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Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU!

Looking for the best finishing powder for mature skin? Although it’s not that hard to look for this kind of powder, mind you, there are still people who incorrectly buy some powder products that don’t match to their skin, and often the quality is poor because of the cheap price. Don’t worry, if you want to conceal those stubborn blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles magically, worry no more because we think that we have what you need.

If you are still uncertain about looking for the right finishing powder for you, it’s a good thing that you have come across our article. Because we are going to show you some finishing powder for mature skin that is worth mentioning. That said, if you are still undecided, feel free to browse our catalog and see what you like here.

Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 1Shiseido
Finishing Powder
Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 2Check Price
Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 3Bobbi Brown
Finishing Powder
Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 2Check Price
Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 5BareMinerals
Finishing Powder
Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 6Check Price
Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 7Finishing PowderBest Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 6Check Price

Why you should use a finishing powder?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a finishing powder. Most of the reasons have something to do with visual appearance. But some people have underlying why they are putting on powders. It’s a handy tool for every lady.

If you want to perform a quick touch-up or add a bit of flair on your face, then powders should always be with you. That said, let’s take some of the reasons that a finishing powder can give to you.

It’s an easy solution to match your skin tone

The main reason why people use powder is they want to match a certain part of their body that has uneven color to the skin tone. Be careful on how you use the powder because sometimes your face will look like a mask if it’s an incorrect skin tone. Although there is some powder that has translucent in color giving a more natural appearance.

After all, this is what you need in times of covering your imperfection for just a short time. In addition, be sure to know that each kind of powder has its advantage and disadvantages, so you should probably invest in one without being careless.

It gives you a more natural look

Most finishing powders especially loose powder are generally safe and they’re typically translucent in color. They don’t have any additional ingredients for stabilization and texture, because this aim is to look more natural. Also, they don’t add too much color for making your face radiant but it gives a natural color that matches your skin tone.

Because for advanced age, a nice simple touch of natural-looking powder is enough to keep the face stay appealing and pleasantly good.

They can hold your make longer

Setting powders or finishing powders are not only for simple face embellishments but also designed to hold the makeup last longer. A decent finishing powder will make sure that your makeup is still intact even for hours without making it cakey or heavy.

The fact that face powders slowdowns the process of melting the makeup due to excess oil interaction between the face and the makeup itself.

Powders help your oily face

Another beneficial thing that powders do is they absorb the excess oil. Also, most powders contain silicones and waxes. That means that they will absorb the excess oil in your face which makes the makeup able to last long.

So, besides making your makeup last long for several hours, it’s also an excellent tool for oily face people preventing the skin to become shiny and greasy.

Excellent for fixing makeup mistakes

Don’t worry if you look like a clown because of too much blush on your face. Because if you have a powder, it will be gone in no time. You can’t belittle the power of a powder because it can transform you into a beautiful and dazzling person. One thing you can do is to dust your face a little just to even out and correct what seems wrong in the face.

Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU!

Clinique Finishing Powder

Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin

If you want a premium touch and a premium quality, we think that the Shiseido finishing powder is right for you. This is by far the best in terms of a splurge.

A notable recommendation that gives you the best complexion especially for mature skin. We can’t argue about the price, but for what it’s worth, it has the silkiest powder that will give you a boost to make your skin radiant.

This has anti-aging ingredients. It also has a vitamin to keep your skin hydrated and nourish. Every puff of this will give a luxury and premium touch to your skin. Plus, it’s made in Japan which makes it the best in terms of innovative formula. It will also give you a blurring and mattifying finish.

All in all, we really like this because it’s elegant. This also brings a boost in terms of radiance and fair complexion on the skin. There are also anti-aging ingredients which is an added feature. It’s lightly scented and we definitely love this.

  • Super silky
  • Anti-aging ingredients
  • Vitamin E, licorice extract, and green tea extract
  • None so far


Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder

Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 9

Are you still having the trouble of finding your ideal and best finishing powder for mature skin? We feel you about that, there are tons of finishing powders on the market but few of them have a decent quality that is worth buying.

That’s why we gladly recommend you to try this Bobbi Brown finishing powder. We assure you that this is among the product on the market right now. This comes with loose powder and in pressed form.

What’s great about this product is it’s vegan friendly and it’s completely free from animal-derived ingredients. There are no harmful ingredients in the products. Hence, it’s an organic product.

In addition, this is suitable for mature skin but it can be used if you want a light consistency powder. This will make your skin flawlessly smooth, making it suitable for aging skin. Moreover, the formula of this powder is superb with 100 percent oil-free. Blended with vitamin E that ensures hydration.

All in all, we really liked this product because it’s vegan friendly. Apart from that, this powder gives you a natural finish and allows the excess oil to be absorbed by this incredible product. Also, this hydrates the skin leaving you a smooth and nourished skin every time you apply this.

  • Blended with Vitamin E
  • Has a natural look
  • Long-lasting
  • Free of animal-derived ingredients.
  • High price point and the size is small

BareMinerals Finishing Powder

Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 10

It can be a grave mistake if you don’t bring a finishing powder with you, be it on an occasion or for your everyday life. Because without bringing some emergency makeup accessories can be terrifying, especially for ladies who are experiencing separation anxiety.

That’s why it’s in your utmost priority to bring at least one decent powder with you at all times. We recommend the BareMinerals finishing powder that will never fail you every time you apply this.

The BareMinerals is popularly known for its luminous and sheer characteristics. This amazing makeup powder will gently correct if something is wrong with your makeup.

Even with a few puffs of this will make you transform into something new. Also, this is perfectly great for oily skin people. In addition, BareMinerals got your back when it comes to concealing those blemishes and fine lines.

This will effortlessly blur any pores due to its ultra-fine mineral powder. The powder is weightless free of cakey and helps the makeup to last longer. Suitable for all skin tones. It’s specifically intended for mature skin.

All in all, what you are paying for this product is the premium service it could offer to you. Because this can greatly blur the pores, will effortlessly conceal fine lines and blemishes. The texture of this is very lightweight and has a smooth formula. You can never go wrong with this product, that’s why you need to consider buying this.

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth formula
  • Great for all skin tones
  • Perfect for mature skin
  • It may leave a white cast

Clinique Finishing Powder

Best Finishing Powder For Mature Skin — 4 PICKS FOR YOU! 11

Our last but not the least, we have our Clinique finishing powder. This powder is exceptionally good and it’s among the popular brand not only in the United States but also all over the world.

People use wrong or sometimes cheap powder products which will later make them regret it. But when it comes to this, it has a smooth and lightweight blend. Nothing can beat this wonderful product.

Suitable for every skin type and the powder is really lightweight as you dust it on your skin. This will let you blend with your skin so easily and smoothly, making it acceptable to splurge. It’s amazing how the Clinique delivers full coverage and natural color to the skin. In addition, it quickly mattifies into the skin without any effort.

It’s great for covering those blemishes, pores, and those fine lines that are getting in the way of your stunning looks. No worries about the quality because this is free of clump, non-creasy, and non-cakey.

So, if ever you are looking for finishing powder for mature skin, you should definitely check this. It’s your handy tool for inevitable makeup disasters or even for regular use to avoid any excess oil. This is affordable and the quality is great but you have to look n the price which may not be handy for you.

  • Fragrance-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Delivers natural touch on the skin
  • High price point

Final Thoughts

You have seen the best finishing powder for mature skin. It’s up to you now which ones are you going to choose. Rest assured that each of them has been tested by our team and come to a conclusion that these products deserve to be on our list because of their amazing capability and overall performance be it on emergency makeup correction or for your everyday use to keep your skin nourished.

We like the Shiseido finishing powder because of its ability to make your skin radiant and deeply nourishes the skin. Plus, it has a premium texture and even the appeal and every puff of it is luxurious.

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Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 12

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS!

Finding the right and best hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair can be a little bit tricky, especially if you don’t know where to search. Also, if you don’t what kind of hair dryer is the best for you. You may think that a regular hairdryer is an excellent choice for you regardless of the features. Well, we hate to say it, but not all dryers are the same. Some have decent quality others don’t. There are some that are for specific hair types. So, what really is for you?

Good thing that you have come across our article. Because we are going to discuss some tips on how to get the right hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair. So if you are still searching for your ideal product, don’t worry anymore. Because we have listed some of the best hair dryers that we could find that suit your specific need. Scroll down and check out what we have got!

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 13HOT TOOLS
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 14
Check Price
Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 15DevaCurl
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 14
Check Price
Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 17TREZORO
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 18
Check Price
Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 19KIPOZI
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 18
Check Price
Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 21Drybar
Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 18
Check Price

Why hair dryers are essential to you?

We have been greatly blessed with amazing technological feats which make our lives so conveniently easy. Among the products that have been affected by technological advancement is the hair grooming device notably the hair dryers. Nowadays, people with long hair needed a quick solution to have their dry faster than relying on air dry.

More importantly, the hairdryer allows you to pre mould the hair for styling. Because is more than just a simple matter when it comes to maintenance and styling.

Using hair dryers might be the best tool you will have when styling. Also, keep in mind that there are actually levels of heat that should be matched to you depending on the condition and the texture of the hair. High heat is for thick and coarse hair type while low heat setting is suitable for thin and fragile hair.

Also, air-drying your hair is not only a slow process of letting your hair dry, but it also poses harm to your hair which causes bacteria to build up in the scalp because of the excessive moisture. And that’s where the hairdryer comes into play. Although you should be very careful about how you use this because too much heat can be harmful to your hair.

In addition, there are many kinds of hair dryers because of the recent development in hair and the technology of hair grooming tools. We are going to tackle some of these various kinds as well as the buying tips and the product reviews, so you will fully get accustomed to the importance of using a hairdryer especially for blowouts on natural hair.

Benefits of using a hairdryer

You will be surprised by how good it is to have a hairdryer. Sometimes it’s the extreme weather such as dust and icy winds that makes you want to turn into hair dry. Because they can become your worst enemy. This is just among the many reasons why hair dryers may be suitable for you. On that note, we have listed some of the benefits of having a hairdryer.

Hairdryers are the base of grooming

Even grooming professionals duly admit that treating the hair with the use of heat always makes the process easy. The fact that the device is so compact and light, allowing you to maneuver and hover in any direction just to make sure the hair is dry. It’s another way to remove any frizzy hair.

Not only that, it can greatly cut down your grooming time especially when you are in a hurry. Using a hairdryer will only take just a few minutes of your time while air drying will take you several minutes to an hour depending on how thick and long your hair is.

Hairdryers are very handy

Hairdryers are very handy (both literally and figuratively). Because of their sheer lightweight, you can bring them along whenever you go. Also, it’s an excellent tool because it’s convenient for styling especially if you travel a lot. Hairdryers with heat adjustments allow you to take control of the heat production. This means that you can easily adjust the temperature according to the hair type you have.

This will also be your emergency tool when your hair gets frizzy and dull. That said, it’s amazing how beneficial it is to have a hairdryer because it can save you from emergency hair repair damage and also quickens the process of drying time.

It lightens the hair

Hairdryers are designed not only to quicken the process of drying your hair but also they are designed to keep your hair smooth and light. With the heat settings that can be adjusted, a blow of heat will do the trick to transform your hair into something beautiful. Also, if you have thick and curly hair, this will be your perfect companion in your everyday hair problems. Because using this after-shower will make your hair straight much better. It will be easier for you to style your hair afterward.

Hairdryers are a must-have hair grooming tool especially if your hair type is complex and needs regular maintenance. That said, owning one of these will make sure that your hair will retain its pristine condition.

A hairdryer is totally a money saver

If you can style yourself and able to maintain your hair, you won’t be needing a hairdresser from time because you have a hairdryer that is suited to style your hair even if it’s by yourself. Because going to the salon just to fix some minor repairs is costly on your part, not to mention the gas of your car going to the salon.

That said, it’s cost-effective to have your own hairdryer. That’s why people are know how to style and properly maintain their hair buys hair dryers for a quick fix. But if it needs major repair, then you should probably go to your hairdresser to address the problem. Because sometimes it’s much better to style your hair all by yourself.

Your hair will look stunning

Aside from letting your hair dry quickly and effectively, blow-drying is also meant to make your hair beautiful. This will allow your hair to become radiant and smooth. There are some hair dryers that can improve vitamins and tourmaline-infused heating features. Also, there is some anti-static technology that prevents any frizz and flyaways. That’s why using this will make your hair shine and feels silky.

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS!

HOT TOOLS Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 23

Our number spot goes to HOT TOOLS hairdryer. Probably this is what we really love among the rest (sorry for being biased). For us, this is the best hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair.

Because it’s affordable yet it offers premium performance just to make sure your hair looks dazzling and natural even for a complex hair type. We know that you want to achieve the best results for your hair and we know that this will be the perfect tool for you.

This device has charcoal-infused bristles which make you revitalize your hair. The heat distribution in this is even and it’s very effective for quick drying of hair without causing any harm on the hair. Besides that, HOT TOOLS has 2-speed settings and 3 heat levels for a more versatile style.

All in all, if you are aiming for the best hair dryer, then you better try this incredible product. After all, you don’t need an expensive hair styling tool for your ultimate hair care routine, what you need is a decent quality that functions almost excellently and can work your hair almost perfectly.

  • 24k gold styling
  • Charcoal-Infused
  • Bristles Provides versatility in styling
  • Ergonomic design
  • None so far


DevaCurl Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 24

If you are looking for a specific hair dryer that is intended for curly and thick hair, then we have an answer for you. We bring you this DevaCurl hairdryer. This is among the best diffuser on the market right now and even professional stylists will surely agree with this statement.

It may not be as powerful as it seems but, you can safely but that this will do most of the job and tackle most of the hair problems you are dealing with right now.

Like most modern hair dryers, this features ionic technology. It prevents frizzy hair, flyaways, and boosts volume. Perfect for curly hairs who want to have more bounce and shape. Powered by 1600w with an AC motor function. This hair tool has 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings.

DevaCurl hairdryer is very innovative when it comes to design and added features. Not only because it has ionic technology but also its delivers a powerful 360-degree airflow that is meant for curls. Also, this can really speed up the drying process even for thicker and complex hair types.

All in all, if you are after for diffuser, then we strongly recommend this brilliant hairdryer. This works like magic wherein the curly hairs can transform into dazzling and beautifully defined hair. What’s more fascinating is this is ree of SLES/SLS sulfates, silicones, and even parabens.

  • Designed for naturally curly hair
  • Excellent diffuser
  • Prevents any frizzy and static hair
  • None so far

TREZORO Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair

Master the art of hairstyling or just dabble it with premium quality hair products and hair care treatment. But don’t forget to invest in a hairdryer of a decent quality. Because the quality of your hairdryer will reflect the outcome of your hair.

That’s why we introduce to you the TREZORO hairdryer. This is used by professional stylists but you can also use this for more control with your hairstyle and even treatment.

This hair dryer has great power because it has a built-in advanced ion generator. This means it can greatly reduce frizzy hair and those flyaways can be fixed at no time, restoring also the hair’s smoothness and softness. Because of the ceramic tourmaline technology that’s also present in this hairdryer.

Powered by 2200w dc motor. With this motor, it’s so powerful enough to provide strong airflow which means the drying process is hastened much more. The adjustable settings have 3 heat levels and 2 speeds allowing more control for your style. This is also integrated with two concentrator nozzles. That’s why it’s perfect for any type of hair type.

All in all, if you want to bring a salon to your home, then better invest in a good hairdryer first just like this one. Because someone needs to start with decent equipment just to match up the experience of going to a salon. Plus, you can never go wrong with this product because it has incredible features enough to style your hair without limitation.

  • Built-in ion generator
  • Powerful airflow
  • 3 heat settings and 2-speed level
  • None so far

KIPOZI Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 25

A decent quality hair dryer will save you much time and also will retain your hair’s health. That’s why you should be careful when choosing the best hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair.

There are many hair dryers out there but most of them don’t meet our standard. But the KIPOZI hairdryer is among those products that we surely like and make us include in our product reviews.

KIPOZI has a more adjustable setting which contains 2 speeds and 3 heat settings plus a cool shot button for locking the style. In addition, this features an advanced nano ionic technology. Also, the airflow of this hairdryer is consistent and strong, and it’s ideal for the thick hair type.

Powered by a 1875w motor which is enough to make your hair becomes smooth and silky without any dampness. The cord is 8.2 feet long and the air filter is completely removable, there’s also a safety plug for added precaution. In the package, it includes a concentrator and diffuser.

So, should you buy this? We definitely recommend this especially if you have thick hair. The quality of this hairdryer is really incredible not to mention its overall performance. You can style your hair whatever you want with this hair grooming tool. We know that you deserve a better device for your natural hair and you need to fight off that frizz and flyaways, so consider this among your option.

