Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you!

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 1

Finding the best beard oil for coarse hair can be a daunting task. This is because there are many beard oils that are looming around on the market today, and it feels like every one of them offers the same formula and has a low effectivity rate when you applied it on your coarse beard hair. And yet, none of them really stand out and it lacks quality which makes your beard itch.

If you are on a hunt for the best beard oil for your coarse hair with no prior knowledge about this, then, lucky for you to come across this article. Because we are going to make sure that you will gain some insights, tips, buying guides, and above all, our carefully curated reviewed beard oil particularly for coarse hair. So scroll over and take a look at our article!

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 2Mountaineer Brand
Beard Oil
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 3Check Price
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 4Smooth Viking
Beard Oil
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 3Check Price
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 6JS Sloane Co.
Beard Oil
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 7Check Price
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 8Lab Series
Beard Oil
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 7Check Price

What is beard oil?

The beard oil is basically a type of hair product that is specifically intended for beards, hence the name. The answer is somewhat easy but it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what beard oil really is. Of course, there’s also a question of how it works and why it works wherein we are going to tackle these two important questions after a moment.

First of, besides being a hair product that is specifically designed for beard, the beard oil’s importance is to help nourish and moisturize the skin underneath the beard, it also enhances the visual appeal of the beard making it look glossy and feels fresh, not to mention its wet look.

Because back then, the only maintenance for beard is to trim it or sometimes cut it completely to remove any facial hair. But that has changed since the awareness of having beard maintenance which proves that not only because it’s great for the sake of style, but also in the overall facial hair growth and the skin as well.

Secondly, beard oil proves to be useful because it greatly transform your bland style into something new and it’s the best possible product when it comes to maintaining your beard hair and also for aesthetic appeal. What makes this hair product beneficial for both beard growth and maintenance is the combination of different carrier oils which leaves us to another discussion.

What is beard oil typically made of?

As we have mentioned before, beard oil is made from different carrier oils and essential oils that are mainly beneficial to hair growth and maintenance. These ingredients become the standard inclusion in most beard oil manufacturers (at least, for now.).

But, some are still finding some new formulas to come up with new and effective formulas. That said, the beard oil ingredients can be broken into two categories, essential oils, and carrier oils.

Essential oils

Not only essential oils are great for aromatherapy but also it’s extremely useful for beard maintenance and beard growth specifically to prevent flaky skin, acne hiding underneath the beard. Most quality beard oil manufacturers choose carefully what goes into their beard oils. Because what the beard oil companies are making sure of is the potency and the effectiveness.

Some of the essential oils included are Lavender, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree. These essential oils have high potency in usage when applied on beard alone, that’s why it has a mixture of carrier oils to dilute them.

Carrier oils

Carrier oils mainly came from all-natural nuts and seeds which take a large percentage of the overall ingredients. These oils are responsible for making your beard become convenient especially when it’s in the early stage. Carrier oils are responsible for giving softness, moisture, and nutrients to the beard.

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Some of the common carrier oils included are Grapeseed oils, Argan, Jojoba, and Sunflower. These carrier oils can be used as a standalone beard oil compared to essential oils.

Benefits of using the best beard oil for coarse hair and other hair types

Now that you know what’s beard oil can do and what are they made up of, it’s time that you know that beard oils do more good than harm. There are tons of reasons why you should use it especially if you are growing a linger and thicker beard. So, here are the most common benefits of beard oil to your skin and to your beard.

Makes your beard looks better

If you are the type of guy who wants their facial hair to look better and healthier, a regular beard oil application is something you must do. As a result, your facial hair will look fresh and clean. In addition, it heightens the volume of the mane, creating an illusion of looking that you have a coarser and fuller beard.

Also, it makes your beard looks shinier and clean. That is because when the sun illuminates the oil, it will create a gleaming effect that enhances the beard’s appearance, making it more vibrant and clean looking, not to mention healthier. That said, beard oil will enhance your beard’s look without looking brittle and dry.

It minimizes itchiness

Before you grow a long and thick beard like Jason Mamoa’s or Leo Tolstoy’s, you will inevitably face many hurdles. Some of these hurdles are the incessant itching and unconscious plucking, especially if you are only in the early stage of growing a beard. That’s why having the best beard oil, particularly for coarse hair, will not only help you to boost hair growth but also will greatly reduce itchiness.

The irritating itchy season of beard growth is between 2 to 4 weeks. So, to stop that itchiness using the good ol’ beard oil will do the job. Good thing that quality beard oil have always perfect formula that will help maintains your beard and also makes your skin healthier.

