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The Best Tips to Look More Fashionable for College Students

College life comes with many social pressures; one such is having a good dress sense when one enters the premises. However, it doesn’t have to be a tedious activity. You can have fun while dressing up fashionably. The following article comes with the best tips to look more fashionable.

The Best Tips to Look More Fashionable for College Students 1

Keeping It Simple Always Works

One of the biggest mistakes college students make is overdress. Yes, being a college student isn’t about wearing a dress shirt and formal pants to college and is not a sign of fashion. If you want to learn how to dress like a college student, keep it simple at college. Even though you might be tempted to overdress, you will end up looking like a clown. Go for simple, minimalistic clothing instead of fancy items that are too much in the face.

Go for a nice T-shirt with a comfortable pair of jeans. You have to spend a lot of time in college, so there is no point in wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in. don’t go for uncomfortable heels and prefer sneakers that allow you to walk around on campus from class to class.

There is no shame in softening your look. It isn’t a fancy dress competition. Some other items you can wear are printed T-shirts that don’t seem too bright for educational institutes, a lovely dress with sneakers, or comfortable trousers with a simple shirt. It looks fashionable, yet easy to carry!

Tight on Budget? No Worries

Dressing up well is one of the greatest joys of life. But, of course, as a college student, you must be running on a budget. It is already challenging to make ends meet during this phase of life, let alone shopping for clothes now and then. But you must note that to dress stylishly, and you don’t have to break the bank. So here are some things you can do to steer clear of splurging on clothes yet look fashionable.

The Best Tips to Look More Fashionable for College Students 2
  • Go for clothes that aren’t associated with high-end brands because they cost far more than local shops.
  • I prefer local clothing that is stylish and affordable.
  • Consider purchasing clothing items during a discount season with multiple sales to save money.
  • Don’t shy away from thrift shops with new clothes or clothes that have only been worn once. You can find some great items there if you have an eye for fashionable material!
  • Go for bundle deals like three shirts in one pack because that way, you save money and get more items to dress up! Also, don’t worry about the quality; some things are cheaper and offer excellent quality.

However, if you still feel you are super tight on budget, you can work for online writing firms where students ask companies to write my no plagiarism essays. it can help you get your hands on some extra bucks, and you can work on your writing talent and put it to use.

Your Body Type Matters for Dressing

Understand that fashion is versatile. Something fitted doesn’t always have to be fashionable. Most of your style sense is determined by how well you dress while keeping your body type in mind; loose clothes look amazing on specific individuals, while on others, they look like there is a person inside a grocery bag.

You can do some research on your body type, and the first step is deciding what your body type is. Once that is out of the way, you should learn more about what suits people like you and which attire is comfortable according to your body. Based on that, get yourself loose or fitted clothes and make your way to your college.

Dressing according to your body isn’t body shaming yourself. It is called being smart to choose the best for yourself. For example, clothes for college students are a sensitive issue because you have to attend the place every day, so go for the best possible attire to feel confident!

Your Body and Hair Require Care.

Fashionable clothing isn’t merely about purchasing multiple items you can throw together to complete an outfit or going to the best clothing stores for college students. Your hair and body have a lot to contribute.

The Best Tips to Look More Fashionable for College Students 3

Going for excessively complicated hairstyles can take up a lot of your time, and let’s face it, most students don’t even get it right the first few times. Instead, go for simple hairstyles like keeping your hair down or a high ponytail. You can go for nice pigtails or a French braid if you can pull it off. An excellent hair bun is great for hot summer days that bring sweat! Guys can avoid using hair gel every day by washing their hair and lightly blow drying it.

As for your body, keep yourself in shape to look fashionable and confident. If you have a sweet tooth and gain weight quickly, hit the gym frequently to keep yourself toned. If you’re on the skinny side, you can add a few more calories to your diet to maintain your shape. It’s healthy for you to stay fit too!

Discounts and e-coupons Are Life Savers.

To keep yourself on top of the college student fashion game, you should stay as economical as possible. There is no need to waste money; instead, you can go for coupons to cut costs! Additionally, there are some great discounts on stores now and then to sell more.

You should benefit from these e-coupons and shop online to avail the best discounts out there. Student styles shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. You can also persuade the cashiers to give you discounts and dig out some old coupons for you to save some extra cash or waive off delivery charges.

Read Fashion Blogs and Magazines.

You are going out outfit ideas aren’t enough when one has to go to the same place and meet the same people every day. So, the best way to keep yourself updated is by reading about fashion regularly. Blogs and magazines can keep you in touch with the latest trends and help you dress up decently too. You can visit different websites, too, if you want to find ways to turn older outfits into something new and out of the box.

With these simple steps, you can take your style sense up a notch and get ready for the compliments that will come your way for your incredible sense of style. First, make sure you’re comfortable with the fashion statement you choose for college. Then, these tips will surely turn the table for you.

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How to Style Hair: Best Tips for Men

How to Style Hair: Best Tips for Men 4

Styling hair can be quite an intimidating process because of how many products are available out there. Some men who feel more confident not only style their hair but also cut it with professional hair clippers. Whether you cut your hair on your own or you go to a salon, learning how to style your hair at home is a must to make it look good every day. If you don’t know where to begin, these recommendations will help you.

Blow drying your hair

The first step after washing your hair is to blow dry it. If you want to achieve the right shape, you can’t just leave it dry on its own. Some important things you should keep in mind at this stage are:

  • Apply a heat protectant in the form of spray or serum to protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Comb your hair into the desired shape and make sure you define your part.
  • Next, you should use a round brush to pull parts of your hair up and out while blowing the air right into it.
  • If you want to get the most volume possible, you can try blow-drying your hair in the opposite direction and then smoothing it down.
  • An important tip is to finish blow-drying your hair with a cold setting. This will make your hair shinier and also set the hairstyle into place.
  • When it comes to products, you can choose those that should be applied to wet hair, or you can use a spray for dry hair.

Is your hair thick?

The thickness of hair and its texture affect how you should style it because the results can be completely different. If you have thick hair, it is best not to cut it too short if you want to get a good shape with a good volume.

Some of the styling recommendations for thick hair include:

  • Use a vented brush while blow-drying your hair.
  • You should always go for strong hold products that are designed with thick hair in mind. This may include waxes, hair clays, or pomades. If you also experience frizzing, it can be a good idea to add an extra hair serum before you apply a styling product.
  • Don’t forget to use a special clarifying shampoo about once a week to get rid of the product buildup.

Is your hair thin?

If you notice that you have thin hair or experience hair loss, you should take this into account when styling your hair. You may want to try getting a haircut with faded sides and more volume on top. This type of hairstyle hides the top of the scalp and makes your hair look thicker.

The styling tips for thin hair are:

  • You should always use a heat protectant before blow-drying your hair.
  • One of the tricks you can implement is to use a comb to get the part right and then use a brush to make your hair more voluminous.
  • When it comes to hair products, you should always use a high-quality pre-styler that will boost your volume. For a stronger hold, you can also apply a thickening spray right at the end.

Choose the best technique for your hair

Styling your hair can be a fun process when you know what to do. It is important to consider the texture of your hair, its thickness, and how much volume you want. With the right approach, your hair can look like you just came back from the barber.

How do you style your hair? Do you have any tips to share? Please, tell us what you think in the comments below.

Hair Loss Management Tips From the Experts

A quick look around your circle, and you will find people of different ages battling hair loss daily. The more complicated our lifestyles get, the more impact it has on the health of your hair as you have to put up with inconsistent sleep patterns, poor nutrition, and increasing stress levels. 

Naturally, you may have tried different hair loss products, but none of them may have worked before. The industry is filled with a host of hair loss solutions and products, but most of them are just marketing gimmicks so you can part with your hard-earned money in the hope of restoring your receding hairline.

Hair Loss Management Tips From the Experts 5

If you fit the above description, do not be alarmed, as we are here to help you. We have put together some expert tips to help you manage hair loss and restore healthy hair. 