  • Lightweight Noise noise
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • Features advanced nano ionic technology
  • None so far

Drybar Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts On Natural Hair — TOP 5 PICKS! 26

Our last pick for our product review is the Drybar hairdryer. We vouch for this because it can perfectly fit in your carry-on without sacrificing a large space.

If you are always on the go and needed to have a blow dryer for emergency purposes, then you should see how this product goes along with you. It’s very portable and it is able to perform well on your hair.

This product is your ultimate travel hairdryer. This delivers a great performance in your hair even for its compact size. Drybar features ionic technology.

This is capable of sealing the hair cuticle and minimize your frizzy hair when in use. Powered by 1200 watt and has adjustable heat settings up to two levels.

In addition, the hairdryer provides balanced heat distribution, so your hair will be dried evenly. Weighs only .36 kg and the handle is collapsible for easy storage. Also includes a logo travel bag.

All in all, even though the size is small, it still functions incredibly. Perfect for travel and if you don’t want the hotel hair dryers. The design is very sleek. In addition, this will surely make your hair turn into its natural look like it’s supposed to be. No more frizzy hair and air drying methods when you can have this. Certainly our among the best hair dryer for blowouts on natural hair.

  • Lightweight Ionic technology
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Some reviewer said that it doesn’t have much power

Types of hair dryers

Bonnet Dryers

These bowl-like dryers are applied usually over the head. These types of dryers may come in soft form or hard form. That said, soft form is pliable. You can place and stretch the bonnet dryer over your hair or on your head allowing more control. While the hard form is just in one place and sits on a stand that is positioned on your head while it’s operating.

This is great for hands-off styling, and it’s more suitable for naturally curly hair people. However, they may not be your best choice because the airflow is limited to control and also the direction when styling the hair.

If you want this, make sure you have a space allocated only for this dryer. But if you only have limited space and storage space, this is not recommended for you.

Hair Brush Dryers

As the name suggests, basically this dryer is a combination of multiple tools in one. The air is coming from holes in the middle of the dryer’s bristles. It’s a modified hairbrush and a replacement for a traditional barrel. This type of hair grooming device allows you to style and brush your hair while you are also blow-drying it.

One of the best things about this is that it can save you plenty of time and arm fatigue. It’s also great for thick or curly hair. Although the major downside with this is it doesn’t provide much heat like the normal hairdryer.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers are the most trendy among the types of hair dryers. Because of its amazing features which include negatively charged ions in the dryer. These are strongly preferred because they are capable of blow-drying the uneven texture and also combat frizzy hair.

Ionic hair dryers are mostly coated with special materials for added protection and also to increase their value. Also, these are great because they release less heat compared to other hair dryers that don’t have any ionic technology. The most common material includes is tourmaline. And these work pretty well for personal use and even for professional stylists.

Infrared Hair Dryers

Infrared is also gaining much more popularity same as the Ionic dryers because of their capability and how they perform well. This tool is great because of its even heat distributions. It works by producing long wavelengths of heat, and it passes through the air. Infrared hair dryers are very efficient more particularly in the drying process.

This also often includes components that are typically coated with a material such as a tourmaline or ceramic.

What to look for when buying a hairdryer?

Before owning a hairdryer you should at least know what you are looking for. The fact that the market has many hairdryers to offer and with its tons of products out there, you don’t know where to begin in looking for the right hair dryer for you. That’s why we have listed some of the attributes that you need to look for before buying a hairdryer.

Budget comes first

The price range of hairdryers usually ranges from $20 up to $400. Sometimes the biggest factor that affects your capability of buying lies within your budget. Also, keep in mind that there are various types of hairdryers and you need to make sure that the product you have in mind matches your type of hair and the style of hair that you want to achieve.

In addition, if you are aiming for professional hair dryers, you will need to increase your budget. If you need some basic functions that will get the job done, then $30 to $70 is what you need. So, decide carefully on what hairdryer you wanted.


Another important attribute that often people neglect is wattage. Sometimes will buy higher wattage without knowing what it can do to their hair. It doesn’t mean that you will always need a hairdryer with higher wattage. Higher wattage can increase your consumption of electricity which means a higher electricity bill. Ideally, the best hair dryer’s wattage should be 1800 to 2000. Although if you have thicker and curly hair, you can just opt for higher wattage.

Power and heat settings

Hairdryers with adjustable heat and speed settings should be your utmost priority. Because you can adjust the heat settings according to your liking and it also gives you the freedom to navigate the hairdryer. Above all, it will make your hair styling easier because you have more control over the temperature and also the regulation of the airflow.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with one of these awesome best hair dryers for blowouts on natural hair, you will be able to choose the right tool for you. It can be hard and tedious when it comes to the selection process. But it’s okay if you are having a hard time choosing at least you are thinking about what’s really right for you.

But if you ever feel stuck and don’t have any prior knowledge with regards to choosing the best hair dryer, you can just look to our buying guide so that you can narrow your selection process. After all, this is a great investment for your hair care routine.

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 27

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS!

Are you still searching for the best leave-in conditioners without alcohol? We know that hair product that contains too many alcohols can damage your hair. Sometimes it’s not your hair type that must be blamed but the leave-in conditioner you are using. Also, you know how very convenient it is to use a leave-in conditioner and it’s also compatible with almost all hair types. In addition, they are extremely useful for your hair care because it prevents your hair from becoming dry, damaged, or get frizz.

So, if you are considering buying your leave-in conditioner, you will find this article useful. Because we have carefully our best leave-in conditioners without alcohol. Because we know how frustrating and time-consuming it is to find the ideal product especially if you are new to this type of conditioner. So, it’s time to see some of our best-reviewed products by scrolling down!

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 28Garrett Markenson Reverie
Leave-in Conditioner
Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 29

Check Price
Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 30Winsome & Wisdom
Leave-in Conditioner
Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 29

Check Price
Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 32Nexxus
Leave-in Conditioner
Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 29

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Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 34Innersense
Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 35

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Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 36It's a 10
Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 35

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Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 38OUAI
Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 35

Check Price

What is a leave-in conditioner?

Basically, a leave-in conditioner is a conditioner wherein you will just apply it into your hair and just leave it in (as the name suggests), and that’s it. Normally leave-in conditioners are applied after you take a bath and your hair is halfway dry. You will just leave it in your hair without rinsing it allowing the formula to stay on your hair.

The good thing about these conditioners is they have less alcohol and fatty acids which is fine in your scalp if you while the deep cleaning conditioners tend to irritate the scalp and result in damage. Also, leave-in conditioners are lightweight and will never build up, which can leave the strands flat and dull.

Although when it comes to selecting the suitable leave-in conditioner can be somewhat complicated because of the nature of your hair and also how well the product will react to your hair. In addition, if you have voluminous and dry hair, or wavy hair, the best thing you can have is cream, oil, or milk. But if you have curly hair, you can opt to choose a butter or a balm, don’t forget to use a hair mask while using this.

Basically, a leave-in conditioner will stay until your next bath. When it comes to their purpose, they also have the same functions as shampoos and conditioners. These things are they soften the hair, restore moisture; they also help repair people with frizzy, over-processed, and dry hair.

Reasons to Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are also a great way to add some extra flair to your hair. It mainly moisturizes your hair and they come in different forms. They are also a great alternative to regular conditioners especially if you want something mild and alcohol-free. Because some of these products have been excluding alcohol in their formula which is great.

So, you may be wondering what are the reasons why you should use a leave-in conditioner? We have listed some of the good reasons why you should use one. Kindly check them below because you will find them very useful.

Excellent for detangling

The reason why most stylists and even people who use leave-in conditioners are well aware of the benefits of this. They are great for detangling. Any kinds of form of this hair care product are it butter, oil, or cream they works best in making your hair feels good and silky. This is because of the lightweight and the texture which give the hair extra slip and letting you easily get rid of the tangles without breaking a sweat.

Not only that, leave-in conditioners should be your go-to hair care treatment whenever you are styling and getting your hair fixed.

Will help assist stylers

Most of the ingredients in the leave-in conditioner contain elements and formulas that are specifically designed to let your hair becomes smooth and soft. This, in turn, will greatly help your stylers to be more effective because of the condition of your hair where it’s easy to manage.

So, if you are in need of styling your hair with your favorite hairstylist, applying for a nice leave-in will be extremely useful. Also, you will have a vibrant hair and your curls will likely pop. Not only your hair becomes manageable and smooth, but you also make the job of your styler to become easier.

Revitalize your hair

Isn’t it a nice feeling to have when your hair is refreshed and feels there’s enough moisture to look like a healthy and fine hair? And because leave-in conditioners have oils and water, this hair product is perfectly great to retain the balance you will need to make your hair feel refreshed and revitalized because of the added moisture without having to start from scratch.

Another thing is that it’s amazing how leave-in can protect your hair from environmental elements and from dirt, not to mention it also locks up your style until your next head wash.

Protect you when you are heat styling

If ever you are using heat, you will likely need extra protection for your hair from possible damage. This is where a leave-in conditioner comes into play. Because they create an extra layer of protection to your hair as you are about to heat style. Moreover, it’s an excellent idea if you are going to back it up with a heat protectant of your choice for added protection to your hair.

Remember, be wary on choosing your leave-in and match them according to the severity of your hair as well as your hair type. A decent leave-in conditioner will ensure that your hair will prevent it from getting straw-like and too dry when it’s blow-dried.

Consistently condition your hair

Some people use both rinse-out conditioners and leave-in conditioners at the same time. Because it will help the frizzy hair and flyaways to get fixed easily. More importantly, they provide more moisture, particularly leave-in conditioners. Using both will also depend on the condition of your hair especially if it’s a dry hair.

Leave-in conditioners are designed to be lightweight so they will not add weight to your hair whenever applied. But the bottom line is, leave-in conditioners provide more consistent conditions the fact that the product is left in the hair and gives strength to the strands. Also, the nutrients are concentrated and will effectively continue to work even the days to follow.

Provides Moisture

You probably noticed that we always mentioned the word moisture, right? Because every conditioner does. But for a leave-in conditioner, it’s much more pronounced because you just literally leave the conditioner in your hair without rinsing. This is where the magic occurs.

People use this especially for people who need an extreme attention to their hair care treatment. Leave-in conditioners will work out your hair by providing moisture and will hydrate the dry hair and even soften it as possible.

Also, because most of the conditioners include aloe vera, rosewater, and glycerin, these key ingredients are the reason why your hair will shine. Moreover, this adds more protection and gives hair a radiant and smoothness.

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS!

Garrett Markenson Reverie Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 40

Our number pick for this product review is none other than Garrett Markenson Reverie Leave-in Conditioner. We certainly love this product because we believe that this is the ultimate hair treatment that you should have especially in your daily hair care routine.

This is able to transform your hair into a dazzling beauty. Not only that, this hydrates, softens, and repairs damage whenever it’s used.

Blended by 16 different oils and formulated with extracts from beneficial sources such as almonds, coconuts, olives, and other natural sources. There’s also a herbal scent providing you a nice scent and it’s fitted for anyone.

This makes sure the frizzy hair will be gone and will restore the hair to its natural beauty with added moisture and layers of protection. It’s lightweight which helps the hair prevent from weighing down.

It’s alcohol-free and safe to use. Because it excludes any silicones, sulfates. phthalates, parabens, and even artificial fragrances. And it only offers natural formula bringing natural care for the hair.

Why this should be worth considering in our leave-in conditioners without alcohol? Because it’s stunningly good and effective for the hair. Jam-packed with different kinds of natural sources which is more beneficial for the hair compared to alcohol-filled hair products. Above all, it’s perfect for every hair type and it’s worth the price.

  • Rich blend of 16 essential oils
  • Alcohol-free and other harsh chemicals
  • Masterfully tames frizzy hair
  • High price point


Winsome & Wisdom Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 41

Winsome & Wisdom leave-in conditioner is our number two spot in our review. This type of hair care product is something we can offer if your hair is having a frizzy that drives you crazy.

Because we know what’s the feeling of having that experience. Luckily we found this amazing product and in return, we are going to recommend this to you. Keep your hair smooth and bring back its intense natural moisture.

No more frizzy hair by just using this regularly. Because this is great for keratin treatment and securely seals the hair cuticles which safely controls the frizziness of your hair.

This is capable of restoring those wild curls that turn into a bouncy and shiny hair. Also, there is no harsh chemical included in this product. It excludes any sodium chloride, paraben, and alcohol.

This can protect your hair against UV rays and even from color fading. When it comes to the conditioner’s formula, they have a superb and premium quality source making sure that it meets your hair need and also your expectation.

All in all, having frizzy hair is not cool for yourself and even for others. Because it’s too darn frustrating. That’s why we recommend these leave-in conditioners without alcohol. And this is what you need if your hair becomes unmanageable. Works like magic and securely seal the hair cuticle.

  • Protect from UV heat damage
  • Prevents color from fading
  • Paraben-free, sodium chloride-free, and cruelty-free
  • Small size

Nexxus Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 42

If you feel like your hair is badly damaged and it’s beyond repair, don’t worry about it. Because we have something for you that is definitely good news for you and this is the Nexxus leave-in conditioner. It’s an alcohol-free conditioner so it’s perfectly safe for your hair.

The formulation of this is well spot on, due to protein infusion of black rice and keratin protein that reinforces the hair’s cortex and it’s meant to repair the hair which damaged severely.

It also has smoothing keratin. This conditioner will deeply penetrate each strand of your hair and will reach the hair fiber just to repair and bring back the nice healthy and smooth hair from being a damaged hair. Making this a part of your daily hair care routine, you will greatly give your hair added protection and layers that will be difficult to become damage.

The Nexxus brand knows what they are doing and each of their products including this is backed by the advanced scientific method just to at least perfect the formula making it useful and effective protection any environmental factors and from using other hair products.

All in all, this is perfectly suited for you if you have a badly damaged hair that feels like it’s beyond repair. It’s perfectly safe because it’s alcohol-free. It’s also used by professionals that’s why it’s a salon-crafted conditioner. So far, nothing negative can be said against this because it’s absolutely perfect.

  • Alcohol-free
  • Organic Protein infusion formula
  • Salon-crafted conditioner
  • None so far

Innersense Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 43

Don’t underestimate the power of the Innersense leave-in conditioner. It’s among the well-respected organic brand on the market right now, and this product is extremely good for your hair. Using this will make your hair gain more manageability.

That means that if you are experiencing unruly hair or tangled hair, don’t worry about it anymore because you might be surprised when using this.

This organic Innersense conditioner is nothing but pure organic without having parabens, silicone, sulfate, and other strong chemical content that may potentially damage your hair. The formulation of this is superb. With a mixture of emollient oils, flower essences, fragrant oils, and a touch of honey, making this your answer to your damaged hair.

Some notable ingredients include lavender, honey, rosemary oil, rice proteins, tamanu oil, oregano, among the list. The texture of this conditioner is very lightweight and suitable for every type of hair. This also rejuvenates dry hair allowing it to restore to its hydrated state.

All in all, if you are longing to have a leave-in conditioner without alcohol and strong chemical content, we strongly suggest that you use this. The scent smells really good and it gives so much protection to the hair especially for the damaged ones. So, with proper hair care plus this, your hair will be in good hands.

  • Organic
  • Excellent formulation for hair care
  • Rejuvenates damaged hair
  • Suitable for any hair type
  • None so far

It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol — OUR TOP 6 PICKS! 44

Our next product is the It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner. If you are basing this on reviews, well, this has received 5,917 5-star reviews out of 6952 and counting reviewers.

Sometimes it’s not just the numbers game, but this product proved that it’s the numbers game that also matters because a lot of people have testified that this is among the best hair product for them to use. We also have tested this and the results are remarkable.

This conditioner will nourish your hair if you will add this to your daily hair care routine. Preventing any damaged, dull hair and will quickly replenish with this.

It’s a multi-purpose product where you can use this as a detangler and also for restorative styler. In addition, it will also keep your hair shiny and bouncy whenever.

Plus, this is extremely safe for colored hair. Because it protects and seals hair color which prevents any brassiness or color fading while basking in the sun. While the ingredients are they in making your hair stunningly good and healthy. Some of the ingredients include green tea leaf extract, sunflower seeds, and silk amino acids.

All in all, we love it because of its capability to detangle even the smooth frizzy locks and the knottiest hair. This also provides maximum care and definitely adds more protection especially if you are going to include this in your daily hair care routine.

  • Great for restoring damaged and dull hair
  • Nourishes the hair effectively
  • Contains parabens

OUAI Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioners Without Alcohol

Last but definitely not the least is OUAI leave-in conditioner. This is Australia’s finest brand which is creating a buzz on the market until now. Even hardcore hairstylists have been recommending especially for people who want to have their hair treated in the most premium way.

This leave-in conditioner is so lightweight in the hair that it feels like a heaven-sent hair product.

