Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro By Conair Best seller hair curling

The only problem with curling at home is that you get unclean looking curls that end up looking only frizzy after a while the curls disappear. The Infinity pro curling wand helps you create smooth, frizz-free hair with no flyaway. You do not need to go to Saloon to get flawless natural curls without kinks. It can completely change your look with the different types of curls you can create using it from bedroom curls to beachy bouncy ones.


  • It has tourmaline ceramic technology to eliminate static
  • The barrel can be adjusted from half to one inch
  • It is clamp free
  • It comes with 5 temperature settings
  • A thirty-second ultra fast heat-up
  • Auto shut off technology
  • It heats up to 400F
  • It has LED indicator lights
  • It weighs 13.6 ounces


  • The conical barrel helps create a variety of curls with different twists and turns
  • The barrel can be adjusted to create tighter or looser curls according to your desire
  • Having no clamp makes it easier to use and it also helps avoid extra stress on hair due to the pressure applied by the clamp and this prevents damage to hair
  • It comes with a three-fingered heat resistant glove
  • The different adjustable temperature settings make it suitable for all hair types
  • The tourmaline material prevents damage with even heat distribution
  • The device shuts off automatically if it’s left unattended
  • Creates smooth, frizz-free silky hair
  • It has a long line which is used by professionals
  • It is fast and easy to use
  • It is priced reasonably low


  • The heat is not stabilized so it might damage the hair if not used carefully

It is well liked by the customers who have used it and they all say it creates curls that last long hours without even using a hairspray.

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