  1. Take control of your stress levels

You can explore many different ways to manage your stress levels, such as getting enough sleep, exercising, and practicing self-care through activities like yoga or meditation. Managing stress levels can significantly slow down hair loss, especially when you are affected by alopecia areata, which is a form of hair loss where the immune system attacks your hair follicles.

This problem causes inflammation in the hair follicles, which results in hair shedding. Reducing your stress levels makes it easier for hair to fight against inflammation and enhance the natural growth cycle.

  1. Visit a Dermatologist

Hair loss comes about as a result of many different factors. Finding the course early enough allows you to take charge and Gain control of the situation. Dermatologists are doctors trained in diagnosing conditions that affect the hair, nails, and skin. They can carry out various tests to determine the cause of the problem and provide a reliable hair loss subscription and treatments for the condition. If you have trouble finding a reputable dermatologist, consult with your doctor or a close friend that has worked with one before.

  1. Avoid Traumatizing your Hair When Washing and Conditioning

Hair that is shedding off or staining is highly fragile and can quickly get damaged. If you are suffering from hair loss, dermatologists recommend using gentle shampoos since some stronger shampoos can drain all the moisture from your hair. Also, try to use moisturizer conditioner after shampoo since they coat the hair strands reducing split ends and breakages.

Additionally, you can invest in a high-quality detangler or leave-in conditioner. By using this after every wash, you can reduce split ends, breakage, and frizz. After washing your hair, use a microfiber towel to dry it faster and reduce the amount of time taken blow-drying.

  1. Use Supplements When Necessary

If your body is low on some nutrients, you may experience hair loss. The standard nutrients whose deficiencies result in hair loss include protein, biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and iron. You can use a blood test to determine the amount of healthy nutrients you have in your body. If you do not get enough nutrients from your food, consider taking nutritional supplements.

However, you should always consult with your primary care physician before purchasing any supplement. If you do not have any nutritional deficiencies, taking supplements may result in surplus nutrients which may cause health problems.

  1. Take Better Care of Your Hair

Regardless of the cause of your hair loss, if you need to stick to a suitable hair care routine to reduce thinning and breakage and maintain the health of your hair. You can achieve this by wearing a satin cap or using satin pillowcases when sleeping so that you do not break your hair when tossing and turning in bed. You can also limit the use of hot styling tools that cause hair breakage. Harsh bleaches and dyes can also break your hair.

In addition, you should avoid having your hair in extremely tight ponytails or other similar styles. They often result from hair loss, referred to as traction alopecia, where the hair is detached from its root. Limiting washing your hair to three times every week also makes it more robust and less fragile.

  1. Treat Any Underlying Conditions
Hair Loss Management Tips From the Experts 6

You can find a lasting solution to your hair loss problems by treating any underlying medical conditions you may have. Conditions such as hypothyroidism are some of the common causes of hair loss. You can also experience hair loss due to specific drugs or hormonal imbalances. By managing underlying medical conditions, you can slow down hair loss or even regrow your hair.

In conclusion, not all hair loss remedies or treatments work. It would be best to get to the bottom of the situation to know exactly what you are dealing with before you start battling hair loss. Failing to address the situation early may result in more severe problems. Visit a board-certified dermatologist today and learn more about your hair loss problems and some of the ideal solutions.

Why Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler The Top Choice Of Professionals?

Why Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler The Top Choice Of Professionals? 7

Dyson hair styling appliances may be pricey, but they are worth every single penny. There is no reason why you should not invest in great tools for your hair, especially if you can get amazing results in just a matter of minutes. The Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete is one tool that is highly rated by professionals and amateurs alike and the styler really does what it was advertised to do, and more. If you have the Airwrap or planning to get one, here are some of the hairstyles you can easily achieve with just one styler.

Voluminous, Everyday Curls

Why Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler The Top Choice Of Professionals? 8

Every good hair styler should be able to curl your hair with ease and that is exactly what the Dyson Airwrap styler can do. If you want to achieve voluminous curls that are great for every occasion, first prep your hair with a volumizing mousse. Work the product into your slightly damp hair and let it sit for a while before using the styler. Attach the 1.6-inch barrel included with the Airwrap and smooth out your hair to get rid of any tangles.

To begin styling, section out your hair and grab about an inch of hair and hold the bottom to the Airwrap. Curl for about 15 seconds and then set the curl with a cool shot. Gently release the Airwrap from your hair and repeat with the remaining sections. Once you have curled the entire hair, loosely run your hair through the curls to loosen them and apply a texturizing spray to get the curls.

Textured Waves

Textured waves are great if you want a simple, yet stylish look for your short or medium-length hair. To achieve this with the Dyson Airwrap, you will first need to prep the hair by applying a texturizing mousse onto slightly damp hair and letting the product sit. Attach the 1.6-inch curling barrel to the device and get rid of any tangles from your hair.

Section out your hair before you begin styling. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the barrel, facing outwards. Curls for about 15 seconds and then set the curl with a cool short. Once you have one curl done, you can continue with the remaining sections, alternating the direction of the curls as you go. You can continue with the same barrel, but it is recommended that you switch it to the 1.2-inch barrel for a more natural look. Finish off the look with some hair spray and gently ruffle the hair for more definition and body.

Straight and Smooth

Why Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler The Top Choice Of Professionals? 9

It may be hard to believe but straight hair is also a hairstyle, and you can easily achieve the perfect straight look with the Dyson Airwrap styler. Start with damp hair and if your hair is still wet, just roughly dry it off with a towel or the Airwrap itself. Just attach the pre-styling dryer and dry off any wet parts of your hair.

Once your hair is just slightly damp, you can begin straightening and smoothing hair. Swap off the pre-styling dryer with the soft, smoothing brush, turn the device on, and start combing through your hair. It is best to do this slowly so that your hair will be properly set. For those with thick and frizzy hair, you can use the firm smoothing brush instead. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can apply some hair oil to add some extra nourishment and shine to your hair.

Simple, Go-To Blowout

When you are rushing to leave the house, all you can do with your hair is just be a simple blowout but if you are using the Dyson Airwrap, even a blowout at home could look like it was done at the salon. To start things off, you will need to make sure your hair is slightly damp. If it is dry, just spray on a little bit of water and if it is wet, just roughly dry it with the pre-styling dryer attachment of the device. When your hair is ready and sectioned, attach the round volumizing brush and turn the device on. Grab a sizeable section of hair and run the brush through. Go slowly so that the hair will be thoroughly dry and if necessary, brush the section of hair a couple more times. Repeat with another section of hair and continue until the entire hair is complete. Comb through the hair with your fingers and apply some hair oil for some nourishment

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 10

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU

It is quite challenging when it comes to choosing the best products to use on human hair extensions. Besides its overwhelmingly massive, it is also scary to use a certain hair product especially if it’s the wrong one you bought. This is just among the many feelings you face when you splurge at the shopping store be it online or in physical stores. We can’t stress enough how extremely important it is to have the best products for hair extensions.

But if you don’t want to take any chances in one of your scheduled splurge, good thing that you have come across in this article. So, if you are still undecided and want to invest in the best products to use on human hair extensions, no problem. Because we got your back. We are going to give you what we think the best and suitable products just for your hair extensions.

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 11RemySoft
Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 12
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Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 13Bingo Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner Set
Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 12
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Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 15Hair U Wear
Moist Shampoo

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 12
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Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 17Big Kizzy
Adhesive and Residue Remover

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 18
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Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 19RemySoft
Conditioner And Serum

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 18
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What Are Hair Extensions?

As the name suggests, human hair extensions are literally what they sound like. These are hair integrations that are used to increase the volume and the length depending on the person’s preference. Hair extension comes in many variations. But basically, it has two main materials which are synthetic hair extension and real human hair extension.

