The 3 Best Hair Dryer for Fast Drying Available in Town 2

The 3 Best Hair Dryer for Fast Drying Available in Town

Drying your hair using a blow-dryer is a real challenge. Aside from that, you may also tend to opt for the wrong type that may potentially damage your hair. However, if drying your hair really takes a lot of time, it is good advice to go for the best hair dryer for fast drying. 

Here, we have three of the best hair dryers in town that really dry out fast. Check them out below.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Does the quality of the best hair dryer for fast drying matter?

Basically, in order to maintain the health of our hair, it is highly recommendable to avoid extreme heat during hair styling. Yet, this may not be applicable for all. Among the hair tools that use heat, the hair dryer is the most common of them all. However, the question lies behind the quality of the best hair dryer for fast drying that you may be able to use.

Definitely, the best hair dryer for fast drying that has excellent quality contains great features like heat control and the ability to dry the hair quickly. Basically, this simply means that hair dryers do not only offer blow drying in a shorter period but it also restricts the heat level on the hair.

best hair dryer for fast drying full blown

Moreover, the texture of the hair may also affect your choice of a hair dryer. The best hair dryer for fast drying that has great quality should also have a setting intended for cool, warm, and hot temperature. Aside from that, the settings should also have options for high and low power.

Basically, curly and coarse hair is able to deal with high temperature and power settings. Meanwhile, finer hair can deal with a warm setting and different power options. Moreover, a low setting is applicable for thin hair, while the high setting is for those who have medium to full hair.  

Furthermore, it is also helpful if you hold the best hair dryer for fast drying prior to purchasing it. This action may make you feel the comfort of holding the tool because of its weight. Additionally, a quality one might also give you the selection of a cool button. 

Does the best hair dryer for fast drying damage hair?

Actually, damaging the hair and subjecting it to be unhealthy entails various activities. One common example of this is the inappropriate hair drying that may lead to hair breakage, greasiness, and dryness. Basically, to be able to determine if you are doing the wrong process of hair drying using the best hair dryer for fast drying, below are some of those easy-to-resolve mane issues.

1. The hair is not properly rinsed after shampooing.

Initially, everything starts at the shower especially when we shampoo our hair. Generally, the number one cause of hair buildup is the improper rinsing of the shampoo and conditioner. Moreover, it will also make hair greasier and flatter. Good advice is to rinse your hair thoroughly which will lead to a better look after hair blowout.

best hair dryer for fast drying blowout

2. Avoid tug-of-war

Most of the time, when the hair is dry and coarse, we tend to tug with it as we comb it. Generally, this will cause hair breakage and unnecessary damage. Basically, it is better to detangle the hair first after the shower using a soft brush. Typically, use the “Bottoms Up” approach by starting to detangle at the ends of the hair towards the roots.

3. Apply hair products appropriately

Basically, applying hair products on different hair parts offers various effects. Typically, incorporating hair products into the hair ends and its lengths may avoid hair damage. Meanwhile, the root application of products can volumize the hair while shortening the time span of hair blowout. Aside from that, it can make the hair greasy at a faster rate.  

4. Use of the appropriate hair brush

Generally, there are different types of hair and each type has distinct characteristics. So, it is a great help if you will use the specific hairbrush intended for your hair type. Basically, one way of preventing hair damage is to avoid the use of a ceramic or metal brush. Using this may cause heat over the hair’s surface.

Rather, use a boar-bristle brush. However, if the hair is thick or curly, the ceramic brush is a great help in achieving a smoother finish. 

5. Go after the best hair dryer for fast drying

Basically, investing in a good and quality hair tool is the best option to achieve great results. That’s why it is better to look for the best one when buying.

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What to look for when buying the best hair dryer for fast drying?

Generally, when buying a new hair dryer and looking for the best hair dryer for fast drying can be daunting. The list of available hair dryers in the market is overflowing with this kind of hair tool. Moreover, each best hair dryer for fast drying claims to provide a unique result. Below are the important things that you should be aware of before buying one.

The 3 Best Hair Dryer for Fast Drying Available in Town 3

The Source of Heat

Basically, the traditional hair dryers have electronic coils and heating elements. Generally, this kind of hair dryer may impose damage on the hair. Fortunately, modern-day hair dryers utilize technological approaches like tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium.

  • Ceramic

Generally, ceramic is a kind of clay that initially radiates infrared heat. It usually gives an equal heat without causing damage to the hair. Moreover, your hair tends to dry faster.

  • Tourmaline

Basically, the origin of tourmaline is crushed minerals of the semi-precious stone. Moreover, tourmaline can create negative ions upon the heating process which dries up the hair without the application of heat. Additionally, because of these ions, the hair maintains its moisture, becomes shinier, and healthier.

  • Titanium

Primarily, titanium is ideal for those with thick hair that is really hard to dry. Basically, it provides extreme heat in an equal distribution that will dry the hair really fast. However, the heat from titanium can lead to more damage to the hair as it is comparably high. 

Because of this, titanium may not be a good source of heat for those who have fine hairs. Moreover, in terms of weight, titanium is very light compared to tourmaline and ceramic. Due to this, titanium is good in terms of convenience and ease of use.  


Basically, it always goes like when the wattage is higher, the drying time of your hair will be faster and better. Yet, this may not be true most of the time. Let’s take the ionic dryers, it does not require much heat to dry the hair. Generally, the low wattage is good for this dryer as long as the ions are taking its effect.

