How long do permanent hair extensions last? What is the specific timeframe?

How long do permanent hair extensions last? What is the specific timeframe? 1

Permanent hair extensions generally have the objective of providing fuller and naturally-looking hair. It also comes with different types that can apply to your needs and lifestyle. Also, the duration of time that hair extensions stay on the hair depends on each type. So, how long do permanent hair extensions last?

In this blog post, we will reveal the exact time frame in which the permanent hair extensions hold into your natural tresses. Here are also helpful ways that you may consider doing so that may lengthen the time duration of the hair extensions. But, before that, let us try to figure out the important considerations to remember before having hair extensions.

Important Rules to Keep in Mind Before Getting Hair Extensions

Since then, hair extensions have gone a long way to defend its reputation. In terms of quality and technology, hair extensions already had made a blowout. So, aside from providing extra length or volume to the tresses, hair extensions also come with various styles such as the clip-in bangs. Although getting hair extensions is enticing, you just need to have an idea about the rules of hair extensions. Knowledge of these rules would also be a factor in determining how long permanent hair extensions last.

1-Lifestyle consideration

Different types of hair extensions may or may not suit the lifestyle of the user. That’s why aside from knowing those types of permanent hair extensions you also need to consider your lifestyle here. For instance, there are tape extensions that stay in place with the help of strong and good-quality adhesive tape. If you would ask how long permanent hair extensions last based on this type, well, it could strongly stay on the hair for a maximum period of 8 weeks.

The keratin hair extension is another type of permanent hair extension. It usually works by attaching the hair extension strands into a high-tech process that utilizes sound activation and attachment of keratin. That unique binding process is one of the factors that determine how long permanent hair extensions last. Typically, this permanent hair extension type lasts for 3 months or so.

However, if you are having a hot yoga routine most of the time, then the keratin permanent hair extension is the best one to use rather than the tape-in extension type. On the other hand, the tape-in hair extension would be perfect for those who frequently change their hair color. So, taking time to consider your lifestyle is a good idea to make your permanent hair extensions last longer.

2-Go for the appropriate color match

Having an off-shade permanent hair extension is a little bit odd to flaunt. So, to get the right color match for your hair strand, better to check on the color of the ends and not of the roots. Aside from that, also check the most prominent color within your hair strand and go for it.

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3-Always choose quality

The synthetic type of hair extensions is the most budget-friendly among the hair extension options in the market. However, they have an extremely shiny appearance and easily tangle out. Due to that, their look is unnatural.

There are hair extensions in the market that come from the highest quality. Some of them resemble real manes which also hold different hairstyles and textures similar to those of the natural tresses. So, it is better to check on the market with this type of hair extension. Remember that no one should notice that you are wearing hair extensions.

4-Perform regular maintenance

how long do permanent hair extensions last

Hair extensions also need regular washing just the same as natural tresses. Doing so will generally help to lengthen the duration of how long do permanent hair extensions last. In washing your permanent hair extensions, gentle shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate and paraben-free are ideal. Moreover, in shampooing, focus on the roots while starting the process from the middle down to the tips when you are already conditioning it.

It is also important to ensure that your permanent hair extensions are completely dry before you use any heat styling device. Make sure that the heating tools are not directly concentrated on the keratin bonds or the attachments of other types of permanent hair extensions. Another thing to consider here is going to bed with a dry hair extension.

5-Know how long do permanent hair extensions last

Some women who were used to wearing hair extensions complained that this hair product can damage the natural hair. Well, this tends to be true when the hair extensions are not removed properly. Keep in mind that you should have to maintain those hair extensions within the specified period. Search or ask the hair stylist how long permanent hair extensions last.

Generally, you can never wear the hair extensions for around 3 months if they are just intended to last for only 6 weeks. Moreover, make sure that you are not wearing very heavy hair extensions if you want to prevent mane damage. Remember that heavy hair extensions may cling to the natural tresses and will weigh your hair down causing it to shed too much. It is highly crucial to know that hair extensions should never fall and should not cause pain.

How Long Do Permanent Hair Extensions Last Based on the Type

Permanent hair extensions are the type of hair integration that stays longer on the natural mane. Meaning to say, when you opt for this kind of hair extension, you will have to wear it for a longer period. Additionally, you do not need to wear it off even if you will be going to bed.

However, there is a specific time frame in which this hair extension should cling to the tresses. So, how long do permanent hair extensions last? Since there are different types of permanent hair extensions, the duration of attachment of these hair integrations varies.


The keratin bond hair extension is also known as the “fusion or pre-bonded hair extension”. It works by attaching the extension to the roots of the natural mane. Usually, a heating tool is utilized to attach the extension to the natural hair strands individually. The result of this type of permanent hair extension will be fuller and naturally looking hair.

Typically, the duration of how long permanent hair extensions last based on this type is around 3 to 4 months. Well, it highly depends on the way you take care of it. The way you wash it, the frequency of styling it with a heating device, and the use of the appropriate hair brush are all included in its caring process.

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Also known as microbead hair extension, the small sections of the natural mane are taken off for the attachment of tiny hair wefts. It generally does not use glue or heat application. With that, the length of time how long do permanent hair extensions last is around 3 to 4 months. Treating them with extra caution is highly important because of the attachment of beads to the tresses.


how long do permanent hair extensions last

Based on this type of permanent hair extension, you will generally see adhesive tape on the end of the extension. This tape usually acts to adhere this hair product to the roots of the natural tresses. Well, among the other types of permanent hair extensions, this tape-in hair extension tends to be the most popular one. This is due to the heatless process of hair extension attachment.

