How to Hide Peeling Skin: Cosmetic Advice

how to cover up peeling skin

Facial skin peeling entails various factors for its occurrence, one of which is skin dryness. Other health-related conditions that may also cause this facial issue are eczema and psoriasis. In connection with this, people experiencing this kind of dilemma usually wear makeup to cover up the skin peel. However, this may even worsen the problem for some. Fortunately, there are useful methods to conceal peeling skin.

Causes of Facial Skin Peeling

Generally, the most common cause of facial skin peeling is dry skin. Yet, there is also a broad range of health-related conditions that can make the facial skin peel off. Below are the possible causes of skin peeling:


Once you get exposed to too much sun, your skin generally becomes red, irritated, and inflamed. This will perhaps flake off little by little to show the new skin to come up.


In essence, skin peeling is a side effect of certain medications. The most common medications that can make your skin flake off are penicillin, seizure drugs, blood pressure medicines, and other topical applications, to name a few.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Typically, seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that largely has an impact on the scalp. However, it can also penetrate the face by creating it to have scales, itchy, redness, and peeling.


Another factor that can cause skin peeling is eczema. It is an autoimmune condition with the occurrence of red scaly patches. Moreover, the peeling can also appear over the face.


Psoriasis is also a skin condition that is chronic. Once you have psoriasis your skin appears white, with scaly patches that suddenly become red and peel. Moreover, the patches can be painful.


This is another health-related condition that occurs once the body does not create a sufficient amount of hormones. It can generally lead to weight gain, body malaise, hair thinning, and peeling skin.


Another chronic skin condition in which the blood vessels beneath the skin break up is the Rosacea. It can also result in swollen, red skin and facial skin peeling.

Staph and fungal infections

These infections are dangerous. Usually, it is accompanied by fatigue, headache, and inflamed skin around the injection site.

Allergic reaction to skincare products, including cosmetics

Generally, those products like moisturizer or foundation that you would apply over your face can block your pores. This may result in swelling or hives. The facial skin may dry up and shed off the moment it becomes irritated. Thus, facial skin peeling occurs.

Deficiency and toxicity to vitamins

There are some vitamins in which insufficiency and toxicity may cause peeling skin. Examples of these are the deficiency in niacin and toxicity with vitamin A.

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Peeling skin syndrome

This syndrome is another health condition but it is rare. With this, patches of the skin develop redness and become inflamed before peeling off.

How to Cover Up Peeling Skin: Applicable Treatments and Remedies

The way how to cover up peeling skin comes in various methods like home remedies and medication from a skincare specialist. However, these methods generally vary as lots of home remedies on how to cover up peeling skin target prevention. Meanwhile, medications and treatments recommended by dermatologists heal that dry skin that is in the process of peeling.

how to cover up peeling skin

How to Cover Up Peeling Skin through Home Remedies

Usually, the most important thing to do in case your skin is peeling is to avoid touching it as much as possible. Most women are taking the opportunity to cover up peeling skin through makeup but that only leads to piling of makeup over your skin. Moreover, it would not lessen the appearance of skin peeling. Additionally, keep in mind that cosmetics may contribute to drying out of the skin thus worsening the skin peeling.

Below are some home remedy tips on how to cover up peeling skin:

USE milk cleaners AND SOAPS

It is generally recommended to use a mild cleanser or at least a fragrance-free soap when you want to cover up peeling skin. Usually, the soap lather over the surface of your skin may lead to drying out of the skin. So, it simply means that if you have peeling skin, better this kind of skincare products. Other examples of skincare products to avoid especially on the facial skin are the antibacterial and deodorant soaps and those alcohol-containing skin care products.


One of the home remedies for how to cover up peeling skin is the application of moisturizer over the face after washing it. The basic washing of the face can generally incorporate moisture into the dry skin. However, you still need a moisturizer so that it can lock in the effects on the skin.


When you want to dry out your skin after washing or in case you want to touch your face, better to use towels made of soft fabric. Remember that rough towels can generally damage the skin.


Another way that generally helps with how to cover up peeling skin based on the recommendations of dermatologists is to take a shower for a shorter period. Aside from that, it is much better to use lukewarm water rather than hot water. Keep in mind that the steam from a hot shower may result in opening up the pores, which can also lead to skin dryness.


We used to grow in rubbing the towel over the face but bear in mind that this is not good for your skin especially when it is already peeling. The best way to dry your peeling skin is to pat it dry. Doing this will generally help in preserving skin smoothness.


To conceal peeling skin and eliminate it, exfoliate correctly. Remember that during skin peeling, never attempt to use a cleanser containing alcohol, alpha-hydroxy acids, or fragrance. Through the use of lukewarm water with a soft washcloth, rub the skin gently over the face.

how to cover up peeling skin

Try to loosen any flaking skin but do not peel the skin. Moreover, incorporate some light pressure in a circular motion. Do these as you move all over the facial skin complexion so that it can help not only on the way how to cover up peeling skin but to lift the skin peel away.

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How to Cover Up Peeling Skin Through Exfoliation?

