5 Best Heat Protectants For Relaxed Hair

best heat protectant for relaxed hair

Styling with high heat will take its toll on your hair. And if you have relaxed locks, extreme heat will make the treated hair prone to breakage, frizz, and damage. This is the reason why you should always use the best heat protectant for relaxed hair.

Take note that styling should never be at the expense of your hair health. Aside from taking it easy with the heat level, you should also utilize protectant products. While heat protectants aren’t absolute solutions, it greatly reduces the damaging effects of heat.

In this post, I reviewed 5 of the best picks that you can consider for your next styling:

1. OUR TOP PICK: Redken One United 25 Benefits Heat Protectant Spray

When it comes to the best heat protectant for relaxed hair, I highly recommend the Redken One United. This formula provides 25 benefits, functioning as a leave-in conditioner, heat protectant, primer, detangler, and more. It’s a Holy Grail in my beauty kit that I always keep handy whether I’m styling or not.

This heat protectant contains coconut oil to naturally moisturize relaxed hair. Overall, this product is made for manageability, beauty, and protection. You simply can’t beat those benefits at this price range.

Redken One United All-In-One Leave In Conditioner | Multi-Benefit Treatment | Heat Protectant Spray for Hair | All Hair Types | Paraben Free
  • Redken One United is a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant spray for all hair...
  • Sulfate free, paraben free and no heavy waxes for lightweight, instant results....
  • Leave in conditioner that instantly nourishes and detangles. Helps prevent heat...
  • With Keracare and Coconut Oil. Can be used as rinse-out treatment to provide...
  • Treatment improves manageability, protection, and beauty. Conditions, nourishes, and...

Moreover, this heat protectant provides instant results for damaged hair. I sometimes use this as a hair moisturizer on the go, and it really gives a nice bounce on my locks. It’s not greasy as long as you don’t spray too much. It also lasts long in every application, not to mention the great smell.

If you’re styling aggressively using heat, you should keep a bottle of Redken One United handy. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

However, some users complain that the rosy smell is quite overpowering. To each their own, I think.


  • 25 benefits in one
  • Blended with coconut oil
  • Excellent smell
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  • The detangling power isn’t at par with an actual detangling spray.

2. Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Spray

Another heat protectant spray I recommend for relaxed hair is the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense. It has argan oil and extracts from rosemary, yarrow root, spotted cranesbill, sage, and more. It’s a natural blend that will protect your hair from excessive heat while providing a moisturizing effect.

This heat protectant shields your hair from thermal damage to 450F. It also has a weightless finish with no hold, so your relaxed hair will look and feel natural.

Another thing I like about this Morroncaoil heat protectant is its signature scent. It smells like musk with spicy amber mixed with sweet florals.

Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant, 6 Fl. Oz.
  • Infused with Argan Oil
  • Thermal Protector
  • Weightless Formula

If you have relaxed African American hair, this heat protectant is an amazing choice. I’m addicted to this product, which smells much better than Moroccanoil’s lotion and oils.

Back in 2018, this product won the Best Pro Leave-In Award from Glamour and Must-Have Haircare Product of 2018, courtesy of Influenster. All of these speak for the quality and protectant benefits of this spray.

Take note that a little goes a long way with this heat protectant spray. The only issue I noticed is that it takes a lot of force to press the spray nozzle.


  • Blended with natural extracts
  • Protects for up to 450F
  • Ideal for African American hair


  • The spray nozzle is hard to press.

3. Living proof Perfect hair Day Heat Styling Spray

If you’re looking for a lightweight heat protectant, you can consider the Living proof Perfect hair Day. This heat styling spray provides a long-lasting benefit for up to 48 hours without the nasty silicones that attract dirt.

Aside from that, the Perfect hair Day protectant spray is suitable for all hair types. It’s also safe for chemically treated hair, like colored and relaxed locks. It doesn’t have parabens, silicones, or phthalates that could irritate your scalp.

I also like that this is a PETA-certified cruelty-free formula. It’s completely vegan and can protect your hair from temperatures up to 450F.