How long do permanent hair extensions last? Basically, the tape-in type, stays on the hair for a period of 4 to 8 weeks. The good news is that you can generally tape back this hair extension for another period provided that they had been taken care of very well. If that’s the case, you will have a newer and fresher look of tape-in hair extensions.


Initially, the process of having a sew-in hair extension is through braiding the natural hair into cornrows. Afterward, this hair extension will be sewn through the braids using a needle and thread. This type of hair extension is generally suitable for those who have thicker hair.

For this type of permanent hair extension, the time how long permanent hair extensions last falls within 6 to 8 weeks. However, the maximum time to enjoy a full weave extension is about 4 months. This is because of the possibility that it may affect the growth of the natural tresses.

Ways of Taking Care of It to Achieve How Long Do Permanent Hair Extensions Last

Regardless of the type of hair extensions you opt to wear, maintaining them is generally crucial. Moreover, to be able to cover the time frame of how long permanent hair extensions last; here are the appropriate ways to take care of it.

*Replace hair extensions based on the specified time duration

Although you are taking care of your hair extension using the best ways to maintain it, you cannot generally wear that same extension over and over again. For instance, the sew-in type of permanent hair extension can last up to two to three months if properly handled with care. Moreover, regular visits to the hair stylist may also work best here.

Also, it is highly recommended to replace the hair extension for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. This may generally vary based on the rate of your hair growth. Highly consider this regardless of the type of hair extension as this will prevent matting and tangling.

*Attach the hair extensions correctly

Primarily, one of the triggering factors that may define how long permanent hair extensions last is the way it is attached. Make sure that only a professional hair stylist will install the hair extensions. They are trained to do the proper method of extension application. Keep in mind that the number one cause of hair damage about hair extension is improper installation.

*Always wash your hair

Even with a hair extension on, you can still and you should always wash your hair. Always take the proper steps in taking good care of the hair and the scalp. However, you should not wash the hair extension as often as you would on your hair and scalp. Frequent washing of the hair extension will generally lead to loosening of the hair extension installation and it could also affect the duration how long do permanent hair extensions last.

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The recommended washing and conditioning schedule of the hair extension is usually every other week. To a lesser extent, hair extension washing and conditioning must also be done once a month. Moreover, do not ever try to over-shampoo and condition the roots of the tresses because it will also shorten the attachment of the extension to the hair. This generally applies true on microlinks and keratin bond permanent hair extensions.

Aside from that, always be gentle on the natural hair roots during cleansing, especially on the said hair extension types. Too harsh washing won’t make these hair extension types last that long. Hair products that are hydrating and delicate to the hair are also helpful in lengthening the duration of the hair extension attachment.

The next step to washing and hair conditioning is allowing the hair to air dry. Doing so will generally put less pressure on the natural tresses. Using a blow-dryer necessitates its use on the lowest heat setting.

*Sleep over silk or satin fabric

Sleeping with the hair extensions on can be properly managed by wrapping the hair in silk fabric. Alternatively, you can also sleep over silk pillows to avoid dryness. Here is a simple guide on the appropriate things that you can do to prepare the hair extensions before sleeping:

  1. Gently brush the position where the hair extensions are attached through the use of a small brush with a soft bristle.
  2. Tie the circumference of the head by making use of a silk scarf.
  3. Afterward, tie within the back and make a knot close to the forehead. That way, the hair will also go in the same direction.

*Brush the natural mane every day and every time the extensions are taken off

how long do permanent hair extensions last

Brushing the hair regularly is a helpful way to tangle out those mats and knots. A paddle brush is generally useful for those with straight hair extensions. Moreover, if you have curly hair, a wide tooth comb or detangling brush is the best product to use.

*Do not use various hair products

Here’s the catch, knowing the proper use of a product generally makes it a good one. So, if you are using a straight hair extension or a silky and non-synthetic one, a simple product is already enough. Since the hair is already straight they stay pretty perfect as well. It is also better to use products that are only limited to heat protectants, shine spraspraysy, and dry shampoo.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: If you put on hair extensions, you should not leave it greasy starts from the roots. That’s why it is always important to wash your hair on a regular basis. Wash it just enough to cleanse it and do not allow any grease. But, when you opt to wash the hair, just only do it in the shower and not during the bath.


A: Well, the application of hair extensions should be professionally done by a professional hair stylist. However, if you have no time to visit the salon but don’t want to procrastinate to have naturally sleek hair, you can apply the extensions on your own through a glue gun. The fusion method or the keratin bond hair extension type can be installed using a hot glue gun.


A: Definitely, yes! The use of glue on hair extension installation can generally cause damage to the scalp. And, the worse, the damage can be a permanent one. According to beauty experts, hair glues act by blocking the breathing out of the hair which, in turn, block the pores of the scalp. With that, it can ultimately result to damaging the hair follicles and, at the same time, dries out the hair.

Final Words

Permanent hair extensions usually last on the hair for a longer period compared to the temporary type of hair extension. However, the length of time that permanent hair extensions last on natural tresses basinds on its type. Aside from that, the proper ways of taking care and maintaining them can also affect their long-lastingtheir durability. So, it is highly better to take good care of them to elong-lastingy its long lasting natural look.

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