How To Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes

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Putting on makeup is beautifully fun until it spills and smudges your favorite top. This is an inevitable situation that most makeup wearers face now and then. You might wonder how to get makeup out of your clothes without worsening the stain. 

You are lucky to come across this article. You can remove the stubborn stains on your clothes without becoming a lost cause. Pre-treat the makeup stains before giving them away to the laundry delivery service. Here are some of the stains on removing the makeup stains properly.

Bring Makeup Wipes

It is given when you are fond of doing makeup, and you will always have makeup wipes inside your purse. Luckily, makeup wipes do not only work on your face. It also helps get off the stains from your clothes. 

This is the most used method by makeup artists whenever they smear on clothes and dresses during fashion shows. Makeup wipes are the most effective stain remover on freshly spilled makeup. 

Detergent Pens

This item is solely designed for treating stains on the go. It provides a quick fix for clothes that have stain smears. Make sure to blot off any excess makeup off the fabric before you apply the detergent pen. 

Shaving Cream

Only a few know shaving creams can lift stains. You can apply a squirt or two on the stained area and let it sit for ten minutes. The shaving cream dissolves the stain, and rinse the cream with cold water.

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Rubbing Alcohol

Get a clean white cloth and soak its tip with rubbing alcohol. Rub the tip over the makeup stain; it breaks down the oily and waxy stain.

Apply Ice Cubes

The ice cubes sitting in your fridge will save your clothes. Get a cube and rub it vigorously on the stain. Ice or cold water lifts the stain. When treating a stain, do not use hot water; it settles or spreads the stain on the fabric. 

Soap and Water

The most basic makeup stain remover you can find is soap and water. At times the abovementioned things are not available, and soap and water are the most likely to be on hand. Dab cold water on the stain and apply a small amount of soap.

Gently rub the fabric to allow friction and lift the stain. The blot stain may look worse, but only a proper wash can fully remove the makeup stain. 

Although these makeup stain removers are helpful, you need to do a spot test on your clothes before using them. You are unsure if the color bleeds and you do not want to ruin something so delicate. Thus, always do a spot test on seams that are not visible. 

Final Thoughts

Makeup enhances looks but may ruin clothes. If your clothes are stained with makeup, take care of it immediately to ensure that the makeup did not settle on the fabric yet. After pre-treating your clothes, you can bring them to the nearest laundry service.

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