Moreover, another thing to consider is the hair type. The low heat is good for fine, damaged, or fragile hair. Meanwhile, if you will apply more heat, it will damage even more. In case of coarse, thick hair, high wattage is a great help in drying the hair faster without significant damage. 

Heat Settings

Primarily, the heat setting is really important in looking for the best hair dryer for fast drying. Many of the hair dryers available nowadays have heat settings that include low, medium, and high temperature. Basically, when a hair dryer has many users, it is ideal to choose for the one having various settings.

Top 3 Best Hair Dryer for fast drying

OUR TOP PICK: Jinri Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Primarily, the first on our list of the best hair dryers for fast drying is the Jinri Professional Salon Hair Dryer. Basically, the good feature of this hair dryer is that it brings both the ceramic and tourmaline in one hair tool. Moreover, with this combination, the natural ions and infrared heat offer the powerful effect of fast hair drying. 

Additionally, the motor engine of this best hair dryer for fast drying is truly powerful to handle thick hair. Further, the heat coming from the infrared reduces the damage that will produce. Generally, this means that higher heat can be applied on the hair without damaging it thus drying it faster. Aside from that, the combination of ceramic and tourmaline guarantees the even heat distribution to the hair avoiding the damage. 

JINRI Professional Salon Hair Dryer, Powerful 1875W Ceramic Tourmaline Blow Dryer, Lightweight Quiet AC Motor Negative Ionic Hairdryer with Concentrator, Black
  • Powerful 1875W DC motor, this pro hair dryer offers more powerful airflow and reduces...
  • Negative ions to protect your scalp from heat damage, smooth hair and lock in...
  • Far infrared heat infrared energy heats hair evenly from the inside out for faster...
  • Offer 3 temperature settings (high/ med/ low), 2 speeds (high/low) and Cool Shot...
  • 3 attachments included (Diffuser/Airflow Concentrator/Comb) three attachments for...

Another thing that makes the Jinri Professional Salon Hair Dryer is its settings of the three heat and two-speed engine. Generally, this setting can deal with almost any types of hair. Basically, this ceramic-tourmaline hair dryer is greatly effective for fine and damaged hair because of its natural ions. 

However, the disadvantage of this hair dryer heat source combination is that it is comparably heavier than the titanium one. In case you will use this for longer periods, it may be really difficult to hold. 


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Generally, our next best hair dryer for fast drying is the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer. Typically powered by 2000 watts of power, this hair dryer can dry and style your hair using high heat with lesser motor weight. Moreover, drying time for those with coarse and thick hair is faster. 

Additionally, this best hair dryer for fast drying has a small generator powered by ions. These ion contents basically go an extra mile to seal in moisture and protect hair cuticles for overall hair health. Furthermore, this BaByliss PRO Hair Dryer is perfect for finer hair as well. It has settings that include six heat and speed controls in order to ensure its gentle effect on the hair. 

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer
  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer features 2000-watt power & lightweight...
  • This lightweight dryer uses ionic technology to create gentle even heat. Hair dries...
  • Great for all hair types including thick & coarse hair, this blow dryer helps reveal...
  • 2000 Watt for faster drying
  • NANO Titanium with integrated Ion generator

Another great feature of this best hair dryer for fast drying is its stand accessory and removable filter. This allows for easy cleaning of the BaByliss PRO Hair Dryer. Aside from that, a concentrator is also present which focuses on heating the strands that require drying. Generally, this leads to a frizz-free, shiny, and smooth hair.

However, this hair dryer uses titanium as the heat source. Although it generally reduces the weight compared to those other hair dryers, it can still make the hair more manageable. Moreover, due to its larger motor, it produces more heat thus resulting in the faster hair drying process. With this, this best hair dryer for fast drying can excellently do its job with convenience.

Asani Professional Hair Dryer

Another on our list of the best hair dryers for fast drying is the Asani Professional Hair Dryer. Basically, the good thing about this hair dryer is that it is really economical. Moreover, the conditioning method is more on an ionic approach. Additionally, the settings come with a quick and safe drying technique.

Furthermore, this best hair dryer for fast drying has a powerful engine that greatly manages coarse and dry hair conveniently. Aside from that, the three heat controllers and two speeds guarantee help for every hair type. The motor of this hair dryer is also graded as professional. 

Moreover, the concentrator of Asani Professional Hair Dryer focuses on airflow and has a wide space coverage which saves time. This hair dryer is also ideal for travelling because of its compactness and light. That’s why this is the best hair dryer for fast drying on the go. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Basically, ceramic hair dryers are more costly compared to conventional hair dryers. However, the benefits of using a ceramic hair tool give additional advantages. Additionally, the ceramic type of hair dryers emits negative ions that generally control frizz. Yet, if you are more after that frizz, better to choose an ionic hair dryer.


A: Generally, spending big bucks for costly hair dryers save money for a longer period. Yet, expensive also means quality. With this, it helps in hair protection from damage.


A: Usually, a 1200 watt hair dryer is very light in weight. Because of this, it is perfect for carrying during travel. Moreover, long hair needs a lighter hair tool. Yet, long hair demands for more drying time.

Wrapping Up

The best hair dryer for fast drying is a hair tool that helps the hair to dry out easily. However, the drying time solely depends on the heat source. Moreover, you also need to consider other factors for buying like the wattage and heat settings. Considering all these, you may invest in something that is really worth buying.

What do you think about the hair dryers we reviewed here? Please share your thoughts with us below. Have a great hair day!

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