What Does a Hair Diffuser Do?

What does a hair diffuser do? To put it simply, it is a fan (usually made of fans shaped like a square or a triangle) that cools and diffuses the hot air created by your normal hairdryer. As a refresher, normal hair dryers blow hot air through your hair and through a vent at the bottom of the barrel, cooling it and dispersing it across your hair.

The diffuser helps you achieve similar results, but without having to blow your hair dry (which = hot & sweaty = tangles), without damaging it (you will not get “frizzies” and “melt-in-your-hair”, which are caused by excessive heat), without blowing hot air into your hair (you’ll just be diffusing it instead), without boiling your locks (since diffusers don’t blow hot air through your hair), and without damaging your natural oils (by using diffusers, your oils will be evenly dispersed and won’t be burned off on contact).

diffusers for hair dryers
diffusers for hair

So what does a hair diffuser do differently than a normal hairdryer? Well for starters, since the hot air is diffused and not blown directly into your curls, it does not cause frizz. Another thing is that it doesn’t create the extreme amount of heat that a typical dryer would, so your curls won’t get that “frizzies” look.

Also, because it does not create an extreme amount of heat, it also does not get hot to the point where it starts hurting your skin, causing burns and all sorts of skin irritations. In short, diffusers give you beautiful, shiny, healthy locks that never look “frizzy”, “hot”, “bumpy”, “kinky”, or “wheaty”.

Now, if you have never used a diffuser before, then you may be wondering exactly how a normal blow dryer works. A normal blow dryer is like a big, heavy hairbrush that has a flat piece at the end that scrunchies your hair up into tiny little pieces. When you blow-dry your hair using the blow dryer’s brush, all of the keratin in your hair is “blocked”, and it just sits there in your hair until it’s time to style. The only time your strands are “stretched” is when they become too long because the heat from the blow dryer was not enough to stretch them.

The diffuser, on the other hand, actually acts much differently. A diffuser will allow for a much smaller-sized piece to be placed on your hair, which in turn allows for much more controlled heat diffusion. Simply put, it will allow for your hair to be spaced out evenly, without any large sections of your head getting scorched from concentrated heat.

Another great thing about the diffuser is that it also helps distribute the heat so that less of your scalp gets hot while your curls are being dried. This is a much better scenario than if you have your hair straightened or curled.

You should also know that there are some specific types of diffusers that are designed for different types of hair. These are specially made for natural curls, wavy hair, and natural straightening/curling. Also, if your hair tends to be oily, then a diffuser may not work as well for you.

These are simply oil diffusers that you can use instead. These are also great for sealing your curls. Just place it right on top of your blow dryer and then blow dry your hair naturally straightening and relaxing as you go.

In addition to the different types of diffusers that I’ve described above, there are also a ton of different brands to choose from such as the Sedu hairstyles blow dryer by Sedu hairstyles. There is also the Chi blowdryer which is perfect for curly hair because it is able to penetrate down through your hair to give your curls the suave bounce that they need.

Finally, there is the Sedu blowdryer by Chi. The Sedu brand also has a ton of other great blow dryers such as the Chi blowdryer that comes with a detachable spray gun, the Chi blowdryer that is a combo straightener/combinator, and the Chi blowdryer that comes with the Chi travel kit which allows you to take your diffuser with you wherever you go.

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