there, you don’t know where to begin in looking for the right hair dryer for you. That’s why we have listed some of the attributes that you need to look for before buying a hairdryer.

Budget comes first

The price range of hairdryers usually ranges from $20 up to $400. Sometimes the biggest factor that affects your capability of buying lies within your budget. Also, keep in mind that there are various types of hairdryers and you need to make sure that the product you have in mind matches your type of hair and the style of hair that you want to achieve.

In addition, if you are aiming for professional hair dryers, you will need to increase your budget. If you need some basic functions that will get the job done, then $30 to $70 is what you need. So, decide carefully on what hairdryer you wanted.


Another important attribute that often people neglect is wattage. Sometimes will buy higher wattage without knowing what it can do to their hair. It doesn’t mean that you will always need a hairdryer with higher wattage. Higher wattage can increase your consumption of electricity which means a higher electricity bill. Ideally, the best hair dryer’s wattage should be 1800 to 2000. Although if you have thicker and curly hair, you can just opt for higher wattage.

Power and heat settings

Hairdryers with adjustable heat and speed settings should be your utmost priority. Because you can adjust the heat settings according to your liking and it also gives you the freedom to navigate the hairdryer. Above all, it will make your hair styling easier because you have more control over the temperature and also the regulation of the airflow.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with one of these awesome best hair dryers for blowouts on natural hair, you will be able to choose the right tool for you. It can be hard and tedious when it comes to the selection process. But it’s okay if you are having a hard time choosing at least you are thinking about what’s really right for you.

But if you ever feel stuck and don’t have any prior knowledge with regards to choosing the best hair dryer, you can just look to our buying guide so that you can narrow your selection process. After all, this is a great investment for your hair care routine.

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