Things You Should Never Apply to Your Skin

Everyone wants to look their best. So there are tons of cosmetics for moisturizing and stabilizing the skin that works great. However, you should be aware that there are certain things you should never use on your skin. The fact is that combining ingredients on your own or buying questionable cosmetic products can be detrimental to your health. So here are the things you should avoid.

Things You Should Never Apply To Your Skin
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Don’t Use Toothpaste for Acne

Many teens use toothpaste to get rid of acne. But the problem is that the chemical components and extra ingredients in such a product can aggravate post-acne hyperpigmentation. In addition, you can disrupt the water-alkaline balance or face other dermatological problems, such as red spots. These side effects are probably not part of your plan. It is best if you choose a good acne remedy at the pharmacy.

Don’t Even Think About Using Hairspray as a Setting Spray

Hairspray is a great product for creating stylish hairstyles. However, some people decide to experiment and use such a product to fix makeup. The problem is that you can break the tonal layers and dilute your primer because the hair spray contains alcohol. In addition, these products create a thin film that clogs the pores on the skin. As a result, you may experience facial redness, acne, and other dermatological problems. You should use classic beauty products to avoid any problems.

Avoid Using Lemons or Other Citrus Fruits

Here’s another food you should avoid. The fact is that you don’t need to use citrus masks or lotions. Do not apply lemon or orange juice to your skin, as these fruits contain a photosensitizing chemical. Direct sunlight activates a chemical reaction and can burn your face or skin. Surely this is not the effect you want to see at all. Instead, choose any cosmetic product that is hypoallergenic and does not cause dermatological problems.

Avoid Rubbing Alcohol on Your Face

Some people use rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to remove excess oil on their faces. However, alcohol is very harmful to the skin, it destroys natural oils, and contributes to skin inflammation. You can sometimes use salicylic acid to treat dermatological problems, but you shouldn’t abuse such substances. Instead, use beauty products to make your skin look better. 

You may need to spend a couple of days trying to find the best option. This advice is most relevant for students, as their skin is very sensitive due to stress and unhealthy eating habits. But how do you find the time to find the perfect beauty product? Use search queries like “pay for essay writing” and delegate your papers. Now you have more time to find the perfect beauty product.

Avoid Parabens as Much as Possible

You should only buy paraben-free products as parabens disrupt the work of many hormones and negatively affect the thyroid gland. Fortunately, many manufacturers use special labels so that you can easily see the ingredients on the packaging. However, you should be careful and carefully check all the products you buy. Otherwise, you risk facing a deterioration in well-being and hormonal imbalances.

Don’t Use Products With Added Fragrances

You will probably be surprised, but many people can experience allergic reactions when using fragranced products. These substances are ideal for increasing the shelf life but negatively affect the acid-base balance of the skin and cause inflammation. Even if you do not have skin sensitivity or fragrance intolerance problems, you should avoid such products. Read the composition on each bottle to avoid future problems.

Avoid Choosing Sunscreens With Certain Chemical Ingredients

And here is another problem that many men and women do not know about. Imagine you decide to sunbathe on the beach and buy a new sunscreen. The fact is that such products may contain oxybenzone or avobenzone. Unfortunately, these two substances can cause skin dryness and irritation. Some people may experience redness of the epithelium where the sunscreen was used. Chances are you don’t want to look like a boiled lobster. Choose products that do not contain oxybenzone or avobenzone.

Avoid Glycolic Acid

Some people use glycolic acid to remove oil from their face and skin. But such a substance can cause irritation and acne. Moreover, you are likely to experience redness in some body areas if you use glycolic acid frequently. So don’t experiment with your body. Instead, buy cosmetic products that will help you normalize the sebaceous glands and moisturize your skin. Such a decision would be wise and forward-looking. Plus, you can avoid health problems.

Why Do People Use Potentially Hazardous Substances and Products?

The fact is that many people do not know what effects certain foods and chemicals have. In addition, the advice of friends or influencers is perceived by them as truth and a call to action. But, unfortunately, many skin types are very sensitive, even to professional products. So this is why you should consult a dermatologist before starting to experiment with your skin and face.

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