Hair extensions have become popular and trendy until now because of the magical transformation they can do to a person. In fact, human hair extensions have been trendy since the Ancient Egyptians for about 5,000 years and it still continues to become popular especially in the 1980s where the rampant commodification of “beauty” have become ever-increasingly popular.

Nowadays, hair extensions are the norm for instant beautification and added flair to one’s hair. Although it heightens your overall visual appeal, you should keep in mind that hair extensions can be harmful when done incorrectly. Regardless of what the odds are, they are still effectively good for style in a fashionable way. Yet, they are not great for heat styling and they can tangle easily. Not to mention, its hair maintenance can be tedious especially if you are not used to thorough hair maintenance.

But with a proper hair care routine and suitable hair products, maintaining a stunning look with your hair extension will be easy peasy work for you. That’s why we are helping you with our top recommended hair product. Aside from that, we are also giving some tips and some great information regarding human hair extensions.

Reasons Why Hair Extensions Are Suitable For You

Whether you are just browsing for our product reviews or you want to plunge into the idea of getting a hair extension. We think that reading this will somehow make up your mind to into getting a hair extension. If you are going to view our best product to use on human hair extensions, better to consider trying having hair extensions to amplify your hair looks and overall outlook. That said, we have listed some of the excellent reasons why you should try putting on hair extensions.

Change up your hairstyle

The obvious reason why you should try human hair extensions is to heighten your looks with the increased volume and thickness of the hair. Also, there are tons of possibilities where you can style up and tweak your hair with hair extensions. Besides the volume and thickness, you can even pop up the color of your hair.

Moreover, with its versatile function, you can even make any simple bun, braid, or ponytail with more intricate and voluminous hair.

Additionally, you can accessorize your hair using hair extensions. Because there are some hair extensions that include numerous accessories such as braids and other things. Also, the air extension itself is an accessory that is perfect whenever you want to transform hair looks into something new, especially if there’s a special occasion, a date with someone, or for important festivals.

Ease of use

Have you struggle lately or even previously where you are trying to make a decision whether you will allow an extra time just to put that extra effort into your hair maintenance, versus sleeping it off instead for the next 30 minutes without minding fixing your hair?

Because we think that most long hair girls know this full well. Because it takes time to fix your hair that you will need extra time just to have your hair fix. Good thing that hair extension are invented. Because they will ease up your life particularly your hair.

If you are among those people who prefer short hair and who prefer using hair extensions instead, then you know how the feeling of it which is very convenient and it will only take a bit of your precious time. That said, with hair extension at hand, you are allowing yourself to heighten your hairdo without putting in too much effort.

Damage hair is certainly not possible

You read it right! Among the best thing about having hair extensions is that damaged hair is unlikely will ever occur in your hair, compared to other hair extension alternatives such as bonding and tape-in which can hinder hair growth and there’s a chance that your hair will get damaged.

Although there’s a caveat to this. Because some hair extensions will likely damage your hair especially if not properly installed and only done by yourself with a lack of proper knowledge. You not only created disaster to your hair but also created damage to your hair as well. The bottom line, while most hair extensions can prevent hair damaged, if not installed correctly they will likely damage your hair.

You can effortlessly volumize your hair

Having to experience hair loss or thinning hair, is quite challenging and can affect the confidence level. One of the best ways to combat those decreasing hair volume and bring back the level of confidence is to consider integrating hair extensions. This will definitely bring back the volume and thickness that you used to have.

Speaking of thickness, look no further in dealing with your thin hair. Because the possibility of having a voluminous is within your pocket’s reach. This is your instant answer to your longing desire of styling your hair with increased hair volume. So, if you are running out of options and want to increase the volume of your hair, then by no means, installing hair extensions might be the solution for you.


Are you among those people who keep on asking themselves, “why my hair won’t grow longer than I expected?” We know how that feels because we have also been there, no matter how gentle, patient, and caring we are we always ended up being frustrated. But at some point, we just have to deal with it.

The best way to counter that bad feeling is to get hair extensions. Having an integrated hair extension, you have countless possibilities of styling your hair. Wanting to style your hair but needed longer hair, well then, time to go for hair extension. It’s not only an instant fix to your hair problem, but also it is an instant fix when you don’t have time.

Additionally, if you have a haircut regret (we all have that one horror story to tell about our haircut) and you are losing some options. Well, cliche as it may sound, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Just consider having a hair extension, voila! You know have a new hairstyle like your haircut regret never happened.

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU!

RemySoft Shampoo and Conditioner Set

best products to use on human hair extensions

Our overall best pick is the RemySoft Glam Rocker shampoo and conditioner set. We really love this product because of its serves as one. Meaning, you have all the hair product you need for your extra care hair care treatment and with your installed hair extension.

Formulated for making your hair return back to its moisturized condition. Apart from that many professional stylists and hobbyists prefer to use this as a set because it’s more effective and the results are way better than expected.

The looks always matter that’s why having these will heighten your hair included your hair extension. This will moisturize your hair and gives natural shine the way it is supposed to be. There’s also an anti-aging effect due to apple stem cells. It’s a lightweight silicone-based spritzer that is intended for everyday use.

In addition, the ingredients are worth mentioning. Because it includes extracts of Acai, sugarcane, orange, apple, green tea, among the ingredients.

Also, what they have is more than a product. Because they care about the community specifically the National Breast Cancer Foundation which part of their earnings goes to the funding of research.

All in all, we think highly of this product and we thought that it’s worth sharing with you, dear reader. Aside from the remarkable transformation and maintenance, it can do to your hair, this also cares about the community which funds research for breast cancer.

But the most defining moment about this product is the ingredients it adds which contains extracts from various healthy sources.

  • Pleasant smell
  • Free of sulfate
  • Doesn’t weigh the hair down
  • Alleviates frizzy hair
  • May likely cause hair fall


Bingo Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 21

Our second best product to use on human hair extensions is the Bingo Hair Care shampoo and conditioner set. This is the type of hair product that has the ultimate combo which is perfectly suitable for various hair extensions.

And, if you are an all-natural purist, Bingo Hair Care has undeniably your go-to product when it comes to shampoo and conditioner sets.

Additionally, the main natural oil used in this is the 100 percent pure Moroccan argan oil. Plus, it’s sulfate-free, gentle, and it’s high quality. Not only that, this is capable of restoring moisture to your dry hair, alleviates flaking and dry scalp. Another fascinating fact about this is it transform your hair

Another thing you should take notice of this is the benefits. Such benefits include a high content of antioxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids. There’s also argan oil which helps revitalize skin, consistently brings radiance and smoothness to hair. Moreover, this has UV protection and an anti-frizz solution.

Why is this worth your buck? Because it’s composed mainly of Moroccan argan oil which is very beneficial in the hair in many ways. Also, the quality of ingredients is remarkable that helps the hair becomes smooth and transforms into dazzling hair. Apart from this, this product stands out because it works in most types of hair including hair extensions.

  • Pure Moroccan argan oil
  • UV ray protection
  • Highly effective
  • Comes in a combo pack
  • None so far

Hair U Wear Moist Shampoo

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 22

For shampoo, you will need something that levels the pH balance of your hair and scalp. That’s why Hair U Wear moist shampoo is what your hair needs. Carefully made with lightweight touch and texture.

Also, it’s formulated for both synthetic hair extension and human hair. This will totally cleanse what needed to cleansed such as product buildup, dirt, grime. And in turn, it replenishes moisture and shine. This Hair U Wear is what you need for the hair extension you wear.

Hair U Wear is capable of reduces frizzy hair and those tangles that got in your way. Aside from that, this successfully strengthens the hair as well as moisturizes which gives your hair vibrance and smoothness especially when you are touching it. Additionally, it will leave your hair with a wonderful smell and gently cleans your hair extensions.

That said, should you ever buy this? We think that this stunning product should be among the best products to use on human hair extensions. Because it strengthens, moisturizes, and even softens the hair, not to mention, it also gives your hair a radiant look.