This ultimately protects your hair upon application. It’s so powerful that every mist spray of this will guarantee its full proof protection against heat and UV damage. Aside from that, this also smoothens the split ends and frizzy hair.

This also detangles and conditions the hair in the best possible way. This is capable of protecting you from the damaging heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit 232-degree celsius.

Carefully formulated with premium ingredients that will make sure your hair will properly be maintained. Such ingredients include amino acid blend, tamarind seed extract, panthenol, and vitamin E. As an added bonus, the scent perfectly bln well with the product which has the scent of blackberry, lily, bergamot, to name a few.

All in all, if you are going to spend your money on a high-end and widely recognized product, better think twice. Because we offer this product which is less known but it offers premium quality and maximum crare protection for your hair. Not to mention, this excludes phthalates, parabens, and even sulfates.

  • Highly effective
  • Offers premium care and protection
  • Perfectly formulated
  • The price point seem higher

What to consider when buying your ideal hair conditioner?

We are well aware that there are more than 100 conditioners and shampoos on the market right now. With that kind of number, it’s hard to select what’ really best for our hair. Often, we join the bandwagon club where we tend to go to popular brands without knowing their content or if it matches your hair type.

Although it’s painfully hard that you end up being frustrated and buying the wrong ones. This time, you know that you will go for the right product for you. Because we will help you choose the right hair conditioner for you with the attributes we have listed.

Always go for natural

When choosing the best leave-in conditioner, you should ditch the product that includes harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, etc. because they are harmful to your hair which can only exacerbate your hair especially if it’s damaged and dehydrated. Instead, choose the products where it says “all-natural” or “made from natural ingredients”. Normally these products have a safe formula and they only use essential oils and other natural ingredients to make it safe for your hair.

Also, natural products are safer and better and only have subtle chemicals compared to commercial products. In addition, it’s inexpensive than the price of popular hair conditioner brands.

Quality over quantity

It’s important that what you choose posses quality and safe hair products. While it’s true that there are many cheaper commercial hair conditioners, but they lack the quality of being effective and can address the state of your heart be it dry or damaged hair. Aside from that, it’s natural for a consumer that choosing quality hair conditioners are much better compared to the cheap price.

Because if you opt to choose to buy the cheaper one, you might save enough money for the meantime but if your hair gets damaged it will cost you more than double the price of your cheaper hair conditioner.

That said, if you want affordable and quality shampoos, then go for natural hair care products like the ones we have listed above. Because not only they have mild chemical to no chemical content at all, they will definitely restore the natural beauty of your hair even greater than the commercial products.

Avoid sulfates

Like we have previously mentioned, you should choose natural hair care products over products with harsh chemical content. Among the harmful chemical content is sulfate. It’s surprising to know that sulfate is almost in every shampoos and conditioner because they provide creamy and rich lather.

But, many experts disagree with the use of sulfate. Because they can damage your hair in the long run. To stay away from sulfates and other harmful chemicals, you should always check the label first and see what the label says. You don’t want to suffer your hair from long-term damage just because there’s sulfate in it.


Another popular misconception about buying a hair conditioner is people tend to choose expensive ones. Because they believe that the higher the price, the greater the quality. Of course, that’s not always true. Sometimes it’s just the company’s clever marketing strategy. But never fall into one of their traps.

Although cheaper products will undoubtedly ruin your hair, there are some products that offer excellent quality for a decent price. Some are natural hair products and some are leave-in conditioners without alcohol. But at the end of the day, you just need to have wise in making a choice.

Check the formula

This is another important feature that you need to check in searching for your best hair conditioner. Because every hair conditioner on the market has specif formula for different types of hair and the state of the hair. Some are intended to moisturize the hair or some are designed to address the dry hair and oily scalp issues, others will help volumize and protect the hair from breaking and damage.

So, you need to determine first your hair type and then check the store if there’s a product that matched your hair type and addresses your hair problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a leave-in conditioner every day?

While it may seem a good idea to use conditioner every in order to preserve the beauty of your hair, but actually, it’s not. Whether it’s a leave-in conditioner or a deep conditioner, it’s best that you should give your hair a break from hair conditioning and from shampoo.

The truth is that it can do more harm than good. We don’t want our hair to look dull and beyond repair. It’s ideal to use the conditioner at least once or twice a week.

Does leave-in conditioner cause hair loss?

It’s actually a myth. Although it is natural that you will likely experience hair fall whether you are using or not using a shampoo and conditioner. The thing is that hair conditioners help cleanse your hair and rejuvenates it in the meantime. Shampoos on the other hand remove dirt and other foreign elements from your hair.

But to answer the question, it’s unlikely that conditioner causes hair losses. Also, with proper hair care and treatment rest assured that your hair will be in no harm and will stay healthy.

Which leave-in conditioner is the best?

There are tons of great leave-in conditioners without alcohol on the market right now. Also, to save you time, because we know you are busy, we have carefully selected and reviewed the products that we think are the best. This is just based on our experience and each of them has been selected from our editorial picks.

So we think that what we have listed are considered among the best leave-in conditioners on the market today.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right hair conditioner is never been an easy task especially if you are a smart and careful user. Especially if you are looking for alcohol-free hair products. Because most products on the market are full of harsh chemical which can be bad for your hair in the long run and if it’s incorrectly used.

That’s why your best way to avoid any damaged hair and dry hair is to look for all-natural, organic, and alcohol-free leave-in conditioners like the one we have listed. Also, don’t worry if you don’t know what to buy at first. Because we have included a buying just for you to narrow down your selection process and to make up your mind quickly.

Best Heat Protectant Spray for Colored Hair – Our List of 5! 45

Best Heat Protectant Spray for Colored Hair – Our List of 5!

Whether you want to boost the color of your hair or enhance its health and beauty, we always want to maintain its color for a longer period. Well, you really don’t want to see the hair color just fade out or disappear. So, the ideal solution for this is the best heat protectant spray for colored hair. This product generally ensures hair protection from heat styling, especially for color-treated manes.

Sun Bum Protecting Heat Protector Spray | Heat Protectant Hair Spray | Frizz Control | Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Color Safe | 6 Ounce Bottle | 2 Count
Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangler Spray | Protects Hair Color From Fading | Heat Protectant | Vegan | 13.5 Fl Oz
GIOVANNI 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Protective Leave-In Spray - Protects from Heat Styling Breakage, Avocado & Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Botanical Extracts, No Parabens, Color Safe - 4 oz
HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector | Protect up to 450º F from Flat Irons
COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free and Shiny No Matter the Weather with Award-Winning Anti-Frizz Spray
Sun Bum Protecting Heat Protector Spray | Heat Protectant Hair Spray | Frizz Control | Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Color Safe | 6 Ounce Bottle | 2 Count
Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangler Spray | Protects Hair Color From Fading | Heat Protectant | Vegan | 13.5 Fl Oz
GIOVANNI 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Protective Leave-In Spray - Protects from Heat Styling Breakage, Avocado & Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Botanical Extracts, No Parabens, Color Safe - 4 oz
HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector | Protect up to 450º F from Flat Irons
COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free and Shiny No Matter the Weather with Award-Winning Anti-Frizz Spray
Price not available
Sun Bum Protecting Heat Protector Spray | Heat Protectant Hair Spray | Frizz Control | Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Color Safe | 6 Ounce Bottle | 2 Count
Sun Bum Protecting Heat Protector Spray | Heat Protectant Hair Spray | Frizz Control | Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Color Safe | 6 Ounce Bottle | 2 Count
Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangler Spray | Protects Hair Color From Fading | Heat Protectant | Vegan | 13.5 Fl Oz
Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangler Spray | Protects Hair Color From Fading | Heat Protectant | Vegan | 13.5 Fl Oz
GIOVANNI 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Protective Leave-In Spray - Protects from Heat Styling Breakage, Avocado & Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Botanical Extracts, No Parabens, Color Safe - 4 oz
GIOVANNI 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Protective Leave-In Spray - Protects from Heat Styling Breakage, Avocado & Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Botanical Extracts, No Parabens, Color Safe - 4 oz
HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector | Protect up to 450º F from Flat Irons
HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector | Protect up to 450º F from Flat Irons
Price not available
COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free and Shiny No Matter the Weather with Award-Winning Anti-Frizz Spray
COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free and Shiny No Matter the Weather with Award-Winning Anti-Frizz Spray

In this blog post, I listed and reviewed 5 of the top-notch heat protectant spray that is safe for use over color-treated hair. I personally bought and tried some of the products below during my previous hair color treatment. See which one is safe for your colored tresses!

List of the Best Heat Protectant Spray for Colored Hair

OUR TOP PICK: Sun Bum Color Safe Heat Protectant Spray

If you are looking for heat protection and skin-friendly products for your color-treated hair, look no further as Sun Bum Color Safe Heat Protectant Spray is here for you. Well, this best heat protectant spray for colored hair is extremely free from sulfate and paraben. The spray content itself is safe for use and very lightweight making it good for the hair.

Using this heat protectant spray will not let you think that you are using a hair spray product to your hair because of the tropical smell that is also light to the nose as well. The fragrance of Sun Bum Color Safe Heat Protectant Spray highly resembles the scent of the coconut making it naturally appealing.

In terms of the colored hair outcome after spraying this product, you will generally have soft and smooth locks. Moreover, the hair also looks lustrous and healthy. Another good thing that I love the most about this heat protectant spray is its UV protection property. It basically helps in preventing color-treated hair from fading.  


All in all, the Sun Bum Color Safe Heat Protectant Spray is highly ideal for those who like to feel comfortable in their mane even after the application of leave-in hair products. It is a very powerful tool to create soft and silky hair. The UV protection that it has is really amazing and generally safe for those with colored hair.

  • Safe for use for color-treated hair
  • Lightweight
  • Good smelling
  • With UV protection
  • Nice packaging
  • Does not totally eliminates the frizz
  • Smooth result is not long lasting
  • Needs shaking before use


Pureology Vegan Heat Protectant Spray

Because of its multitasking leave-in treatment function, Pureology Vegan Heat Protectant Spray highly offers 21 benefits that tame the hair. This best heat protectant spray for colored hair mainly fights against heat thermal elements while detangling it. Moreover, this heat protectant spray also shields the hair from any damage and incorporates shine from the roots down to the tips.

Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangler Spray | Protects Hair Color From Fading | Heat Protectant | Vegan | 13.5 Fl Oz
  • Multi-Benefit Leave-In Spray: Color Fanatic vegan Leave-In Conditioner spray with 21...
  • Multi-Tasking Formula: this moisturizing and detangling mist preps hair for all...
  • Key Benefits: Moisturizes dry, damaged hair, strengthens and repairs damage, protects...
  • Suggested Use: Use as your first styling step that primes and protects; mist all over...
  • Trusted by salons and Professionals, Pureology's Color Fanatic Leave-In Conditioner...

The product formulation is mainly designed for those who want to protect the colors of their tresses without the worry of hair damage. With that, they can also blow-dry and flat-iron the color-treated hair at the same time. The heat protection property of Pureology spray is highly excellent having the ability to protect the hair from the damaging heat that can get up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit.

Another feature that this heat protectant spray boasts is the antifade complex that it has. Because of that, you will guarantee comprehensive color care to your mane. Not only that it will offer a normal heat protection treatment to your hair, but also claims to be a professional heat protectant for keeping the hair color.


Offering 21 benefits for hair treatment, Pureology Vegan Heat Protectant Spray is no doubt the best heat protectant spray for colored hair. With that, you will ultimately have silky and shiny tresses while getting extreme hydration for your locks.

  • 100% Vegan
  • Colorant-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Contains no other harmful chemicals
  • Strong smelling
  • A little bit oily to the hair

GIOVANNI Dual Action Heat Protectant Spray for Colored Hair

Another excellent product on the list is the GIOVANNI Dual Action Heat Protectant Spray for Colored Hair. The powerful combination of Avocado and Olive Oil generally gives off an extreme moist double action. With that, it ultimately protects colored hair when styling. It also incorporates moisture and strength to achieve healthier tresses that can withstand any hairstyle.

GIOVANNI 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Protective Leave-In Spray - Protects from Heat Styling Breakage, Avocado & Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Botanical Extracts, No Parabens, Color Safe - 4 oz
  • PROTECTIVE HAIR CARE - 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Protective Leave In Spray is...
  • SUPPLE CONTROL - GIOVANNI 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Protective Leave In Spray...
  • COLOR SAFE - 2chic Ultra-Moist Dual Action Protective Leave In Spray is 100%...
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY - GIOVANNI products use organic ingredients and are Leaping Bunny...
  • ECO CHIC - GIOVANNI has been bridging the gap between natural and salon-quality hair...

Using this best heat protectant spray for colored hair will end you up with complete nourishment of hair regardless if it is dull, dry, or damaged. The botanical nutrient that it contains highly supports the restoration of hair’s flexibility. Other ingredients in its formulation include Shea butter, aloe vera, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids, and other vitamins.

Well, you will generally guarantee that this product is safe for use as it is free from harsh chemicals like Lauryl and Laureth Sulfate. It also doesn’t contain any artificial dyes nor been tested on any animals during the manufacturing research and manufacturing process.


Due to its dual moisturizing complex, GIOVANNI Dual Action Heat Protectant Spray for Colored Hair moisturizes and protects the tresses while undergoing heat styling. It is totally safe for use on color-treated hair and, at the same time, provides nourishment to the hair with its vitamins and antioxidant contents. With all that, hair color fading will not be a problem anymore.

  • Use some organic ingredients
  • Cruelty-free Certified by Leaping Bunny
  • Packed in elegant-looking recyclable container
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Greasy to the hair
  • Less volumizing effect

HSI Professional Heat Protectant Argan Oil Spray

Vibrant, lustrous, and healthy locks are all the things that you can get in using the HSI Professional Heat Protectant Argan Oil Spray. Its main function is to prevent the hair from being damaged because of the various heat styling processes. Basically, this best heat protectant spray for colored hair is weightless which is ideal for use prior to heated hair styling. It has the ability to protect the hair from heat exposure that can get up to a maximum of 450-degrees Fahrenheit.

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector | Protect up to 450º F from Flat Irons
  • EXTREME HAIR PROTECTANT: Protect hair from heat exposure up to 450º F. HSI’s...
  • LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: This light thermal protection spray can be also used as a leave...
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Ensuring you get a premium quality high grade hair oil...
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: For Natural hair and Human hair extensions.
  • MILD FORMULA: Sulfate-free, phosphate-free and paraben-free, Color-safe.

Formulated with concentrated argan oil, that is rich in antioxidants, and other shin-enhancing vitamins, this heat protectant spray moisturizes and detangles hair locks. Aside from that, it also fastens up the drying time of the tresses, enhances shine, and nourishes the protective layer between the hair and heating device. Due to that, you will have healthier and manageable hair all throughout the day.

It is ideal for everyday use on any natural hair type and even on the types of permanent hair extensions. This generally comes in 2 sizes – the 2-ounce and the 8-ounce spray bottle. With that, you may have the option to carry it along with you so that you can achieve selfie-worthy hair every time, anywhere.


HSI Professional Heat Protectant Argan Oil Spray is actually a perfect match for those who have colored hair. It is one of the best seller heat protectant sprays online which highly offers the best drying experience. The mild formula that it is made of is generally 100% color-safe.

  • Excellent hair protectant
  • Highly suitable for all types of hair
  • Made with mild formula
  • With expert salon-level protection
  • Strong scent
  • Too foamy

COLOR WOW Heat Protectant Super Natural Spray

Transforming your humidity-affected locks will be highly achievable through the use of this best heat protectant spray for colored hair. The COLOR WOW Heat Protectant Super Natural Spray can turn your hair into smooth,shiny strands. It generally utilizes a heat-activated polymer technology which is really ground-breaking making this heat protectant spray feather light.

COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray - Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free and Shiny No Matter the Weather with Award-Winning Anti-Frizz Spray
  • Advanced anti-frizz formula leaves hair super glossy, glassy, ultra smooth
  • Groundbreaking humidity-blocking technology stops moisture from wrecking your style
  • Economical. Results last through 3-4 shampoos
  • Ultra-light spray feels like nothing is on the hair
  • Anti-frizz treatment waterproofs your hair to stop frizz, even in the worst humidity

Using this heat protectant spray, the tresses will not weigh down really straight. Moreover, it creates an unnoticeable, hydrophobic layer once tension is being applied on the hair through blow drying. Generally, there are two main functions for the hydrophobic layer.

First, it compresses every strand to turn it into a sleek and subtle shape. Secondly, it covers the strands through the form of a light raincoat that basically keeps away moisture. With that, its function highly resembles that of the small Keratin treatment.


