What is Hair Plopping? Is It a Sign of Healthy Hair?

What Is Hair Plopping?

Our hair is our crowning glory. There are few things more glorious than a beautifully styled head of hair that is given the love and care that it deserves. However, styling every single lock to perfection can take a long time and be an incredibly tedious process. This is especially true for those with curly hair, because curly hair tends to be more unruly and more difficult to manage than straight hair. Sometimes, it seems like it would be way easier to just wake up in the morning and walk out of the door without so much as a second glance to the state of your hair, but that just won’t do. That is why hair plopping has become so popular—it’s the easiest and most fuss-free way to get a gorgeous head of curls without all the extra effort!

What is Hair Plopping?

Hair plopping is a method that promises those with wavy and curly locks the definition and volume that they want for their hair without needing to use heat or spend too much time styling their mane. You would need to use a cloth to ‘plop’ your hair, as it will prevent it from becoming frizzy while drying. It is incredibly easy to do, and it shortens the drying time for hair, which will definitely save you precious time getting ready in the morning. According to experts, it is better to do this than to air-dry your hair. By using this technique, your curly or wavy locks will coil themselves more quickly. It’s sort of the same effect when you press down on a spring. 

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Wes Sharpton, an expert hairstylist at the Hairstory Salon in New York City, says that touching your hair will make it more prone to frizz. By using a soft, absorbent cloth, you can avoid the static that causes frizz and achieve fuller, more manageable curls. You can use any type of cloth you would like as long as it is able to absorb the water from your hair. In fact, some experts recommend using an old t-shirt because it is easily accessible and it is highly absorbent.

How to Plop Hair

Plopping hair is a simple yet effective way to get hair looking gorgeous in minutes. However, you have to do it correctly for you to achieve your desired outcome. Here are the steps for plopping your hair:

  1. Begin with freshly washed hair.
  2. Put some of your hair moisturizer and preferred styling product to enhance curls in your hands, and massage them into your hair. 
  3. Place your hair into the center of the cloth and tie it around your head. This functions as your ‘plop.’
  4. Tuck in any loose hairs, and make sure that the cloth is tied securely. 
  5. Keep the plop in place for 10–20 minutes. After that, you can quickly give your hair a once-over with a blow dryer to make sure your hair is all dry. 

The Benefits of Plopping Hair

What is Hair Plopping? Is It a Sign of Healthy Hair? 1

One of the challenges of having curls is that, after showering, the moisture in the hair tends to pull them down and stretch them out, leaving an end result that is not so pretty. Plopping works against this by keeping curls more compact while wrapped in the cloth. By keeping the curls scrunched up during the drying process, this gives them more definition and volume once the hair has completely dried. 

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Plopping can also help keep your hair healthy. As mentioned above, plopping helps in speeding up the time it takes to dry your hair. This will help keep your hair in a healthier state because if you leave your hair wet after washing it, your lovely locks become more fragile, and you could end up putting stress on your hair. As a result, it is easier for them to get damaged or torn. On top of that, leaving your hair wet can also put excessive pressure on your hair, which could lead to split ends. Thanks to plopping, your hair will be able to dry much more quickly, avoiding any incidents that may lead to your hair’s breakage. 

One More Tip to Further Enhance Your Curls

Plopping is but one method to help curly-headed individuals better manage their curls. However, plopping doesn’t mean that you no longer need to apply any product. In fact, curly hair often needs more product to manage. To find your perfect hair product, you would need to study your hair’s density. The finer the hair, the less product you would need to apply to keep it manageable. Medium to thicker hair would typically fare well with creams and oils, while coarser hair would most benefit from products that intensively moisturize

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