If you are looking for a decent product shampoo, look no further because we guarantee that this will be extremely useful to you.

  • Excellent product for hair extension
  • Pleasant scent
  • Works well
  • Can cause allergic reactions

Big Kizzy Adhesive and Residue Remover

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 23

For removing that stickiness in the extension tape, you will need a quality product that has formulated with adhesive and residue for your hair extension. What you will be needing is the Big Kizzy Remover.

This will remove the stickiness and also corrects the hair extension instantly without shampooing or retaping the tape extensions. Big Kizzy is your best shot if are painstakingly suffering from removing the weft.

In addition, it’s perfectly designed to reduce the pulling and ripping when you are removing the tape extension. Besides that, it removes the tape extension completely without having an oily residue or oily film. What’s more interesting is that it does not damage the hair upon the process of removal.

Also, this comes in 2 removers which are the 8 oz Release and Reuse and the 4 oz Remove and Residue. Don’t worry when using this because the instructions are in full detail that’s included on the label to give you the ease of use.

Most Amazon customers left 5-star ratings because of the product’s capability. It’s also worth considering that this is strongly recommended by cosmetologists as among the best products to use on human hair extensions.

All in all, there might be thousands of removals that are available on the market, but only a few of them made it to decent quality products such as this.

  • Don’t damage the hair
  • Easy to use
  • Smells nice
  • Can be sticky to the hair

RemySoft Conditioner And Serum

Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions — 5 PICKS FOR YOU 24

Our last but not the least pick is the RemSoft hair product. It’s a mixture of conditioner and silicone-based serum. It’s quite a revolutionary feat given its formula for coating and sealing the hair shaft while also providing UV heat protection.

Because you deserve the best product, we present you with this excellent and innovative hair product for your hair extension.

Each mist spray of this gives you light silicone that protects your hair without any product build-up.

The organic oils in this product will enrich the hair giving maximum protection that is suitable for your hair extension. There’s also UV safe formula that blocks the harmful heat of the sun.

It’s perfect crafted for your hair extension. It’s also worth mentioning the inclusion of jojoba oil that is designed to get rid of tangles and lock in moisture.

Besides that, it prevents any hair damage. Some of the notable ingredients include grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia ternifolia nut oil, among the included elements.

All in all, if you want something fierce and revolutionary when it comes to formula, then by no means, you should definitely try this amazing product. Perfect for your hair extension and will deeply nourish and moisturize your hair looking like a natural beauty.

  • Silicone-based formula
  • UV heat protectant
  • Locks in moisture
  • Small size for its price

What To Look For When Buying The Best Products To Use On Human Hair Extensions

Of course, we care about the products you are going to buy and you rightly deserve the best product for your hair care maintenance especially on your hair extension. So, to make your splurge on hair products worthwhile, we have listed some of the features you need to consider when buying certain hair products.

Select what’s the effective shampoo for you

Obviously, you want your hair product that’s effectively good for your hair, ensuring the success of your hair care for your hair extension. The most effective way to prove that your hair product is suitable for you is to undergo the trial and error method. Because this is the most effective way on hoy to find out its effectivity.

Chances are, the first shampoo you are going to buy may not be effective for you. Not to mention, check if a moisturizing shampoo is okay for you or the clarifying shampoo. Also, best to avoid shampoos that have sulfates.

Consider a conditioner that provides moisture and protein to your strands

One of the things you will need is there should be enough protein and moisture in your strands, so choosing the right conditioner is vital in this part. Because hair conditioners are great for giving you enough moisture and smoothness to prevent any dry and damaged hair.

Above all, determining your hair type before thinking of buying your conditioner or even shampoo is essential. Because you will heavily depend on the type of hair extension you have.

Never forget the quality

Another important aspect of buying your hair products for your hair extension is to know the quality. You may have an expensive hair extension but you have the cheapest quality of hair products. It will not become helpful to your extension. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to preserve your hair with utmost care.

So, to compensate for that, you should buy quality products. It doesn’t have to be expensive but decent enough to make your hair become vibrant and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions?

A: The answer can be complicated and there’s no straight answer. But, keep in mind that once you have installed a hair extension, make sure you don’t use your old conditioner and shampoo. Chances are, they have chemicals that can harm your hair especially if there’s some color in your hair.

That said, generally, what you will need is to stay away from conditioners and shampoos that have the following:

  • oily hair
  • dry hair
  • color-damaged hair

Make sure you choose the shampoo that is suitable for your hair extension. It’s safe to say that you can choose the products that are for “regular hair/normal hair only.

This is safe because there are no ingredients that could ruin your hair extensions due to chemical reactions and unwanted texture to your extension.

Q: Is heat protectant advisable for hair extensions?

A: Definitely! If you are for hair extensions, then you need some heat-protecting spray. Similar to your natural hair, too much heat can damage your hair extension. The fact that highly processed hair doesn’t have a nutrients source that’s why it’s more prone to heat and will leave damaging results over time.

Final Thoughts

Are you decided on the hair products we have excellently recommended to you? We have tried and tested it and it’s surprisingly good. That’s why we share these because we know they will be effective and will work like magic on your hair extension. However, if you are still undecided about making a choice, you can always ask for some advice from professionals.

If you are aiming for the best look in your hairstyle, better gather much wisdom from the experts so you have the knowledge to perfect and achieve your ideal hairdo. Feel free to scour some more of our best products to use on human hair extensions above.

the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 25

the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4!

Because we care about your hair extension so much, we’re going to review the best oil for hair extensions. We know how much effort you put into it just to preserve your hair extension with the utmost care and condition. Of course, the best way to keep them to their pristine condition is to apply them with natural oils. Luckily they are readily available on the market right now whether it’s in the physical store or online store.

Most hair extensions are likely to have greasy and heavier because of the excess oil. This is because low-quality oils are to be blamed. As a result, they will just worsen the dryness, breakage, and entanglement. That said, we are going to review the best oils for hair extensions that we think it’s best for you.

the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 26Sky Organics
Castor Oil
the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 27Check Price
the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 28Arvazallia
Argan Oil
the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 27Check Price
the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 30OGX
Argan Oil

the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 31
Check Price
the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 32Tropic Isle Living
Castor Oil

the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 31
Check Price

The Best Oil For Hair Extensions — Our Best Of 4!

Sky Organics Castor Oil

Best Oil For Hair Extensions

Our top pick for this product review is the Sky Organics castor oil. If you want something natural and organic plus, a vegan-friendly product this is really for you. It has a safe formula designed to nourish and moisturize the hair and the scalp so you don’t have any problem with your everyday hair care. Above all, it a suitable natural oil for your hair extension.

All in all, this is safe and approved by USDA organic. Moreover, it’s 100 percent vegan. The natural formula for this is all-natural and extremely perfect for your hair extension. Besides that, it’s great for multiple uses, unrefined oil, and it’s great for scalp nourishment.

  • 100 percent vegan
  • Unrefined oil
  • Versatile use
  • Not for sensitive skin

Arvazallia Argan Oil

the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 34

Still can’t find what you are looking for the best oil for hair extensions? Our second-best pick is the Arvazallia Argan Oil. Maybe this is the right one for you. This oil will make you experience the salon hair treatment.

Also, this product is very optimal for your hair care needs. Primarily, this will hydrate the extensions which provide sufficient moisture and radiance on the hair.

This brilliant argan oil will help your damaged hair restore, repair, and even transform into something new. In addition, it is also capable of removing frizzy hairs and can be an effective heat protectant.

All in all, we strongly recommend this product because it greatly improves manageability and has a feeling of salon-like treatment. Although the downside of this is the unpleasant smell in which most people may not like. But when it comes to effectiveness, this is among the best brand out there.

