Best Root Pump For Fine Hair-Top 3 Products

Best Root Pump For Fine Hair-Top 3 Products 1

Amazing hair is thick and volumized. When your hair is looking its best, it will increase your confidence and charisma. If your hair is not naturally thick, have no worries because there are tons of hair care products on the market that harnesses the latest biotechnology and ingredients from mother nature. Look for the hair care products that match your hair and guarantees amazing resultsGet only the best root pump for fine hair for luxurious volume and thickness that you can be proud of.

10 Ways to volume up your hair– best root pump for fine hair

Best Root Pump For Fine Hair

Changing your part

When you change your hair part, it will create more volume at the top of your head

Chances are you have a part and a favorite place to part with your hair. The part is where your hair likes to fall in a natural way. However, the problem is your hair is most likely to fall flat in that direction, and you are training your hair to be that way. 

If you flip your hair to the opposite side, your hair’s crown will get instant volume. Do this procedure while your hair is still wet to keep it from looking lopsided. To achieve the most height, try a deep side part on the opposite section when your hair is dry, spritzing some hairspray on to it to keep the hold. The result is a model like look that revives the 80s look. It’s a very sexy look. 

Back brushing 

To create soft volume back brush the under layers of your hair up to the roots.

Teasing the hair has had a bad reputation. This process doesn’t necessarily mean aggressively back brushing your hair with a fine-tooth comb, resulting in tons of tangles.

You can actually achieve soft volume in your hair by back brushing the roots using a soft paddle brush. 

A good technique is to pin up the hair’s upper layers while the rest is back brushed. Work on your hair layer by layer. Hold each layer away from the head tautly and brush it in a downward motion up to the roots in three consecutive strokes. To make the volume last for the long term, spray each area with some hair spray. 

Once you have done brushing and applied hairspray in sections, let the rest of the hair to fall down and leave it smooth.

Blow-dry while your hair is flipped over

If you haven’t perfected your blow-drying method, have no worries because the best shortcut to obtaining volume in hair is simply flipping your head in an upside-down manner. This may sound effortless, but many hairstylists do this method to achieve the ideal look. They flip the hair over after the hair has been dried after a haircut. 

This method works because when your hair is upside down your roots are effectively lifting off your scalp, which is an ideal way for them to dry. When you want your hair to be at least a hundred percent dry, use this method and follow it with a final smoothening using a round brush. However, it should be noted that if you have bangs, you should always dry your hair right side up. 

Boosting your hair roots

You can use a hair product specifically for root boosting on damp hair right before you undergo a blow dryer. 

Root boosting hair products are hair-loving friends. 

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They function as scaffolding to your hair. Root boosters give structure and support for the lift you need so you can manipulate and create near the roots helping you achieve and lock down your style all day long. 

Look for a specially designed product for fine hair so it won’t look or feel weighed down. Apply the product throughout your hair up to your scalp. Make sure that you use the hair care product on damp hair. When hair is dry, the root boosters typically don’t work. After applying the root booster, don’t be afraid to layer on some volumizing products. Add some mousse and hair spray and subject your hair to blow-drying all through the lengths.

Use a volumizing shampoo

Volumizing shampoos won’t weigh your hair down. 

A volumizing shampoo can do tons of good to your hair styling goals. If you’re looking for the best product for your hair, a rule to follow should be to look for clear or translucent products. These products are least likely to contain heavy ingredients that cause buildup. White and creamy consistency and appearance should be avoided. It is highly possible to get the best root pump for fine hair that is volume building and won’t hurt your hair. It is also crucial to be moderate with conditioner. Apply it only on the bottom half of your hair and make sure to rinse it thoroughly. 

Crimp the roots of your hair

To make your roots stand out from the scalp, crimp the roots at the under layers. 

Crimped hair was a big sensation back in the eighties, and now it is coming back for a resurgence but in a more subdued way. Achieve this trendy look by crimping at the roots at the under layers of your locks. This is a great way to turn up the texture of your hair and make it stand out. 

