Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair- Top 3 Products

Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair- Top 3 Products 1

If you are ready to go for a new style and get unicorn colors to stick to your hair, you will need to bleach your hair. Shifting to a lighter colored hair requires you to undergo a hair bleaching process. If you want to achieve results right in your home instead of a salon, you should follow the correct procedure for a successful outcome. The best hair bleaching kit for dark hair can liberate you from dark locks and give you the freedom to choose sparkling light shades or just about any color on the rainbow.

Best hair bleaching kit for dark hair–can I just dye my dark hair directly?

Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair

If you have light-colored hair, to begin with, going blonde or lighter is fairly easy. But if you have midnight black hair or brunette hair, it will be an entirely different ball game. Transforming your dark locks to lighter locks, whether dyed or natural, cannot be attained without undergoing a hair bleaching process. Bleach doesn’t work in the same way as a hair dye, although both products transform color. Dyes injects pigments into the hair but does not break the bonds crucial for the dark pigments to happen. Layering another color over dyes is not possible. Thus, the importance of bleach comes in.

Strips color 

Instead of changing the hair color directly, which attacks the pre-existing color, it opens up the hair cuticles, which allows the perfect base for dyeing hair. It uses a chemical compound called hydrogen peroxide, which infuses the hair with oxygen making it alkaline and opens up the hair cuticles. In this process of oxidization, molecules break the bonds of the atoms, which gives color. These atoms are otherwise known as melanin.

Because of its efficiency at removing hair color, bleach is an often-used chemical treatment before hair dyes. The result of bleach is a blonde shade, so some people just leave it as it is. The bleach transforms the shade of your hair, depending on how long you leave it on.

It will first turn into a reddish hue, then a light-yellow shade and finally a pale blonde hue.

Best hair bleaching kit for dark hair–Types of Hair Bleach

Oil Bleach

Oil bleach is based on a type of sulfonated oil, the primary ingredient of which is hydrogen peroxide. This ingredient is mixed with volume developers and other activators, which promote lightening effects. An oil bleach can give lightening effects of up to three shades.

This type of bleach is great for targeting roots. It is also great for creating highlights.

Cream Bleach

Creme bleach’s consistency is thicker compared to oil, nor does it drip nor run. As a result, it is easier to apply. The Thickening agents are mixed with conditioners that minimize hair dryness.

Although cream-based bleaches do not provide quick results, using it gradually turns your hair color shades lighter so you can stop when you have achieved the shade you desire.

Powder Bleach

Powder bleaches deliver quick action compared to other products. The process involves making a paste out of the powder. You combine the developer, the main ingredient of which is peroxide, to get a thick consistency. You have to be careful using this bleach type since it has zero conditioning ingredients and may end up drying your hair completely.

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Unknown facts About Hair Bleaching– best hair bleaching kit for dark hair

Bleach will dry out your hair

Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair

It is a fact that bleach will completely dry out your hair, so you have to have a good conditioner handy at all times. Before bleaching treat your hair to an ultra-moisturizing process that will stop possible hair damages. If your hair has just been color-treated, you may need time to pass before allowing chemicals to touch your hair.

Patience is the key

A safe way to bleach your hair without sacrificing its health is to bleach in separate sessions at two- or three-week intervals. In this method, your hair can be given rest after each chemical treatment. Hair that has never been chemically treated will be fine with one session color treatments.

Bleached hair is high maintenance hair

Once you have bleached your hair, its properties will change, making it porous and elastic. It will be less soft. If untreated, this may make your hair prone to split ends and breakages. Moisturization is very crucial after bleaching.

You may have to go on regular salon visits for hair trims and conditioning treatments to promote hair health. Other treatments also keep hair healthy, and this is something you can buy in beauty aisles and drugstores. A good example are restorative masks that restore the structure of your hair.

It should also be noted that your hair cuticle may change. You will have to stick to shampoos conditioners and other hair care products that are protein-rich and sulfate-free, so your hydration needs will be met.

If you use styling tools, frequently make sure to apply a heat protectant prior to styling.

Different hair types mean different reactions

Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair

Once you bleached your hair, you will lose its natural texture. A common outcome would be fine hair will turn out rougher and thicker while if you are curly-haired, the bleach will turn it into a wave pattern. If you want to return to your hair’s original texture, go for leave-in treatments that will heal the damaged protein bonds, and stop breakage.

You can’t go back to dark

When you have stepped into a lighter shade of hair, you can never go dark again. Bleached hair will only accept lighter shades. The only way to get your natural colored locks back is to cut it off or outgrow the bleached hair. If you need to grow out your hair, you can use growth vitamins and supplements. Before committing to a color, you can always test the bleach on a small area of hair. Dab a little bit of the formula on your hair area and leave it there for up to 5 minutes. Repeat the process until you have achieved the desired shade. If you feel uncertain or have questions, go to a professional colorist.