  • Grow booster
  • Has UV protection
  • Experience like a salon treatment
  • Unpleasant scent to other

OGX Argan Oil

the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 35

An excellent blend mixture of argan oil for your hair treatment is extremely helpful. So, if ever you are looking for argan oil that is specifically for your hair, don’t look further, we strongly suggest to you this OGX argan oil brand.

Perfect for most hair types such as textured, damaged, curly, dry, thick, and even color-treated hair extensions. This oil will be extremely useful to you and it has decent quality compared to most argan oil.

Revitalize your hair with this oil. Undoubtedly this will make your hair radiant and feeling silky. The argan oil is mainly derived from Morocco which is more potent and effective. This will help your hair bring moisture, revive strands, and gives boosts.

What’s amazing with this is the scent with a hint of woody, floral green, and citrus fresh fragrance which smells so pleasantly good. You should also be aware that this is free from a harsh chemicals such as sulfate, parabens, and others. This only gives natural help for your hair.

All in all, we like the long-lasting scent of this oil. Also, the formula used here excludes any harmful chemical which is extremely safe for the hair. In addition, this is completely compatible with your hair and it’s gentle and safe.

  • Long-lasting scent
  • Lock in the nutrients
  • Suitable for all hair extension types
  • Not purely argan

Tropic Isle Living Castor Oil

the best oil for hair extensions — our best of 4! 36

This is by far among the favorite products, especially for American-African hair extensions. Tropic Isle Castor Oil is made from high-quality castor beans. Perfect for our hair extension.

The oil is capable of turning your damaged hair into healthy hair by sealing the moisture on the scalps. We definitely recommend this because of its versatile application and how it can do to your hair extensions.

This will strengthen your hair follicles which in turn making your hair becomes stunningly gorgeous and healthy. Besides that, this creates a protective coating on the skin which seals the moisture. It will also repair the scar tissue. Perfect for hot oil treatment and for deep conditioner too!

All in all, Tropic Isle Living castor oil is highly effective and will definitely restore and strengthen your hair. It also boosts the growth of skin and nails. This product has versatile application and adds protection to the hair. No wonder we include this as among our best oil for hair extensions.

  • Premium quality formula
  • Adds protection
  • Multiple functions
  • Strengthen follicle
  • It has a runny structure

What is the best oil for hair extensions?

There are good natural oils that will be beneficial to your hair. Because hair extensions don’t have natural oils and nutrients coming from the scalp, they are usually dry and need to be taken care of. If you are going to maintain your hair extension for too long, you will need also a proper hair care routine. Also, you will be needing oils in order to properly treat and nourish your hair on a regular basis.

Now, you may be asking what are the best oil for hair extensions out there? The answer is really simple, you can just find some natural oils which I am going to list or you can just buy a natural oil. Natural oils are the best treatment for all sorts of issues and that includes hair maintenance.

We have listed some of the useful oils that can be applied to your hair.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is not only popular for its delicious fruit but also it has a reputation when it comes to hair treatment. Avocado oil has many benefits to offer. The avocado oil is responsible for hair growth and also regulates and unclogs the hair follicles. It’s also used to prevent hair loss. What’s great about avocado oil is it’s light enough that won’t leave any visible markings on your hair. Although putting too much avocado oil can damage your hair if not properly attended to.

Too much avocado oil in your hair extensions will likely damage your hair and you will need to wash them or remove them completely.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most beneficial oil here on the list. Because of numerous benefits making the list go on. Although, other people prefer not to use this because of the smell. But, coconut oil is very versatile. However, the main issue of coconut oil is it is comedogenic. Meaning, it has a tendency to clog pores, it can also cause problems in the skin, and also in the hair. Another thing is, the coconut oil is usually heavy more particularly when it is not melted down.

The heaviness can be comparable to Jamaican castor oil. Also, they can be harmful to hair extensions, especially if you put too much oil in your hair. As much as possible, it is best to limit down the usage of coconut oil at least once a week, and don’t forget to use an applicator whenever you are going to apply this.

Jamaican Castor Oil

Jamaican castor oil is another excellent natural oil for your hair care treatment besides being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Like coconut oil, this also doesn’t limit to the use of hair only, but to many various issues as well such as infections, inflammations, and even acne. It can be used both in hair and skin.

The main benefit of putting a Jamaican castor oil is that it treats hair problems such as dandruff and helps the hair from falling out. Although it also has problems when it comes to hair extensions due to its thickness and can become messy at times, especially if you aren’t using any applicator. That’s why it’s best to properly dilute this first by adding one drop or two of another natural oil that is lightweight.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is known as a moisturizer for hair, but it can also be used in a various ways like most of the natural oil mentioned here. This oil is extracted from the seed of the Jojoba plant. Jojoba plant can be found in the area of northwestern Mexico, southern California, and in southern Arizona. This plant has been used long ago even in the time of Native Americans.

Among the beneficial gains from the Jojoba are burns, sores, psoriasis, acne, chapped skin, and even sunburn. If you are familiar with Jojoba oil, you know that these are somewhat sticky and a bit dense in texture. Nowadays, it’s amazing how Jojoba oil is used by manufacturers and infusing it with other essential oils.

When it comes to the application in hair, this is a great moisturizer. Although be very careful when using this. Because if you put too much oil, your hair can be damaged. This oil is heavy. That’s why you need to make sure that you use an applicator whenever you are applying this to your hair.

Final Thoughts

If you ever need some oil for your hair extension, feel free to use this article as your source of the selection process. Also, before you buy some of these, make sure you know your hair type and what’s really right for you. Otherwise, your hair will get damaged and you don’t want to do that.

That said, narrowing down your selection process and determining the factors that match up your hair extension type will ensure that you will find the right product.

Check also our other article: Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU!

How To Choose The Right Styling Tools For Your Hair

Trying to decide the best hair styling tool for your hair can be a pain. There’s just so much on the market and each seller is saying theirs is the best product since the invention of the comb!

How To Choose The Right Styling Tools For Your Hair

It can get confusing and you might end up hoarding any or all devices marketed to you. But you don’t have to! You can go into the shop knowing exactly what you’re looking for and mute all the unnecessary and confusing noise.

This article is your compressed guide to just the most essential hairstyling tools for your hair care routine. By helping you prioritise your shopping, it helps make sure you know what you can do without a tool for now. Here it goes!

  1. Curling Iron

This had to come first for good reason. A curling iron is essential for anyone who loves variety in their hairstyles. You can pull off anything using this device. Think of polished ringlets or voluminous waves.

If you’re aiming for defined curls, then a slim barrel will be a good fit while you’re going to need a larger barrel for softer waves.

A curling iron is designed to have a firm grip on the hair as it curls, so you’ll be able to use it even if you have aching arms or struggle with dexterity.

The higher the heat temperature of your curling iron, the more professional the result.

  1. Hair Straightener
How To Choose The Right Styling Tools For Your Hair 37

Another must-have! These are also referred to as flat irons. They’re designed to press your hair between two plates that are set to high heat. This will make the shaft straight. The main concern with this device has always been heat damage, but don’t worry, the latest hair straighteners address this issue by offering varying heat levels to help you customize it to your hair’s preference.

  1. Curling Wand

You might not need this if you already think a curling iron is enough. But a curling wand can be great if you want to create a more natural and relaxed look that looks like you were just about to go to the beach!

Take note though that your fingers will spend a bit of time close to the heat and so you’ll have to be careful.

  1. Hot Air Brush

If you want to save time and effort when styling, then this tool is a must-have! It has a built-in dryer that helps you style your hair as you’re drying it. It’s very convenient and has a volume and shape adding an effect that you’ll probably love.

If you want to define your curls as you brush, then you can get a smaller brush, and for maximum volume, you won’t go wrong with a large barrel brush.

  1. Crimper

Still, on that variety tip, you can buy a crimper for the days when you want a more retro or fun style. Who said your hair can’t be as adventurous as you are? 

Their design is similar to that of a hair straightener, but they have zig-zagged plates instead of flat plates. These allow them to wave your hair.

