How long does taking biotin for hair growth take to show results? The answers are in our guide.

How long does taking biotin for hair growth take to show results? The answers are in our guide. 1

When it comes with thinning, growth and loss of hair, biotin and hair are always linked together. Most people experiencing this kind of hair dilemma found help in the form of biotin. And actually, biotin seems to perform its job better in recovering hair loss. However, for first-time users, you may be wondering about biotin for hair growth how long to see result?

As we go along, we will share how long it takes to see the result in using biotin. Aside from that, we will also give some brief information about biotin and what is its effect on the human body. We also have here some of the natural ways for hair growth stimulation. Let’s check them out below!

Natural Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth

Here are some natural ways on how to stimulate hair growth. However, how long to see result may generally be far more different compared to biotin for hair growth.

Coconut oil

Nature has a lot more to offer in order to make you feel beautiful and look beautiful. One of these is the coconut oil packed with numbers of benefits, nutrients and antibacterial components. It generally conditions the strands and smoothens it when placed over the hair. Aside from that, it restores the damaged hair, cleanses the scalp, and fastens the growth of the hair.

Aloe vera

Aloe is one of the best medicinal agents for the skin and hair because of the high amount of vitamin E that it has. Women suffering from hormonal changes may experience hair loss and the use of aloe vera may be very beneficial to them. 

Just simple put an ample amount of fresh aloe vera onto the scalp. Let it stay there for about 30 minutes to 2 hours. You can also combine it with your favorite conditioner after shampooing.


This fruit generally contains high levels of vitamin B2 thus it provides extreme antioxidant properties on the body. Additionally, it also supports around 70% of hair growth. 

Castor oil

Another natural oil that is extremely good for health is castor oil. This oil has ricinoleate, oleate, and linoleates. Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 9 are the other vitamins and nutrients included in castor oil. All of these have antibacterial properties that can generally beautify the skin and hair. The best way for using castor oil in stimulating hair growth is as annealing cream. 

Grapefruit Peel

The peel of grapefruit can be boiled to make shampoo. It can also be distilled to make an essential oil out of grapefruit peel. Both of these methods are highly effective for hair growth stimulation. 

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Green tea leaf

Green tea contains high levels of vitamins and minerals along with its antioxidants and bactericidal properties. Because of this, it can actually beautify and enhance the appearance of the skin and hair. Aside from that, you can also achieve a clean, dandruff-free hair which is comparably stronger and thicker than the normal.


This pure and natural moisturizer is also an antibacterial agent that doesn’t only enhance the resistance of the body. It also has a beautification effect over the skin and helps to achieve a healthy scalp and stronger hair growth.


The function of lemongrass is to give nourishment to the hair and fights against bacteria within the hair follicles. This generally prevents the occurrence of dandruff which leads to lesser hair shedding and faster hair growth. Aside from that, the lemongrass scent will actually help you feel relaxed after bathing.

What is biotin for hair growth?

Before we dig in knowing biotin for hair growth how long to see the result, we initially need to have sufficient knowledge about biotin. Generally, biotin may be a new word to many, yet, it is maybe due to the fact that you do not really have time noticing it. Biotin is actually present in nature in small amounts through the foods that we eat. It can be found on banana, nuts, eggs, mushrooms, and avocado.  That’s why supplementing it may generally be easy.

biotin for hair growth how long to see result

Moreover, biotin also has various names that professionals are using within the medical or pharmaceutical field. Some people may already encounter the term coenzyme R [2], vitamin B7 or vitamin H. These are basically the other terms for biotin. Aside from the natural occurrence of biotin on the food, it can also be found through supplements over the pharmacies and online stores.  

However, some professionals in the medical field are prescribing biotin with an appropriate dosage that you need. Meanwhile, the manufacturers actually provide the usage and dosage of biotin for hair growth to determine how long to see the result.

Biotin deficiency

The lack of biotin may generally lead to illness and some diseases. That’s why it is also important to know this aspect before dealing with biotin for hair growth and how long to see result. Primarily, vitamins including biotin may do well to the human body. In case, this vitamin is lacking, the hair and nails would generally be affected.

Basically, lacking biotin causes immediate hair loss and nail brittle. Moreover, biotin deficiency may also escalate to more serious problem like diabetes and high blood pressure. This may actually be possible if it is not treated in a timely manner. 

But, biotin deficiency is actually very rare. Remember, this vitamin is present naturally in most food. Aside from that, the amount of it that is needed by the body is generally small. So, the best solution for this is to have a healthy diet and eat well. To avoid the lowering of biotin level inside the body, you need to incorporate biotin-rich food in the diet. 

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Moreover, it is also crucial to take note that the body is capable of recycling biotin that has already absorbed. Knowing this, it is actually good to work well with medical professionals to come up with an eating plan and enough biotin dosage that will work for your needs.  

