What Is Sea Salt Spray?

The traditional sea salt spray uses real salt mixed with various oils and other moisturizing ingredients. This formula gives texture to the hair for a cascading and beautifully messy look. It also adds volume to the hair, which is similar to the effect of being soaked in salty water. Personally, sea salt spray is my favorite hair product next to shampoo.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray For Beachy Waves.
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Nowadays, some sea salt formulas use Epsom salt in place of the typical salt. However, since sea salt sprays can dry your hair, there are salt-free versions that use natural extracts to provide the same effect. They are still referred to as ‘sea salt sprays’ although they no longer use salts.

Sea salt sprays shouldn’t be confused with sugar sprays. Unlike sea salt sprays, sugar sprays use what else but sugar. It creates soft waves without the crunch and stiffness.

One thing that makes sea salt sprays appealing is it can turn flat and stick-straight hair into light and voluminous tresses. But just like any product, sea salt sprays shouldn’t be overused, and you should rinse it off your hair to prevent dryness and brittleness. You should also watch out for sprays that cause too much stiffness to the point that you’ll have ‘helmet hair.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray For Beachy Waves

Sea salt sprays can both be your friend and enemy, depending on how you harness its potential. To ensure that you will have the beachy, crunchy waves, here’s how you should apply the product:

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Step 1. Wet Your Hair First

Before you bombard your head with the spray, make sure that your hair is wet first. Just damp wet and not dripping.

Once damp, comb your hair to remove the tangles. It’s important to remove the knots, or the sea salt spray will just make it worse. Besides, the tangles will result in a style that’s more in the messier side than the naturally wavy side.

Step 2. Shake, Shake, Shake

Before you spritz away, make sure that you shake the bottle of sea salt spray carefully. The salts will settle at the bottom, and if you don’t shake, your hair won’t get even ingredients.

Step 3. Apply The Sea Salt Spray

Start spraying on the mid-length areas of your hair. Focus on the roots as well, so your hair will have more volume instead of the flat look at the crown. You don’t have to apply a lot on the tips since it can dry fast and get damaged.

Based on my experience, I recommend spraying in sections so you can style accordingly. Also, apply a small amount and work your way from it. Besides, you wouldn’t want a very crunchy and stiff hair.

Step 4. Style Away

Once your hair is all covered with sea salt spray, the next step is styling. Take a small portion of your hair then crunch it up by twisting. Just like curling your hair, the more twists, the wavier it gets. If you love the messy look, just scrunch and tousle your hair. After that, spray a small amount to your hair to lock in the curls.

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Step 5. Blow-Dry, If Possible

If you brought a dryer to the beach, you could blow dry your salty hair to finish the styling. Use the diffuser mode, so it mimics the heat of the sea. It will also prevent your hair from being burned and dried out. If you don’t have a blow dryer, just let your hair dry through the sea breeze

Additional Tips

Guys can use it too! Sea salt sprays aren’t just for the ladies; guys can also use it to achieve the curly and salty hair. It’s an excellent product for dudes with thick and long hair.

Use some dry shampoo. If you want to add volume to your hair, I suggest using dry shampoo on the roots. You can spritz sea salt spray on the rest. This will also reduce the drying effect of sea salt sprays on your scalp.

Never towel-dry. If you’re taking the excess moisture out of your hair, never towel-dry. The rubbing motion will only cause frizz and tangles. The result is messy and stiff hair.

Don’t over-apply. Using too much sea salt spray will make your hair too cakey. It’s not natural-looking, not to mention that it will dry your scalp and hair like crazy.

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