The Best Straightener for Damaged Hair -our Top 3 Picks

best straightener for damaged hair

Are you scared to use a hair straightener for you because it is damaged and you think that using one will make it worse? Well, do not worry, because you are not the only one. There are plenty of women who like to style their hair but are afraid to do so because of the current state of their hair. There will come a point in our lives where we have to deal with dry and damaged hair and the struggle over whether we will style it using heat or not. The good news is that there are the best straightener for damaged hair that are available in the market.

Normally, the best straightener for damaged hair that you can find in the market uses ceramic and porcelain material because they are safe to use in damaged hair. In this article, aside from recommending you our top picks for the best straightener for damaged hair, we will also discuss the causes of damage hair and the factors to consider when looking for the best straightener for damaged hair.

best straightener for damaged hairCROC Hair StraightenerThe Best Straightener for Damaged Hair -our Top 3 Picks 1
best straightener for damaged hairKIPOZI Hair StraightenerThe Best Straightener for Damaged Hair -our Top 3 Picks 1
best straightener for damaged hairREMINGTON Hair StraightenerThe Best Straightener for Damaged Hair -our Top 3 Picks 3

What is damaged hair?

best straightener for damaged hair

In basic words, we deem unhealthy looking hairs as damaged hairs.

Hair damage happens when areas of the hair structure are damaged, because of a lot of external environmental factors. These factors ruin your hair strands to make it look and feel dry, frizzy, and dull. Every one of your hair strands is comprised of three layers of cells which are the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle; the moment the cuticle layer (the external layers) fails to keep its integrity and stability and keep your hairs dry, frizzy, and dull-looking, you know that your adorable tresses are ruined and require immediate attention and treatment.

In addition to that, it’s critical to know that totally damaged tresses result to extreme cracks in the cuticle area. As a result, this will push this layer to open and expose itself. When it exposes the cuticle layer, your hair will most likely suffer from further damage and deterioration.

The Most Common Causes Of Damaged Hair

You should know that all people do not have a natural damaged, unhealthy hair. Furthermore, there are plenty of factors that make your otherwise precious and lively tresses to experience breakage and damage. Some of these most popular situations that can cause maximum harm to your precious hair locks are the following:

  • Whenever you apply hair color and bleach to make changes to your hair or opt for a new look.
  • If you expose your hair on toxic treatments such as perms and relaxers to change the structure of each of your hair strand
  • Overexposing your precious hair to too much heat for straightening or styling purposes. Overheat exposure allow your cuticles to open up and dries up the moisture and nourishment of the hairs making your adorable and healthy hair strands dry, ruined, frizzy and hungry for more moisture.
  • Frequent usage of the inappropriate type of hair products that is not safe and fit for your hair type and structure.
  • Frequently shampooing your hair gets rid of the natural oils and makes your scalp and at the same time your hair extremely dry and rough
  • In relation to that, over-brushing your hair may result to snag at knots. Not only that, but it may also cause damage and split ends and eventually to extreme hair shedding.
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Choosing the Best Straightener for Damaged Hair: different types of plates

The Best Straightener for Damaged Hair -our Top 3 Picks 4

It is very important to choose the appropriate plate for your hair type. Plate materials play a key role in straightening your safely and without damaging it more. Normally, hair straighteners come in different plates so as to cater to special needs of every type of hair. But since damaged hair are weak and prone to breakage, not all plates are safe for them.

It is important to know the different kinds of materials and their possible impact on your damaged hair. Below, we will walk you through the different kinds of plate materials and their characteristic. This is for you to be well-informed when choosing the best straightener for damaged hair.


Ceramic plate materials are timeless. It is the most popular and widely accustomed plate construction material of hair straighteners. In addition to that. this non-metallic plate is extremely popular among buyers because of its amazing wonders and countless benefits.

Aside from that, ceramic is an inorganic and at the same time a nonmetallic authentic gemstone that is used in the majority hair styling items to make sure that you will get a one of a kind styling results. For example, when ceramic is used in hair straightening plates, it makes the plate area extremely smooth. Not only that, but it also promotes soft gliding of the plates while using it on your damaged hairs so that there will be no pulling, and tearing and no unwanted hair falls.


Tourmaline is also as widely-used as that of the previous plate. This natural, pure material is used in various kinds of hair styling products (hair blower, curling iron, flat iron, rollers) as well as in several other products like jewelry, medicine, and other beauty products.

Despite the many benefits of tourmaline material offers, we still don’t recommend tourmaline plates as the best option for dry and damaged hairs since this type of plate can absorb an extremely large amount of heat (up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit) which is not at all safe for damaged hair. We are trying to instill this because a high heat has a higher chance of breaking down your precious hairs locks in just a matter of an hour or less than.


In comparison to ceramic and tourmaline plates, titanium is a metal; it is believed to be one the most durable metal found in nature and it is no doubt right because titanium is widely used in various kinds of products. Because of its durable and solid characteristics, titanium constructed and coated products are most likely long-lasting and serve the buyers with one of kind durability.

