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How To Make The Perfect Selfie In Your Home

How To Make The Perfect Selfie In Your Home


Taking a selfie is something most of us do quite frequently. Whether it is to post to Instagram, send to a friend, or just to see how you look, we take a lot of photos of ourselves. While there is a good chance your favorite selfies were taken on vacation, out with friends, or at the beach, there is no reason you can’t take an amazing selfie at home. 

However, to get a great selfie at home can take some time, and some practice. You might not always get it on your first or second try. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over a few tips to help you take the perfect selfie at home.

Find the Right Pose

One of the most crucial aspects of any good photo (selfie or otherwise) is to find the right pose. While the photo is often only of your face and perhaps upper body, how you pose still has an impact on how you look.

Now, you may be wondering how to choose selfie poses for men to ensure you look great. Well, the solution is to simply try a few out. With a bit of experiment with different poses, camera positions, head tilts, and angles, you will eventually find one that looks spectacular.

Choose the Best Lighting

The lighting is among the most underrated aspects of a photo. It can change how your skin looks, change the temperature of the photo, and be the difference between something looking bad or great. When taking a selfie, natural light is generally best as it softens the skin and helps it look smoother.

But finding soft interior light can also be a good idea. In most cases, the light should be behind the camera and in front of you, but not be so bright that it makes you squint. There are even lights you can buy that can help you get the best lighting no matter where, or when, you want to take the selfie.

Just like with your poses, experiment with the lighting of different intensities and in different positions to see what you think looks the best in your selfies.

Smile Naturally

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One of the best ways to transform a selfie from good to great is to smile naturally. This often looks better and ensures your smile doesn’t look forced. Smiling naturally without forcing it for the photo can be hard, but there are many ways in which you can get the hang of it. This includes thinking of something funny, or doing something silly right before taking the photo.

A natural smile brings into play not only your mouth, but also your cheeks, your nose, and your eyes. It is very easy to see when a smile is forced or not natural, and it can often take away from the quality of a selfie.

Mind Your Background

Another thing to think about to ensure you get the best selfie possible is to think about the background. While people will be looking at you in your selfies, their eyes will eventually wander to the background. Make sure nothing embarrassing is in the background, or anything you don’t want people to see. 

Also, the background in most selfies shouldn’t be too distracting, and should mesh well with your photo. Always check out backgrounds before you ever post or share a selfie, it can only take a second or two, and is always worth doing.

We hope that these tips have been able to help you take the perfect selfie, right in the comfort of your own home.

How Beauty Masters should manage their Instagram account

Everywhere we hear that beauty masters need Instagram or other social networks in order to attract more customers. Some business owners perceive social media as a panacea for lack of money, a magic pill. If the master starts blogging, then clients come immediately. However, this is where the difficulties begin.

How Beauty Masters Should Manage Their Instagram Account
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What to publish?

Most often, clients see a page where there are many photos of nails, eyebrows, lips, eyelashes, but there is no important information. Or there may only be posts with congratulations for each holiday. Of course, this is not interesting to anyone. The authors of such accounts do not understand why they have to buy Instagram likes. They think they are making interesting content.

Nails are everywhere.

Many clients need to get their nails done before some important event or before a vacation. Naturally, Instagram is the easiest and most convenient way to find a master. If you enter “manicure + city” in the search, then you will receive hundreds of accounts and will be able to choose the one that suits you.

Nails-nails-nails. The phone number is written in the profile header. To call, you need to rewrite all the numbers (apparently on a piece of paper), and only then call. Sounds like the beginning of some nasty quest. In the actual one, we can see only the nails, and no information about the price, materials, how to get there, etc.

Suppose I rewrote my phone number, called to find out how much it costs, and all my other questions remain unanswered? The master is clearly busy (doing a manicure) and she has no time to talk to me for a long time. Now we can understand why such masters buy likes on Instagram.

We suggest looking at the account through the eyes of the client. To do this, you need to understand why he came to your page and go his way with him, answering all the questions he has on the way.

What to write in bio?

1. Name

This is the bold line below the avatar on your page. It is for this line that the search is carried out on Instagram. There you should write the occupation and the name or city (a matter of taste). Your Name is displayed in the client’s private messages. Therefore, it makes sense to write your name there so that the client communicates not with “Manicure, New York”, but with Jessica, who does the manicure. The city can be written in a special line for geolocation. It is very convenient to indicate even a point on the map.

2. Main picture

Everyone always talks about the importance of the main photo. However, we can still constantly see different funny pictures instead of a photograph of the master or his work. The main photo should be clear and contrasting so that the user immediately draws attention to it in the news feed.

If you are a master or a private specialist, then you can upload your photo. If you run a salon account, then its logo. If you have a lot of letters and small details in your logo, they won’t be visible. Especially in the comments.

3. Highlights.

This is exactly the place where you can answer all the client’s questions in advance, and give him all the necessary information about your services.

You can create several Highlights, for example, Price, Examples of Work, Customer reviews, How to get there, Working hours, Q&A.

4. Newsfeed

Choose from different angles and plans. Hands in the same position against the same background is too boring. It’s the same with the same type of eye photos with eyelashes and eyebrows. You can add photos of parts, materials, your photos, reports from masterclasses. Users want more variety. But you need to remember that you should not publish what is unnecessary. It should be clear from your account what kind of master you are and what you do.