Blow drying is a hindrance that prevents your hair to experience a glossy look. Thanks to COLOR WOW Heat Protectant Super Natural Spray as it will help you to achieve that appearance. As a pre-dryer treatment, this heat protectant spray helps in doing fast hairstyling that results in a glossier look.

  • Highly suitable on all types of hair
  • No harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates
  • Do not have conditioning agents in the ingredients
  • Cruelty-free and gluten-free
  • May produce grease

Things to Look for When Buying the Best Heat Protectant for Colored Hair

best heat protectant spray for colored hair

In order to have safe and successful heat protection for your colored manes, you primarily need to find the right product suitable for the texture of your hair. With that, here are the important features that you must have to consider before you jump into buying the best heat protectant spray.

1-Softens the tresses

Coloring the hair basically weakens the hair strands. Because of that, selecting a heat protectant that adds nourishment is really crucial. So, it is better to look for products that have strand softeners and keratin-boosting ingredients in their formula. Those are great in achieving your preferred hairstyle without compromising the health of your mane.

2-Heat protection

Color-treated hair should be dealt with low temperature upon heat styling which results in the better health of your locks. In case it is irresistible to increase the heat, go for heat protectant spray that can generally manage it. This product should give off the protection from the heat styling device with a maximum temperature of up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit.

3-Smooth finish

Usually, there are heat protectant products that generally leave off the sticky residue on the hair and scalp. That’s why it is essential thing to choose the one that will provide a smooth finish. That kind of heat protectant spray will create a protective barrier during heat styling, at the same time, it leaves you with a shiny and soft mane.

4-UV Protection

Basically, UV protection is an important feature of heat protectant spray for color-treated hair. This will help in covering the hair color from the damaging effect of the sun. Well, there are heat protectants that guarantee unfading color inside the house. But, it does not mean that it will also make your colored hair protected outdoor. UV protection feature generally blocks and filter the UV rays prior to reaching the hair and scalp.     

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Function wise, heat protectants have the ability to decrease the level of heat styling damage. And with that, it only shows protection coverage of 50%. Aside from that, the protection is not broad enough to cover other elements like air pollutants.


A: One of the best prepping hair tools prior to the use of heat styling devices is the leave-in conditioner. In conjunction with a heat protectant, this hair product generally supports in preventing heat styling damage.


A: There are actually natural products that can highly replace the use of commercially available heat protectants. Here are some of those:

  1. Argan oil
  2. Almond oil
  3. Avocado oil
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Grapeseed oil
  6. Shea butter


A: Without any heat protection on your hair, the tresses can acquire damage every time you style it and expose it to heat styling tools. Keep in mind that any heat source may cause drying of the hair strands causing split ends and hair breakage. Aside from that, it can also result to hair d dullness and other hair issues.

Final Words

Generally, a heat protectant for color-treated hair that comes in spray form helps in minimizing hair damage due to heat styling. It is actually crucial to know that the best heat protectant sprays are suitable for all types of hair, especially for colored ones. Moreover, knowing the important features of heat protectants is more essential. Don’t forget to remember the way it softens the tresses, heat protection power, smooth finish, and other features that may come with it.

What do you think of the heat protectants we reviewed here? Is there any other color-safe heat protectant spray that you think should be included in the list? Please share your thoughts with us!

Best Wax Strips Underarms – Top 5 Picks! 46

Best Wax Strips Underarms – Top 5 Picks!

Whether you want to remove your underarm hair in a less painful manner or you want a quick hair removal, we always aim to have hair-free armpits. There’s no way for us to let the hair grows over there and watch it gone for quite some time. So, the ideal solutions for this are the best wax strips underarms. These products will help in the removal of hair in the armpit without the worry of damaging the skin.

Veet Ready-To-Use Waxing Kit For Women | Wax Strips For Body Hair Removal, Wax Kit For Ingrown Hair Treatment, Personal Care Product, Hair Remover | 40ct Waxing Strips, 4ct Body Wipes
Legs & Body Wax Strips, Parissa Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Legs, Body, Bikini, Arms, Underarms with After care Azulene Oil, 40 Strips
Nad's Body Wax Strips Hair Removal For Women At Home plus 4 Calming Oil Wipes, 24 Count
Voglily Wax Strips for Body Leg Bikini Brazilian Underarm,Hair Removal Wax Strips, Hair Remover Wax Kit Women and Men, 40 Pcs Large Size,4 fragrance,6 finish wipes (40Pcs)
Vassoul Hair Removal Wax Strips for Leg & Body, Waxing kit with 40 Strips
Veet Ready-To-Use Waxing Kit For Women | Wax Strips For Body Hair Removal, Wax Kit For Ingrown Hair Treatment, Personal Care Product, Hair Remover | 40ct Waxing Strips, 4ct Body Wipes
Legs & Body Wax Strips, Parissa Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Legs, Body, Bikini, Arms, Underarms with After care Azulene Oil, 40 Strips
Nad's Body Wax Strips Hair Removal For Women At Home plus 4 Calming Oil Wipes, 24 Count
Voglily Wax Strips for Body Leg Bikini Brazilian Underarm,Hair Removal Wax Strips, Hair Remover Wax Kit Women and Men, 40 Pcs Large Size,4 fragrance,6 finish wipes (40Pcs)
Vassoul Hair Removal Wax Strips for Leg & Body, Waxing kit with 40 Strips
Price not available
Veet Ready-To-Use Waxing Kit For Women | Wax Strips For Body Hair Removal, Wax Kit For Ingrown Hair Treatment, Personal Care Product, Hair Remover | 40ct Waxing Strips, 4ct Body Wipes
Veet Ready-To-Use Waxing Kit For Women | Wax Strips For Body Hair Removal, Wax Kit For Ingrown Hair Treatment, Personal Care Product, Hair Remover | 40ct Waxing Strips, 4ct Body Wipes
Legs & Body Wax Strips, Parissa Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Legs, Body, Bikini, Arms, Underarms with After care Azulene Oil, 40 Strips
Legs & Body Wax Strips, Parissa Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Legs, Body, Bikini, Arms, Underarms with After care Azulene Oil, 40 Strips
Nad's Body Wax Strips Hair Removal For Women At Home plus 4 Calming Oil Wipes, 24 Count
Nad's Body Wax Strips Hair Removal For Women At Home plus 4 Calming Oil Wipes, 24 Count
Voglily Wax Strips for Body Leg Bikini Brazilian Underarm,Hair Removal Wax Strips, Hair Remover Wax Kit Women and Men, 40 Pcs Large Size,4 fragrance,6 finish wipes (40Pcs)
Voglily Wax Strips for Body Leg Bikini Brazilian Underarm,Hair Removal Wax Strips, Hair Remover Wax Kit Women and Men, 40 Pcs Large Size,4 fragrance,6 finish wipes (40Pcs)
Vassoul Hair Removal Wax Strips for Leg & Body, Waxing kit with 40 Strips
Vassoul Hair Removal Wax Strips for Leg & Body, Waxing kit with 40 Strips
Price not available

In this blog post, I listed and reviewed 5 of the most popular underarms wax strips in the market. I’ve personally bought and tried some of those in my previous underarm waxing session. See which one gives a painless and flawless result!

5 of the Best Wax Strips Underarms

OUR TOP PICK: Veet Hair Remover Wax Strips

The first on our list of the best wax strips underarms is the Veet Hair Remover Wax Strips. Because of the Gelwax Technology, these wax strips have the ability to take off 95% of the hair in the body. This can highly be achieved even on the first application of the wax strips without causing any damage on the skin.

Shea butter and acai berry generally enriched the formulation of Veet Hair Remover Wax Strips while also incorporating fragrance into it at the same time. With the use of this underarms wax strip, expect to see results for two days time based on their product claim.

Veet Ready-To-Use Waxing Kit For Women | Wax Strips For Body Hair Removal, Wax Kit For Ingrown Hair Treatment, Personal Care Product, Hair Remover | 40ct Waxing Strips, 4ct Body Wipes
  • WAXING KIT FOR WOMEN: Experience smooth, hair-free skin with our premium waxing kit....
  • HAIR REMOVAL CREAM ALTERNATIVE: Say goodbye to razors and embrace the long-lasting...
  • WAX STRIPS FOR HAIR REMOVAL: Elevate your personal care routine with Veet and...
  • PERSONAL CARE ESSENTIAL: Elevate your personal care routine with our waxing kit....
  • HAIR REMOVAL MADE EASY: Simplify your routine with the Veet ready-to-use waxing kit,...

Veet Hair Remover Wax Strips are generally suitable for use around the underarms, legs, arms, and bikini area. With that, these wax strips are the perfect one for those with sensitive skin. One pack can give you around 40 wax strips plus 4 pieces of wipes for post-waxing session.

Product Features

  • Utilizes easy Gelwax Technology which is a new formula that has the ability to speedily takes off 95% of hair
  • Includes enticing aromas of natural ingredients coming from Shea butter and acai berry
  • Gives off salon-like fair, smooth skin that usually lasts for a maximum of 28 days
  • Fast hair removal process
  • Pleasantly smelling
  • Tried and tested by dermatologists
  • Application process is quite messy


Parissa Underarms Hair Removal Waxing Strips

Using Parissa Underams Hair Removal Waxing Strips will generally provide you a perfectly smooth arms, legs, and armpits with just a few minutes. Beeswax, resin, vegetable oils, and plant extracts are all-natural ingredients contained in the formulation of these best wax strips underarms. It basically has 40 double-sided strips inside the kit which is ideal for multiple usages.

Legs & Body Wax Strips, Parissa Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Legs, Body, Bikini, Arms, Underarms with After care Azulene Oil, 40 Strips
  • Salon-Quality Hair Removal Wax Strips: Get salon-quality results at home in minutes...
  • Quick and Easy to Use: Pre-lined wax strips come ready to use! Simply press on & zip...
  • All Natural Ingredients: All Parissa products are made of only natural ingredients.
  • Complete Waxing Kit: Contains 40 (20x2 sided) strips, 8ml Azulene aftercare Oil and...
  • Convenient & Mess-Free: These ready to use wax strips are perfect for travel or quick...

Inside the pack also includes a visual instructions plus post-waxing oil. These product inclusions generally aim to prevent possible irritation and ingrown hair. So, clean-up your legs, arms, and armpits using this Parissa Underams Hair Removal Waxing Strips. Even with just a quick touch-up, you can definitely have unwanted hair-free body.

Product Features

  • Contains all-natural ingredients that are all safe and gentle to the skin
  • Quick and simple application which is highly suitable to carry and use during travel and quick touch-ups
  • With quite large size ideal for the legs and other body parts like the underarms
  • Provides instant yet long-lasting results by just pressing on and zipping off
  • Produced from cruelty-free process making them a member of The Leaping Bunny Program
  • Ingredients are sourced out from an ethical manner
  • Contained inside a sustainable packaging
  • Application is quite messy

Nad’s Wax Strips Underarms

Nad’s Wax Strips Underarms is another example of the best wax strips underarms. The quality of these skin care product is like that of those found in the salon. Moreover, the strips are very easy to use. With that, it can be used for removing hairs in the underarms, arms, back, legs, shoulder, and stomach. You can even use the Nad’s Wax Strips Underarms for Brazilian waxing.

Nad's Body Wax Strips Hair Removal For Women At Home plus 4 Calming Oil Wipes, 24 Count
  • Easy All-In-One Wax Kit: No heat, no mess, no fuss! Everything you need to quickly...
  • Ready-To-Use Hair Removal Strips: Just rub, peel and go! Perfect at home, on the go,...
  • Effective Hair Removal Wax: Salon-quality formulated with natural beeswax for strong...
  • Flexible Wax Strips Hair Removal: Shapes softly to body curves; perfect for back,...
  • Cold Wax Formula: Gentle on skin, tough on unwanted body hair! Suitable for all skin...

Generally, this is available in a pack of 24 body strips. The 12 of those 24 strips are double-sided wax strips, while the 4 other strips are oil wipes for post-waxing session. Beeswax is the main ingredient for the formulation of the wax inside these underarm wax strips. Because of that, Nad’s Wax Strips Underarms perfectly suit all types of skin.

Product Features

  • No heat required
  • Not messy and no fuss
  • Highly suitable for traveling and on the go hair removal process
  • Salon-like formula using natural ingredients like beeswax
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tested by dermatologists
  • Fragrance-free
  • Applicable for all types of skin
  • Multiple strips needed when removing coarse hair

Voglily Hair Removal Wax Strips

Generally, these best wax strips underarms include 40 wax strips. Out of the total wax strip pieces, 20 of those are double-sided. Moreover, 4 strips have colors and fragrance. Aside from that, there are also 6 pieces of wipes for the finishing touch ups.

Voglily Hair Removal Wax Strips contain glycerin, jojoba oil, olive oil, and beeswax in its formulation. Since it is amazingly delicate on the skin, these underarm wax strips are highly suitable for use around the armpits, bikini areas, arms, and legs.

Product Features

  • Highly suitable for use on delicate skin around the facial area, underarms, and bikini
  • Gentle process of hair removal which makes it ideal for the entire body area
  • The result may generally last for around 25 to 45 days
  • Hair removal just only takes a second
  • Made with natural formula
  • Alcohol-free formulation
  • Free from paraben
  • No animal is used for testing along the process
  • Quite painful to remove from the skin

Vassoul Leg & Body Wax Strips Kit

One of the best wax strips underarms, the Vassoul Leg & Body Wax Strips Kit can generally wax the whole body. The ingredients come mainly from beeswax essence and jojoba oil that are all 100% natural. This makes it highly perfect for all types of skin.

Vassoul Hair Removal Wax Strips for Leg & Body, Waxing kit with 40 Strips
  • EASY TO USE, ONLY 3 SECONDS--- Warmed up by hand, no microwave or wax warmers needed,...

Inside the kit, you will enjoy using 40 pieces of wax strips that are all in extra-large sizing. This is basically for the purpose of cutting the strips based on the requirements. There are 20 double-sided strips out of the total number from the kit. Moreover, you can also have 3 fresh wipes for the purpose of wiping out any residue and relaxing the skin during the post-waxing session.

Product Features

  • No need to use microwave or any warmers
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Highly convenient application method
  • All-natural formulation
  • Very easy to use
  • Available in extra-large sizes
  • Require cutting of the strips

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Wax Strips Underarms

Going out in the market today, you will generally see plethora of options for wax strips underarms. Keep in mind that waxing is now garnering great sales revenue because of its numbers of advantages as a semi-permanent type of hair removal. Generally, due to high competitions out there, choosing for the best wax strips underarms tends to be confusing.

So, to help you filter down your choice, here are some of the important factors that you need to take into account before grabbing the underarms wax strips:

1-Type of wax

Generally, there are two types of waxes available in the market – the hard and the soft wax. In terms of choosing which one you would go for, you must have to understand the differences that come between them.

Wax strips are usually needed when you will be using the soft type of waxes. The wax strips will generally act by pulling off the hair and used most often in larger body areas like the hands and legs. This is usually the type of wax that is used for home-waxing the arms and legs.

However, its application is typically messy. A roll-on soft wax kit will basically take you out of this dilemma in using a soft wax. Ready-to-use pre-filled cartridges usually come along with the package kit.

Moreover, the hard wax is the perfect type to choose from if you are planning to wax the areas of the bikini, face, and underarms. They are similar with the soft wax when it comes to the pre-heating process. Yet, this does not really need the use of strips in pulling out the hair.

Well, hard wax is not actually crucial in the application to smaller areas. In case you are okay with the application speed of this wax type, then it is as doable as its soft counterpart. Besides, the hard wax is highly advantageous for being less painful compared to soft wax.

2-Value for money

Waxing kit usually involves wax, strips, heater, spatula, and products before and after waxing.  It is actually not crucial to grab waxing kit that goes beyond those inclusions.

3-Brand name

The brand is one of the most crucial factors to consider in buying the underarms wax strips. And, it is good to know that each brand entails specific features that may generally affect the product quality.

Do’s and Don’ts of Underarm Waxing

best wax strips underarms

Now that you have an idea on what underarm wax strips to buy and the features that will give you the best wax among the rest, it is also worth noting the do’s and don’ts of waxing. Knowing these important details may generally give you an excellent result of your upcoming underarm waxing.


Before you proceed into waxing your underarms, keep in mind to finish all of these essential steps:

  • Exfoliate as it clears out dead skin cells
  • Wash and parch to remove any presence of buildup
  • Trim when needed because it highly reduces the pain experience
  • Pop some pain relievers and keep away from alcohol and caffeine. Remember that these two substances are contributing factors in making the skin more sensitive.
  • Powder up to absorb the natural oils or moisture within the skin


Undergoing into an underarm waxing session necessitates you to lift up the arms high enough. Doing that will help to avoid the loosening of the skin from getting damaged while on the process of waxing.