Skin peeling is hard to treat as it may naturally stop over time. Yet, many individuals are trying to peel off the skin so that the appearance of peeling may be reduced a little. That’s why the use of gentle exfoliants is generally helpful in soothing the peeling skin area. Below are the steps on how to cover up peeling skin using the exfoliating product:

  1. Primarily, the cold water coming from the faucet dampens a piece of a washcloth. To prevent dripping, wring out the damp cloth. Subsequently, open the cloth and lay the cloth over the entire peeling area. Let it stay there for about five to ten minutes so that the skin may cool down. Repeat the process from the beginning, and reapply the washcloth as needed.
  2. Afterward, apply after-sun lotion on the skin on a once-a-day basis. Evenly distribute the lotion all over the area of the peeling skin. Moreover, ensure that the after-sun lotion that you will be using contains biocymentine. Generally, this ingredient supports the reconstruction of damaged skin cells.
  3. Through a clean washcloth soaked in lukewarm water, gently rub the washcloth over the area of the peeling skin. Avoid scrubbing the skin through the use of loofahs or other harsh scrubbers.
  4. Finally, once most of the peeling skin area eventually stopped start the application of lotion with a mild exfoliating agent. This will generally fasten the elimination of residual peeling and skin flaking.

Friendly Tip:

In case you experience pain or itching over the area of the peeling skin, it may be helpful to use a lotion with lidocaine, a mild anesthetic that turns the irritation into numbness.


  • As much as possible, do not go under the sun if the skin peeling does not yet subside. Keep in mind that the new skin growing below the peeling area is still sensitive and prone to burning. It is better to apply sunscreen products before going outside. In cases where the peeling skin is not on the face, wearing long clothes that may cover the peeling area may be helpful.
  • Immediately stop the usage or decrease the usage frequency of facial products that you believe are harsh enough and cause your skin to peel.


With this, start to undergo some facial skin treatment or if you have a current treatment of the said health issue, better to adjust it. The following are the treatments for skin peeling:


Generally, facial skin peeling is the major reason to have a cooling mist or chilled spray over your desk. There are available facial skin products that can make the skin feel cool and provide instant relief from inflammation or irritation.


When you have an air conditioner inside your home, you may find that the windows drip off some amount of water. This is basically because air conditioners suck out the humidity in the air. Knowing this, it is essential to use a humidifier at home so moisture is maintained in the air.

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How to Cover Up Peeling Skin Through Medication and Treatment

It is crucial to confirm if the skin peeling is caused by underlying medical issues. Generally, the largest body organ is the skin, and it is through it that the body wants to communicate with you. These signs are noticeable on the skin’s surface.

That’s why it is important to check if you are not suffering from any skin illnesses that can cause peeling of the skin, such as eczema or psoriasis. To do this, basically seek medical consultation on your annual check-up and add a skin check.

Usually, certain medications can help with how to cover up peeling skin. Moreover, some dermatologists can treat skin peeling by combining medications with certain treatments. Underlying health conditions are generally a great factor in making the facial skin peel off.

how to cover up peeling skin

With this, start to undergo some facial skin treatment or if you have a current treatment for the said health issue, better to adjust it. The following are the treatments for skin peeling:

  • Doxycycline, an acne medication
  • Chemical peels
  • Corticosteroid creams

Step-by-step Process on How to Cover Up Peeling Skin Everyday

The ways how to cover up peeling skin are a challenge. That’s why it is important to treat the skin’s dryness before you jump into the method of covering up the peeling skin. However, in case you already addressed the dryness issue, here is a helpful process on how to cover up peeling skin daily.

  1. Initially, pour a mild facial scrub into your hands with a dime-sized quantity. Distribute it evenly on the peeling skin area and massage it in small and circular directions. Massage the area of the peeling skin basically for about 30 to 60 seconds. Subsequently, rinse the face with cool water until there is totally no fragment of facial scrub remains. Dry the skin by gently patting a soft fabric towel.
  2. Moreover, apply a sufficient quantity of facial lotion or facial moisturizer to your hand. Make sure that aloe vera is the primary ingredient of the facial moisturizer that you will be using. Afterward, gently distribute the moisturizer all over the area of the peeling skin. Let the moisturizer sit over the peeling skin for about 10 to 15 minutes to allow its absorption.
  3. Using a makeup sponge, lightly dabbed a powdered foundation all over the area of the peeling skin. Ensure that the color of the foundation you will be using matches your skin tone. Remember not to rub the sponge all over the peeling skin as it may worsen the peeling issue.

Friendly Tip:

Another way that may help how to cover up peeling skin is to soak a washcloth in a bowl of cold whole milk. This will generally help, as the lipid contents of the milk assist in the hydration process of the skin, thus reducing the appearance of peeling.

To prevent the washcloth from dripping, wring it out and then lay it over the peeling areas of the face, let the washcloth stay over there for about 10 minutes before removing it. Allow your skin to naturally dry in the air.


Avoid using bronzer or makeup products that have dark colors, as it may lead to emphasizing and making the peeling skin look more prominent. Moreover, makeup products with glitter or shimmer should also be avoided.

Final Thoughts

Peeling skin entails various factors in its occurrence. It could be a painful and irritating skin condition that can worsen if the wrong skincare regimen or treatment is applied. That’s why it is important to know the proper ways to cover up peeling skin. There are home remedy strategies and some medications to be applied based on a dermatologist’s recommendation. Just always remember to consult an expert once you confirm that the cause of skin peeling is more likely related to any health conditions.

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