Moreover, this spray has a cationic blend that conditions while reducing static buildup. I also like the ultra-fine mist for equal application throughout the hair.

The only thing I’m not so fond of with this spray is its smell. It has a strong alcohol odor that you have to put up with, especially if you have long, relaxed hair. I also noticed that the spray nozzle gets clogged if you spray it multiple times in a row.

Despite that, this heat protectant spray works well. It’s also held up longer than other sprays I’ve tried before.


  • PETA-certified cruelty-free
  • It lasts for up to 48 hours
  • Safe for chemically-treated hair


  • The odor can be improved.

4. ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray

If you want to save some bucks from the other options I reviewed here, you should consider the ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray. This lightweight spray offers a no-product look finish to prevent weighing down your relaxed hair too much.

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Aside from that, this thermal protector spray has protecting polymers and conditioning ingredients. This will keep your hair nourished while you style with high heat.

The ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray also lifts the hair cuticle for a smooth finish. It’s a good choice whether you’re making curls, waves, or simply blow-drying your relaxed hair.

ghd Bodyguard Heat Protectant for Hair ― Heat Protect Hair Spray, Lightweight Formula for Healthier Looking & Feeling Hair ― 4 fl. oz.
  • GHD HAIR HEAT PROTECTION SYSTEM ― Combines protective ingredients and conditioning...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA ― For an invisible, no-product feel that's nourishing on hair...
  • THERMAL PROTECTIVE LAYER ― Creates a thermal protective layer over the surface of...
  • SUGGESTED USAGE ― Spritz from root to tip and comb through before heat styling with...

This is a paraben-free product with ghd’s Heat Protection System. It also improves the texture of the hair, though I’d still use a separate conditioner for those with dry hair.

I like the scent of this hair protectant spray, but avoid overdoing the application, or it will start to smell funny. Nevertheless, it dissipates quickly, which is good for those who don’t want strong-scented products on their hair.

Also, it tends to get greasy if you applied too much. I suggest spritzing a small amount at a time to prevent this problem.


  • Heat Protection System
  • Paraben-free formula
  • It doesn’t weigh the hair down


  • It smells funny when you applied too much.

5. Truss Amino Miracle Heat Protectant Spray

My last pick for this roundup is the Truss Amino Miracle Heat Protectant Spray. Sure, it’s more expensive than other options here, but hear me out.

While it’s more expensive than others, this heat protectant delivers thermal protection, anti-frizz benefit, conditioning effect, and a lot more. It also helps repair hair damage through its keratin protein and amino acid blend.

Aside from that, this has a Color Lock System which protects your color-treated hair during high-heat styling. It’s also a good choice for other chemical treatments, like relaxed hair.

TRUSS Professional Amino Miracle Hair Heat Protectant Spray - Powerful, Anti-Aging Leave In Hair Treatment and Detangler Spray to Deep Condition + Smooth Knots (225 ml)
  • Powerful Thermal Defense - We designed the Amino heat protection spray for hair that...
  • Repair + Protect - This leave in hair treatment uses amino acids and keratin proteins...
  • Condition + Detangle - You can use this gentle hair detangler spray as a daily...
  • How to Use - If you're using this heat protectant spray on dry hair, be sure to spray...
  • Trust TRUSS - Today, TRUSS hair care products can be found in more than 22 countries....

If that’s not enough to convince you, this heat protectant also helps detangle knots and boost hair elasticity. It’s like an all-in salon treatment in a bottle.

This heat protectant also contains hazel, almond, starflower, sunflower, and St. John’s Wort’s oils. Such a natural blend makes it gentle on the hair but tough against excessive heat. It also has a nice smell that’s not too overpowering.

The only thing I noticed is that you have to spray a lavish amount for the best results. But since it comes in a 7.61 fl. oz. bottle, this isn’t a big issue.