No matter how gentle the waxes are, they can always irritate your skin even on a lesser extent depending on the type of your skin. Moreover, too tight clothing may trigger further irritation because of the potential rubbing of the fabric into the skin of the underarm.


Waxing the underarms in sections is the ideal way of doing this process especially if the growth of hair is in different directions. Well, you’ll need to apply the wax or place the wax strips into similar direction the hair grows. And then, pull off the strip in the direction opposite to that.

It is always important to apply the wax in portions. Moreover, do not attempt to apply wax on similar skin areas again and again because it may irritate the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Waxing or epilation is a process of hair removal that generally targets the root. Well, you can generally use wax strips underarms in order to smoothen it for a period of four weeks maximum. For instance, Veet wax strips are great examples of ready-to-use formula. Moreover, there are other waxes, such as the warm wax, that provide longer lasting outcomes.


A: Well, this highly depends on your preference. Some say that shaving is an easier process of hair removal on the legs, bikini, and underarms. However, for the bikini area, it is more precise to perform waxing as it offers fewer razor bumps result due to the delicate skin that it has. Moreover, you may also try the best ways for shaving sensitive skin in case you opt for shaving.


A: Compared to shaving, waxing generally reduces the presence of dark hair that makes the underarm appears too dark. Additionally, waxing is also advantageous in the removal of dead cells of the skin.


A: In every two weeks time, the underarms should undergo waxing. Keep in mind that the hair growing back within this body area seems totally noticeable.


A: Generally, you can wax the underarms without any further preparations. However, considering the following measures will make the waxing experience less painful and highly effective:

  • Clean the underarms entirely
  • Wash it using a soap or good body wash
  • Consider scrubbing them in order to exfoliate the skin in the armpit area

Final Thoughts

There are actually great competitions of wax strips for underarms that you can see in the market. Taking note of each one is generally confusing so the products above will basically give you the best hair removal experience. Just take note of those important considerations that you need to keep in mind when buying this kind of product. Aside from that, always remember the do’s and don’ts of underarm waxing so that you will have the best waxing experience.

What do you think of the wax strips we have here? Is there any other underarm wax strip that you think should be included in the list? Please share your thoughts with us!

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 47

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5!

Maybe it’s time for you to search for the new best conditioners for oily scalp and dry ends. Having an oily scalp and dry ends is the worst thing to have. The feeling of greasy and sticky as if there’s a grease oil in your hair is what actually what it feels like to have those hair problems. Even if you have your best shampoo, it seems impossible to mend that excess oil. Maybe your hair care product is weak enough in trying to rebalance and cleanse your scalp and hair.

One of the main reasons why people still experience dry ends and oily scalp is the lack of proper hair maintenance and using the incorrect shampoo for their hair. On that note, worry no more. Because we are reviewing some of the best conditioners that are currently available on the market right now. So, begin your hair maintenance with some of our selected shampoos.

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 48Rahua Hydration
Hair Conditioner
Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 49Check Price
Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 50Tru Moroccan
Hair Conditioner
Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 49Check Price
Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 52Just Nutritive
Hair Conditioner
Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 49Check Price
Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 54OGX
Hair Conditioner

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 55
Check Price
Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 56Seaweed Bath Co.
Hair Conditioner

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 55
Check Price

You should use a hair conditioner

Maybe among the reason why you are having an oily scalp and dry end is that you seldom use hair conditioners as your daily routine hair care. Chances are, you are missing some of the important stuff to make your hair healthy. Because using a hair conditioner on a regular basis is a must.

Applying a conditioner to your hair is crucial in preserving your hair healthy. Because a hair conditioner is responsible for keeping your hair bouncy, strong hair, nourished, prevents excess oil in the scalp, and hydrated.

A shampoo is not enough in order to maintain your hair’s quality. That’s why hair conditioners are created. They are made to fill the gap where the shampoos missed the spot. Because shampoos generally clean the hair by removing dirt and other elements.

Also, shampoos can remove the natural moisture content of the hair. A hair conditioner will help restore the lost moisture and nutrients of the hair and gives nourishment and deep moisturizing to the hair.

Moreover, a hair conditioner is most needed for those people who are experiencing dry ends and oily scalps. That’s why it’s crucial to have a hair conditioning product. Because this will restore your hair’s productive and healthy looks, plus it keeps the scalp fresh, nourished, and oil-free.

Why you are having an oily scalp

The worst things we hate during the morning are feeling the grease around our face and also the hair that feels greasy and icky even though you are well aware that you have taken a shower. But having greasy hair is absolutely normal because the hair naturally secretes oil especially when it’s hot weather or after a hard workout.

It only gets bothersome if it’s producing too much oil to the point is getting greasy and sticky. Good thing that oily scalp can be in your control. Also, it’s important that you know what causes your scalp to produce excess oil. We have listed some of the root causes of having an oily scalp.

Brushing or touching your hair more often

Brushing your hair too often can result in excessive oil production. Especially if you are touching or hair combing it too often. That said, discipline yourself to stop touching or hair combing. Also, you need to leave it be after you style your hair. Because your hand tends to produce sweat and oil which will transfer to your hair and will make your hair oily.

It’s the product you are using

There are some instances that the problem is not the hair itself but on the hair products. Be wary of what products you buy. Don’t be swayed by the advertisement about getting your hair super shiny which can lead to greasy hair. Sometimes it’s the liquid shampoo or conditioner that is at fault and it may end up in to the appearance of grease.

Sometimes it’s because of over conditioning

Celebrity stylist Philip B. said in an article that over condition will result in greasy hair. To know that your hair is over-conditioned, expect that your hair is limp and too soft, or sometimes it feels thick, heavy, and oily. In order to prevent from over conditioning, be sure to apply it only on your mid to ends not from root to ends.

Your diet

Show me your diet and I show you your hair. Because your overall diet will greatly reflect on your hair. So, if you are eating too many oily foods such as fast food burgers and fries, you will likely to produce more oil on your scalp. Other than that, eating too much omega 6 fatty acids.

Though it’s healthy but when it exceeded to normal, it can affect your health and even your hair. That’s why most experts agree that having a healthy and balanced diet will make your hair healthy. It’s not always the conditioner or shampoo that are always to be blamed but even your lifestyle too.

Your pillow

It’s important that you regularly wash your pillow sheets. But sadly it’s a chore that most people often neglect. The fact that your pillow absorbs the oils from your hair and your face and even the environment.

So, don’t be surprised whenever you feel that your hair is always greasy in the morning. Keep in mind that you need to properly wash them and dry them under the sun.

Why you are having dry ends

Ever wondered why your hair feels brittle and dull-looking? There are various reasons why dry ends on your hair happen. Most often these hair are prone to damage and are hard to comb. We have listed some of the common reasons why you are having dry ends.

Using heat styling tools more too often

Heat styling tools are great for heightening your hairstyle but if you use them too often, then there will be a problem. That problem will always be dull, dry-looking hair. Also, overusing heat styling tools can remove the natural oil in your hair.

Using the incorrect styling product for you

If you are using a hair styling product that is not suited to your hair type, then you are putting your hair at a greater risk. When selecting your hair product, you will need to make sure that it is designed to your hair type. It’s important to read the label first before buying.

Also, avoid hair product that uses too much alcohol which will remove the natural oil from your hair and even moisture. Instead, look for products that specifically nourish the hair that features oils from coconut, argan, avocado, etc, which greatly help your dry hair.

Consider the environmental factors

Such environmental factors that make your hair dry are the cold winds, extreme heat, and low humidity. It’s best to wear a hat when it’s summer or get a swim cap when you are swimming. You can also apply hair products that offer protection against pollution and other environmental factors.

Washing your hair in water that’s too hot

It’s no doubt that having a nice hot shower after a long day of work feels good. However, when it comes to your hair, it’s a different story. Exposing your hair is too hot water will make your hair dry and you should keep away from it. Instead, you can exclude your hair if you are going for a hot shower.

Or much better if you will have a shower wash with lukewarm water. You can also rinse your hair in cold water which smoothens the rough hair.

Best Conditioner For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5!

Rahua Hydration Hair Conditioner

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 58

Our most beloved and number one on the spot is the Rahua Hydration hair conditioner. This may be expensive but it’s worth every dime you put into this. It’s a premium quality hair care product that will surely make your hair becomes voluminous, silky, and lustrous. It’s well-formulated and each ingredient is very beneficial in every way.

We all know getting our hair treated in the most ideal way is difficult, but with this, nothing is impossible anymore.

If you feel that your hair is dry enough and you want to replenish it in the most possible care, this will do the job. The blends came from Amazonian oils and natural protein bonding.

The scent derived from mango and passion fruit which has a tropical aroma. This is capable of smoothening the cuticle, gives adequate hydration, add vibrancy, and prevent frizzy hair.

Among the key ingredients includes Morete oil, Rahua (Ungurahua), Sacha Inchi, and organic mango sugars. With premium ingredients included, you know that what your hair will receive is also premium care treatment. What’s fascinating about this is it’s great for all hair types.

All in all, this is our personal favorite because of its capability. We can agree that the price is a bit higher compared to other premium brands. But, what this offers is way more useful than chemically centered conditioners. This will make your dry hair manageable, smoother, healthier, and even glossier.

  • Premium ingredients
  • Highly effective
  • Suitable for any hair types
  • A bit high for its price point

Tru Moroccan Hair Conditioner

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 59

Our second product that’s worth trying is the Tru Moroccan hair conditioner. Take note that this is manufactured in the USA, so rest assured that what comes in this product is premium and the best. Some say this hair conditioner is a masterpiece that you should try because it is a combination of science and nature which allows your hair to become fully repaired.

Also, your hair deserves to have a hair care treatment, and to do that, you will need a premium quality conditioner like this one. So, if you are having a dry and damaged hair, this product is meant for you.

Also, you can safely bet on this product because all its ingredients come from plants that are organically grown. Deeply nourishes and also keeps your hair oil to its proper balance.

This conditioner has an excellent formula that is perfectly designed for certain kinds of hair types. Among those notable ingredients are olive fruit oil, aloe vera, starflower, sesame, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. This is also perfectly safe because it’s nontoxic.

All in all, we really liked this product because it’s more than a hair product. This helps maintains the earth’s environment and ethically made because there are no animals that are subject to test for this. What’s also fascinating is that all of their ingredients came from organically grown plants. We strongly suggest this conditioner for oily scalp and dry ends.

  • Help balance the oils in the scalp
  • Makes the hair vibrant and soft after application
  • The smell is not that good

Just Nutritive Hair Conditioner

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 60

Our next best product is the Just Nutritive hair conditioner. This is definitely worth your money because of the amazing features it can do to your hair whether it’s oil scalp or a dry ends.

The feel of this conditioner is very light and yet leaves your hair incredibly great. Plus, the blends of the oil in this are stunningly amazing. You don’t need the top brand conditioners when you have this one.

A combination of grapeseed and sunflower oil gives adequate hydration to the hair leaving the hair to look vibrant and feel silky and soft.

There’s also an inclusion of Jojoba seed and peppermint oils that deeply penetrate the scalp which removes the excess oil.

It also has a formulation of basil, tea tree, and lemongrass. That said, Just Nutritive conditioner has an overall excellent ingredients that will be extremely useful to the hair. The scent of this product is a citrus element because of the lemongrass. Rest assured that this product doesn’t have any silicones, dyes, and parabens.

All in all, what more could you ask in a perfect formula like this one? None. That’s why we openly suggest this wonderful product because it’s more than a conditioner but a booster in keeping your hair healthy and free from damaged and dry hair, not to mention those excess oils. This will surely purify your hair like it’s a rebirth.

  • Deeply penetrate the scalp and hair for better result Dye-free and;
  • Paraben free
  • None so far

OGX Hair Conditioner

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 61

What you need in your dry and oily hair is a touch of Australian tea tree oil infused with peppermint oils and milk proteins. This may be hard to find but actually, there’s a brand that offers this type of formulation and it’s undoubtedly excellent for your hair.

It’s the OGX brand that we are talking about here. This conditioner is very special and highly effective for those type of hair conditioner

This hair conditioner is able to moisturize, hydrate, and refresh your hair. Blended with tea tree oil and peppermint which makes it a perfect formula in restoring the hair’s shine and healthy from dry and oily hair.

It will also remove the frizz on the hair. Perfect for any type of hair which makes it an awesome conditioner.

Some notable ingredients include milk protein, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, among others. The scent of this is very enticing which leaves a good smell on your hair and in the bathroom. Another thing is that this excludes sulfate and parabens.

All in all, why you should buy this? You should! Because it has a unique blend of ingredients that effectively nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Also, the scent is very appealing and smells fresh, not to mention it really smoothens the hair. No wonder this is among the best conditioners for oily scalp and dry ends.

  • Suitable for most types of hair
  • Perfect blend of tea tree mint, milk proteins, and peppermint oil
  • None so far

Seaweed Bath Co. Hair Conditioner

Best Conditioners For Oily Scalp and Dry Ends — OUR BEST OF 5! 62

Last but not the least, we give you the Seaweed Bath Co hair conditioner. Give your hair a special treat of 65 and more vitamins and minerals which will make your hair healthier and stronger looking hair. The power of the ocean is at your hands now.

This is by far one of the best conditioners for oily scalp and dry ends hair. Because it’s suitable for all hair types and also the formulation of this is quite remarkable.

Formulated with nutrient-rich from harvested Bladderwrack seaweed and also form extracted oil coming from jojoba, coconut, argan, and aloe vera.

This will definitely make your oily and dry hair turn into vibrant and healthy-looking. Also, the formula is meant to cleanse and deeply penetrates each hair strands just to bring back the moisture to its glory.

It’s completely vegan-friendly with plant-based formula without any phthalates, parabens, triclosan, gluten, and dyes. So you know what you are getting. In addition, it great for normal to oily hair as well as other hair types.

All in all, if you want an organic hair conditioner that effectively restores your hair’s health, then you should definitely check this out. Also, the bottle is made from 100 percent recycled plastic which makes the environment happy. Besides that, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals that are crucial to your hair.

  • Great for all hair types
  • Balances the oil
  • Moisturizes the hair
  • The consistency of the shampoo is a bit watery

Benefits of using the best conditioner for oily scalp and dry ends

Using a hair conditioner is another powerful tool in order to preserve your hair’s beauty and health. Also, they are extremely in so many ways that using them regularly (or depending on the situation) will make your hair in good condition. Apart from that, there are surprising benefits that can be gained through hair conditioning. We have listed some of the common benefits to which it’s very surprising to know.

Protects your hair cuticles

The fact is many people have been using hair conditioners without much clarity on what are the benefits of it. But among the benefits of using the hair conditioner is to protect the cuticles on the hair. That said, hair conditioning products create a defensive layer around the hair cuticles.

This sort of protection is used against the foreign elements that might cause damage. These can be gleaned from polluted environments, heat styling products, etc. Hair conditioners also close the cuticle which creates moisture in the hair shaft. A properly sealed cuticle is flexible and soft which is more manageable and easy to care for.

Allows the hair to become vibrant

The most fascinating thing about hair conditioners is that they help the hair to become presentable and looking fresh and healthy. That means hair conditioner gives your hair a nice shine and vibrant look. Not only that, it will help reduce the frizziness in your hair by eliminating the negative charge on your hair.

Also, the benefits of applying a hair conditioner can be seen within minutes. By just applying it for about 2 to 3 minutes, it will leave your hair instantly smooth and shiny. No more dry ends and oily scalp for you and say hello to the world again with your newly gained confidence because of the vibrancy of your hair and because you used the right hair conditioner.

Keep your hair moisturized

We all know that shampoo can remove dirt and clean your hair almost effectively. But upon the process of applying a shampoo, there’s a tendency that not only the dirt will strip off but also the essential oils from your scalp and hair. The use of hair conditioner, it will bring back the needed moisture in your hair strands preventing to end from having a dry scalp.

Keep in mind that you need the right conditioner especially for oily scalp and dry ends. Because it will greatly balance the excess oil and rejuvenate the lost moisture which greatly prevents from having dry ends and keeps the hair moisturized and shiny appearance.

Minimizes towel damage

Drying your hair in a towel may result in damage to your hair depending on the amount of stress you are putting. Also, given the fact that a wet hair means it’s in its weakest state, so if you dry your hair with a towel and you squeeze it this will eventually lead to breakage, damage, and even split ends.

With the help of hair conditioning, it will protect your hair from huge damage. Another thing that you need to make sure of besides applying a hair conditioner is that you need to properly dry your hair. So, if you are going to use a towel, just damp on it or gently wipe your wet hair. You don’t need to be rough about it.