Biotin for Hair Growth and Its Other Effects

Biotin is actually important in many body functions which means that aside from hair growth, it also has an impact on other body parts. These functions include the conversion of body energy, fetus development during the stage pregnancy, and nervous system activities. Being a vitamin, biotin is generally good for overall health and wellness. 

Generally, it acts to alter the food coming from glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids which in turn produces body energy. This actually has a positive effect over the hair, skin, and nails that are the reasons why it is commonly known as the beauty vitamin. 

For several years of studies, it shows that biotin has a big role in hair growth. It generally targets a wide range of thin hair community of people. However, this depends on a certain individual and their personal consumption in order to achieve their goal.

A “Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study” conducted last November 2017 revealed that biotin, on a nutritional level, helps to elevate hair growth. This study also suggests that biotin for hair growth how long to see result may seem improvements after 90 to 180 days.

Generally, biotin contains a substance that primarily acts in protein metabolism located on the roots of the hair and cells of the fingernails. In case you have weak and unhealthy hair follicles, biotin for hair growth can be used but how long to see result depends on your own desire.

biotin for hair growth how long to see result

Biotin Dosage for Hair Growth

Actually, as of the moment, there is no official dosage recommendation for the daily consumption of biotin. Based on studies, identifying the appropriate dosage of biotin depends on two major factors. These are the age and the health conditions of the individual who will have to take the supplement. Aside from that, these factors may also affect how long to see result of biotin for hair growth.

Moreover, the prescribed biotin would also be based on a specific case of the individual. Meanwhile, supplementing biotin for hair growth all by yourself must need a guide for the dosage limits. Take a look below:

Adults 18 years old and above: 30 mcg

Young adults 14 to 18 years old: 25 mcg

Children 9 to 13 years old: 20 mcg

Children 4 to 8 years old: 12 mcg

Children 1 to 3 years old: 8 mcg

Children 12 months old and below: 7 mcg

Pregnant women: 35 mcg

Biotin for Hair Growth How Long to See Result

Biotin consumption for the purpose of hair growth may not give a result immediately. Moreover, the result may also vary depending on one person to another. Usually, how long to see the result for using biotin for hair growth ranges from about a week until 6 months. Below are the results that can be experienced after a specific time frame.

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One Week of Using Biotin:

Actually, when you use biotin for hair growth and asked how long to see result, you may find out that a week of usage may not provide a noticeable outcome. Do not expect any changes yet during this period as the vitamin level is not yet enough to create changes over the hair and skin. The body generally utilizes biotin for activating essential body processes. Moreover, during this period, the body accelerates the level of biotin by taking supplements and eating foods rich in it.

A Month of Using Biotin:

During this stage, you may be glad as some changes in using biotin are already visible. Yet, as what we keep on saying, the result varies depending on an individual. Some people may see slight changes that may lead them to have a cloud nine feeling. But there are others that waiting for its result may only just be a dream.

However, you need to be calm and patient. Aside from that, just keep on using or taking your biotin supplements regularly.

2 Months of Using Biotin:

After two months of biotin supplementation, you may now notice some clear results. The color and the strands may look different at this moment. Aside from that, there is noticeable hair growth as a sign of how long to see the result from biotin usage. With this, biotin for hair growth how long to see result may take up to two months to possibly notice visible changes. This is actually a satisfactory period as thicker hair and reduction of breakouts can be seen.

3 Months of Using Biotin:

Generally, at this moment, you will not only recognize any changes but others will do as well. Biotin for hair growth will lead to overall hair and skin improvement for three months in determining how long to see the result. Most likely, you will highly enjoy this stage. Your hair will actually look great and you will generally get complimentary comments from the people around you.

4 Months of Using Biotin:

The four months of using biotin for hair growth may bring generally huge changes. There will be a noticeable outcome in the length, texture, color, appearance, and growth of your hair. Aside from that, the hair will be longer, darker, and shinier. Generally, there is a big transformation in terms of quantity and quality that are highly noticeable.

6 Months of Using Biotin:

How long to see the result when using biotin for hair growth? Usually, the six months period may give well-replenished hair follicles and roots. Basically, this is not related to the appearance of your hair anymore. Because of this, it marks the end stage of supplementing biotin regularly.

Final Thoughts

Hair thinning and hair loss is actually the most common hair problems of many. And when it comes to choosing products related to these mane problems, biotin is actually o the rescue. Biotin is generally found on the foods we eat as it occurs widely in nature. However, most people are asking about biotin for hair growth how long to see the result.

Actually, the result of using biotin for hair growth highly varies from person to person. You must need to have enough patience while taking this supplement. Aside from that, you must have to keep on taking it based on the recommended dosage. With that, you might achieve great looking hair that you desire.

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