Why Your Flat-Ironed Hair Lacks Body

Why Your Flat-Ironed Hair Lacks Body 1

When you use a flat-iron for your hair, you are likely to face two major problems; exposure to high amounts of heat and two, losing the body after using the flat iron. The main reason for facing both these problems is usually not choosing the correct set of products. The right flat iron hair products can help to maintain flat ironed hairstyles while allowing your hair to have volume, body, and movement. 

We all know that a flat iron helps tame flyaways and frizz, creating a smooth and sleek hair look. Additionally, we can use them for hair curling, which is a plus. Even if you have thin hair, you are still bound to enjoy the benefits of flat ironed hair without compromising the volume. Using the correct products before and after straightening, and using the right technique helps ensure fuller hair with plenty of body. 

Use of a heat protectant

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or come across this already, but in case you haven’t or have no clue, using a flat iron directly on your hair can damage the hair irreversibly as it involves huge amounts of heat. 

Direct heat can make the hair more likely to split or break, and I’m sure we don’t want that!

Always remember to use a heat protectant serum before using a flat iron on hair. It protects hair from the high temperatures while leaving it smoother and manageable. If you are concerned about your hair lacking body after using the flat iron on it, there are some specially formulated sprays and foam available specifically for this purpose. They serve as heat protectants and will act as a barrier – sort of like sunscreen for your hair. You can use Indique Hair Heat Protectant Serum for styling your thick wavy hair weave.

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Using the right technique while using a flat-iron on hair

Before using a flat iron on hair, try to make sure your hair is dry because if you try to flat-iron hair when wet, you may end up damaging the hair permanently. 

Try to divide your hair into manageable small sections. Try to straighten your hair upwards and outwards. Try not to pull the hair down to your scalp. You can also use a root lift spray before using the flat-iron to maintain your hair’s natural beauty and movement. 

Once you have applied a root lifting spray, please avoid using your iron too close to the scalp as it may undo the effect of the root booster.

Post ironed hair care

When you are done using the flat iron, leave your hair down to cool completely. Avoid styling them immediately as hot hair is prone to breakage. Use a teaser brush to lightly backcomb the roots of flat iron treated hair, if you want an increased volume near the scalp. Afterward, use a lightweight hair spray and avoid a strong one as it may overweight your hair, making them look flat. Now you can pick one out of many flat ironed hairstyles and go for it. You can apply a volumizing mist after a few hours to retain the volume longer.

A few changes in daily hair care routines

Don’t wash your hair very frequently. Don’t use a lot of shampoos because it may deprive your hair of natural hair oils and make them look dehydrated. Make it a good habit of detangling your hair while you apply the conditioner in your hair. This will make your hair frizz-free and manageable while styling it off. Don’t rub your hair with the towel. It will make the hair rough and damage. It’s always better to let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer or diffuser. That slow drying process will retain moisture in your hair. Even if you have to use a blow dryer, don’t use it with high-temperature settings. Don’t brush or comb your hair once it’s completely dry. 

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Flat-ironed hair can very quickly fall flat and limp if you don’t use the correct hair care products before and after straightening. The right choice of flat iron hair products can help to maintain your styles whilst allowing your long hair to have volume, body, and movement. If your flat ironed hair usually lacks body anytime you’re done straightening, do try to consider these tips for better results and for a fuller effect. 

Some of these techniques might really sound confusing or difficult if you’re a total newbie. However, it’s not always as hard as it sounds if you’re actually doing it and not just reading. You could always run to your hairdresser for help if you feel you cannot pull some of these off by yourself. Your hair is the best crown. So, choose the best flat iron hair products for yourself if you can. Don’t hesitate to invest in quality hair care products if this is what will make you more comfortable and satisfied after spending hours in front of the mirror. Also, you can easily transform your look with virgin hair to get a quick & instant hairstyle look. 


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