In the end, you will get a soft volume that is natural-looking. 

A big plus of this style is that it only takes several minutes and requires zero to little expertise. The top layer of the hair also completely hides the fact that the hair has been crimped.

Tie your hair up in a bun when sleeping

If you sleep with damp hair and your hair is tied up in a bun overnight, be prepared to wake up with amazing volumes and waves. 

Don’t ditch your scrunchie. This piece of hair tool is useful when you want to cheat and give loads a volume to your hair without applying heat. After you shower at night, put your hair into a high and loosely tied bun while it is still damp. Thereafter secure it with a scrunchie or soft elastic. As your hair dries, it will be lifted off the skull so when you wake up and release your hair, you will be greeted with loads of volume and soft waves. 

Another way to gain volume effortlessly as you sleep is to use a stretchy headband made of fabric. Wear it across your forehead in sections of your damp hair until the hair is completely wrapped up. Secure your hair with pins as needed. Release your hair the following morning, and you will have a glamorous Hollywood level look. 

Dry shampoo your hair

Put on dry shampoo on your hair immediately to prevent oils from killing off your volume. 

Are you waiting for time to pass before putting on some dry shampoo? You may want to reconsider this decision. If you feel that your hair is feeling dirty, your oils may already be killing off your volume. The oils will travel down the hair shaft, weighing down your tresses. 

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Go for a preventive approach by coating your scalp with a dry shampoo layer as soon as you are finished blowing it. When you do this, there is already an oil barrier that will stop the oil in its tracks and help your volumized hair stay and last longer. As a bonus, dry shampoo also gives instant volume to hair. Spray dry shampoo on to your hair throughout the lengths to create texture as well. 

Adding color to your hair

Best Root Pump For Fine Hair

Coloring treatments can roughen up hair cuticles giving you more body and bounce. 

If you do not undergo coloring treatment a little secret from those who do color their hair know that coloring treatments also provide texture. Bleaching the hair adds body since it roughens up the hair cuticles and prevents it from being too slippery. This can be an advantage for someone whose hair is always flat and difficult to volumize. 

However, you don’t have to get an entirely new color for your hair to get the volumizing effect of a color change. If you get a few highlights in your hair’s sub-layers and tone it, you can get just enough boost in your hair cuticle without having to worry about reverting to the normal color of your hair when it regrows.

Top 3 best root pump for fine hair


John Frieda Volume Lift Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion

John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray for Fine or Flat Hair - Instant Root Booster with Air-Silk Technology - 6 Ounces
  • FOR FINE OR FLAT HAIR - John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray enhances fullness...
  • ENHANCES VOLUME IN 1 USE - Maximize the fullness of your hair and obtain maximized...
  • FOR COLOR-TREATED HAIR - Safe to use on color-treated hair and perfect for voluminous...
  • SOFTENS HAIR - Volumizing and weightless root booster spray leaves hair soft with...
  • NEW PACKAGING - Presenting the new Volume Lift collection - formerly Luxurious Volume

This best root pump for fine hair is not only a root boosting hair product but also give a lift up to your roots. It adds volume from top to bottom. The secret formula to this best root pump for fine hair is the air silk technology that gives this hair product a lightweight texture that is silky and makes you feel like you have nothing on your hair. This best root pump for fine hair is lightweight enough to smoothen your crown up to its tips. Even though this hair care product is created as a blow-drying lotion, you can put it on and allow your hair to air dry as well and get the same blowout effects. Just smoothen a little bit of this best root pump for fine hair and let your hair dry. 

Watch as your hair rises literally. 

A lot of reviewers have praised this best root pump for fine hair. Many have used it for a decade on thin hair. They use it this way:

Spray hair when wet and do not blow-dry. Liftoff the roots with your fingers while your hair is still wet. The results of this best root pump for fine hair are strands that feel nice and separated and don’t stick together.  

