Are Hand-Tied or Machine-Weft Hair Extensions Better?

If you want to learn a new trendy extension technique that looks as spectacular as possible and does not harm your health, pay attention to sew in extensions with hand-tied wefts.

Hand-tied wefts are sewn by hand, while machine-tied ones are made with special equipment.

Read in our article about which type of weft to choose and where you can buy such hair extensions.

What did You need to Know About Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Let’s start with how to work in sew in extensions technique.

  1. At first, the stylist should make a thin and neat braid around the head of his client. This braid should not be too tight, otherwise, you can create excessive tension in the root area. At the same time, the braid should not be too loose.
  2. Then, hand-tied or machine wefts are sewn into this braid.
  3. A client wears beautiful hair extensions until the next reapplication procedure. 
  4. During the reapplication procedure, the hair stylist first removes the weft and then unbraids the hair. Note that hand-tied wefts cannot be cut with scissors, otherwise the hair from this bundle will unravel and shed. As the machine weft, it can be cut because it is one continuous weft of hair that the hair stylist cuts into smaller pieces to customize it for different head shapes before the extension procedure.
  5. Then the process repeats: the stylist makes a new braid and sews hair extensions into it. 
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It usually takes at least 3 hours to make this type of extension. 

Let’s consider in more detail all the features and advantages of hand-tied wefts:

  • Safe for health 

This is a hand-made weft, it is thinner and lighter than a machine weft. Thanks to this, it is more comfortable for your customers to wear and they also should not worry that the heavy weight of extensions will cause hair loss.

In addition, while doing such extensions the stylist does not use hot iron: so high temperatures will not damage natural locks.

  • Maximal comfort

Hand-tied wefts are not felt in wearing. 

You can make any hairstyle you wish: a bun, a braid or a ponytail and feel as if you had such hair always!

In addition, you can style your hair with a hairdryer, use curlers and irons and do not worry that they will damage your hair. 

The fact is that in other extension techniques (fusions or tape-ins) bonds and tapes can be damaged by high temperatures. If a keratin bond or glue in the tape is melted, it can negatively affect both the hair and the time of extensions wearing.

  • Natural look

Large bonds, micro rings or tapes can be noticeable. If you want to make your hairstyle look as natural as possible, choose hand-tied wefts. 

The weft is fixed around the head with a thin braid that is invisible under hair. 

  • Time of wearing

If you have previously made extensions with bonds or tapes, you probably know that the length of hair is reduced with every reapplication procedure. Hair extensions are trimmed in the bonds area and then re-applied.

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With sew-in extensions, this does not happen: wefts are just unsewn and then sewn again into a new braid. You won’t lose a single centimeter of hair length! This is especially important for customers who want to wear a certain length for a long time. 

Machine Weft Hair Extensions vs Hand-Tied Extensions

Machine wefts have several disadvantages if compared to hand-tied extensions:

  • As a rule, such bundles are heavier. This does not suit many customers, especially those who have naturally thin hair.
  • Machine weft is always larger than a hand-tied one.
  • Hand-tied weft is created by hand, the process takes more time and therefore it costs more. Machine weft is cheaper and this is one of its advantages. 

To buy the best hand-tied wefts, visit the online store of the Canadian brand I Love Slavic Hair.

Here you can buy ready-made hair bundles, as well as make an individual order and get an absolutely unique product, tailored to all your wishes.

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