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  • Multiple benefits in one
  • Color Lock System
  • Blended with keratin protein and amino acid


  • It takes more amount to achieve the best results

How to choose a heat protectant for relaxed hair

When it comes to relaxed hair, the following are the things I consider before buying a heat protectant spray:

Look for maximum heat protection

For relaxed hair, you need a product that can put up with excessive heat. I always look for a heat protectant rated for up to 450F. This guarantees that my hair won’t get damaged during high heat styling.

Usually, heat protectants use a blend of silicones to coat the hair and seal the cuticle. Dimethicone, for one, helps keep your hair smooth while preventing moisture loss. Another common ingredient is cyclomethicone, which has a moisturizing benefit that coats the hair.

Check if it’s safe for chemically treated hair

Another thing you should definitely check is if the product is suitable for chemically treated hair. You wouldn’t want your relaxed hair to get ruined with the wrong choice of thermal protector.

Usually, most color-safe heat protectant sprays suitable safe for relaxed treatments. Still, you should double-check, especially if you have damage-prone hair.

Opt for a product that hydrates

Next, you should look for a formula with conditioning and hydrating benefits. This will keep your hair frizz-free after styling. Moisture loss is a big problem when drying or straightening, which can easily ruin relaxed hair.

If possible, look for a heat protectant blended with oils, natural butter, glycerin, or Aloe vera. This will give your hair added conditioning, so you only have to use one product for two purposes.

Consider the finish

Some heat protectant products I’ve used before tend to weigh down the hair too much. This is something you need to avoid if you have relaxed hair.

Look for a product with a ‘no product finish or lightweight formula that’s not too greasy. This way, the spray won’t mess with other hair products you’re planning to use.

Consider the smell

The scent of the product is often a make-or-break part of many people. When it comes to heat protectant sprays, opt for light and tolerable scents. Sometimes, you need to put up with a strong odor if it means having topnotch protection for your hair.

Nevertheless, there are many options in the market with a gentle scent and excellent heat-protecting benefits. Besides, the choice of odor is a matter of personal preference.

Check the spray nozzle

Lastly, always check the spray nozzle of the product. My biggest pet peeve is a product with a spray nozzle that keeps on clogging. While the product is good, it’s frustrating if you can’t apply it properly.

The heat protectant should have a nozzle that sprays an even mist all over your hair. This ensures proper coverage and coating without being too heavy on your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you put heat protectant on dry or wet hair?

A: Most hair protectant sprays should be applied on dry or damp hair. Never spray it on wet hair because the moisture will strip the protectant away as it drips off your hair. Make sure that you squeeze out as much moisture as possible from your hair before using this product.

Q: Are you supposed to wait for the heat protectant to dry?

A: Before you start using hot tools, it’s important to let the heat protectant adhere to your hair first. Give it 3 to 5 minutes to dry before straightening or heat drying. If you don’t do so, your hair will sizzle and will likely sustain damages.

Q: Do you need to use a heat protectant before diffusing?

A: While a diffuser will spread the heat throughout your hair, it’s still advisable to apply a heat protectant when using high heat settings. This is crucial for chemically treated hair and those with brittle locks.

Q: Can you use heat on your hair every day?

A: You should limit the use of hot tools on your hair as much as possible. It’s no secret that extreme temperatures will damage your hair, especially if you use it too often. You should still avoid using hot tools frequently, even if you’re using a heat protectant.

Q: What does heat-damaged hair look like?

A: Heat-damaged hair is often frizzy, hard to manage, and dull. You’ll also notice split ends and brittleness. And even if you can style it, the damaged hair can hold the look for long. This is the reason why you should always apply a heat protectant before using hot tools.

Q: What happens if you don’t use a heat protectant?

A: If you don’t use a heat protectant, your hair will suffer damages due to excessive heat. The hot tool will literally fry your hair, which will have an irreversible impact on your hair health. Even if it’s just low heat, I still suggest using a heat protectant all the time.

Final words

When it comes to your hair, you should never skimp on protection. You should always use the best heat protectant for relaxed hair before reaching for your straightener or blow dryer. While it’s an added expense and step on your hair care regimen, you’ll thank yourself for going the extra mile.

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