When titanium material is used to make plates for the best straightener for damaged and delicate hair, it makes the plate area amazingly smooth and shiny. Aside from that, it also makes sure that the plates are rust-resistant. Smooth plate surface guarantees that the plates glide through your hair strands smoothly without having to snag and pull. This characteristic is very crucial for damaged hair since dangerous hair pulling will likely cause fragile strands to break and fall off their roots.

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The Best Straightener for Damaged Hair – Our Top 3 Picks!

⭐Our Top Choice: CROC Straightener for Damaged Hair

Upon careful review and evaluation, we would that this Croc Black Infrared Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron is our best hair straightener for damaged hair. It is made with the two safest plates for fragile hair. If you have damaged hair, you do not need to worry that it might fall because of the heat.

This product provides a salon-like performance, this innovative flat iron permits heat to penetrate the hair’s cortex instantly while protecting its quality. For optimal the results, the floating plates move along with the hair, making a swift glide. Furthermore, the superior thumb grip promotes a comfortable styling experience.

CROC The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron, Black, 1.5 Inch
  • PROFESSIONAL INFRARED FLAT IRON– CROC New Classic Flat Iron combines...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Further customize your hair with this lightweight, powerful...
  • FEATURES – CROC New Classic Flat Iron boasts titanium plates which lock in moisture...
  • ERGONOMIC FEEL – The New Classic Flat Iron is a part of our luxury collection, with...
  • QUALITY AND SAFETY – Features a ventilation system that releases excess high heat,...

What is great about this flat iron is that the plates are made of titanium. It is a material that secures the moisture and lessens the static. Furthermore, titanium releases negative ions which close the cuticles and make your hair look shiny.

The other amazing features of this best straightener for damaged hair are, it comes with a ventilation system that controls the heat that is responsible for worsening the condition of your hair. Aside from that, it is also equipped with a ceramic heater for fast heat recovery. The automatic shut-off feature after 30 minutes of non-use. Lastly, it has fully digital temperature choices ranging from  280F° – 450F°.


✅Lightweight design

✅Automatic shut off safety feature

✅Ergonomic feel


❌None so far


⭐Kipozi Straightener For Damaged Hair

This Kipozi Professional 1 inch styler used ultra-smooth nano titanium plate technology. The titanium plates in this flat iron were made to produce high levels of heat in a minimum amount of time. Comes with the Nanotechnology that is fixed in each plate, this hair straightener is perfect for any person who suffers from unwanted frizz or static on a day to day basis! In addition to that, this titanium plate also serves as a protection from possible corrosion keeping your flat iron and precious hair free of build-up for several years to come.

Another great thing about this titanium iron is that it heats up in just a few seconds. It brings its plates back to the perfect and safe temperature fast after every pass, so you do not need to go again each section several times and damage your hair.

For your safety, this hair straightener has an auto 90-minute shut off. So you can forget ever worrying if your hair straightener is still on after leaving the house. Say goodbye to tangled or twisted cords, with this flat iron you can simply reach those precious fly-aways and almost invisible back areas without the difficulty of a tangled or knotted cord.

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✅Heats up in seconds

✅Automatic shut off safety feature

✅Wide heat settings perfect for damaged hair


❌None so far

⭐Remington Straightener For Damaged Hair

Last but definitely not the least on our list of the best straightener for damaged hair is this Remington S9500 Pro Ceramic Flat Iron. It comes in digital controls and 9 heat settings which make it perfect for all kinds of hair, especially damaged hair. The best thing about this straightener is that it has 8x more ceramic to prevent damage and frizz.

Since you have a damaged hair, you must be extra careful especially when applying heat on it. It can cause extreme hair fall especially if you always style your hair in high heat setting. This Remington flat iron is perfect for damaged hair as it comes with 9 heat settings for less damage and frizz.

Remington S9500 Pro 1" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, Digital Controls + 9 Heat Settings, Black/Pink
  • 1” Floating Plates for Smooth Glide
  • Pearl Ceramic Technology for Less Damage and Faster Salon Results
  • Crushed Pearl Infused Plates with One Pass Straightening
  • 450°F Salon High Heat

The Professional Pearl Ceramic combines with high temperatures and stable heat performance to create instant salon-looking hair without damaging it. In addition to that, it is infused in straight plates for one-time straightening. This will save you enough time especially when you are in a hurry. Aside from this best straightener for damaged hair allows you to have full control of what style you want while staying in contact with your precious hair for a swift and soft glide.

Other features of this product include swivel cord, 15 second heat up, auto shut off, LCD temperature, hinge lock, and temperature lock.


✅Heats up in 15 seconds

✅Made with 8x more ceramic

✅Digital controls plus 9 heat settings


❌None so far

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

Even though we tackled the best flat iron for damaged hair, it is still best to keep your hair safe from hair styling tools and products. This is the best way to treat your hair. Disturbed hair can cause permanent damage to your hair locks in the future.

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