To add volume to your updo, simply crimp your hair just beneath the invisible part and leave the visible part smooth.

  1. Heated Rollers

Variations of these have been around for quite a long time now, only that they’ve improved with time. Now impressively evolved with heat settings, they will come in as many sizes and finish varieties as you want.

  1. Hairdryer

This one is an obvious must-have. A high-wattage hair dryer will help you dry your hair much faster, so, if possible, try and find that one. Also, check if the hairdryer you’re about to buy has tourmaline or ceramic technology to help seal and smooth your hair.

Luckily for you, every budget range is catered for on the market. All you’ll have to do is search for what you need.

  1. Multi-Styler

A multi-styler is probably one of the most convenient tools on the market. It’s a combination of several tools, some of which have already been mentioned in this article, such as brushes, straightening plates, crimpers, and curling irons. So, by purchasing just these two items, you’ve essentially purchased roughly half of all the necessary tools.

But it’s important to note that by attempting to be a jack of all trades, it means its performance in all areas isn’t that high, though it will work just fine if you’re just aiming for an average to okay result.

You don’t have to abandon your hair-styling routines just because you’re on the road. You can get a cordless hair-styler that runs on gas. Its gas cartridges are replaceable so you can look good on the go!

Do Your Own Hair Like A Pro

Those red carpet looks or super funky hairstyles you love don’t have to wait for your next salon visit. You can get them done at home if you simply get the equipment your beautician has. Of course, you’re going to have to learn how to use them, but none of these are too complicated anyway. Hope you keep looking as dashing as you want, all year round!

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 38

Men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You!

Looking for a specific hairstyle to draw inspiration? Finding the right hairstyle for your hair type can be somewhat tricky, and yet it’s a crucial decision to make. Because there’s always a feeling that people will always look and judge into your looks even though it’s not really. That’s why men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair are challenging but when you get your right style, it’s an amazing thing to have.

That said, whether you are on the verge of getting a new haircut or getting a new look and want some inspiration from today’s trendy long hairstyles for men, then get ready to look amazing in the most fashionable way. Because we have curated some of the best men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair so that you will have confident look.

Let your hair type be your greatest asset, but what are those really?

We often come to know how to properly maintain our hair when it’s late. This scenario, of course, is for men’s problem. Because we always used to our undercut hairstyles which are really common. Although other men have long hairstyles but mostly ignored the maintenance, the fact that men preferred the “as is” type of maintenance.

But did you know, your fine straight hair can be your biggest asset when you try to make look visually appealing? With that, we have surprisingly good benefits for men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair that’s listed below.

Fine straight hair is low maintenance

Because most men don’t want a tedious process of hair maintenance. Cases like spending several minutes in the bathroom just to go through as many hair styling products or shampoo bottles just to let the hair fully covered. Although it’s not too thin, it’s not too thick either.

It’s in between that’s why it’s great for low maintenance. That’s why it’s the most convenient hair type for men other than it’s easy to maintain, but also it’s extremely versatile and lots of hairstyles you can do. Most of all, it will greatly save time especially if you just want a quick hairstyle fix.

No need for a hairdryer

Sometimes, you won’t need a hairdryer depending on the volume of your hair. In most cases, you won’t need it because even an air-drying process is better. Some will need it because of the volume and how coarse is the hair. Notably, you can get a natural and fine wet look when you are going to let your hair dry naturally in the air.

Plus, you can also save some electricity consumption. So, if you are not a fan of hairdryers and will choose air-drying method instead, then this is very beneficial for you.

You use hair products less than what is needed

A fine hair type for men usually has strands that are light, they also tend to get soaked quickly. With that, you end up using fewer hair products compared to coarser hair which is actually good. The fact that using too many hair products will make the hair greasy and icky and also weighs down the hair. That’s why most stylists preferred to go easy on the hair product to get the optimal effect.

That said, fine straight hair is cost-effective and easy to maintain. You are less likely to go to a store just to buy some hair products. Also, you believe in what the label says ” a dime-size amount”, because it really is.

A fine straight hair keep its composure while in the heat

If you are maintaining fine straight hair, then you know completely relate to this. This is because your scalp is exposed allowing the heat to escape easily which also results in a minimal chance of frizziness. While coarser and thicker hair tends to become irritating especially when it’s humid and the summer season. The oily and itchy scalp will not be your major problem. It’s probably a great way to have this type of hair if you want some convenience in your ideal style.

Achieving a windblown effect is very likely with this one

For men who want to accomplish a wind-blown effect on their hairstyle, this is probably the ultimate hair type that you want to achieve. You know how stylish and very cool it is to have awesome fine straight hair. The best hair length is when it’s long which makes it even more pronounced with the hair falling back or sometimes on the side.

Notable hairstyles like this are from Brandon Boyd’s long hair days, 90s Brad Pitt’s long hair, and even Kurt Cobain’s hairstyle, and the list is endless. Although we can’ guarantee you when it comes to shorter hair. Also, it’s better to avoid putting too much hair product.

The best thing you can do is just to leave it by making it more look natural and let the wind do the trick for your hair.

Stretching your hair is no problem

Men’s long hairstyles with fine straight hair don’t need much control to be extended because the strands naturally stretch. Although for women, usually overstretched their fine hair especially when using extension techniques like pinning up twists that will is limp-looking twist-outs.

Men with fine straight hair have the ability to style their hair so easily without having a hard time styling. Also, you can enjoy your length of hair without using heat.

Men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You!

It’s amazing how even a hairstyle can completely transform your visual outlook or even your personality with these. Also, long hair for men is becoming trendy and more fashionable more than ever, because you can stylize whatever you want depending on the thickness, length, and hair type you have.

Now that you know that there are incredible benefits for your fine straight hair, you can try some of these recommended looks for men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair.

1. Surfer Hair

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 39

Surfer’s hair is among the popular long hairstyle for men. This is because it’s low maintenance. There’s no putting too much hair product. The only way to achieve this is to make your hair long at your desired length, and voila! You have a complete transformation of yourself.

Also, the style of the Surfer Hair should be untidy, messy, disheveled purposefully. To be pedantic about it, this type of hairstyle falls into the tousled hairstyles category.

The haircut should be medium to long hair length, sometimes wavy, curly, and even suitable for fine straight hair. This type of haircut has been stereotyped by surfers.

Their hair was naturally bleached by the sun and mostly drenched with seawater. This is the only simple way on how to get your hair to become a surfer hair with minimal care needed.

2. Long Swept Back

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 40

There is some hairstyle for men that has been put down to history because it’s not trendy anymore and doesn’t fit in the society’s liking. While others remain classic and stood the test of time.

A notable hairstyle for that is the classic swept back. Originally suitable for short-haired men, but as time goes by even for long hairs, this is also gaining popularity.

Probably this hairstyle dated a century ago but it was greatly popularized in the 50s along with the pompadour style. Today, it’s still among the most well-loved classic hairstyles for men.

The fact that this type of style is so versatile that works well with most face shapes and type of hair. The most popular hairstyle that’s really appropriate is Jared Leto’s version of the swept-back style.

It has a nice slicked-back hairstyle with a little touch of pomade to make it look cleaner and shinier. Perfect if you will go for a man bun or a ponytail.

3. The Bro Flow

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 41

The bro flow has been garnering popularity among long hair bros out there. There’s a large chance that you can see this literally from everywhere. This type of hairstyle is not like the popular styles that are sleek such as undercut, pompadour, which is very stylish and clean looking.

While this type of haircut defies most of that and its purposefully rugged and relaxed style. If you are among men that are willing to go for an extra hour just to achieve this, the bro flow is definitely for you.

There are actually different variations of the bro flow hairstyle and it’s applicable to all hair types which is also great for you. Among these is the bro flow straight hair. If you aim to have a sleek, clean-looking kind of bro flow, you will just need to have fine straight hair and then just grow it at your desired length.

