What Causes Greasy Hair?

Everyone has dealt with greasy hair at least once in their life. The sticky feeling is very uncomfortable, and the excess oil will weigh the hair down. Most of the time, hair greasiness is due to the overreaction of the sebaceous gland on our scalp. This leads to the overproduction of natural oils.

The truth is that this excessive oil is actually good for the hair. It serves as lubrication and nourishment to prevent hair dryness. However, it can become annoying, especially if you’re styling.

What Causes Greasy Hair? 1

Aside from the natural reaction of our scalp, the following can be the reason why your hair is too greasy:

You Touch Your Hair Too Much

I’m guilty of this habit all the time, especially if I’m sporting a tousled hairstyle. I have the urge to scrunch my hair all the time, which causes the oils in my hands to transfer to my hair.

Imagine, you’re touching things or even eating snacks with your hands. If you touch your hair without washing your hands, you’re brewing a recipe for hair greasiness.

You Over-Apply Products

I know that serums and live-in conditioners are nourishing, but it will also attract dirt if you apply too much. The product combined with dust will result in a greasy feeling. It’s also possible that you’re going overboard with your conditioning, which causes the hair to be extra oily.

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You Don’t Wash Your Sheets

If everything in your styling is fine, your sheets and pillowcases might be the culprit. The oils from your face will stick to the pillowcase and transfer to your hair as you sleep. The greasiness will be much worse if you use facial serums at night.

Make it a habit to change your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week.

Dry Shampoo Vs. Actual Shampoo
One of the most common questions I receive is regarding the difference between dry shampoo and an actual shampoo.

First of all, dry shampoo, just like how it’s called, is used on dry hair. You don’t have to use water to wash the product. You simply spritz it to your hair, massage it, and voila! Your hair will have extra freshness with less oiliness.

Another big difference is that an actual shampoo washes away dirt and locks in moisture. Meanwhile, dry shampoo absorbs and hides the greasiness to buy you time until the next wash. If you don’t wash your dry shampoo-laden hair for too long, it will feel sticky and flaky.

Remember that nothing beats washing with actual shampoo. But if you’re out and about, spraying a little dry shampoo won’t hurt as long as you wash it out soon.

Benefits Of A Dry Shampoo
✔️Control oiliness on the go. If you don’t have the chance to wash your hair, say you’re late for work, you can use dry shampoo as a quick solution. It will absorb the moisture and make your hair smell fresh. If used right, other people will not suspect that you didn’t shower.

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✔️Adding volume to your hair. One of the greatest uses of dry shampoo is adding volume to your hair. Spray it on the roots and massage it to lift the hair. It’s a useful trick for those with thin and fine hair struggling with weighed-down tresses.

✔️Protect against heat damage. Depending on the formula, dry shampoo can help reduce heat damage to your hair. Still, it’s not a 100% substitute for actual heat protectants.

✔️Travel-friendly. If you’re traveling and busy, a bottle of dry shampoo is a must-have on your bag. It will freshen up your hair and make you look presentable even if you haven’t taken a shower in two days.

✔️Helps in treating lice. If your little one has lice, you can use an all-natural dry shampoo to combat the infestation. Try to look for diatomaceous earth on the ingredients list since it’s the one that kills bugs.

Dry Shampoo Buying Guide

Dry shampoo products aren’t made equal. Each bottle is made of different ingredients that will affect its efficiency and effects on your hair. To buy the best dry shampoo for greasy hair, I recommend the following tips:

Decide Between Aerosol And Powder
Dry shampoo products are available in either powder or aerosol forms. I personally use an aerosol dry shampoo since it’s easier to apply on the go. Some ladies like using powdered dry shampoo since it feels dry and can be massaged into the scalp with their hands. It also leaves a nice texture on the hair.

Both work well, depending on your preferences. I recommend trying both to see which one you’ll like most.

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Consider An All-Natural Formula
Some dry shampoo products are notorious for drying the scalp after several applications. This is why I always look for a natural formula if possible. Natural extracts provide moisture to the hair while controlling the greasiness. Remember that leaving harsh chemicals on your scalp is a no-no because it can cause hair fall and even bald spots.

Buy Based On Your Hair Type
Whatever hair product you’re buying, always shop based on your hair type. If you have curly hair, look for a formula that suits this hair type. For those with dyed hair, a color-friendly formula is a must so it won’t strip the styling of your hair.

Check The Smell

Lastly, check the scent of the dry shampoo. Since you’ll be leaving this product on your scalp for hours, you might as well use one with a nice smell. The last thing you want is your hair smelling like a chemical concoction. All-natural dry shampoos often have heavenly scents without the frills.

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