Things To Remember When Dyeing Your Hair at Home

Things To Remember When Dyeing Your Hair at Home 1

Dyeing your hair at home is not an uncommon thing, and with the wide range of do-it-yourself hair coloring kits that are available in stores, it is now becoming more of a normal occurrence. Whether you are dyeing your hair at home to save some money or just to avoid going out to the salon, here are some things you should remember before you begin the hair coloring process.

Choose the right hair dye – and get two boxes

The most obvious first step when wanting to dye your hair at home is choosing the right hair dyes. There are a lot of great hair coloring products on the market, and they are generally quite affordable. It is recommended to get a hair coloring kit that is highly rated and commonly used, even by professional hairstylists.

Most do-it-yourself hair coloring kits, like Bremod’s hair colouring kits, come with everything you will need. Some will even include gloves and a comb, so you do not have to prepare a separate one. There is one thing to remember when getting the hair dyes and that is to get two boxes. This is to ensure full coverage, especially if you have long hair.

Do not mix dyes for a custom colour

Things To Remember When Dyeing Your Hair at Home 2

When browsing through the color selection for hair dyes, you might not be able to find the perfect shade that you are looking for. While the choices for hair colors can be limited when it comes to box dyes, it does not mean you should try mixing two or more different colors to get the one you want.

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Contrary to popular beliefs, mixing different hair dyes will not get you the colour you want. Some professionals even say that it might stray further from the original shade because the results from box hair dyes can be unpredictable. The best thing you can do with box hair dyes is just used per the instructions on the box and if you really want a specific color, just pay a visit to a professional hairstylist.

Always do a strand test

Whenever you are dyeing your hair, you should always remember to do a strand test. This means taking a sizeable amount of hair, typically near the ends, and testing out the hair color on that small section. This might seem a little tedious but will be worth the effort, especially if you are trying out a new color.

The purpose of the strand test is to ensure you have gotten the right color and if the product is suitable for you. The test can also determine if the product is safe for your hair. Another reason to do the strand test before dyeing your entire hair is to see if you actually like it before committing to the color.

Protect your skin and clothes

One thing about hair dyes is that they can stain your clothes and your skin so do your best to protect them. For your clothes, you can always get a cape or an apron, like the ones used at a hair salon or a barbershop. The downside to these options is that your movement may be restricted, depending on the type you get. You can also just use an old shirt or an old robe but make sure that you do not have to lift it over your head when you take it off.

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When it comes to your skin, the places you have to consider protecting are the areas around your head and hair. A simple method is to apply petroleum jelly on the areas so you can just wipe off any traces of dye. Another thing you should do when dyeing your hair at home is to always wear gloves because those dyes can stain your hands longer than you think.

Start with dry hair and go from roots to end

Things To Remember When Dyeing Your Hair at Home 3

Now that you are ready to go, you can begin the hair coloring process. This part can be the most intimidating to some, but it can be easier if you remember a few tips. The first tip is to start with dry hair. This is because when the hair is wet and saturated with water, there is a chance that the hair dye will get too diluted and not adhere to the individual hair strands. This means that you might not get the best results if you start with wet hair.

Another tip is to section out your hair to make it easier to get the dyes evenly distributed onto every part of your hair. Also, start from the roots first because that is where more color is needed, and it is also the area that requires the most processing time to get the right shade. You can apply the color on the roots and then comb through to get the color to the ends.

Never skip on the conditioner

Once you have dyed your entire hair and waited for the color to fully develop, now you are ready to rinse the product off. Just hop into the shower, and thoroughly rinse all the dye from your hair, making sure to emulsify the dye into the hair first to avoid any streaking. Another thing to do before you finish is to apply the conditioner.

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If you skip on the conditioner, whether it is your own or the one provided in the hair coloring kit, the cuticles of your hair will remain opened and that will allow the hair dye to continue working. This means that you may end up with a shade that is darker than the one you wanted. If you want to retain the hair color from fading, switch out your regular shampoo with one that is safe on colors.

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