Best hair bleaching kit for dark hair—bleaching hair at home

If you want to bleach your hair at home, you can simply purchase a hair bleach kit. If you have a kit, it makes the process simpler since everything you will need is there, including bleach powder, developers, gloves, and instruction. Bleaching instructions will differ from brand to brand.

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However, to give you an overall idea, you will need to combine the bleach component and developer. After that, apply the formulation on to your hair, but be careful not to get this stuff on either your skin or garments. As you finish applying the bleach, leave it on your hair for up to 30 minutes. The length of time the bleach will have to stay on your hair will vary depending on the base color of your hair and the brand you are using and the type of developer and whether your hair been previously bleached.

Once the bleach is ready to be removed, you will have to shampoo and condition your hair completely to eliminate the product. Many bleach kits have free conditioner, so be sure to use it and apply generous amounts of conditioner to your strands. When the bleach is washed off completely, air dry your hair and look in the mirror and see an instant transformation.

Top 3 best hair bleaching kit for dark hair


Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is perfect when you want to go blonde with your natural hair color. Apply this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, and it will turn your hair at least seven shades lighter. It is recommended that for you to get the best results with this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, you should remove any hair highlights. If your hair’s base color is black or wheatish, then you might have to bleach several times using this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair.

Wella blonder best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is a professional level product. However, you don’t need to have a colorist license to purchase this bleach.

This is a ready home kit that you can use right away, and all you need is to know the tip and tricks of applying this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair to get professional results.

This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is powder type, so when you apply it, you will give a silky-smooth feeling to your strands. Another advantage of this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is its anti-dust formula, making it safe for your lungs. Plus, it results in intense, vibrant shades.

Pros & Cons

  • Intense and vibrant color results
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Gentle-on-hair results
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach

L'OREAL PARIS Quick Blue Powder Bleach, 16 Ounce
  • Delivers Faster and Brighter Superior Lightening Powder.
  • Extra Strength Lightening Action Lifts Up To 7 Levels.
  • Dust-Free, Non-Drip Concentrated Formula.

L’Oreal quick blue powder bleach best hair bleaching kit for dark hair contains at least a pound of finely powdered bleach. It has an anti-dust property, which makes it safe for your lungs. This is a professional-level product, so it is crucial that if you are using it on a client, they are not left with a dusty feeling during the bleach’s application.

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This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is exclusively made for salons by L’Oreal. It is meant to be used by professionals. However, the good news is the product is now available for the public as a home bleaching kit.

If professional experts are using this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, then it is certainly a good option as a home kit.

Who wouldn’t want salon level products for their home hair bleaching projects?

The advantage of this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is its mild smell. Bleaching is a time-consuming process, so a lot of professionals go for products with little or zero smell. The same will apply to you as well since you wouldn’t want a product that leaves behind a bleach chemical smell after the application.

Pros & Cons

  • Delivers fast and bright lightening results
  • Lifts to 7 levels
  • Dust-Free
  • No negative reviews so far

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Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

MANIC PANIC Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit - 40 Volume Developer + Bleach Powder Hair Lightener For Dark Hair + Lifting up to Seven Levels - Vegan And Cruelty Free
  • Forty Volume Cream Developer; This Hair Bleaching Kit Lifts Hair Up To Seven Levels;...
  • Dust Free Bleach Powder; The Dust Free Bleach Powder Helps To Gently Prepare Hair For...
  • Hair Bleach Kit Includes; One Dust Free Bleach Powder; One Forty Volume Cream...
  • Cruelty Free And Vegan Formula; This Bleaching Kit Features Vegan Ingredients Tested...
  • Intended Use; This Hair Bleach Powder And Forty Volume Cream Developer Is Intended...

Manic panic flash lightning best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is a dust-free hair bleaching product. It comes in fine powdered form. This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is a good option for people who want to achieve darker to lighter shades. However, it is crucial to slowly use this product to achieve the desired shade to maintain hair health and avoid damage.

In this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, all the required bleaching equipment are included along with the main hair bleaching products. Once you open this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, you will find the mixer box, developer, hand gloves, and plastic cup. A tinting brush is available too. Overall, this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is ideal before you get multi-colored shades on your hair.

This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair will lighten up your hair’s color by seven shades. You may end up with brownish to dark blonde shades. If you want to undergo dye treatments after bleaching, this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair will be of great help. You need to apply this product frequently if you want to go lighter.

A blue toner is included in each kit. These extras are crucial to coming up with professional style outcomes. There are detailed instructions included so you can apply the main bleach properly as well as the accessories.

Pros & Cons

  • this kit prepares your mane for intense hair dye colors
  • Ensures the hair lifts evenly
  • achieves medium blonde to very light blonde results
  • No negative reviews so far

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Final Thoughts


Once you have achieved your desired light blonde look, you can turn up the magic on your hair. The latest technology infused into the best hair bleaching kit for dark hair can make your locks ready for the trendiest colors. Experimenting with your look has never been so easy. With a little know-how and choosing the best products on the market, you can achieve dramatic transformations.


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