Prevents beard dandruff build-up

Among the greatest cons of having a long and coarse beard is the beard dandruff. If we hate having dandruff on our head hairs, what more to our facial hairs? Because it’s also a turn-off for most women it will also look disgusting and people are under the impression that you are not taking care of your beard.

The cause of dandruff in your beard is itching which also causes white flakes. And the white flakes turn into dandruff. Dandruff occurs if your skin is dry. So, if you are planning to grow your beard long and coarse, you will need to apply beard oil in order to rehydrate your skin and protects your skin.

Let’s your beard become softer naturally

Men with a beard don’t like the experience of having a dry barbed-wire beard. It’s also among the causes to make it itchy. But, applying it with some beard oil will significantly soften the beard and also will turn into a smooth beard. That said, an excellent way to let your mane go softer is to properly maintain your beard, and also apply some beard oil for a better result.

The fact that beard oils will penetrate the hairs and will do their job to soften the beard carrying sorts of vitamins and nutrients. Like we have said before, beard oil will moisturize the beard and in turn, it will become naturally soft and looks clean.

It will recover your lost sebum oils

While you are taking bath and you wash your face, there’s a tendency that you will lose some of the natural oils from your beard. That’s why it’s important to apply beard oil every time you take a bath. Because without the help of the beard oil, chances are, it will probably make your skin dry, your beard will become brittle, and you will experience beard split end and itchiness.

In order to mitigate the natural oil loss, you will have to use the best beard oil for coarse hair that will be reviewed a few moments from now.

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you!

[su_service title=”Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 10

Looking for a beard oil where it can relieve the flaking, itching, and that coarse beard of yours? Then, we know exactly what you want, and we have it for you. What has here is the Mountaineer Brand beard oil.

It has a bigger size compared to its counterparts. Plus, you won’t regret buying this given its natural ingredients and also its effectiveness rate for removing flaky and dry skin.

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Notable ingredients include almond oil, fir needle, grapeseed oil, cedarwood oil, eucalyptus oil. Although the scent is woodsy it will definitely do the trick which gives a unique scent to the beard oil. Also, the scent may not last long, and the scent is not that strong only in the first few minutes.

Don’t worry about the product’s production location because it’s made in the US. In addition, it’s suitable for your skin because it will condition even underneath your beard.

All in all, we greatly recommend it to the point we have placed this on the first spot because it is an amazing product. This beard oil is great for relieving itch and its overall effectiveness is great.

Plus, it offers premium ingredients and made 100 percent all-natural. Moreover, the price is very affordable. That’s why we strongly believed that this is among the best beard oil for coarse hair.

  • Premium ingredients
  • Very affordable
  • The bottle is large
  • It can be slightly greasy


[su_service title=”Smooth Viking Beard Oil” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 11

What you need in looking for the best beard oil especially for coarse hair is something powerful enough to turn your facial hair soft and smooth. Also, what you need for a certain product is it doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind.

That’s why we introduce to you the Smooth Viking beard oil. We vouched for this because it has more to offer and features all-natural ingredients.

This beard oil is very light and will gently make your hair smooth and soft. Maintaining a nice and long beard can be complicated. But nothing impossible with this beard oil. Even the thickest beards can be managed by this stunning product.

This will definitely hydrate your beard and will prevent any flaky and dry skin underneath your beard chin. In addition, the Smooth Viking beard oil eases the itchiness caused by the dry skin which will be also revitalized upon using this regularly.

In addition, Smooth Viking beard oil is easy to use. Not only it’s great for softening the facial hair but also conditions the beard very well. It also reinforces the hairs from root to top.

All in all, we love this Smooth Viking beard oil because it’s extremely useful in many ways and each application of this will deeply penetrate every strand of hair. This will help increase your beard’s hair growth.

  • Highly effective for coarse hair
  • Deeply moisturize the skin
  • Prevents itchiness
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

[su_service title=”JS Sloane Co. Beard Oil” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 12

If you want something special beard oil and achieving a nice and shiny-looking beard, then we gladly introduce to you the JS Sloane beard oil. This is among the best brand when it comes to grooming products and for beard oil as well.

JS Sloane will make you feel fresh and will make sure that your coarse beard is well-taken care of.

Featuring vitamin E which greatly improves the skin’s well-being and helps moisturizes the skin as well as the hair. Among the notable ingredients are lavender oil, carrot seed oil, fragrance parfum, argania spinosa kernel oil, to name a few.

This adds shine to your beard. What’s more interesting is that this restores hair follicles and will make sure that the beard will grow healthy. Also, JS Sloane Co. beard oil has a silicone base. The scent of this is very subtle yet it pleases you every time you smell it. In addition, this is applicable to every skin type.

