Top 5 Vitamins To Take In The Autumn

Vitamins and supplements are an important part of life for those of us that are always on the go!  With today’s busy lifestyles and stress, our bodies often become run down.  Sure, we don’t intend to be living life on the edge and always running on fumes, but that’s how it goes nowadays.  Add in the current pandemic and it is apparent that there are plenty of reasons to protect our health.

In addition to Vitamin D because of the shortened days in the fall and winter solstice, we also need other vitamins for immune system support such as the Wellabs Vitamin C Supplement, Zinc, Vitamin A, and Folate.  Read on to find out how to boost your immune system while also contributing to your overall health!

Top 5 Vitamins To Take In The Autumn
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The Fabulous Five:

Vitamin D:  Long known for its ability to help you feel better overall, Vitamin D is also the ideal way to give your body that boosts that it usually gets through sun exposure.  With the days being shorter and more time spent inside, most of us are severely lacking in Vitamin D in the fall in winter.  A good Vitamin D supplement will be sure to pick up the slack of the lack of sunshine as well as help your joints feel amazing!  Interestingly enough, it is estimated that one billion of the world’s population is deficient in Vitamin D.  There are only 7.7 billion in the world.  This means that over 20% of the world’s population is deficient in Vitamin D.  That’s a lot of people!

Vitamin C:  We all know the amazing taste of fresh and juicy oranges. Oranges are one of the ways that we can naturally get Vitamin C.  However, during the winter months, they need to be trucked in and they lose their potency along the way.  One of the ways that you can offset this is to take a Vitamin C supplement that will leave you feeling as good as you do after eating a fresh-picked orange!  It’s not only an essential vitamin but it also has many health benefits from boosting your immune system to giving you fresh and glowing skin!

Zinc:  Zinc is one of nature’s miracles when it comes to vitamins to boost immune systems.  As a natural germ and virus fighter, Zinc beholds all of the abilities to not only boost your immune system but also to fight the good fight against invading bacteria and viruses.  We have all heard that you should take zinc at the first sign of a cold or flu but it also has prophylactic properties that can assist your body in fighting germs long before you even get sick!  Take some zinc as a protector of your immune system!

Vitamin A:  Not only does Vitamin A assist in having good eyesight but it also is a great immune system booster.  Featuring the ability to help your immune system be on the attack against invading germs and bacteria, Vitamin A is the ideal supplement to keep you off the couch during the fall and winter months.  It is also a great assistant to good skin health!  Put that glow back on your face with Vitamin A and improve both the way that you look and the way that you feel!  Boost your immune system with a Vitamin A supplement and feel healthy all winter long!

Folate:  Found in leafy green vegetables, Folate is more than just a great supplement for improving your health in the winter.  It also has the ability to fight the winter blues!  We all have the tendency to be more down during the winter months due to lack of sunshine and outdoor exercise.  Taking folate will not only fight seasonal depression but it also will assist other areas of your body in being healthy besides your mind.  Not only is it great for mental health but it also has beneficial effects in fighting cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  It also promotes healthy cell growth and division!

As you can see, there are nutritional and supplement needs that your body has that are in addition to your summer and spring solstice needs during the fall and winter months.  Taking a variety of supplements that are not only immune-boosting but also good for other diseases and conditions is a proactive way to give your body that added boost during fall and winter!  Put the above vitamins and supplements on your list to ensure that you not only feel better and full of energy but also build up your immunity to the bacteria and viruses that are prevalent in our society.  Don’t waste your winter feeling the blues and sniffling and sneezing!  Enjoy this fall and winter with a smile on your glowing face while also feeling great!

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