Schick Hydro Razor

By far this is the best razor for women as it gives a silky smooth shave. Apart from being hydrating, this trimmer is waterproof so you can use it in the shower all you want as it provides ultimate convenience. The blades of the razor are hypo-allergic preventing skin from any infection and razor bumps. Also, it moisturizes the skin every time you use it with help of moisturizing serum. This serum ensures the moisture on the skin that lasts longer up to 2 hours helping in replenishing the skin and protecting from breakage. It has “Five curve sensing blades”; these blades come with a unique skin guard.

These skin guards ensure smoothness with every stroke. You can easily get the closest shave you want without the risk of irritation. Being waterproof gives it a perk over other trimmers and razors that get ruined with water. It even includes an adjustable comb that has 4 different settings for a customized trimming length and also a very clean look. Moreover, this shaver is tested by dermatologists. It gives a healthy, clean skin that lasts very long. Moreover, it is very comfortable to use.

This razor is also best for using on sensitive areas such as bikini line which is more prone to cuts and infections. You can even trim up to 3 lengths, so there is no hassle with removing long hair with this razor. The activating serum helps in protecting the skin from any kind of damage. It runs on one AAA battery. Moreover, the razor sides are removable and can be easily replaced.

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At this price, this is the best razor you can get as it provides maximum durability and high efficiency.


Special features-

  1. Hydrating Razor
  2. Hypo-allergic blades
  3. Uses moisturizing serum
  4. Waterproof
  5. Includes adjustable comb


  1. Affordable
  2. Highly efficient
  3. Waterproof


No cons

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