How to Grow Out Highlights Gracefully: A Guide

How to Grow Out Highlights Gracefully: A Guide 1

Whether you want to cover the greys or just aim for a new kind of hair shade, we always wanted to have healthy, colored tresses. You may always opt to turn back the natural color of the hair. The problem is that you do not have an idea of how to grow out highlights gracefully.

In this blog post, we will reveal two of the most common ways of growing out the highlights in a more graceful manner. Moreover, some tips are worth noting, so it would be better to check them all out here! See which one suits your preferences!

2 Best Methods on How to Grow Out Highlights Gracefully

Highlighting your hair is one of the most important hair-coloring strategies that every woman desires. However, there will come a time when you will find yourself already a slave to those highlights. Well, it is a slave to maintaining the beauty of your highlights, making them look perfect at all times. The proper care for highlighted hair is to touch up the hair roots every two months, which is in conjunction with the appropriate hair care regimen.

One of the most basic ways to maintain the perfect look of a highlight is to wash it out with cold water. When I said cold water, it was cold enough that you could tolerate it even on winter days. Yet, you may still be wondering: What are the other ways to grow out highlights gracefully? Here are two of the best ways that you may consider growing out your highlights in a graceful manner:

Growing Out the Highlights Gracefully Method #1: COLOR OUT THE ROOTS

Well, one method how to grow out highlights carefully is to apply hair color to the roots. But keep in mind that a graceful way of growing out the highlights is to apply a hair color similar to that of your roots. By doing this, you will be able to go back to the salon after just a few months.

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*Step-by-Step Guide on How to Color Hair to Grow Out Highlights Carefully:

how to grow out highlights gracefully
  1. Part your hair into sections within the middle so that you will be able to see the roots.
  2. Place the gloves and mix the developer and the hair dye that can be found inside the kit.
  3. Apply the mixture into the hair roots.
  4. Get a coloring brush and comb the mixture into the highlighted hair gearing upward the ear lobes through short and long strokes. Remember that irregular hair brushing will help in producing more even color in between the highlights and the hair roots.
  5. Allow the hair dye to sit in your hair for around 40 minutes.
  6. Afterward, rinse the newly dyed hair with lukewarm water.
  7. Apply the post-color treatment eventually.

You will observe that the roots of your hair are gone once the hair is completely dry. And, at the same time, your highlights will grow out gracefully. Moreover, here are some other tips and dyeing techniques on how to grow out highlights carefully.


Generally, the baby lights will provide a more natural look when you opt for growing out the highlights gracefully. This is a subtle hair coloring technique that highly resembles the gentle yet dimensional hair color naturally seen over children’s hair. Babylights will add some shimmer to your highlights and blend out the roots and the colored hair naturally


Lowlights hair coloring technique is another way how to grow out highlights gracefully. In this hair dyeing technique, the natural color of your hair roots will blend well into the lighter tresses. That generally gives off a multi-toned appearance. Aside from the objective of spacing out the highlights, lowlights will also even out the entire color of the hair for a naturally-looking mane.


In case your hair roots seem to be darker than that of the highlighted hair, consider trying the Balayage or Ombre style. This hair dyeing technique will blend your tresses into a natural gradient effect. Moreover, it will also keep out the harsh difference between the new hair roots and the old hair highlights.


The glaze is a semi-permanent hair dyeing technique and also a great method on how to grow out highlights gracefully. This is also a more delicate way of filling the hair roots. However, take note that glazing your hair will not hide the roots. This technique will make the roots less obvious and produce a nice shimmer to the hair.

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Growing Out the Highlights Gracefully Method #2: HAVE A NEW HAIR CUT

Well, if touching up the roots is not a thing for you, the best way how to grow out highlights gracefully is to have a revolutionary change. Cut your hair and be brave enough to flaunt a new look. This does not mean that you will have to shave up your mane or something like that.

Changing your haircuts or playing the Bobs, natural layers or long Bob cut will generally do the trick. Moreover, these haircuts will also blend well with the dark roots. The outcome of growing out the highlights gracefully would be a trendy, cool look.

Just allow your highlighted hair to grow for just about a few centimeters until you already notice the roots. Wait for about 3 to 4 centimeters to come out. Once the roots are already visible, you can head up to your fave salon. If you are not familiar with the Bob haircuts, you may ask your hairstylist for pictures of them or search for them online.

That way, you or the hairstylist may figure out if the said hairstyle will look good for you. But the good thing is that Bob cuts adapt to all types of hair and any shape of the face. For instance, long bobs are ideal for shoulder-length haircuts. Meanwhile, if you opt for short bobs, you will generally have ear lobe length cuts. And layered cuts will give you a fresh and wavy look.

Tips and Tricks on How to Grow Out Highlights Gracefully

If you are getting sick of those hair re-growths and the occurrence of two-tone tresses, you can strategize by doing some of the following helpful tips and tricks:

Allow it to grow and tint afterward

how to grow out highlights gracefully

Well, if your highlights grow out, fixing it turns out to be quite different. It is such a challenging task if you are highlighting too much, coloring the tresses into a lighter shade, or making the tone return back to normal. The good thing is that the method of doing so is not that complicated.

Initially, you just have to allow the hair to grow for about 2 to 3 months. Looking that way will generally allow your hairstylist to identify the natural color of your hair. From there, they will suggest making a tint back into a color shade that is similarly the same as that of your natural hair color.

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Primarily, apply filler to the hair to replace the missing pigments required by the darker color shade. Generally, the filler is a semi-permanent hair color that is spread onto the hair before the application of permanent hair color. This shade is something like copper or orange. However, some filler is already incorporated into the formulations of the permanent hair color.

Keep in mind that proper hair filling as a way how to grow out highlights gracefully guarantees that the hair tone is distributed out evenly. Moreover, that also prevents the hair from getting the hair green or muddy. Yet, it is always better to get a professional hair coloring service for the tint back process.

Get help from the professionals

For a period of 2 to 6 months, you may generally require more than a single color appointment. This is generally based on your previous hair highlights, the porosity of your hair, and its complete health. It is better to collaborate with your hairstylist to guarantee that you are taking proper care of the highlighted hair. You may also ask them for the requirements that can be of great help in achieving the best outcome.

Highlights that also tend to get darkened call for a tint back. But then again, the process of tinting also involves different steps. With that, discuss it with your professional hairstylist. Make sure that your hair has already grown out for about 2 to 3 months before your salon visit.

How to Grow Out Highlights Gracefully: A Guide 2

Moreover, a regular tint back process is a way to remove the darker highlight color. This is achievable through lightening through the applications of the soap cap method or color remover technique. You may then apply a color toner into the natural color shade once the darker hair color is already lifted into your preferred natural level.

Now, once you already tinted the hair back, what you’ll need is to allow it to grow. Treat it the same as that of the colored hair. By one-half inch per month, the hair grows naturally. However, maintaining the long length of your tresses will need you to wait for years before having the true “natural” growth of your mane.

Final Words

Having grown-out highlights may generally require you to do some challenging tasks. Yet, the good news is that there are some helpful ways to grow out highlights gracefully. Strictly follow the methods and techniques we stated above, and for sure, you will have a naturally beautiful mane and highly manageable trees. What do you think of the different methods we have here? Are there any other techniques that you use to grow out the highlights that you think should be included in the list? Please share your thoughts with us!

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