Normally the minimum required hair length is should length and beyond. Also, with your hair type, this allows you to have a smooth texture which is your advantage.

4. Half Bun Bro Flow

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 42

And because we like the bro flow hairstyle so much because of its different variations, another sleek style you want to do with the bro flow is to add some half-bun on it.

Not only it feels so visually stunning, but it’s also a killer hipster look and among the trendiest type of man bun. You see how the hair is being smooth in its texture, its combination of swept-back.

This type of hairstyle allows you to alter the conventional look of a bro flow style and this is easy to make. Just comb your hair backward. When all your hair is at the back, then create a man bun and then see the best results for yourself.

5. Center Part (Curtains)

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 43

Certainly, the curtains are still not close in men’s fashionable hairstyles. Clearly, this was popularized in the 90s. Celebrities such as Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, boy bands, to name a few.

Although it was becoming trendy in the late 80s to the 90s era, it was these folks who bolstered the hairstyle. Now it’s still trendy even men in the KPOP industry have this kind of style only with slight variation.

Curtains or center part hairstyle is an excellent style for you to try and work on. Because it’s so versatile that it works for fade, undercut, and long hair length.

The standard hair length requirement is from short medium to long hair usually on top but keep the back and sides shot.

The barber knows what to do just describe him the details and let the new look begin. Also, keep in mind that you need to match your face shape and the style of hairstyle.

6. Long, messy, and side-swept hairstyle

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 44

One of the most badass hairstyles is the long, messy, and side-swept hairstyle. If you want to look like from a grunge band, like Dave Grohl’s, or Brandon Boyd’s 2000s looks of Incubus rock band.

This is the most interesting hairstyle for fine straight hair men. It’s because it’s low maintenance and what you need to do is to grow your hair long and rake your fingers through your hair.

Among the best way to hold this is to have a pomade of your choosing product with a strong hold in your hair. So if you want something classic looking and with a rock and roll feel, this should be your ideal men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair.

Final Thoughts

Long hair for men is visually appealing and looks stunningly good. This is because men with long hair length are able to style their hair to almost whatever they want because of its versatility and it most likely matches every outfit and face shape of men. Although, don’t forget to regularly take care of your hair.

We know that men don’t like to regularly maintain their hair because they are not used to, compared to women who are more knowledgeable when it comes to hair maintenance. But, at the end of the day, regardless of gender, you still need to regularly maintain your hair even with minimal care.

How Long Do Permanent Hair Extensions Last – The Specific Time Frame 2022 45

How Long Do Permanent Hair Extensions Last – The Specific Time Frame 2022

Permanent hair extensions generally have the objective of providing a fuller and naturally-looking hair. It also comes with different types in which can be applicable on your needs and lifestyle. Also, the duration of time that hair extensions stay on the hair depends on each type. So, how long do permanent hair extensions last?

In this blog post, we will reveal the exact time frame in which the permanent hair extensions hold into your natural tresses. Here are also helpful ways that you may consider doing so that may lengthen the time duration of the hair extensions. But, before that, let us try to figure out the important considerations to remember prior having hair extensions.

Important Rules to Keep in Mind before Getting Hair Extensions

Since then, hair extensions have gone a long way to depend its reputation. In terms of quality and technology, hair extensions already had made a blow-out. So, aside of providing extra length or volume to the tresses, hair extensions also come with various styles such as the clip-in bangs. Although getting hair extensions is really enticing, you must need to have an idea about the rules of hair extensions. Knowledge of these rules would also be a factor in determining how long do permanent hair extensions last.

1-Lifestyle consideration

There are actually different types of hair extensions that may or may not suit the lifestyle of the user. That’s why aside from knowing those types of permanent hair extensions you also need to consider your lifestyle here. For instance, there are the tape extensions that stay in place through the help of a strong and good quality adhesive tape. If you would ask how long do permanent hair extensions last based on this type, well, it could strongly stays to the hair for a maximum period of 8 weeks.

The keratin hair extension is another type of permanent hair extensions. It usually works by attaching the hair extension strands into a high-tech process which utilizes sound activation and attachment of keratin. That unique binding process is one of the factors that determine how long do permanent hair extensions last. Typically, this permanent hair extension type lasts for 3 months or so.

However, if you are having a hot yoga routine most of the time, then the keratin permanent hair extension is the best one to use rather than the tape-in extension type. On the other hand, the tape-in hair extension would be perfect for those who frequently change their hair color. So, taking time to consider your lifestyle is actually a good idea to make your permanent hair extensions last longer.

2-Go for the appropriate color match

Actually, having an off shade permanent hair extension is a little bit odd to flaunt. So, to get the right color match of your hair strand, better to check on the color of the ends and not of the roots. Aside from that, also check the most prominent color within your hair strand and go for it.

3-Always choose quality

The synthetic type of hair extensions are actually the most budget-friendly among the hair extension options in the market. However, they have an extremely shiny appearance and easily tangle out. Due to that, their look is something that is unnatural.

There are actually hair extensions in the market that come from the highest quality. Some of them resemble like the real mane which also hold different hairstyle and texture similar to that of the natural tresses. So, it is better to check on the market with this type of hair extensions. Remember that no one should notice that you are wearing hair extensions.

4-Perform regular maintenance

how long do permanent hair extensions last

Hair extensions also need regular washing just the same with the natural tresses. Doing so will generally help to lengthen the duration of how long do permanent hair extensions last. In washing your permanent hair extensions, gentle shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate and paraben free are basically ideal. Moreover, in shampooing, focus on the roots while start the process from the middle down to the tips when you are already conditioning it.

It is also important to ensure that your permanent hair extensions are completely dry before you use any heat styling device. Make sure that the heating tools are not directly concentrated on the keratin bonds or on the attachments of other types of permanent hair extensions. Another thing to consider here is going to bed with a totally dry hair extension.

5-Know how long do permanent hair extensions last

Some women who were used to wear hair extensions complaint that this hair product can actually damage the natural hair. Well, this tends to be true when the hair extensions are not removed properly. Keep in mind that you should have to maintain those hair extensions within the specified time period. Search or ask the hair stylist how long do permanent hair extensions last.

Generally, you can never wear the hair extensions for around 3 months if they are just intended to last for only 6 weeks. Moreover, make sure that you are not wearing very heavy hair extensions if you want to prevent mane damage. Remember that heavy hair extensions may cling into the natural tresses and will weigh your hair down causing it to shed too much. It is highly crucial to know that hair extensions should never fall down and should not cause pain.

How Long do Permanent Hair Extensions Last Based on the Type

Permanent hair extensions are the type of hair integration that stay longer on the natural mane. Meaning to say, when you opt for this kind of hair extension, you will have to wear it for a longer time period. Additionally, you do not need to wear it off even if you will be going to bed.

However, there is a specific time frame in which this hair extension should cling on the tresses. So, how long do permanent hair extensions last? Since there are different types of permanent hair extensions, the duration of attachment of these hair integrations vary.


The keratin bond hair extension is also known as the “fusion or pre-bonded hair extension”. It basically works by attaching the extension to the roots of the natural mane. Usually, a heating tool is being utilized in order to attach the extension to the natural hair strands individually. The result of this type of permanent hair extension will be a fuller and naturally looking hair.

Typically, the duration of how long do permanent hair extensions last based on this type is around 3 to 4 months. Well, it highly depends on the way you take care of it. From the way you wash it, the frequency of styling it with heating device, and the use of the appropriate hair brush are all included on its caring process.


Also known as microbead hair extension, the small sections of the natural mane are taken off for the attachment of tiny hair wefts. It generally does not use glue or heat application. With that, the length of time how long do permanent hair extensions last is around 3 to 4 months. Treating them with extra caution is highly important because of the attachment of beads to the tresses.


how long do permanent hair extensions last

Based on this type of permanent hair extension, you will generally see an adhesive tape on the end of the extension. This tape usually acts to adhere this hair product into the roots of the natural tresses. Well, among the other types of permanent hair extensions, this tape-in hair extension tends to be the popular one. This is due to the heatless process of hair extension attachment.

