What hair color makes dark skin look lighter?

What hair color makes dark skin look lighter? 1

Dark skin women have a list of endless hair colors that can make them look lighter. When determining the perfect hair shade for darker skin tones, your skin’s undertone plays a crucial role. For example, skins with red or pink undertones are excellent with either pearl, ash, or platinum blonde hair shades. On the other hand, skins with golden or warm yellow undertones perfectly match beige, golden, or honey hair shades. Therefore, if you are dark skin and looking for a hair color that will make you look lighter, this article is for you as we have prepared hair colors that perfectly suit dark skin women. 

Discover the best hair colors to make your dark skin look lighter and more radiant. From warm browns to vibrant reds, find your perfect match with our guide.

Hair colors that make dark skin look lighter 

It is not a surprise that not all hair colors will suit your skin tone, as different skin tones have specific colors that compliment them. Rich shades will mostly make dark skin look lighter as they provide an amazing contrast against a dark complexion. The following are hair colors that will make dark skin look lighter;

Red – darker shade of red

A darker shade of red is always a good idea for dark skin women as it will not only give you a natural look but will also make you appear lighter. The copper shade of red will perfectly complement a darker skin tone without coming off as harsh. It is important to note that not all shades of red will be perfect for dark skin. For example, some shades of red to dark brown entail excessive blue pigment, making your skin appear somewhat green rather than light.

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Blue– hair color

For darker women, the bolder, the better. If your skin’s undertone is golden, then the warmer versions of blue or green will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, ashier shades of these colors will suit a cooler undertone perfectly, while an olive undertone will look great with green-blue shades as it will flatter your skin tone, making it look light.

woman in gray long sleeved top holding hair
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Brown – hair color

Though some shades of brown might not perfectly complement darker skin tones, other shades like shad, golden, and reddish brown will make your skin look more natural as well as brightens up your tone. However, you have to consider your undertone while working with darker shades like golden brown and espresso, as they might leave you looking somehow green.

However, rich coffee brown, yellow blonde, and bronze brown will go perfectly with dark skin women. Furthermore, caramel brown is also a perfect option for darker skin women as it complements deep complexion gorgeously by bringing out your undertone beautifully hence enabling you to achieve a brighter and lighter glow. 

Other hair colors that will make dark skin appear lighter

Hair ColorEffect on dark skin
Jet BlackMakes your complexion appear clearer and brighter
while accentuating your skin.
MaroonMaroon perfectly complements deeper complexions
by bringing out a stunning and brighter glow.
VioletBoth darker and brighter shades of violet bring out a
gorgeous skin tone in dark women, making them
appear lighter.
CaramelCaramel shades like burnt caramel have hints of gold
and red, making it perfect for dark skin of all hues as
it brightens the skin tone.
PinkIf you want bright hair, pink is your perfect choice,
as different shades of pink complement darker skin
tones differently by making them pop and stand out.


It is safe to note that not all hair colors will make dark skin tones appear lighter. Therefore, if your goal is to appear lighter and brighter, the above list will help you choose colors that suit you best. However, when selecting hair colors, you must be aware of your undertone as it will play a major role in how the hair color will make you appear. All in all, richer shades compliment dark skin tones perfectly by bringing out a clear and bright glow, hence making you appear lighter. 

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