All in all, this is your go-to beard oil if you want a maintenance tool for your hipster or post-grunge coarse beard. This is something you want for yourself especially if you want a decent quality beard oil. This balances the oil production and even the tones on the skin.

  • Great for every skin type
  • Lemon scent
  • Greatly redistributes oil production
  • None so far

[su_service title=”Lab Series Beard Oil” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 13

Last but not the least, the Lab Series Oil. Users who know this brand are very well aware of the standard price of the Lab Series products, which is high priced but it’s really worth it.

So if you are going to consider this beard oil product, make sure that you have some budget just have this amazing and effective beard oil for your facial hair maintenance.

This grooming oil is not only suited for the beard but also intended for shaving as an alternative to shaving cream. The Lab Series will condition your beard after application and regular use.

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Some of the notable ingredients include sodium, glycerine, alcohol, panthenol, phenoxyethanol, fruit oil, and jojoba oil. The liquid volume is 50 ml.

The texture is oily but it does not sit heavy. Also, using this will help soothe the skin and also will help you achieve a clean shave with no residue.

All in all, we have definitely tried this and it’s very worthwhile. Perfect for making your coarse beard soft and smooth enough. Not only that, it’s a great substitution for shaving cream when you have none at the moment. So, is it valuable? It may not valuable for the money but performance-wise, it’s definitely an amazing product.

  • Leave no residue
  • Soothes the skin
  • Shines the beard
  • Improves manageability
  • The price point is higher

Your buying guide for the best beard oil for coarse hair

Beard oil is gaining much demand among the community of men because of its gaining awareness about the maintenance of beard and also the proper way of growing a beard. Also, the quality and the formula greatly affect the beard’s growth direction.

With that in mind, there are numerous beard oil products that are readily available on the market and on the online market. But, what makes the best beard oil? Here are some of our takeaways:

Ingredients and added features

You don’t have to be pedantic about what’s in every oil inside the beard product. Although you need to be knowledgeable enough to see what goes in every product that will likely be beneficial to you. Also, most beard oils use the same oils in their ingredients but what differs is the complexity.

If you don’t have any clue on what’s best for you due to your first-time buyer, it’s much preferred to choose a beard oil that contains lots of natural oils. Because natural oils will react less to your skin and will deeply nourish your skin and maintain your beard growth healthy.

Some added features in the beard oils are

Minoxidil, vitamins (B12, E, and others), Vegan oils; and other ingredients such as wheat germ, melon oil, plum oil, and brown algae.

Scent and its potency

Every beard oil is different when it comes to scent. Some will prefer a strong scent some will just choose the milder scents. Finding the best beard oil is a matter of personal preferences and that includes the scent. This also likened to choosing a cologne.

So when you are considering buying a beard oil, the level of intensity in scent will be your personal choice. Careful when choosing the scent. If you are sensitive to strong scents much better to opt for milder scents.

The thickness of the beard

Another important aspect you should consider is to consider the thickness of your beard first. In this case, if you are looking for beard oil for coarse hair, you should consider a conditioner that helps soften it. Or if you have a thicker beard you can opt for a stronger conditioner instead. That said, figure out your beard’s thickness first and search on the market that matches your beard type.


Obviously, the most important aspect of looking for your best beard oil is the price. Because all consumers primarily based the product judging by its price. Also, your budget will dictate what kind of beard oil you will get. But don’t have the idea of “the higher the price, the higher the quality of the product will be.

While there is some partial truth in it but don’t get your high hopes solely on the price. At the end of the day, what matters is it meets all if not most of the qualities in buying beard oil. Remember to be wise and always the product carefully first before attempting to buy it.

Ease of application

Decent quality beard oils are always easy to apply to your beard. Usually, they have a rich texture and very light. It should distribute evenly over the beard. In addition, the container and the cap also play a big role in determining its ease of use. Also, there are common types of applicators for every beard oil product that will depend on the manufacturer.

Common applicator types used in beard oils.

Pump Dispenser – Like the dropper, this allows you to reduce waste and gives a consistent amount per pump. Although some users find this a bit messy because oil can slip on the side of the bottle.

Dropper Cap – The easiest applicator of beard oils. This allows you to correctly measure the amount of oil you need. Dropper caps are great for preventing any spills and can be applied quickly.

Restrictor Valve – This is the least preferred by users because it can be messy in most cases. Although the design is better, it’s not practical compared to the two applicators above.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best beard oil for your carse hair is never going to be easy. The fact that there are tons of beard oil products out there, choosing what’s best for you is something you need to work on. So, if ever you aren’t sure about what’s best for you, just remember to refer to our buying guide. Because reading our buying guide will help you narrow down your selection process which will eventually help you identify your ideal beard oil

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