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This product gives ultra-lightweight results. There is no perceptible stickiness, coating, or powder felt.

Pros & Cons

  • enhances fullness
  • obtain maximized hold full style creation
  • Volumizing and weightless root booster spray
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

Boldify Hair Thickening Spray - Texture Spray for Hair, Stylist Recommended Hair Thickening Products for Women & Men, Volumizing Hair Products, Hair Volumizer, Volume Spray, Hair Thickener - 4oz
  • THICKER, MORE VOLUMINOUS HAIR IN 60 SECONDS! Apply lightly and evenly through damp...
  • UNIQUE NON-STICKY FORMULA - Our super lightweight formula won't leave sticky residue...
  • MADE RESPONSIBLY IN THE USA, RESULTS GUARANTEED - Boldify hair volume products are...
  • MAKES HAIR EASIER TO STYLE - Perfect for use as a pre-styler as it gives a light...
  • GREAT FOR YOUR HAIR - Packed with minerals and nutrients, our thickening tonic’s...

This best root pump for fine hair is a little on the higher end price spectrum. However, this best root pump for fine hair has the added plus of featuring a super lightweight formula that doubles as a texturizer for hair that is thin and straight. 

To use this best root pump for fine hair, just spritz it directly onto your damp roots and air-dry hair or blow dry it. The result of this best root pump for fine hair is a feeling of softness and flexibility without the brittleness that is common in other products. It is also good to know that the formulation of this best root pump for fine hair is paraben-free, so you should have no worries putting it on your hair. 

A lot of reviewers love this best root pump for fine hair. Some users have had hair loss and thin strands. When they use this best root pump for fine hair, instant volume was added to their hair without it being sticky or weighing the hair down. Surprisingly, the volume lasts all through the day. It provides a root lift, which makes the styling experience all the more enjoyable.

Pros & Cons

  • for enhanced thickness and instant volume
  • gives a layered, textured finish
  • provides a light hold that looks great and lasts the entire day
  • No negative reviews so far

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Garnier Fructis Root Amp Root Lifting Spray Mousse

Garnier Fructis Style Root Amp Lifting Spray Mousse, Extreme Hold, 5.0 Oz, 1 Count (Packaging May Vary)
  • Extreme Volumizing Power: Needing volume right at the roots? Garnier Fructis Root Amp...
  • All Day Mega-Lift: Formulated with cotton flower extract, this powerful root lifter...
  • Perfect Root Lifter: This spray mousse is an effective root booster for hair volume....
  • Over 100 Years of Pioneering in Hair Care: Since 1904 Garnier has blended naturally...
  • Inspired By Nature: Garnier carries an array of products for your hair and skin care...

This best root pump for fine hair creates miracles for all types of hair. To use this best root pump for fine hair, just place a small dime-sized amount on to wet hair and massage directly up to your roots. After applying this best root pump for fine hair blow-dry your hair and create tons of added volume in a short time. Unlike other hair care products out there, this best root pump for fine hair won’t create build up so your locks will be left soft and fresh all through the day. This best root pump for fine hair is affordable and will only cost you $4. This popular product is a total steal. 

Many reviewers love this best root pump for fine hair, especially those with thin and limp hair. After towel drying their hair, they spray the products on to the hair up to the roots. They enthuse that this best root pump for fine hair doesn’t leave their hair feeling greasy even if they spend days without washing. They claim that the product gives their thin hair much-needed volume and lift.

Pros & Cons

  • Helps Boost Volume
  • With extreme volumizing power
  • No product buildup
  • No negative reviews so far

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Final Thoughts


You don’t have to be a victim of dull, thin, and dry hair. The best root pump for fine hair can give you instant luxurious volume for an unforgettable crowning glory. Liberate yourself and style your hair any way you want and know that the best root pump for fine hair is backed by the latest technology and the best ingredients mother nature offers.


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