Detangles hair strands

One of the most excellent benefits of using a hair conditioner is it greatly helps in detangling the hair strands. Your hair becomes dry and rough because of cleansing which has the tendency to entangled quickly and sometimes get stuck up with the other hair. Hair conditioners will greatly help the process of restoring the detangled hair strands and also helps smoothen the hair.

Easy to style

No more worries about the frizzy, brittle, oily scalp, and dry ends. Because after the use of hair conditioner, you can easily style your hair to whatever hairstyle you want. The fact that your hair will look so lavishly smooth and shiny, it also saves you from post-shower hair treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you use conditioner on your hair?

The general rule is that every time you shampoo, you always need to follow a hair conditioner. This is because we don’t want to allow the moisture and the oil to be lost. Because it can lead to dryness of hair and scalp that is very itchy and will make your skin flaky causing dandruff.

So again, every time you shampoo you should follow it with a hair conditioner. Even the experts have recommended this tip.

Should I match my conditioner and the shampoo?

If you are reading the label, you will often see that “this brand x conditioner is the best to pair with brand x shampoo”. It’s not actually a marketing strategy because there’s some truth in that. Using a coordinated shampoos and conditioner works best because the formulation of some products greatly complements when you are using the same brand and specific shampoo and conditioner type. T

his is a common mistake that most people does. They tend to buy random shampoo and pair it with another random conditioner.

Is there any negative effect of using conditioner on your hair?

Using hair conditioners have also negative effects but very few. Actually, it’s still overpowered with positive effects than negative ones. The foremost negative effect of conditioner is the potential allergens. Although there are only very few that has been recorded on such case.

Another negative effect is that when you failed to rinse thoroughly your hair with conditioner. This can result in breakouts in the neck, face, and body especially for acne-prone people.

That’s why it’s important to read the label first before buying your ideal conditioner. Some conditioners have a high concentration of oils and emollients. As a result, your hair will look greasy and flat.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous hair conditioners for oily and dry ends and other specific hair types that offer the same formula but will differ on the effectiveness and its quality. This is because our hair is different. Sometimes choosing the right conditioner involves a trial and error method. This can be a crucial process but it’s one of the most effective ways in order to determine what’s really best for your hair.

So, if you think you haven’t made up your mind yet, feel free to browse our catalog and read them carefully and see if it’s suitable for you.

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 63

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you!

Finding the best beard oil for coarse hair can be a daunting task. This is because there are many beard oils that are looming around on the market today, and it feels like every one of them offers the same formula and has a low effectivity rate when you applied it on your coarse beard hair. And yet, none of them really stand out and it lacks quality which makes your beard itch.

If you are on a hunt for the best beard oil for your coarse hair with no prior knowledge about this, then, lucky for you to come across this article. Because we are going to make sure that you will gain some insights, tips, buying guides, and above all, our carefully curated reviewed beard oil particularly for coarse hair. So scroll over and take a look at our article!

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 64Mountaineer Brand
Beard Oil
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 65Check Price
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 66Smooth Viking
Beard Oil
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 65Check Price
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 68JS Sloane Co.
Beard Oil
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 69Check Price
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 70Lab Series
Beard Oil
Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 69Check Price

What is beard oil?

The beard oil is basically a type of hair product that is specifically intended for beards, hence the name. The answer is somewhat easy but it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what beard oil really is. Of course, there’s also a question of how it works and why it works wherein we are going to tackle these two important questions after a moment.

First of, besides being a hair product that is specifically designed for beard, the beard oil’s importance is to help nourish and moisturize the skin underneath the beard, it also enhances the visual appeal of the beard making it look glossy and feels fresh, not to mention its wet look.

Because back then, the only maintenance for beard is to trim it or sometimes cut it completely to remove any facial hair. But that has changed since the awareness of having beard maintenance which proves that not only because it’s great for the sake of style, but also in the overall facial hair growth and the skin as well.

Secondly, beard oil proves to be useful because it greatly transform your bland style into something new and it’s the best possible product when it comes to maintaining your beard hair and also for aesthetic appeal. What makes this hair product beneficial for both beard growth and maintenance is the combination of different carrier oils which leaves us to another discussion.

What is beard oil typically made of?

As we have mentioned before, beard oil is made from different carrier oils and essential oils that are mainly beneficial to hair growth and maintenance. These ingredients become the standard inclusion in most beard oil manufacturers (at least, for now.).

But, some are still finding some new formulas to come up with new and effective formulas. That said, the beard oil ingredients can be broken into two categories, essential oils, and carrier oils.

Essential oils

Not only essential oils are great for aromatherapy but also it’s extremely useful for beard maintenance and beard growth specifically to prevent flaky skin, acne hiding underneath the beard. Most quality beard oil manufacturers choose carefully what goes into their beard oils. Because what the beard oil companies are making sure of is the potency and the effectiveness.

Some of the essential oils included are Lavender, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree. These essential oils have high potency in usage when applied on beard alone, that’s why it has a mixture of carrier oils to dilute them.

Carrier oils

Carrier oils mainly came from all-natural nuts and seeds which take a large percentage of the overall ingredients. These oils are responsible for making your beard become convenient especially when it’s in the early stage. Carrier oils are responsible for giving softness, moisture, and nutrients to the beard.

Some of the common carrier oils included are Grapeseed oils, Argan, Jojoba, and Sunflower. These carrier oils can be used as a standalone beard oil compared to essential oils.

Benefits of using the best beard oil for coarse hair and other hair types

Now that you know what’s beard oil can do and what are they made up of, it’s time that you know that beard oils do more good than harm. There are tons of reasons why you should use it especially if you are growing a linger and thicker beard. So, here are the most common benefits of beard oil to your skin and to your beard.

Makes your beard looks better

If you are the type of guy who wants their facial hair to look better and healthier, a regular beard oil application is something you must do. As a result, your facial hair will look fresh and clean. In addition, it heightens the volume of the mane, creating an illusion of looking that you have a coarser and fuller beard.

Also, it makes your beard looks shinier and clean. That is because when the sun illuminates the oil, it will create a gleaming effect that enhances the beard’s appearance, making it more vibrant and clean looking, not to mention healthier. That said, beard oil will enhance your beard’s look without looking brittle and dry.

It minimizes itchiness

Before you grow a long and thick beard like Jason Mamoa’s or Leo Tolstoy’s, you will inevitably face many hurdles. Some of these hurdles are the incessant itching and unconscious plucking, especially if you are only in the early stage of growing a beard. That’s why having the best beard oil, particularly for coarse hair, will not only help you to boost hair growth but also will greatly reduce itchiness.

The irritating itchy season of beard growth is between 2 to 4 weeks. So, to stop that itchiness using the good ol’ beard oil will do the job. Good thing that quality beard oil have always perfect formula that will help maintains your beard and also makes your skin healthier.

Prevents beard dandruff build-up

Among the greatest cons of having a long and coarse beard is the beard dandruff. If we hate having dandruff on our head hairs, what more to our facial hairs? Because it’s also a turn-off for most women it will also look disgusting and people are under the impression that you are not taking care of your beard.

The cause of dandruff in your beard is itching which also causes white flakes. And the white flakes turn into dandruff. Dandruff occurs if your skin is dry. So, if you are planning to grow your beard long and coarse, you will need to apply beard oil in order to rehydrate your skin and protects your skin.

Let’s your beard become softer naturally

Men with a beard don’t like the experience of having a dry barbed-wire beard. It’s also among the causes to make it itchy. But, applying it with some beard oil will significantly soften the beard and also will turn into a smooth beard. That said, an excellent way to let your mane go softer is to properly maintain your beard, and also apply some beard oil for a better result.

The fact that beard oils will penetrate the hairs and will do their job to soften the beard carrying sorts of vitamins and nutrients. Like we have said before, beard oil will moisturize the beard and in turn, it will become naturally soft and looks clean.

It will recover your lost sebum oils

While you are taking bath and you wash your face, there’s a tendency that you will lose some of the natural oils from your beard. That’s why it’s important to apply beard oil every time you take a bath. Because without the help of the beard oil, chances are, it will probably make your skin dry, your beard will become brittle, and you will experience beard split end and itchiness.

In order to mitigate the natural oil loss, you will have to use the best beard oil for coarse hair that will be reviewed a few moments from now.

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you!

[su_service title=”Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 72

Looking for a beard oil where it can relieve the flaking, itching, and that coarse beard of yours? Then, we know exactly what you want, and we have it for you. What has here is the Mountaineer Brand beard oil.

It has a bigger size compared to its counterparts. Plus, you won’t regret buying this given its natural ingredients and also its effectiveness rate for removing flaky and dry skin.

Notable ingredients include almond oil, fir needle, grapeseed oil, cedarwood oil, eucalyptus oil. Although the scent is woodsy it will definitely do the trick which gives a unique scent to the beard oil. Also, the scent may not last long, and the scent is not that strong only in the first few minutes.

Don’t worry about the product’s production location because it’s made in the US. In addition, it’s suitable for your skin because it will condition even underneath your beard.

All in all, we greatly recommend it to the point we have placed this on the first spot because it is an amazing product. This beard oil is great for relieving itch and its overall effectiveness is great.

Plus, it offers premium ingredients and made 100 percent all-natural. Moreover, the price is very affordable. That’s why we strongly believed that this is among the best beard oil for coarse hair.

  • Premium ingredients
  • Very affordable
  • The bottle is large
  • It can be slightly greasy


[su_service title=”Smooth Viking Beard Oil” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 73

What you need in looking for the best beard oil especially for coarse hair is something powerful enough to turn your facial hair soft and smooth. Also, what you need for a certain product is it doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind.

That’s why we introduce to you the Smooth Viking beard oil. We vouched for this because it has more to offer and features all-natural ingredients.

This beard oil is very light and will gently make your hair smooth and soft. Maintaining a nice and long beard can be complicated. But nothing impossible with this beard oil. Even the thickest beards can be managed by this stunning product.

This will definitely hydrate your beard and will prevent any flaky and dry skin underneath your beard chin. In addition, the Smooth Viking beard oil eases the itchiness caused by the dry skin which will be also revitalized upon using this regularly.

In addition, Smooth Viking beard oil is easy to use. Not only it’s great for softening the facial hair but also conditions the beard very well. It also reinforces the hairs from root to top.

All in all, we love this Smooth Viking beard oil because it’s extremely useful in many ways and each application of this will deeply penetrate every strand of hair. This will help increase your beard’s hair growth.

  • Highly effective for coarse hair
  • Deeply moisturize the skin
  • Prevents itchiness
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

[su_service title=”JS Sloane Co. Beard Oil” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 74

If you want something special beard oil and achieving a nice and shiny-looking beard, then we gladly introduce to you the JS Sloane beard oil. This is among the best brand when it comes to grooming products and for beard oil as well.

JS Sloane will make you feel fresh and will make sure that your coarse beard is well-taken care of.

Featuring vitamin E which greatly improves the skin’s well-being and helps moisturizes the skin as well as the hair. Among the notable ingredients are lavender oil, carrot seed oil, fragrance parfum, argania spinosa kernel oil, to name a few.

This adds shine to your beard. What’s more interesting is that this restores hair follicles and will make sure that the beard will grow healthy. Also, JS Sloane Co. beard oil has a silicone base. The scent of this is very subtle yet it pleases you every time you smell it. In addition, this is applicable to every skin type.

All in all, this is your go-to beard oil if you want a maintenance tool for your hipster or post-grunge coarse beard. This is something you want for yourself especially if you want a decent quality beard oil. This balances the oil production and even the tones on the skin.

  • Great for every skin type
  • Lemon scent
  • Greatly redistributes oil production
  • None so far

[su_service title=”Lab Series Beard Oil” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Best Beard Oil For Coarse Hair — 4 Picks for you! 75

Last but not the least, the Lab Series Oil. Users who know this brand are very well aware of the standard price of the Lab Series products, which is high priced but it’s really worth it.

So if you are going to consider this beard oil product, make sure that you have some budget just have this amazing and effective beard oil for your facial hair maintenance.

This grooming oil is not only suited for the beard but also intended for shaving as an alternative to shaving cream. The Lab Series will condition your beard after application and regular use.

Some of the notable ingredients include sodium, glycerine, alcohol, panthenol, phenoxyethanol, fruit oil, and jojoba oil. The liquid volume is 50 ml.

The texture is oily but it does not sit heavy. Also, using this will help soothe the skin and also will help you achieve a clean shave with no residue.

All in all, we have definitely tried this and it’s very worthwhile. Perfect for making your coarse beard soft and smooth enough. Not only that, it’s a great substitution for shaving cream when you have none at the moment. So, is it valuable? It may not valuable for the money but performance-wise, it’s definitely an amazing product.

  • Leave no residue
  • Soothes the skin
  • Shines the beard
  • Improves manageability
  • The price point is higher

Your buying guide for the best beard oil for coarse hair

Beard oil is gaining much demand among the community of men because of its gaining awareness about the maintenance of beard and also the proper way of growing a beard. Also, the quality and the formula greatly affect the beard’s growth direction.

With that in mind, there are numerous beard oil products that are readily available on the market and on the online market. But, what makes the best beard oil? Here are some of our takeaways:

Ingredients and added features

You don’t have to be pedantic about what’s in every oil inside the beard product. Although you need to be knowledgeable enough to see what goes in every product that will likely be beneficial to you. Also, most beard oils use the same oils in their ingredients but what differs is the complexity.

If you don’t have any clue on what’s best for you due to your first-time buyer, it’s much preferred to choose a beard oil that contains lots of natural oils. Because natural oils will react less to your skin and will deeply nourish your skin and maintain your beard growth healthy.

Some added features in the beard oils are

Minoxidil, vitamins (B12, E, and others), Vegan oils; and other ingredients such as wheat germ, melon oil, plum oil, and brown algae.

Scent and its potency

Every beard oil is different when it comes to scent. Some will prefer a strong scent some will just choose the milder scents. Finding the best beard oil is a matter of personal preferences and that includes the scent. This also likened to choosing a cologne.

So when you are considering buying a beard oil, the level of intensity in scent will be your personal choice. Careful when choosing the scent. If you are sensitive to strong scents much better to opt for milder scents.

The thickness of the beard

Another important aspect you should consider is to consider the thickness of your beard first. In this case, if you are looking for beard oil for coarse hair, you should consider a conditioner that helps soften it. Or if you have a thicker beard you can opt for a stronger conditioner instead. That said, figure out your beard’s thickness first and search on the market that matches your beard type.


Obviously, the most important aspect of looking for your best beard oil is the price. Because all consumers primarily based the product judging by its price. Also, your budget will dictate what kind of beard oil you will get. But don’t have the idea of “the higher the price, the higher the quality of the product will be.

While there is some partial truth in it but don’t get your high hopes solely on the price. At the end of the day, what matters is it meets all if not most of the qualities in buying beard oil. Remember to be wise and always the product carefully first before attempting to buy it.

Ease of application

Decent quality beard oils are always easy to apply to your beard. Usually, they have a rich texture and very light. It should distribute evenly over the beard. In addition, the container and the cap also play a big role in determining its ease of use. Also, there are common types of applicators for every beard oil product that will depend on the manufacturer.

Common applicator types used in beard oils.

Pump Dispenser – Like the dropper, this allows you to reduce waste and gives a consistent amount per pump. Although some users find this a bit messy because oil can slip on the side of the bottle.

Dropper Cap – The easiest applicator of beard oils. This allows you to correctly measure the amount of oil you need. Dropper caps are great for preventing any spills and can be applied quickly.

Restrictor Valve – This is the least preferred by users because it can be messy in most cases. Although the design is better, it’s not practical compared to the two applicators above.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best beard oil for your carse hair is never going to be easy. The fact that there are tons of beard oil products out there, choosing what’s best for you is something you need to work on. So, if ever you aren’t sure about what’s best for you, just remember to refer to our buying guide. Because reading our buying guide will help you narrow down your selection process which will eventually help you identify your ideal beard oil

Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic Hair Dryer – Which 1 to Choose? 76

Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic Hair Dryer – Which 1 to Choose?

When you heard of Dyson what is the very first thing that comes to your mind? For sure, you will think of excellent beauty product lines that works wonders, especially to your tresses. With the help of the hair styling tools from Dyson, like the airwrap hair styler and the Supersonic hair dryer, you can make the hair styling and blow-drying totally a breeze. But, what exactly is the difference between Dyson airwrap vs Supersonic hair dryer?

Great value for money
Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler for Multiple Hair Types and Styles, Fuchsia
Drying power
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia
Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler for Multiple Hair Types and Styles, Fuchsia
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia
Price not available
Price not available
Great value for money
Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler for Multiple Hair Types and Styles, Fuchsia
Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler for Multiple Hair Types and Styles, Fuchsia
Price not available
Drying power
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia
Price not available

In this blog post, we will reveal the amazing features of these two wonderful hair styling device from Dyson. We will discover the common things between them and their differences. Moreover, we also have here a detailed review about each product from the top-notch product list of Dyson beauty lines.