How long do permanent hair extensions last? Basically, for the tape-in type, it stays on the hair for a period of 4 to 8 weeks. The good news is that you can generally tape back this hair extension for another period provided that they had been taken care of very well. If that’s the case, you will have a newer and fresher look of tape-in hair extension.


Initially, the process of having a sew-in hair extension is through braiding the natural hair into cornrows. Afterward, this hair extension will be sewn through the braids using a needle and thread. This type of hair extension is generally suitable for who have thicker hair.

For this type of permanent hair extension, the time how long do permanent hair extensions last falls within 6 to 8 weeks. However, the maximum time to enjoy a full weave extension is about 4 months. This is because of the possibility that it may have an effect on the growth of the natural tresses.

Ways on Taking Care of It to Achieve How Long do Permanent Hair Extensions Last

Regardless of the type of hair extensions you opt to wear, maintaining them is generally crucial. Moreover, to be able to cover the time frame of how long do permanent hair extensions last; here are the appropriate ways to take care of it.

*Replace hair extensions based on the specified time duration

Although you are taking care of your hair extension using the best ways for maintaining it, you cannot generally wear that same extension over and over again. For instance, the sew-in type of permanent hair extension can last up to two to three months if properly handled with care. Moreover, regular visits to the hair stylist may also work best here.

Also, it is highly recommendable to replace the hair extension for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. This may generally varies based on the rate of your hair growth. Highly consider this regardless of the type of the hair extension as this will basically prevents matting and tangling.

*Attach the hair extensions correctly

Primarily, one of the triggering factors that may define how long do permanent hair extensions last is the way it is attached. Make sure that only a professional hair stylist will install the hair extensions. They are basically trained to do the proper method of extension application. Keep in mind that the number one cause of hair damage in relation to hair extension is the improper installation.

*Always wash your hair

Even with a hair extension on, you can still and you should always wash your hair. Always make the proper steps in taking good care of the hair and the scalp. However, you should not wash the hair extension as often as you would on your hair and scalp. Frequent washing of the hair extension will generally lead to loosening of the hair extension installation and it could also affect the duration how long do permanent hair extensions last.

The recommended washing and conditioning schedule of the hair extension is usually every other week. To a lesser extent, hair extension washing and conditioning must also be done once a month. Moreover, do not ever try to over shampoo and over condition the roots of the tresses because it will also shorten the attachment of the extension to the hair. This generally applies true on microlinks and keratin bond permanent hair extensions.

Aside from that, always be gentle on the natural hair roots during cleansing especially on the said hair extension types. Too harsh washing won’t make these hair extension types last that long. Hair products that are hydrating and delicate to the hair are also helpful in lengthening the duration of the hair extension attachment.

The next step to washing and hair conditioning is allowing the hair to air dry. Doing so will generally put lesser pressure on the natural tresses. Using a blow-dryer necessitates its use on a lowest heat setting.

*Sleep over silk or satin fabric

Sleeping with the hair extensions on can be properly managed by wrapping the hair in silk fabric. Alternatively, you can also sleep over silk pillows in order to avoid dryness. Here is a simple guide on the appropriate things that you can do to prepare the hair extensions prior to sleeping:

  1. Gently brush the position where the hair extensions are attached through the use of small brush with soft bristle.
  2. Tie the circumference of the head by making use of a silk scarf.
  3. Afterward, tie within the back and make a knot close to the forehead. That way, the hair will also go on the same direction.

*Brush the natural mane every day and every time the extensions are taken off

how long do permanent hair extensions last

Brushing the hair regularly is a helpful way to tangle out those mats and knots. A paddle brush is generally useful for those with straight hair extensions. Moreover, if you have curly hair, wide tooth comb or detangling brush is the best products to use.

*Do not use various hair products

Here’s the catch, knowing the proper use of a product generally makes it a good one. So, if you are using a straight hair extension or a silky and non-synthetic one, simple product is already enough. Since the hair is already straight they basically stay pretty perfect as well. It is also better to use products that are only limited to heat protectant, shine spray, and dry shampoo.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: If you put on hair extensions, you should not leave it to be greasy that starts from the roots. That’s why it is always important to wash the hair on a regular basis. Wash it just enough to cleanse it and not allow any grease. But, when you opt to wash the hair, just only do it in the shower and not during the bath.


A: Well, the application of hair extension should be professionally done by a professional hair stylist. However, if you have no time to visit the salon but don’t want to procrastinate to have a naturally sleek hair, you can apply the extensions by your own through a glue gun. The fusion method or the keratin bond hair extension type can be installed using a hot glue gun.


A: Definitely, yes! The use of glue on hair extension installation can generally cause damage to the scalp. And, the worse, the damage can be a permanent one. According from the beauty experts, hair glues act by blocking the breathing out of the hair which, in turns, block the pores of the scalp. With that, it can ultimately results to damaging of the hair follicles and, at the same time, dries out the hair.

Final Words

Permanent hair extensions usually last on the hair for a longer time period compared to the temporary type of hair extension. However, the length of time that permanent hair extensions last on the natural tresses basically depends on its type. Aside from that, the proper ways of taking care and maintaining them can also affect their long lasting durability. So, it is highly better to take good care of them to enjoy its long lasting natural look.

5 Date night hairstyle ideas will never go out of style.

Date night is a very challenging time because you have to pay a great deal of attention to your physical looks. While you might want to try something new and in-style at the time, you do have another option. Some hairstyles are so perfect that they never go out of style, and we are going to show you which ones of those you should consider wearing to lessen your worries about your hair!

5 Date night hairstyle ideas will never go out of style. 46

1. Twisted Headband Braid

A twisted headbang braid has you put a braid over your front-top of your hair while the rest of your hair is down and straightened. It’s a beautiful look that is easy to pull off if your hair is medium or long. The look works for all kinds of events, too, from the basic to the fancy. It’s also good when you’re trying to make a splash in a group of people, like if you were trying to date more than one person. People seeking polyamorous dating sites free only need to check out the right review site. There, you can check and see which site has the options to meet your needs. Whether you are just getting into the polyamorous dating lifestyle or you are looking for a new place to flourish, such sites can help a great deal.

2.Voluminous Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is a great hairstyle if you are going out on a date where you want to look fresh. It’s perfect for breakfast and lunch dates. You simply tie a low ponytail at about the nape of your neck and then add any hair product that you want. This hairstyle is simple to implement after you have gone through your daily hair care routine, so you don’t have to worry about upsetting your hair regimen.

3.Glam Loose Curls 

The glam loose curls are when you do a half-curl on the hair that frames your face and all the hair that hangs past your shoulders. This creates a look that highlights your personal beauty and can be a perfect look for very formal date nights. So, if you are going to a restaurant with a dress code, this is a great hairstyle to wear!

4.Slick-Straight Brushed-Back Hair

If you want to try a hairstyle that is a chic, urbanite look, then you might want to get a good bottle of gel. Slick-backed hair on a woman pairs well with just about any kind of clothes and style, but it is certainly a nighttime look. Women who want to look intelligent and formidable use this hairstyle because it shows they have everything under control. That’s why it’s common to see this style on some of the most famous actresses in the business today.

5. Pinned-Back Half-Up Hair 

The pinned-back half-up hairstyle works well with wavy hair or hair that has been curled to be slightly wavy. This is a knockout look that is best used for serious occasions where you want to look absolutely stunning. The style requires a lot of patience and bobby pins, but the tumbling locks of hair will make any romantic partner melt. There is a reason you see this look at weddings quite often!

All five of these hairstyles are perfect for those people trying to look their best on a first date. While making your hair look perfect comes with its own kind of stress, each of these hairstyles are timeless. As long as the style looks good with your outfit, you never have to worry that you look like you’re behind the times.