Detailed Comparison of Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic Hair Dryer

Well, two products from Dyson are on the hot seat here. It is no doubt and not really surprising as Dyson is the number one brand name in the industry that is highly reputable in making premium quality products. But now, let us try to have a comprehensive comparison between their Dyson airwrap vs Supersonic hair dryer.

Wattage1200 Watts1600 Watts
Item Length10.7 inches9.6 inches
Item Weight1.5 lbs1.8 lbs
Rate of Airflow13 liters per second41 liters per second
Heat Settings34
Temperature212OF – for fast drying
176OF – for regular drying
140OF – for gentle drying
302OF – as maximum temperature
Product InclusionsAirwrap barrels – 2 – 1.2” and 2 – 1.6”
Pre-Styling Dryer
Smoothing Brush – 1 – firm type, and 1 – soft type
Volumizing Brush – 1 round type
Styling Concentrator
Smoothing Nozzle
  Price  CHECK HERE Direct Shop  CHECK HERE

Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic Hair Dryer Features Comparison

To start with, the Dyson airwrap vs Supersonic hair dryer both uses a digital v9 motor exclusively made by Dyson. It is, by far, the lightest and smallest digital motor among the Dyson products. In terms of power wattage, the Supersonic hair dryer gives off 1600w which tends to be a higher wattage. Because of that, this Supersonic hair dryer has the ability to provide hotter and stronger airflow.

When it comes to the design features, the Dyson airwrap is a more compact hair styler that confidently combines the power switch and the cool shot button together. You just simply have to press the top panel of the power button to express a cold airflow from the airwrap hair styler. Yet, comparing this cool button feature between Dyson airwrap vs Supersonic hair dryer, the latter offers an individual button. It allows having a cold air in a more convenient way by pressing down the button separately.

Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic Hair Dryer – Which 1 to Choose? 77

For the product inclusions, it is generally obvious that the Dyson airwrap hair styler has more quantity to offer than the Supersonic hair dryer. Dyson airwrap basically includes numbers of brushes and barrels that support your hair styling in a healthy manner. Hair damage due to heat may not be a problem here as the airwrap from Dyson will do its job perfectly regardless if you want a straight hair or wavy tresses.

Moreover, the Supersonic hair dryer typically includes two nozzles and diffuser. The nozzle acts by providing airflow directly and precisely to a certain portion. Meanwhile, the diffuser highly supports the maintenance of the curly hair right after washing it. Lastly, the airflow between Dyson airwrap vs Supersonic hair dryer is significantly lower in the airwrap hair styler which is only about 13 liters per second.

Shared Commonalities Between Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic Hair Dryer

Based on the comparison table above showing what Dyson airwrap vs Supersonic hair dryer has to offer, we observe that these two outstanding Dyson products have different item inclusions. But, even so, they do still have some similarities. So, let’s take a look what are the things in common between the airwrap hair styler and the hair dryer from Dyson.

  • Famous for top-notch engineering production process under the Dyson brand
  • Both are efficient, built well, and comparably powerful hair tools
  • Highly suitable for use over damp hair and dry hair
  • Both hair tools are lightweight
  • Possess multi-speed settings and heat settings which feature a cool shot button
  • Both have intelligent heat control for hair damage prevention
  • Utilize ionic technology to smoothen out the hair

Unique Qualities of Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic Hair Dryer

Below are the distinct qualities of each Dyson hair tools that make them different from each other:

  • Dyson airwrap hair styler includes a storage case plus a heat mat which is non-slipping, yet the hair dryer tool does not have it.
  • The airwap has the ability to dry, smoothen, straighten, and even curl the hair, while the hair dryer does the job well by the excellent smoothing property and fast blowout rate.
  • Supersonic hair dyer is highly suitable for wet hair but the Dyson airwrap is ideal for damp or dry hair.

Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler

A hair styling dryer from Dyson, this airwrap boasts for the 8 removable product attachments. All of those products can be used in achieving various hair styles as well as drying out the hair perfectly. Generally, the Dyson airwarp hair styler utilizes the Coanda technology in which it attracts your hair into the barrel through the use of airflow. Among the other hair styling device in the market, your hair and skin won’t experience heat damage if you use this hair styler from Dyson.

Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler Framework

If we tend to compare the Dyson airwrap vs Supersonic hair dryer, you will discover that the airwrap is more compact. It has more product inclusions than the hair dryer in which all of the item attachments have their specific features to boast for. The Coanda effect is one of the excellent features of Dyson airwrap hair styler. This is an aerodynamic phenomenon that acts by curving the air so that it will attract and wrap the tresses into the barrels.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler for Multiple Hair Types and Styles, Fuchsia
  • Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler is engineered for multiple hair types and styles....
  • Styles and dries simultaneously - engineered to style damp hair by combining powerful...
  • Harnesses the Coanda effect to wrap hair around the barrel for voluminous curls and...
  • Smoothing brushes mimic a stylists’ blow-dry by attracting hair to their surface...
  • Set includes: Two 1. 2“ Airwrap barrels engineered to create voluminous curls or...

Adding a product attachment into the main structure of the airwrap hair styler basically works by placing the additional item on the top corner of the airwrap base. You need to twist it until the alignment of the notches is already met and once you hear the clicking sound. Meanwhile, changing product attachment is through moving the lock/unlock button located at the base. Basically, the base of the Dyson airwrap hair styler contains three buttons which include the power button that holds an internal cool shot press, a speed button, and the heat button.

Drying Power
Easy to use
Value for money

Who Should Buy Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler?

Generally, this airwrap hair styler from Dyson is highly suitable for the following:

  • Those who have flat hair
  • Women striving for volumized and bouncy hair blowout
  • Hair stylists who are in the intermediate or expert level
  • Users who are not easily gets frustrated with the steep learning curve
  • Those with large budget solely intended for new hair styling device
  • Lightweight for ease of holding
  • Comes in three versions which are (1) volumizing and shaping fine hair, (2) smoothing and controlling frizz-prone hair, and (3) a full set for all types of hair
  • Multifunctional hairstyling tool
  • Utilizes minimal heat up to about 300-degrees
  • With two types of barrels – the clockwise and the counterclockwise
  • Removes some issues of blowing out the tresses
  • Features teeth for the brush pivot making the air flows into the brush for more efficient use
  • With an elegant-looking leather case
  • Reduces drying time
  • Quite expensive
  • Crofting it takes some time
  • Take extra caution as this hair device gets hot

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic is actually a blow dryer that specifically functions in drying out the hair using the most accurate heat and speed settings. It generally has 4 setting options for the temperature while 3 settings intended for its speed. With that, you can delicately manage the system of this hair dryer from Dyson. And even with just 3 product attachments you can already begin hair styling through the process of hair blow-drying.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Framework

The thing that makes the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer standout from its competitors in the market is the hole at the middle and the smaller and lighter motor. That motor is actually responsible for a quieter hair dryer which you cannot see with the others. Moreover, this hair styling tool is generally easy to hold freeing your shoulders from the possible burns that it can get along the process.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia
  • Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine; Air temperature is...
  • Ultra fast drying; For fast drying you need controlled, high velocity airflow. Rated...
  • Includes: Magnetic attachments Dyson smoothing noozle, styling concentrator, and...
  • Lightweight and balanced; We've turned convention on its head and put the motor in...
  • Acoustically tuned; The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency

There are 3 buttons present on the head behind the noddle of the Supersonic hair dryer. These buttons are the on/off switch, the heat settings button, and the button for the release of airflow. With just using one thumb, you can actually reach all of those buttons with ease. It also gives you added convenience because of the extra long cord that allows you to blow-dry your hair even if there is no nearby outlet.

Easy to use
Drying power
Easy to hold
Easy to clean
For travelling

Who Should Buy Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?

If you are one of the following, the Supersonic hair dryer is the best hair styling tool for you:

  • For all types of hair which includes coarse and curly hair
  • Those who regularly use hot hair styling devices such as curling iron or hair straightener right after blow drying
  • Women who want to achieve a smooth, frizz-free hair blowout
  • All hair stylists and hair professionals
  • Motor placement at the handle of the device making it easy to hold with great comfort
  • Smaller and lighter motor compared to other hair dryers in the market
  • With innovative product inclusions
  • Dry out the hair faster while protecting the tresses from damage
  • Quite costly
  • A little bit noisy
  • The long cord is not retractable and does not include a tie to promote easy storage

Dyson Airwrap vs Supersonic Hair Dryer – Comparing their Performance

Both the airwrap hair styler and Supersonic hair dryer are such top-notch products from Dyson excellent hair styling device product lines. Even so, their performance is still comparable with each other.

Ease of Use

In terms of easy usage, comparing Dyson airwrap vs Supersonic hair dryer will ultimately give you the latter as the winner of this category. Although the airwrap boast the most innovative Coanda effect, this feature is not an easy one to learn about along the process. Well, for professional hair stylist, this effect may actually be a breeze, but the learning margin for the Dyson airwrap hair styler is steeper. That way, most users get frustrated in using it especially those who are new to this hair styling device.


I may say that both Dyson airwrap and Supersonic hair dryer give an excellent outcome when you deal with frizz. Using the Supersonic hair dryer you can highly achieve a frizz-free hair blowout. On the other hand, the Dyson airwrap will give a result of a similar smooth and sleek appeal when you use its brush attachments. However, the barrels in Dyson airwrap that is intended for curling the hair may probably give off some flywaways or kinks.

Hair Protection

Generally, the Dyson airwrap and Supersonic hair dryer both have temperature regulating technology. With that, these two hair styling tools have the ability to protect the hair. Compared to the conventional hair straighteners and curlers out there, none of these two devices from Dyson utilizes direct heat in styling the hair. Basically, the air coming from the device may get hot but the two of them use extreme airflow in smoothing, drying, and styling the tresses.


dyson airwrap vs supersonic hair dryer

When it comes to the speed, the Supersonic hair dryer tends to be quite faster rating the overall hair blow-drying performance. The Dyson airwrap’s pre-styling dryer and brush attachments also have the ability to dry quickly. However, its barrels can dry the hair out for about 40 minutes to around an hour.


Because of the multiple product attachments, the Dyson airwrap tends to be more versatile compared to the supersonic hair dryer. Well, if you are willing to accept the challenge of learning its usage and want to have a single hair styling device that can do it all for you, the airwrap hair styler is a good pick. But, the Supersonic hand dryer is highly recommendable for enjoying out a simple, sleek blowout look.


Although it has a very long cord, the Supersonic hair dryer seems to be much easier to store. It’s still make use of its compactness even when its product inclusions are attached to it. Storing this hair tool can be done from countertop options to wall storage choices. On the other hand, the Dyson airwrap hair styler and its case tend to be bulky which hardly make room for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Final Thoughts

Dyson airwrap and Supersonic hair dryer are such wonderful hair styling tools from Dyson. They generally offers unique and wide array of uses and styling options for the hair with great ease and convenience. Although both products are quite pricey, these two hairstyling tools do not really overheat. So, with all the amazing features of the Dyson airwrap hair styler and Supersonic hair dryer, for sure, you can get the best product that really cares for your hair regardless of which one you will choose.

best hair dryer with a retractable cord

3 Best Hair Dryers With Retractable Cords For Easy Storage

Are you tired of tangled and knotted hair dryer cords? In that case, you should consider getting the best hair dryer with a retractable cord instead. Unlike typical power cords, these hair dryers have a built-in cord reel that recoils the wire inside the hair dryer. It’s compact, easy to store, and perfect for traveling.

Below, I reviewed three of my top picks when it comes to hair dryers with reel-in cords. See which one haas the features that match your needs.

Why consider a hair dryer with reel-in cord?

Hair dryers with reel-in cords have an advantage over traditional ones. The following are some of them:

Keeping things organized

Many of us are guilty about having a drawer full of styling tools with a noodle soup of power cords. It’s messy and frustrating to untangle once you have to use a specific tool.

Instead of dealing with this, a blow dryer with a reel-in cord solves the problem by reeling the wires inside the handle. It saves you from the hassle of untangling it from the rest of your styling tools.

Preventing wire damage

Power cords can get damaged easily, especially if used regularly. I’ve had many hair dryers before with power cords that get broken faster than the tool itself. It’s a waste of money, which makes a reel-in cord a cost-effective option.

As a hot tool, hair dryers consume too much power. A damaged cord can be a big hazard in this case. It will cause electrical leakage or even circuit breaker tripping.


If you’re traveling, a hair dryer with a reel-in cord is a great choice. Since the wire wounds inside the dryer, you’ll save space in your luggage. Aside from that, there’s no need to think about how you’re going to stash the wires in a small bag.

If these benefits suit you well, you should consider these three hair dryers. Aside from reel-in cords, these options are also efficient styling tools.

Best Hair Dryer With A Retractable Cord – Top 3 Picks

1. OUR TOP PICK: Sunbeam HD3010-005 Hair Dryer with a Retractable Cord

When it comes to the best hair dryer with a retractable cord, I swear by the Sunbeam HD3010-005. This model works in a 1,875-watt motor with a 5.5-foot reel-in cord for your convenience.

Aside from that, this hair dryer has three air and heat settings with a cool shot button for versatile styling. It also uses a tourmaline ionic technology that dries the hair fast while preventing frizz.

Sunbeam HD3010-005 Retractable Cord Folding Handheld Hair Dryer with Concentrator, 1875 Watts, Cool Shot Button, Tourmaline Ionic, Black
  • 1875 watt handheld hair dryer, stores conveniently with folding handle.
  • 3 air/heat settings, 5.5 ft retractable cord.
  • Tourmaline Ionic technology for fast drying.
  • Cool Shot Button provides cool air for setting styles.
  • Concentrator attachment included. Removable back cover for easy cleaning.

Moreover, this hair dryer has a folding handle that makes it compact for storage and travel purposes. If you’re looking for a portable hair dryer, you’ll never go wrong with the Sunbeam HD3010-005. When in use, this tool measures 9” x 9.5” 3.5”. Folding the handle will reduce the length by around two inches.

This has a removable back cover for easy lint cleaning. And aside from the hair dryer, you’ll also receive a concentrator attachment.

While the air and heat settings aren’t separate, I still think that this is a well-designed dryer for such a price. Also, I just want to mention that this thing is loud. It’s not banshee-loud, but it’s noisier than other portable hair dryers I’ve tried. 

Lastly, this hair dryer is backed by a three-year warranty, which is already a steal for this price range.


  • Foldable handle with reel-in cord
  • Tourmaline ion technology
  • 1,875-watt motor


  • This hair dryer is loud.

2. Conair 223RX Cord Keeper Ionic Hair Dryer

Another hair dryer with a reel-in cord I recommend is the Conair 223RX Cord Keeper. Like the Sunbeam hair dryer, this model works in a 1,875-watt motor, but with a tad shorter retractable cord that’s 5 feet long.

This hair dryer has three heat settings and two airspeed adjustments. It’s paired with a cool shot button so that you can lock in your hairstyle.

Moreover, the Conair 223RX has an ionic technology paired with tourmaline ceramic technology for smooth hair. Even if you use high heat settings, the tourmaline element will reduce potential damage by emitting even temperatures.

Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer, Purple
  • Cord Keeper Hair Dryer: This dryer features Ionic Technology to control frizz for...
  • Retractable Power Cord: With the press of a button, this hair dryer's 5 foot power...
  • Versatile Styling: Features 3 heat and 2 speed settings and a Cool Shot button to...
  • Leader in Hair Dryers: From traditional bonnets to hi tech dryers equipped with...
  • Conair Hair Care: Since 1959, we have made innovative small appliances, hair styling...

At the other end of the hair dryer, there’s a removable filter to clean the collected lint. It’s also bundled with a concentrator and a diffuser nozzle. For this price range, I’m quite happy with the performance and inclusions of this Conair hair dryer.

I’ve owned several Conair hair dryers before, and it’s one of my trusted brands when it comes to hot tools. The 223RX Cord Keeper lived up to the brand’s reputation, but I have some caveats.

First, the cord is short, and I have to stay close to the outlet. It’s also slightly heavier for its small size, but I think it’s reasonable enough given its wattage.


  • Tourmaline ceramic technology
  • High-torque motor
  • Ionic technology


  • It feels a bit underpowered, but it does the job nonetheless.

3. Andis Compact Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

The Andis Compact Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer is a good choice for those looking for a travel hair dryer. This has a reel-in cord and a folding handle for easy storage. Overall, this is my go-to hair dryer whenever I’m traveling. However, it’s not suitable for international use since it only works in 125V outlets.

Nevertheless, this Andis hair dryer has Lifeline anti-shock protection for your safety. Aside from that, this has three air and speed settings combined in a sliding button on the handle.

Aside from that, this hair dryer has ionic technology that prevents frizz. It will also give your hair a bouncy and shiny finish.

This budget-friendly hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle. While it’s not the biggest dryer set, it’s a handy option since it fits on gym bags and small pouches.

Take note that this hair dryer is quite loud, which is surprising for its small build. But for this price range and convenience, it’s a bargain I can live with. It dries fast, which is exactly what you’d want with a hair dryer despite the noise.


  • Compact design
  • Shock protection
  • Ionic technology


  • Noisy operation

How to choose a hair dryer with reel-in cord

If you’re scouting for the best hair dryer with a retractable cord, you should consider the following points:

Heating technology

I always swear by ceramic and tourmaline heating for hair dryers. These two coatings produce negative ions that help reduce frizz and moisture loss on your hair. Also, it ensures that the heat is distributed evenly for fast drying.

All hair types will benefit from ionic technology, especially those with brittle and damage-prone curls. 

No matter what heating technology you choose, make sure that there are multiple heat and speed adjustments. This will let you tweak the hair dryer to suit your styling needs.

Consider the cord length

When it comes to reel-in cords, the cord length is pretty limited. A 5-foot cord is usually enough for this design. You can’t expect a full 9-foot cord to fit inside a small handle, right? This is a trade-off if you want to enjoy the convenience of retractable cords.

Check the reel-in mechanism

Hair dryers with pull-in cords usually have a button that triggers the recoil mechanism. You only have to pull the plug to unwind the wire inside, and it will lock in place.

Make sure that the recoil mechanism inside doesn’t snag or damage the wire. I had a hair dryer before with a problematic recoil system, which ended up scraping the wire coating and damaging the cord.

Decide about the wattage

Another important feature you should check when buying hair dryers is their wattage. This will dictate how powerful the hair dryer will be. A 1,875-watt hair dryer is a standard choice among most users.

But if you want to perform aggressive styling, you may need a much bigger engine with 2,000-watt power. However, I haven’t seen such wattage paired with a pull-in cord.

Factor in the noise level

One of the common issues with hair dryers is their noisy operation. This is related to the wattage, chassis design, and engine quality. In my opinion, the noise level is an acceptable trade-off if you want portability.

If you’re bent on finding a hair dryer with a low-noise operation and a reel-in cord, I suggest investing more bucks for a premium model.

Size and weight

If your hands get tired easily, you should consider a light hair dryer. However, this is usually at the expense of wattage and other features.

As for the size, you should consider your hand size and the storage you can manage. Most travelers will opt for a compact option with a foldable handle. Again, the smaller the hair dryer is, the less power it has.

Extra accessories

Accessories like a diffuser and concentrator attachments are a must-have for more styling options. Other hair dryer models are bundled with brushes and combs to suit various hair types.


Lastly, always consider the value for money of the hair dryer you’re going to buy. Prioritize the quality and performance above the price tag. This way, you’ll get a tool that will last for long.

The good news is that you don’t have to splurge top dollar just to find options that work. The three hair dryers I reviewed above will surely give you excellent results without boring a hole into your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a hair dryer trip a breaker?

A: Yes, a hair dryer can trip a breaker if you don’t use it well. Failure to clean the filter will cause dust to block the airway. In the long run, the hair dryer will suck in more power to compensate for the blockage. Once it reaches the tipping point, the hair dryer will get busted, and your circuit breaker will trip.

Q: Why do hair dryers use so much power?

A: Hair dryers use heat to style your hair, which requires a large amount of electricity. This is the reason why hair dryers can cause a substantial increase in your energy bill, especially if you use them frequently. To reduce the power consumption of hair dryers, consider using lower heat settings.

Q: Can you replace a hair dryer plug?

A: You can always cut off your hair dryer’s plug and replace it with a safer one, say an ALCI-type. But if you don’t have experience fiddling with electric wires before, I suggest asking a professional to do it for you. This is to prevent hazards like electrocution, circuit tripping, and even a house fire.

Q: Can I plug a hair dryer into an extension cord?

A: Any hot tool should never be plugged in an extension cord. You should use it on a dedicated outlet or even a separate circuit breaker if possible. A hair dryer consumes high electricity, especially in high-heat settings.

Q: Can a hair dryer explode?

A: Basically, anything that you can plug in an electric outlet has a risk of exploding, including hair dryers. This could happen if you don’t use the tool properly. Avoid plugging hair dryers in extension cords and never use a faulty outlet. Also, you should handle the hair dryer properly.

Final words

With the best hair dryer with a retractable cord, you can now say goodbye to cable clutter. Just make sure that you get one with the power and features that match your needs. If you want to skip the hassle, the options from Sunbeam, Conair, and Andis I reviewed above are excellent picks.

What do you think of these hair dryers? Share your thoughts below!

best heat protectant for relaxed hair

5 Best Heat Protectants For Relaxed Hair

Styling with high heat will take its toll on your hair. And if you have relaxed locks, extreme heat will make the treated hair prone to breakage, frizz, and damage. This is the reason why you should always use the best heat protectant for relaxed hair.

Take note that styling should never be at the expense of your hair health. Aside from taking it easy with the heat level, you should also utilize protectant products. While heat protectants aren’t absolute solutions, it greatly reduces the damaging effects of heat.

In this post, I reviewed 5 of the best picks that you can consider for your next styling:

1. OUR TOP PICK: Redken One United 25 Benefits Heat Protectant Spray

When it comes to the best heat protectant for relaxed hair, I highly recommend the Redken One United. This formula provides 25 benefits, functioning as a leave-in conditioner, heat protectant, primer, detangler, and more. It’s a Holy Grail in my beauty kit that I always keep handy whether I’m styling or not.

This heat protectant contains coconut oil to naturally moisturize relaxed hair. Overall, this product is made for manageability, beauty, and protection. You simply can’t beat those benefits at this price range.

Redken One United All-In-One Leave In Conditioner | Multi-Benefit Treatment | Heat Protectant Spray for Hair | All Hair Types | Paraben Free
  • Redken One United is a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant spray for all hair...
  • Sulfate free, paraben free and no heavy waxes for lightweight, instant results....
  • Leave in conditioner that instantly nourishes and detangles. Helps prevent heat...
  • With Keracare and Coconut Oil. Can be used as rinse-out treatment to provide...
  • Treatment improves manageability, protection, and beauty. Conditions, nourishes, and...

Moreover, this heat protectant provides instant results for damaged hair. I sometimes use this as a hair moisturizer on the go, and it really gives a nice bounce on my locks. It’s not greasy as long as you don’t spray too much. It also lasts long in every application, not to mention the great smell.

If you’re styling aggressively using heat, you should keep a bottle of Redken One United handy. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

However, some users complain that the rosy smell is quite overpowering. To each their own, I think.


  • 25 benefits in one
  • Blended with coconut oil
  • Excellent smell


  • The detangling power isn’t at par with an actual detangling spray.

2. Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Spray

Another heat protectant spray I recommend for relaxed hair is the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense. It has argan oil and extracts from rosemary, yarrow root, spotted cranesbill, sage, and more. It’s a natural blend that will protect your hair from excessive heat while providing a moisturizing effect.

This heat protectant shields your hair from thermal damage to 450F. It also has a weightless finish with no hold, so your relaxed hair will look and feel natural.

Another thing I like about this Morroncaoil heat protectant is its signature scent. It smells like musk with spicy amber mixed with sweet florals.

Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant, 6 Fl. Oz.
  • Infused with Argan Oil
  • Thermal Protector
  • Weightless Formula

If you have relaxed African American hair, this heat protectant is an amazing choice. I’m addicted to this product, which smells much better than Moroccanoil’s lotion and oils.

Back in 2018, this product won the Best Pro Leave-In Award from Glamour and Must-Have Haircare Product of 2018, courtesy of Influenster. All of these speak for the quality and protectant benefits of this spray.

Take note that a little goes a long way with this heat protectant spray. The only issue I noticed is that it takes a lot of force to press the spray nozzle.


  • Blended with natural extracts
  • Protects for up to 450F
  • Ideal for African American hair


  • The spray nozzle is hard to press.

3. Living proof Perfect hair Day Heat Styling Spray

If you’re looking for a lightweight heat protectant, you can consider the Living proof Perfect hair Day. This heat styling spray provides a long-lasting benefit for up to 48 hours without the nasty silicones that attract dirt.

Aside from that, the Perfect hair Day protectant spray is suitable for all hair types. It’s also safe for chemically treated hair, like colored and relaxed locks. It doesn’t have parabens, silicones, or phthalates that could irritate your scalp.

I also like that this is a PETA-certified cruelty-free formula. It’s completely vegan and can protect your hair from temperatures up to 450F.

Living proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray, 5.5 oz
  • Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray, 5.5 oz

Moreover, this spray has a cationic blend that conditions while reducing static buildup. I also like the ultra-fine mist for equal application throughout the hair.

The only thing I’m not so fond of with this spray is its smell. It has a strong alcohol odor that you have to put up with, especially if you have long, relaxed hair. I also noticed that the spray nozzle gets clogged if you spray it multiple times in a row.

Despite that, this heat protectant spray works well. It’s also held up longer than other sprays I’ve tried before.


  • PETA-certified cruelty-free
  • It lasts for up to 48 hours
  • Safe for chemically-treated hair


  • The odor can be improved.

4. ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray

If you want to save some bucks from the other options I reviewed here, you should consider the ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray. This lightweight spray offers a no-product look finish to prevent weighing down your relaxed hair too much.

Aside from that, this thermal protector spray has protecting polymers and conditioning ingredients. This will keep your hair nourished while you style with high heat.

The ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray also lifts the hair cuticle for a smooth finish. It’s a good choice whether you’re making curls, waves, or simply blow-drying your relaxed hair.

ghd Bodyguard Heat Protectant for Hair ― Heat Protect Hair Spray, Lightweight Formula for Healthier Looking & Feeling Hair ― 4 fl. oz.
  • HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY FOR HAIR ― Meet ghd's heat protect & styling #1 best seller,...
  • GHD HAIR HEAT PROTECTION SYSTEM ― Combines protective ingredients and conditioning...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA ― For an invisible, no-product feel that's nourishing on hair...
  • THERMAL PROTECTIVE LAYER ― Creates a thermal protective layer over the surface of...
  • SUGGESTED USAGE ― Spritz from root to tip and comb through before heat styling with...

This is a paraben-free product with ghd’s Heat Protection System. It also improves the texture of the hair, though I’d still use a separate conditioner for those with dry hair.

I like the scent of this hair protectant spray, but avoid overdoing the application, or it will start to smell funny. Nevertheless, it dissipates quickly, which is good for those who don’t want strong-scented products on their hair.

Also, it tends to get greasy if you applied too much. I suggest spritzing a small amount at a time to prevent this problem.


  • Heat Protection System
  • Paraben-free formula
  • It doesn’t weigh the hair down


  • It smells funny when you applied too much.

5. Truss Amino Miracle Heat Protectant Spray

My last pick for this roundup is the Truss Amino Miracle Heat Protectant Spray. Sure, it’s more expensive than other options here, but hear me out.

While it’s more expensive than others, this heat protectant delivers thermal protection, anti-frizz benefit, conditioning effect, and a lot more. It also helps repair hair damage through its keratin protein and amino acid blend.

Aside from that, this has a Color Lock System which protects your color-treated hair during high-heat styling. It’s also a good choice for other chemical treatments, like relaxed hair.

TRUSS Professional Amino Miracle - Heat Protectant Spray for Hair, Seals Cuticle, Repairs Dry Damaged Hair, Frizz Control, Detangles, Adds Shine, Color Protection, Anti-Aging (7.61oz)
  • Heat Protectant Spray For Hair; Blow Drying And Hot Tools Are The Number One Source...
  • Frizz Controller And Humidity Protection; Protect Against Frizz And Humidity Damage...
  • Intensive Hair Repair; Amino Acids And Keratin Proteins Are Building Blocks Of Hair...
  • Color Lock System; This Hair Repair Spray Seals The Cuticle Locking In Color And...
  • Condition And Detangle; Prevent Breakage And Stop Tangles With Every Use; This...

If that’s not enough to convince you, this heat protectant also helps detangle knots and boost hair elasticity. It’s like an all-in salon treatment in a bottle.

This heat protectant also contains hazel, almond, starflower, sunflower, and St. John’s Wort’s oils. Such a natural blend makes it gentle on the hair but tough against excessive heat. It also has a nice smell that’s not too overpowering.

The only thing I noticed is that you have to spray a lavish amount for the best results. But since it comes in a 7.61 fl. oz. bottle, this isn’t a big issue.


  • Multiple benefits in one
  • Color Lock System
  • Blended with keratin protein and amino acid


  • It takes more amount to achieve the best results

How to choose a heat protectant for relaxed hair

When it comes to relaxed hair, the following are the things I consider before buying a heat protectant spray:

Look for maximum heat protection

For relaxed hair, you need a product that can put up with excessive heat. I always look for a heat protectant rated for up to 450F. This guarantees that my hair won’t get damaged during high heat styling.

Usually, heat protectants use a blend of silicones to coat the hair and seal the cuticle. Dimethicone, for one, helps keep your hair smooth while preventing moisture loss. Another common ingredient is cyclomethicone, which has a moisturizing benefit that coats the hair.

Check if it’s safe for chemically treated hair

Another thing you should definitely check is if the product is suitable for chemically treated hair. You wouldn’t want your relaxed hair to get ruined with the wrong choice of thermal protector.

Usually, most color-safe heat protectant sprays suitable safe for relaxed treatments. Still, you should double-check, especially if you have damage-prone hair.

Opt for a product that hydrates

Next, you should look for a formula with conditioning and hydrating benefits. This will keep your hair frizz-free after styling. Moisture loss is a big problem when drying or straightening, which can easily ruin relaxed hair.

If possible, look for a heat protectant blended with oils, natural butter, glycerin, or Aloe vera. This will give your hair added conditioning, so you only have to use one product for two purposes.

Consider the finish

Some heat protectant products I’ve used before tend to weigh down the hair too much. This is something you need to avoid if you have relaxed hair.

Look for a product with a ‘no product finish or lightweight formula that’s not too greasy. This way, the spray won’t mess with other hair products you’re planning to use.

Consider the smell

The scent of the product is often a make-or-break part of many people. When it comes to heat protectant sprays, opt for light and tolerable scents. Sometimes, you need to put up with a strong odor if it means having topnotch protection for your hair.

Nevertheless, there are many options in the market with a gentle scent and excellent heat-protecting benefits. Besides, the choice of odor is a matter of personal preference.

Check the spray nozzle

Lastly, always check the spray nozzle of the product. My biggest pet peeve is a product with a spray nozzle that keeps on clogging. While the product is good, it’s frustrating if you can’t apply it properly.

The heat protectant should have a nozzle that sprays an even mist all over your hair. This ensures proper coverage and coating without being too heavy on your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you put heat protectant on dry or wet hair?

A: Most hair protectant sprays should be applied on dry or damp hair. Never spray it on wet hair because the moisture will strip the protectant away as it drips off your hair. Make sure that you squeeze out as much moisture as possible from your hair before using this product.

Q: Are you supposed to wait for the heat protectant to dry?

A: Before you start using hot tools, it’s important to let the heat protectant adhere to your hair first. Give it 3 to 5 minutes to dry before straightening or heat drying. If you don’t do so, your hair will sizzle and will likely sustain damages.

Q: Do you need to use a heat protectant before diffusing?

A: While a diffuser will spread the heat throughout your hair, it’s still advisable to apply a heat protectant when using high heat settings. This is crucial for chemically treated hair and those with brittle locks.

Q: Can you use heat on your hair every day?

A: You should limit the use of hot tools on your hair as much as possible. It’s no secret that extreme temperatures will damage your hair, especially if you use it too often. You should still avoid using hot tools frequently, even if you’re using a heat protectant.

Q: What does heat-damaged hair look like?

A: Heat-damaged hair is often frizzy, hard to manage, and dull. You’ll also notice split ends and brittleness. And even if you can style it, the damaged hair can hold the look for long. This is the reason why you should always apply a heat protectant before using hot tools.

Q: What happens if you don’t use a heat protectant?

A: If you don’t use a heat protectant, your hair will suffer damages due to excessive heat. The hot tool will literally fry your hair, which will have an irreversible impact on your hair health. Even if it’s just low heat, I still suggest using a heat protectant all the time.

Final words

When it comes to your hair, you should never skimp on protection. You should always use the best heat protectant for relaxed hair before reaching for your straightener or blow dryer. While it’s an added expense and step on your hair care regimen, you’ll thank yourself for going the extra mile.